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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-06-2008, 04:04 PM
bahamutrocks Offline
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Default Pokemon Academy!

OK, from the title of this story, you can probably guess what this is about. The main character is a fourteen year old boy. However, this happens quite some time after Ash was a trainer If you want to have your characters in this, then send me a PM with their details. Things like Their name, age, appearance, personality, Pokemon team and what role you want them to have in the story (Teacher, enemy or friend etc. I can't guarantee that they'll be that role, but I'll try). But for now, let the story... begin.

Chapter 1: Entrance to the Academy

When Paul woke up, he could hear raindrops on the roof. They were falling light and slow and Paul counted them until only the steady drips from the branch above the house was left. When even they had stopped, he grinned and leapt out of bed. Until then he had contained his excitement but if he held it in any longer then he knew that he'd explode. He only had one thought, sounding in his head like the sound of a million storms.

I'm going to the Pokemon Academy

Pokemon Academy was a school for Pokemon Trainers near Pallet Town. Not only would it train you, but based on the results of your Personality Test which you gave in with the entrance exam, it could give you almost any Pokemon. Most Trainers who graduated from the Academy became grandmasters. That was why everyone wanted to get in to it.

Paul quickly surveyed himself in the mirror. He swept his long, blond hair away from his green eyes and grinned.

After waiting for four long months, the Academy had finally announced that they had accepted him for the school. Everyone Paul knew dreamed of getting in and he had been chosen. The thought of his friends temporarily saddened him as he realized he wouldn't see them for a long time but at least he could make new friends at the Academy.

Paul ran downstairs, taking the steps three at a time. He sprinted into the Kitchen where his parents were talking. His father, who was sitting reading the paper, broke off in the middle of a sentence and grinned at Paul.

"Well Pauly, today's the day you head off to the Academy." he boomed. Normally both his father's abnormally loud voice and the nickname "Pauly" annoyed him but today nothing could knock his stride. At that moment, his mother, who had been cooking pancakes, burst into tears and rushed over to him.

Before he could react she had embraced him and was saying how much she'd miss him, telling him to make sure he had everything and other tearful suggestions. As Paul blushed, colour rushing to his pale cheeks, his father got up and put a hand on his mother's shoulder.

"Now, now Dora. We knew Paul was always meant to be a trainer and now we've got to accept it." he said soothingly. Paul's mom sniffed and tried to say something but it got caught in her throat. Still blushing, Paul put a hand on her arm.

"Mom, I won't be gone all the time. I'll come visit during the Summer and I'll write loads of letters." he reassured. As his mother stopped crying, a clock on the wall chimed and a wooden Noctowl popped out. It cooed and flapped its wings several times before retreating into the clock again.

"Well look at the time. Paul, you'd better eat quickly, the bus will be here in twenty minutes." said his father. Surprised at how little time was left, Paul ran over to the cooker, grabbed a few pancakes, and quickly began to eat. He had just finished scarfing down his food when a loud beep came from outside.

"That'll be the bus Pauly. You'd better go." said his dad, while his mom burst into tears again. Deep down, Paul knew his dad was upset as well, but he was a lot better at hiding it. As the beep came again, Paul grabbed a pack full of his things and ran outside.

The bus was a hideous shade of orange with a white banner on the side. The banner had two Alakazam spoons, the Academy's logo on it. As Paul got on he looked out the window at the street he had lived on his whole life. He felt sad knowing he wouldn't see it for almost a year, but he had been prepared for this moment for a long time. He only stared out a minute before heading toward an empty row of seats at the back.

As most of the people on the bus were determined to be great trainers, a good deal of them were buried in books about Pokemon. As soon as he sat down, Paul took out his own book. "A Guide to Combos: The Strongest Attacks". It was all about judging when to use combos and how to use them to get a huge edge in battle. Paul had always been fascinated by combos and he was quickly absorbed in it.

Paul was so interested in his book that before he knew it, the bus stopped and the driver called back "Pokemon Academy. Get off the bus." Paul started and looked out the window. He could see several more buses and beyond them, was the Academy. It was a perfect, white building and the logo was on the front. Behind the logo was a Pokeball. Apart from the huge main building with the logo, there were two smaller extensions on the sides. He could also see a few other buildings scattered around the area.

