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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-08-2008, 08:07 PM
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Default The Advantages of A Lonely Life

Hi! I'm new to the fanfiction scene, although I've been making my own for a bit now, but never really posted them. This is the first I've thought about seriosuly posting. It's a story about a group of misfit Pokémon who are all fostered by one trainer. That's all I'm saying or I'll spoil the storyline!
Anywho, here's chapter 1

Chapter 1- Introductions
Ninetales glared in warning at the approaching toddler.
“Back off!” she growled. But, obviously, this came out of a jumble of Pokémon vocabulary to human’s ears. The toddler was no more than three foot in height with vibrant green hair; she was wearing denim dungarees and was, of course, way before the age of knowing the warning signs of an angry Pokémon. Toddling closer, the Ninetales backed of with a snarl, raising her tails off the ground. With a shriek of laughter, the toddler lunged forward, grabbing for the soft, luxurious looking tails. After all, who could blame the child for being tempted? Except that we all know better than to grab a Ninetales’ tails.

The Ninetales leapt away, a jet of flame shooting from her mouth before she could control herself. Eerie red eyes glowing purple, she was safe in the assurance that the child would never feel Fortune’s gentle hands on her again. The child would be plagued by bad luck for all eternity.

With a hiss, the Ninetales sprinted off, lashing smaller Pokémon out of her way. That was, the few idiotic enough to stay in her path. It was common knowledge that this particular Ninetales had a somewhat psychotic temperament and love for blood. And she hadn’t yet been beaten in battle so none dared to stand up to her.

Slowing to a halt Ninetales praised herself on a good days work. She would return later to see what became of the child.

Absol was a lonely Pokémon. Aside from the few days in the year he would get to visit humans in the village he was alone. Not a pack species, most Absol had felt this stifling loneliness at some point in their lives. Nonetheless this Absol felt like the only Pokémon in the world that felt misery right now. If he looked down from his perch atop the volcano, all he could see was Buneary hopping around happily, Butterfree absent-mindedly floating on the breeze and Bellosom dancing. Disgusting.

Even when I do see human-kind, they’re usually screaming in terror and running in the opposite direction anyway, he thought to himself, ranting now. I mean, what was the point of even coming that close? I might as well have watched from a distance, I might not miss what I only have small tastes of then.

Then, something happened. Something terrible. Absol felt a huge pressure washing over him temporarily crushing him to the ground. Now fully alert, he knew what this meant; disaster. This feeling only came with disaster. Pivoting on the spot, he bound down the mountain, taking huge great leaps, stumbling on rocks a little before regaining his balance and continuing down the mountain at high speed.

He scolded himself for being so happy at the timing but pushed self-criticism out of his mind. This was not the time. The bottom of the mountain approaching, he vaulted off the ground, about ten metres from the ground, startling some wild Skitty. Absol landed cleanly, dodging the Skitty and continuing across the rocky landscape at high speeds. The Skitty continued as if nothing happened. It was then that he noticed something. A smell which filled the very fibre of his body with fear. Alarm flashed across his face and pushed himself ever harder to run faster. He stumbled and tripped, crashing to the ground, but he leapt up, ignoring the parallel wounds running across his side.

The valley came earlier than Absol expected, skidding to a sudden halt. Terror crossed his face. He was too late. The village of Kashlei, nestled at the bottom of a deep valley, was aflame. Absol leant to one side to hide tears. Screams of villagers burning reached his ears, with a shout of frustration he ran away, ashamed.
And, for the 4th time that night, Cubone wept; Wept for his deceased mother, wept for fallen humanity, wept for the sorry state of nature and wept for the ruined world. Striking a nearby tree with his club in anger, he let out a cry. But who would spare a worthless, pathetic Pokémon like himself even a nanosecond? No one. Well, this was the way it was in Cubone’s head. The reality was that the moment the first tear escaped Cubone’s skull a kindly old man who’d recently taken him in came rushing to his side, armed with soft, reassuring words at his disposal. Nothing seemed to reach the heartbroken Pokémon.

