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Old 10-09-2008, 03:48 AM
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Default Game Reviews

If you want to buy a game, but don't know if you should spend your hard earned money on it, this thread will help you out. This is similar to the movie review thread, however, there are some differences. Here are some guidelines, straight from GameFAQs.

- The review MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK. Rip-offs of others work are not tolerated in any way.
- Reviews must be at least 200 words in length or longer. Longer is (usually) better. Elaborate. Go into detail. Delve.
- NO SPOILERS. What's a spoiler? Giving away a surprise plot element, secret, or hint about the game. Any information that you don't get in the first five minutes of playing the game or reading the back of the box. Don't do it. People reading the review generally haven't bought the game yet, so they'll be quite upset if you spoil the great big surprise at the end.

Here's some from the movie thread

- Post a review of a game that came out recently.
- Reviews must NOT be of future games, only until it comes out.

Here's the areas to rate the game on.

- Introduction - Give a brief description of the game and its history, if any.
- Gameplay - The most important part of a game: How fun is it to play? How easy or hard is the game? How is the control?
- Story - Story is important in RPGs and adventure games, and gives the player a compelling reason to play. If the game you are reviewing has no story (i.e. sports, racing titles), then it's pointless to include this section.
- Graphics/Sound - How a game looks and sounds. These should always be compared to the system's capabilities, not to games on other more advanced systems.
- Play Time/Replayability - How long does it take to complete the game, and is it worth playing again once you've done it?
- Final Recommendation - Is a game worth buying or renting new, is it worth searching for, or should you return it if given as a gift?

Rate them # / 10.

Oh yeah, you can request reviews also.

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Old 10-09-2008, 03:59 AM
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Question Re: Game Reviews

Requesting a review of Fifa Manager 08 for the PC.

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