After a second of examining the buildings, Paul stuffed his book into his pack and joined the stream of kids getting off the bus. A tall man with grey hair was standing there, waiting for them. His face was slightly creased and he looked a bit weary. As the last of the children got off the bus, he cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Hello children. Welcome to Pokemon Academy. I am the vice principal, Mr. Falroy. I'll take you to get your Pokemon now. Come with me." he said briefly, and Paul noticed that his voice had no emotion at all. As the children followed him to one of the larger buildings, Block D according to the sign, many of them muttered quietly to each other.

When they reached the building Mr. Falroy ushered them all inside. They filed into a small room with rows of seats. Mr. Falroy gestured for them to sit down and then called ut a name.

"Aberdeen, Joseph." he called and a short, slightly overweight boy stood up. The boy had short red hair and baby blue eyes. He had a slight tan and a lot of freckles. Mr. Falroy ushered him into a room and followed him in, closing the door behind him. It briefly crossed Paul's mind that Mr. Falroy hadn't read from a clipboard but must have called the name from memory.

Soon the boy came out and told a young girl to go in. It proceeded like this for a long time, name after name until finally it was his turn. A boy slightly older than him came out and told him to go in. He stood up, took a deep breath, and walked into the room.

Paul was surprised by the interior of the room. He had expected it to be like an office but in reality it was just a plain room with only one object in it. A huge machine covered in blinking light and buttons. Standing in front of them machine was Mr. Falroy.

With no emotion what so ever, Mr. Falroy said "Langler, Paul. Hold on one moment." Paul saw him push several buttons on a small control pad and many of the lights started blinking furiously. Mr. Falroy pressed another button and the beeping stopped, replaced with a whirring sound. After what seemed like an eternity, the noise stopped and a Pokeball popped out of a slot. Mr. Falroy caught, examined it for a moment and then threw it at Paul.

As Paul caught it, Mr. Falroy said "Please tell Michael Latro to come in." In a daze, Paul accepted. He walked out the door and called Michael's name without realizing it. Still in a trance he walked out the door and started towards the living block. He just shuffled up the halls and eventually reached his room. He briefly wondered who his room mate was but when he walked in it was clear that no one had been there yet.

Since his room mate wasn't there yet, he walked around the room and chose his bed. There were two plain beds and although there was plenty of space on the walls, nothing was hanging there. Beside each bed was a small bedside table and a small closet. There was also an en suite bathroom.

He chose the bed on the right side of the room and sat down on it. He rolled the Pokeball over in his hands, wondering what was in it. He moved his finger over the button and was about to press it when the door opened and his room mate walked in. Paul looked at him and recognized him as Joseph Aberdeen, the boy who had gotten his Pokemon first. Unlike Paul, Joseph had already opened his Pokeball and there was a Bellsprout standing next to him.

Joseph seemed surprised to find Paul there and stuttered “Oh. I d-d-didn’t e-expect you to alr-ready be here.” Somehow, Paul wasn’t surprised to hear the stutter. Deciding he might as well get to know his new room mate, Paul smiled.

“Hey. I’m Paul. You’re Joseph right?” he said confidently. Joseph nodded and shifted his weight to the left. The Bellsprout wobbled on the spot next to him. Paul couldn’t help but see a slight similarity between the two of them. It was at that moment that Joseph noticed the Pokeball in Paul’s hands.

“Hey. W-what Pokemon d-did you g-get?” he stammered. Paul looked down at the Pokeball in his hands and once again positioned his finger over the button. Hands shaking, he pushed down.

OK guys. Tell me what you think. I know it's a little short but I can't help that.
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Old 10-06-2008, 04:28 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

Hm, it sounds like an interesting beginning.
The only errors I found were that summer and kitchen aren't supposed to be capitalized unless they're at the beginning of a sentence, but otherwise, it was flawless in both grammar and spelling.
I'll send a character via PM.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Old 10-08-2008, 07:33 PM
bahamutrocks Offline
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

Thanks for the corrections. I can't help putting a capitol for summer but I don't know what I was thinking with kitchen. Here's chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Pokemon.

Paul looked down at the Pokeball in his hands and once again positioned his finger over the button. Hands shaking, he pushed down.

As the button sank into the sphere, Paul felt it vibrate slightly. The two halves popped apart and a beam of light shot out and struck the ground. It simply flexed about for a moment and then started to take a shape. As the light faded, Paul finally saw his Pokemon. He saw the green skin and strange black marks. He saw the strange horn on top of its head.