The truth was that he was currently in a small house in Drafkil Town after being rescued from a murder scene in which both the Cubone’s mother and her trainer had been killed, leaving only little Cubone. Unfortunately, the kindly old man by the name of Bill feared that Cubone had gone insane with misery. His Espeon had been in the Cubone’s mind and told him that the Cubone was having a delusion of being alone in a forest.

This brings us to a topic of interest for Bill; Eevee and its evolutions. He owned all of them and bred them for new trainers. He had once been a young trainer, still interested in Eevee, but living in the Kanto region. In the Cape near Cerulean. But he’d grown since then and, as he got older, retired to the Kalayan Region to help out the young trainers in return for small rewards. Bill put a supportive arm around Cubone.

“Hey, little guy. You okay in there?” he said quietly.
In the Cubone’s Forest, a loud murmur of wind blew past, whispering to him. The chill of the wind made him feel worse. With a cry, he thumped the tree again which, of course, proved to be a rather more annoyed Bill.
“If that’s the way you want to be then…” muttered Bill, walking away.

In Cubone’s Forest, the Pokémon sensed a presence leaving.
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Old 10-08-2008, 08:10 PM
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Default Re: The Advantages of A Lonely Life

Chapter 2- Recognitions
Absol lay motionless, sorrowful eyes staring into the distance. Thoughts flashed through his mind quicker than he could care to catch them. He’d given up trying to do that. If he did, they escaped his grasp again and plunged him into a deep depression. He hadn’t moved since the day of the disaster, a week ago. He was hungry but he didn’t dare move. Thirst stung his tongue and throat, and hunger gnawed at his insides, but he knew he must not give into that temptation. Happiness was a lie. It lay far from his grasp and would escape he reached out his paw.

An illusion, he thought, it is nothing but an illusion. He knew he would be happy if he ate, but it wouldn’t be real. And reality had a nasty way of biting you out of your trances. He moved, he breathed, but that was all he would tempt himself into. Sleep was meaningless and he had no real reason to do it. Besides, even if he tried, he just wouldn’t be able to. His mind was just far too active.

It was only the first few days he lay motionless by choice. After that he had no choice. He didn’t have the energy to move.

His eyes swivelled to observe his environment every now and then, but that was all. Most of the time he stared at nothing, unseeing. A soft footfall landed, not far away, and Absol looked at its source. He couldn’t see whatever it was, but he presumed it was a Pokémon since it had a golden fur-coated paw. A haunch of meat fell before his eyes with a thud that echoed for eternity in his mind. Absol looked away, sorely tempted, but disciplining himself not to give in.
“Go on, eat. You look hungry, and beside that, your ribs are showing. Not a nice look.” Said a female voice. Absol understood the dialect as Ninetales.
“I’m not hungry.” He mumbled.
The Ninetales snarled fiercely and brought her face close to his. Absol started in shock. Ninetales internally disciplined herself and backed away.
“You ought to do something about that anger problem. Could get you in some serious problems one day.” He mumbled, shaken by the experience. He regretted the words the moment they came out of his mouth. They sounded like a threat. He certainly wasn’t up to carrying it out either. Beside that, the Ninetales could probably destroy him in battle.
“Well how the hell did you expect me to react?! I went out of my way to catch you a Stantler, food that I’d heard was adored by Absol, because you look awful. Then, after all that, you turn it down? You ungrateful bastard!” she shouted, small sparks escaping her mouth in anger, setting small plants alight.

Well, needless to say, this was the last thing he needed. Smoke drifted over to him in dancing spirals. He knew the smell. He roared in anger.

“You!” he bellowed, forcing himself to stand up, albeit, shakily.
“What? Grace me with more than a one word answer! You’re impolite as well as ungrateful!” she snarled back. Before she could control herself, a billowing fountain of flames escaped her jaws, scalding Absol. This was all the proof he needed.
“You set the village on fire! This is all your fault, you *****!” he roared.
“And so what if I did? It’s not as if anyone needed it? Besides, a kid there bugged me!”
“And what did this kid do that was bug you that was bad enough to kill off the entire population of the village?” he said, sure that it was certainly not bad enough to do such a horrendous thing.

He was right.

