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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Lightbulb The National Park Roleplay

The National Park Roleplay

Based on the events of Team RP 4 RP, Signups here You are encouraged to read it, but if you don't want to, the bare minimum to understand the following is having read the first three posts.

The following is the Epilogue to Team RP 4, as well as the Prologue to The National Park RP, which I hope to give a more formal name as time goes on. Special thanks goes out to rust for the next part, to which I made some small changes, like fixing grammar and maybe adding a word here and there.

Prologue: Reconstruction of the Wicked

It was in the final conflict with Diabora, an incredibly wicked monster created in another universe, that three universes collapsed upon themselves. The monster was brought to this universe by Raidon Makoto, the leader of a group of Xenophobic militants named the Anti-Quasi/Unknown Attack & Elimination Force, or for short, AQUA, in order to get the upper hand in a great war that had encapsulated the planet of Maridia. However, the monster was too powerful for even him to control. It killed him, but using his immense powers, brought him back to life as his servant. Immediately, the divine powers of multiple alternate universes converged on Diabora, sending all they had at him.

Diabora, however, had a different plan. He had charged enough energy in order to shatter the weakened barriers of the universe, in order to artificially stimulate a Crisis, a cataclysmic, universe-merging event. However, a parallel version of Raidon Makoto had come to the universe as well, and had using his Zanpaku-to, a sword of the dead, named Nimaru, to paralyze the monster. Raidon then dug the Crystals of Power out of his head. This transformed the monster into a weaker version of itself known as Infera. Silver Etherlight then beat Infera to the point of death.

However, death was not enough to stop Infera...

As such, a machine known as the Xenogears was used to destroy his soul, while Lation and Latira turned his body to dust. Unfortunately, after this, the Crisis happened, and the three universes merged into one universe known as Maridia-0. This merge wrote Infera/Diabora out of time itself, making it impossible for Diabora to ever return again. The Crisis, however, had dire effects on the people living in the universes. The war was completely erased from time, and much of the people's lives were completely overwritten.

The Plot

Those who were transformed and chose to stay transformed had that part of their lives preserved, but the part about the war ever having happened was erased. Those who lost their lives as a result of the war were brought back to life, their memories rewritten, and went on with their lives. The meteor fragments that had crash landed on the planet were put in museums, their transforming powers only known about by a select few.

Out of nowhere, Zela Kang's adopted parents died of a fatal STD they had both been unknowingly carrying. As per their will that had been written because they had been getting on in years, Zela was to inherit all of their assets, as well as her trust fund be made available to her. She had more money than she knew what to do do with.

Having designed many instruments of war that had never actually been put into effect, Zela put her mind to designing something else. A habitat where Pokemon of every existing species would be bred and raised, living in habitats that were so natural that there was no way to tell that it was all climate controlled. The design process took a couple of months, but finally it was completed and built, which took another two years.

Zela chose a small island between Cinnabar and Pallet as the site of this grand undertaking, opening the Kanto National Park and Pokemon Preserve. Using various artificially constructed landmasses, a habitat was created for every single Pokemon that exists. It iwas so perfect, many people spread rumors that even legendary Pokemon visit there from time to time, but there is no evidence of this being true.

Zela the only Neko, a half-cat person, in existence thanks to the Crisis and her sister Inara Dajin finally met and instead of going to war like in the previous timeline, decided to own and operate the business together. After looking all across the land, they picked some of the best hikers and Pokemon Trainers to become Rangers for their park. Rangers lead the trainers around the park, helping them catch Pokemon. However, this comes at a price. The sisters are shrewd businesswomen and charge a fee of $3000 for entry, and an additional $500 per each Pokemon brought in. However, they make most of their money by selling things in the shop like cameras emblazoned with Pokemon on them.

Now you, a young Trainer, wish to catch Pokemon in the park, completely unaware of the evils that may that lie within...

Setting information

(Detailed information on where the Park is and what to expect when you arrive will be here)


Entrance Fee: $3,000
A mandatory fee will be charged for every time you enter. This goes toward Park Maintenance and the well-being of the Pokemon. You are issued a temporary item called an Entrance Pass. This pass is only good until you leave the park.

Permit: $500
This enables a single extra Pokemon to be brought into the park with the Trainer per Permit purchased. You may bring up to 6 Pokemon total.

*Copy and fill out this form below. You won't be accepted into National Park if you don't use the proper form.*

Name: (This is what the Ranger will call you.)

Entrance Fee: $3,000
Extra Pokemon Permit: (If you are bringing more than 1 Pokemon, add $500 for each one.)
Total Money: (Money before entering the park.)
Total Cost: (Cost of Entrance Fee + Extra Pokemon Permit.)
Change: Total Money - Total Cost = Change.

Total Items: (List all items you will be bringing in.)

Pokemon Stats: (List your Pokemon Stats.)
~Pokemon (gender)
Health- 10/10

Other Info
(Anything else you want to mention here.)

Once your character has been accepted at the RP Signups thread, you may get started. A Ranger will be with you in a moment. For any questions or concerns, please visit Discussion Lounge.
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