Larvitar opened its mouth and in a surprisingly quiet voice, let out a long "Laaarr-vitar." Joseph's Bellsprout, which had hidden behind him when Paul had opened his Pokeball, peered out from behind its trainer's leg. Larvitar seemed equally nervous. Paul couldn't blame them. This was probably the first time they had been out of their Pokeballs.

Paul bent down next to Larvitar. He knew that Pokemon could be defensive at times so he wanted to be careful.

“Hey little guy.” Paul said and Larvitar spun around to face him. It eyed him nervously and Paul started to wonder if he could make friends with it somehow. Suddenly, he remembered the food in his pack. He was near where he had dropped his pack on the floor. He reached out and slowly put his hand into it. He didn’t want Larvitar to be startled by any sudden movements. Speaking of which, Larvitar eyed Paul nervously while he was reaching for the pack.

Paul moved his hand around inside the pack for a moment until he found what he was looking for. A bar of chocolate. Paul cautiously drew it out of the pack and slowly, ever so slowly, he unwrapped. He knew that the next part was the riskiest. With slightly trembling hands he held the bar out to Larvitar.

Larvitar took a small step forward and paused. It sniffed the bar and a slight expression flickered over its face, showing that it liked the smell. At last, it mustered the courage to step forward and take a small bite. It chewed for half a moment and then its face lit up like Goldenrod city at night. Paul laughed and broke off a larger piece, offering it to Larvitar. Larvitar greedily gulped it down before rushing up to Paul and hugging his leg.

Paul smiled at his new Pokemon. Joseph and Bellsprout took that time to advance.

“I g-guess that L-L-Larvitar is a p-pretty calm Pokemon.” Joseph said as he petted Larvitar’s head. Unfortunately, he was wrong. As soon as he touched Larvitar, the small Pokemon leaped into the air and a tornado of sand enveloped him before slamming Joseph back through the door. Bellsprout took this as the cue to run after his trainer, with Paul in close pursuit.

Paul skidded to a halt next to his room mate and panted “Sorry. I guess Larvitar isn’t that calm.” Joseph groaned.

“You think?” Joseph said sarcastically. Hoping to get more chocolate, Larvitar had followed Paul out of the room and was hugging Paul’s leg again. It was at that moment that Paul noticed a piece of paper tied to Larvitar’s horn.

“What’s this?” Paul asked nobody in particular as he untied the paper. Joseph took a similar piece from Bellsprout’s leg. Paul read his and discovered that it was a list of Larvitar’s details.

Name: Tomo (Toe-moe)
Species: Larvitar
Age: Six human months
Gender: Male
Level: Twelve
Notes: Tomo is extremely shy and will attack most people who touch it.

“I guess this explains why Lar- sorry, Tomo, attacked you.” Paul said to Joseph. He walked over and read Bellsprout’s paper.

Name: Bella
Species: Bellsprout
Age: One human year
Gender: Female
Level: Eleven
Notes: Bella has higher than normal stats but is too timid and cowardly to use them well.

Joseph looked up from the paper and frowned before muttering “It said Bella has higher than normal stats. I wonder what it means.” Joseph was disturbed from his ponderings by a loud voice that came out of an invisible speaker.

“All new students report to Block A for the Skill Evaluation.” it boomed. Paul and Joseph glanced at each other. It sounded like they were going to have their first battles sooner than they thought!
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Old 10-08-2008, 08:15 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

Not bad, especially with the sand tornado, xD
Anyway, I didn't see any spelling or grammar mistakes with this chapter, and I'm looking forward to more. It'd be interesting if Paul ended up battling Naomi.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Old 10-14-2008, 03:57 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

OK. I'll be putting in people's characters in this chapter. Also, don't send me any characters who want to be friends right now. I might ask for more later on.

Chapter 3: Friends and an Enemy.

Paul and Joseph hurried through the corridors, anxious to get to the Skill Evaluation whatever that was. They had recalled Bella and Tomo and were focused on getting to Block A. There were a lot of other first years heading there too. Some had Pokemon walking beside them but most had recalled their new friends. You could almost hear the excitement buzzing in the air.

The students all had different ideas about what they were about to do but most agreed on two things. It would involve battling and it would be hard.

Paul noticed one girl who didn't seem to want to say anything. She had long, light purple-silver hair with locks at the bottom of her side fringes. She had her long hair tied in a pigtail at the back of her head. She was facing away from Paul but what he could see, she had very pale skin.