“She tried to pull my tails!” This was the last straw for Absol; his paw glowed in a blackish light, raised it and tried to use Shadow Claw. Dimness obscured his vision and he collapsed, the last of his remaining strength used up.
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Old 10-08-2008, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: The Advantages of A Lonely Life

Chapter 3- Expectations
Somewhere in Drafkil Town, Sonorous Iko was in a good mood. No only had her parents finally given in to her incessant mothering and let her pick a Pokémon so she could begin her new journey, but she’d also heard Professor Maple had a new shipment of Eevee in. She simply couldn’t believe her luck, an Eevee, the stepping stone to her favourite Pokémon, Glaceon, as her starter Pokémon. It was quite simply a stroke of luck. Swinging her black backpack (What a tongue-twister, she thought) over her shoulder she ran downstairs, the noise resembling something like a herd of angry Donphan.
“Mum! I’m ready! What do you think?” she asked chirpily.
Silence Iko looked her up and down warily. Sonorous’ straight, red hair hung down, a bat clip tucking one side of her fringe out of the way, leaving the other side to hang freely over her face. She wore a black dress, a large neon green ribbon was adorned to the neck area and the skirt defied the laws of gravity by sticking outwards with the aid of many layers of green lace underneath. Silence had never approved of her daughters style, but she never said anything. She lived up to her name, just as her daughter lived up to hers. Sonorous struck a peace sign and winked in such a childish way, her mother almost forgot about her gothic Lolita clothing. She smiled.
“You look lovely, dear,” replied Silence with a smile. “Your father and I each put some money to, to get you some new gear. Now I’ve heard that Professor Maple gives you Pokédex upon starting, so you don’t need to buy one of those. The money’s mainly for Pokéballs, potions & medicines, mail...And you will write to us!” Her mother added as an after-thought.
Sonorous laughed and said agreed.
“Just as soon as I catch a flying type that is.” She explained. Her mother put a hand on her daughters shoulder and handed over 10,000 Poké Dollars. Sonorous stared in awe.
“How on earth did you two raise that much?” she asked, surprised.
“Your father & I both got paid around the same time.” Sonorous got it now. Both her mother and father, separated, worked in well-paid jobs. Her father helped in the nearby mining town of Mineyra to restore fossilized ancient Pokémon. It was he that had taught Sonorous most of her Battle Theory. His team, consisting of an Aerodactyl, Alakazam, Kabutops and Luxray, was highly formidable in the area. Her mother however, worked at a Pokémon Day Care across the road. She owned a Wigglytuff and a Delcatty.

“Well thank him lots for me! I’m heading off now, bye mum! I’ll miss you!” after giving her mother a hug and a kiss, she departed with a wave. Silence, behind the closed door, wiped a tear and hugged her Wigglytuff for support.

“I’m going to miss her. However loud she may be.”
Outside, a loud chime was heard. Silence’s Delcatty using Heal Bell to commemorate the occasion.
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Default Re: The Advantages of A Lonely Life

Chapter 4- Decisions
Sonorous was free. She was going to miss this place, but every silver lining has its cloud, she thought, rephrasing the common moral. Longing was a small price to pay in exchange for freedom. Hitching her backpack further over her shoulder, she set off for Professor Maple’s laboratory.

As she walked, she thought of her home town, Drafkil. It was a small town, popular mainly because of the laboratory, the Pokémon adoption agency and the Eevee expert. It had a cheerful aura which made it the ideal place for all of these attractions. Of course, just slightly out of town was a cemetery, but tourists rarely even found that place, never mind letting it spoil their visit. Sonorous loved the cemetery cause of the cute ghost types that hung around it. She made a mental note to stop and catch herself a Pokémon from there.

