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Role Play Make Role Plays or join them. It's your world. Everybody else just lives in it.

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Old 10-22-2008, 09:36 PM
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Default Heroes

In this RP you are a hero or villain with powers!!!!

form to join

Super Powers:
Fighting Style:

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Old 10-22-2008, 10:07 PM
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Default Re: Heroes

Hello and Welcome to PE2K!
:D now there I must be a helpful person!!


Now i admire you enthusiasm to RP but there are thing you should know and do first.

Number One
Read the the Rules
They are there to help, not to hurt.

Number Two
Listen to what the more senior members say to you. They wont lead you astray and they just want to make PE2K a better place.

Number Three
This is in the wrong section. To make an RP you must first post the Sign up information in the Sign Up Section
then once you have enough people, you post the RP thread here.

Number Four
there is ALOT of things missing to this RP.
a) The stroy/ introduction. (back grond on what the RP is about, how things got the way they were in the RP and such.
b) Plot (you do have the plot. But it needs to be longer. The plot explains what the RPers are going to be doing in your RP)
c)Rules (You need to set boundries for your RP. Other wise some people might do somthing you dont want them to do and you will end up angry)
Rules normally include this.
No Godmodding (That is when you control the whole RP. Because then it is not a RP anymore)
No Bunnying (When you control someone elses character. Its not allowed)
No Cybering (Keep it in PMs. It is PE2K rules and your thread will be locked)
Be Literate (no oneliners. The RP will be closed)
Cursing to a minimum
d) Sign up sheet (this is what people fill out to join your RP and you decide whether they are good enough for your RP or not)
Here is what the Sign up sheet for this RP may look like
Name:(The name of the character)
Age: (How old the character is)
SubType: (I dont know what this is xD)
Appearnce: (How they look)
Super Power: (Nothing Goddly)
Personality: (How they think or act)
History: (Their past)
Other (Whatever you desire)
Number Five
If you need help with a RP, try creating one with someone that knows a little more. Give them the idea and ask them to make the plot and everything. Then you can join the RP you wanted adn you wont get banned (just make sure to tell tem to give you a little credit)

Alright. I am done. If you have any question about RPing pm me :)
Check out the Sign up's and find a RP that interests you :)
Here are a list of Links you should probably visit before trying to Join/make a RP:
Basic Rules

Role Playing Guide

Click away!
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