Paul wondered why she wasn't talking to anyone but he was distracted by Joseph asking him "S-so what do you th-think this will b-be?" Paul thought for a moment before replying.

"Probably some battle or test that will see how good of a trainer you are." he said after a moment. Most of the other people’s ideas were a bit more exciting but much less likely. Paul overheard one kid a little younger than him saying that they were going to fight a team of legendary Pokemon.

Paul got so caught up in the ideas about the Evaluation that he hardly even realized when he got to Block A. One moment he was walking through the corridors and the next he was in Block A with many other kids. There was a lot of muttering among the kids until out of nowhere, Mr. Falroy appeared on an elevated stage and started speaking into a microphone.

“Quiet down students. I’m just going to explain this little test to you. Behind me are several doors.” he said and Paul just had time to examine them. They were plain wooden doors, each with the Academy logo on the front.

“Behind each of these doors is an older student. You will be divided into groups who will each go into one of the rooms. You will then battle the trainers inside the rooms and they will judge your skills after your loss.” Mr. Falroy continued, still failing to show any emotion. Paul noticed how certain he was that they would lose.

Just like when the new students had been getting their Pokemon, Mr. Falroy didn’t need a list to say “First group. Tyronis, George. Langler, Paul. Yutis, Sarah. Heldis, Anzu. Go through door one.” Paul walked forward with the other three kids. George was a little bit short and had dark skin. His hair was green and short. He had narrow, hazel eyes. Paul also noticed that the girl he had seen earlier was there. So she was either Sarah Yutis or Anzu Heldis.

Paul and the others walked through the door where a girl of about seventeen or eighteen was waiting. She was about five foot four in height. She had light blue hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt which was also blue. In a break from blue, she had white jeans and a purple belt. She was also wearing running shoes. Paul couldn’t help but think that her expression seemed rather cold.

As the last of the four entered the room, the door automatically slammed shut behind them. Paul quickly recognised the room as a battling stadium. Then the girl began to speak.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do OK? I’ll call out your names one by one and when your name is called you step forward and send out your Pokemon. Then I’ll send out one of mine. We’ll battle and I’ll decide how good you are. Now which one of you is George?“ She said cooly. George stepped forward, radiating an aura of arrogance.

Without even pausing, George tossed his Pokeball out. It popped open and out of it came an Elekid. The Elekid beat its thick, clawed hands together and sparks bounced between its plug like ears. It was obviously anxious to battle.

Without a word, the girl tossed her Pokeball into the arena. It popped open and a Leafeon appeared. Paul noted the dark colour of the leaves sprouting from its body and the sleekness of the cream fur. Both signs that it had been trained well.

“The first move is yours.” the girl said. Without hesitating, George gave the command for a thundershock. Elekid obeyed and a bolt of lightning burst towards Leafeon. Leafeon, however, was better trained and easily dodged the attack without even waiting for a command.

“Leafeon, use bullet seed.” the girl ordered calmly. She obviously wasn’t taking the match seriously. Leafeon opened its mouth and a barrage of glowing seeds shot out. Elekid wasn’t fast enough to dodge it and had to take the full beating. Before Leafeon could fire another shot, George ordered Elekid to use low kick. Elekid ran forward. It spun around, bringing its leg out and kicking at Leafeon. This time the attack connected.

Paul could see an expression of pain cross Leafeon’s face but only for a moment. Then the small Pokemon opened its mouth and released another barrage of bullet seed. At that close range, there was no way Elekid could survive. Indeed, as the dust cleared, Elekid was lying there, defeated.

“Elekoro, return.” George said, calling his Pokemon by its name. He was clearly annoyed at having lost so easily. The next battle was against Sarah. Paul noticed that the girl with the purple-silver hair was left, meaning she must be Anzu. Sarah quickly lost, her Zubat losing to the Leafeon.

“Alright. Next up is Paul.” the girl said. Paul swallowed nervously. He had seen the skill that this trainer used to command her Pokemon, Izumi she had called it at one point. He grasped Tomo’s Pokeball, ready to throw it. This was it. His first battle!
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

Decent new chapter, it was pretty funny how Izumi pretty much beat all the challengers' Pokemon without breaking a sweat.
Paul's battle should be interesting.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Old 10-21-2008, 12:58 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Academy!

Hi, I'm a fan of your work! Your doing a good job. Keep it up! Talking to bahamutrocks.
Black and Yellow<--Clickie!

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