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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-27-2008, 07:46 PM
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Default .Kyru. [Ah Blah Blah Goo!] (PG-13)


Ah Blah Blah Goo!

and such.. >>

Just a warning before you read on, theres a wee bit of no-no language.. youngsters prolly shouldn't read this.. >>




Did ja know that 1+2+3+4 = 10? :3

I wrote a fic cause Tombi asked me to.

I will now list da rulez

1. No Flamez! (Critique and Comments is gewd!)
2. No Spamz! (unless its on a sammich! :3)
3. Like, be kinda nice (I'm kind of a newbie at this..>>)
4. a Fourth rule? whar?!
5. Hello!

Chaptar 1 + annoying long paragraph in next post!
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Old 08-27-2008, 07:48 PM
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Default Re: .Kyru. [Ah Blah Blah Goo!] (PG-13)

Chaptar 1! >:3

Simplicity, bliss, happiness, and carelessness. This is what people want in this world, but do they get it? The answer to this question, is no. Why? Because humans are pathetic, selfish, worthless, and absolutely hopeless creatures. I hate our race for what it has become. As a human myself, I am disappointed in the entire human race, I am embarassed to be called a HUMAN. Why? Because humans have dishonored their own lifeforce, and abused their power as the greatest race on the planet earth. I change my mind, I am no longer disappointed in the human race. I loathe it. There isn't a human on this planet worth giving a damn for anymore. Even if there was ONE, I wouldn't even try to find that person. Because even if this ONE person existed, ONE is not enough power over several Billions. I know this, because I have tried to show human's the lighter side of life, how things would be if they didn't **** everything up on a day to day basis. But, I failed. They turned me a cold shoulder and continued on with their lives, as if no one in this world had a voice of their own. I, for the most part, Have accepted this planet's fate. I understand what will happen to the planet, should the humans continue on this destructive path of life. I do not care any more, I have no power to stop it. Who am I, anyways? My name is Kyru Soul. I am a human just like you. If you understand, and believe in what I am saying in this paragraph, then you and I are similar in some way, sharing the same beliefs, at any rate. Listen to my story, and try to believe that some parts in this story can in fact, and may have already, happened in this world.

The sound of birds chirping, the sun beating down upon the slowly dieing earths surface. All of this being ignored by a sleeping teenager, going by the name of Kyru Soul. Who much to his dismay, is about to have a rather rude awakening.

"Kyru-san! Wake up, lazy!" Shrilled a young female voice.

"Errm... ehh, bugger off you little pest, I'm trying to sleep.." muttered Kyru from under his pillow.

"Lazy, Lazy, Lazy! Brother is a Baka!" shrilled the voice again.

"Err.." Kyru muttered lowly as he sat up, his long, jet black hair being a total mess, "Rose, call me an idiot, one more time."

"Stupid, Idiot, Baka!" Rose screeched at her older brother.

"Rah!" Kyru shouted bolting at his sister with a furious intent to strangle his little half-demon sister.

Rose dodged his oncoming rampage and bolted through their mobile home, trailer, like a bat out of hell. Kyru swiftly followed behind her, ready to strangle the little pest the minute he gets the opportunity. Rose's continuation of her pestilience, and misbehavior seemed like a total joy ride, because she knew that her older brother couldn't catch her. Kyru chased her, and almost had her, except the eldest of the three siblings, Vorgu Soul, tripped Kyru, forcing him stumble and crash land on his face.

"Here you are, little sister, 10 dollars for getting our laziest sibling out of bed," spoke Vorgu, near innocently, while forking a 10 dollar bill to his sister.

"Ow! you ass tart! that effing hurt!" Kyru snapped and jumped to his feet, "you're gonna regret that!" Kyru shouted, and took a swing at Vorgu. However, the wiser, faster, and stronger older brother saw it coming, and decked Kyru right between the eyes, knocking him flat on his bottom.

"You shouldn't attack your older sibling, it is unwise," Vorgu spoke out to Kyru, "cause I see every move you make before you make it, and I always will."

"Yeah?" Kyru asked, getting back to his feet."Well, use those all seeing eyes to look at this," he continued, flipping Vorgu the bird.

"Typical little brother attitude after getting owned by the mighty Vorgu Soul!" shouted Vorgu, afterwards, laughing sheepishly, walking back into his room.

"Whatever," said Kyru, walking through the living room, past his parents who paid no mind to the entire situation. Kyru wondered why, EVERY day started like this, He would have gotten out of bed on his own, but NO! Rose has to barge in and attack him, and call him an idiot. Kyru wandered into the kitchen, only to be greeted by Rose with a badger to the face. "AH!!!!" Kyru screamed at the badger that was mauling his face, "What the hell?! OWW!!!"

"I laugh at your physical torture, big brother!" said Rose, who was laughing hysterically.

"AHH! Dammit! RAH!!" Kyru screamed, ripping the badger from his face. The rabid creature began biting and clawing the air, swiping Kyru's arms and wrists a few times. "Stupid beast!" Kyru shouted at the badger, storming out of the trailer, and showed the strength of the inner demon's blood running through his vains, by throwing the badger far off into the distant mountains.

"Hey! that was my badger!" Rose screeched, and began crying hysterically.

"You shouldn't have threw it at my face! Where the hell do you keep getting those things?!" Kyru yelled, wondering where, for that was the 5th badger this month.

"Mommy!" Rose cried, rushing back inside.

"Cry baby, I'm out of here," Kyru said, lowly, walking around his trailer to his bedroom window, and grabbed the clothes he laid out the day before, which consisted of a black Slipknot T-shirt, a plain green hoodie, baggy blue jeans, and pair of black chucks. Kyru proceeded to dress himself outside, and the grabbed his brush, and brushed it the way he wanted, then placed the brush in his back pocket. He then proceeded to take off down the street, on to the main road, and continued down towards the park near his home.

He peered into the sky, it was quite cloudy, and the scent of rain tickled his sense of smell. The sun was currently hidden behind the large dark gray storm clouds bellowing over head, the silence was broken by the boom of distant thunder. Kyru made his way through the park and sat atop the jungle gym, there was a plastic toy roof over head that would stop the, soon-to-come, rain from hitting that area.
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Old 08-29-2008, 09:37 PM
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Default Re: .Kyru. [Ah Blah Blah Goo!] (PG-13)

Yaaaay! I knew you'd write it. <3

Awesome so far. I look forward to more! :'D

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