She paused. Sonorous thought she’d missed something, and she had. She had walked straight past the lab. She laughed quietly and retraced her steps. Professor Maple had a nice lab. A host of flowers occupied the front yard, some of which were actually Vileplume and Sunflora. A Floatzel saluted her before spraying a small quantity of water over the flowers. Sonorous nodded in recognition at the Pokémon. Taking a deep breath she enter Maple’s lab.
“Hello? Professor Maple? Are you in there?” she shouted into the echoing darkness.
“Kazam…” came a voice and glowing eyes opened.
“Oh, Alakazam! You’re there! Could you tell me where Professor Maple is?”
The spoons it held glowed with a purplish light before pointing to the left.
“Thanks for your help, Alakazam!” she replied happily before setting off in that direction. The spoons stopped glowing and its eyes shut, returning to its thoughts.
Professor Maple was a bookish sort, with her blue hair split into two plaits, green eyes with thick red glasses, she certainly wouldn’t out of place in a library.
“Ah, Sonorous, I was expecting you!”
“Nice to see you, professor.” She replied, respectfully.
“I suppose you’re here for the starter courses?” she asked, cocking her head to one side. Sonorous nodded. Starter courses were something unique to the Kalayan region. Due to the large numbers of Pokémon getting hurt due to unprepared trainers, they put these in place. They usually came with all the items you’d need for a journey and a few lessons.
“We have a few different courses available at the minute, the standard course which is free and comes with a Pokédex, a starter of your choice and lessons on Pokémon First aid and Pokémon laws. The Second-Grade course which costs 500 Pokédollars and comes with a Pokédex, starter of your choice, a first aid kit and lessons on Battling principles, Pokémon First Aid and Pokémon laws. Finally, the Third-Grade course which costs 1000 Pokédollars and comes with a custom Pokédex, starter of your choice, first aid kit, five Pokéballs, A Level-Up Book and lessons on Pokémon First Aid, Pokémon Laws, Battling Principles and Pokémon psychology.” The professor said, counting them upon her fingers. Sonorous replied immediately.
“The Third-Grade, please.”
Professor Maple smiled and shuffled over to the other side of the room, wading through various books and leaflets and stopping to pick up a book. She threw it across the room for Sonorous catch, who managed this quite well, considering quite how scary it is having a 1000 page book being thrown at your face.

“That’s your Level-Up Book, it has all the attacks Pokémon learn, at what level, and what egg moves they can learn. It also has tips on training Pokémon in it, quite a valuable asset, although admittedly, a rather heavy one. Sonorous smiled and, internally grimacing, put it in her backpack. The professor grabbed two boxes, a red one with a white cross on it and a studded silver one. Wading back over, she offered the red and white one to Sonorous.
“That’s your First Aid box. It already has quite a few medicines in it but should you need to buy more, just mention that you’re using a First Aid box and they should offer you a more suitably sized packet,” she explained. Opening the silver box, she revealed a wide array of designer Pokédex’. “Most beginners get the plain red design, but since you chose the last course, you get to pick. Go on, have a look.”
Sonorous looked down in awe at the brand new devices. There was every design you could ever wish for. Ones in plain colours, glittery ones, rainbows ones, ones with different Pokémon engraved on them, pearly iridescent ones, even different shaped ones. It was a difficult choice, but she finally pointed to a black one with a Mismagius engraved on it. Maple looked a little disconcerted before regaining her composure and handing it over. Well someone’s gotta take it I suppose, she thought. Moving back across the small obstacle course of books, Maple took a few Pokéballs off the side and handed them to her.
“Finally, the part you’ve no doubt been waiting for, time to pick your starter!” she said, with a grin. Sonorous smiled back eagerly, feeling like punching the air. “I’ll give you a couple of options; the first is you can look though my list of allowable Pokémon. Of course, not all Pokémon can be given away as starters,” Sonorous’ face dropped a little, remembering how rare Eevee was. “However, it somehow leaked out that we had a new shipment today and there are a few more options available now. The second is we can take a trip over to the Adoption Agency and pick a Pokémon from there, and give a neglected, unwanted or abused Pokémon a new chance at life.”
Sonorous faced a big decision now; get a brand new Eevee from Professor Maple, or check out the Adoption Agency for one? If she got one from Professor Maple she’d have had it from the very beginning and it would all be her hard work that made her Pokémon strong. She’d also have control over its moves. On the other hand, if she went to the Adoption Agency, she cold rescue a Pokémon, it would be at a higher level as well. She had to admit that she felt sorry for the Pokémon there. She made a decision.
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