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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-28-2008, 10:46 PM
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Default Power Of The Moon

Chapter 1
The Beginning Of The End

Is it true that an apocalypse can alter the DNA of an normal human. The answer is yes. It has happened to 5 friends who have somehow never met. Only four knew their power, but who didn’t…

“Swing!!! Go on. Go. YEA!!!” Chris yelled. He was in the ball park for a scouting for the English New York Yankees. He loved baseball. There was four other people in the crowd that he noticed. Two brunettes, and two blondes but one boy and one girl.

They weren’t cheering but they where smiling. Out of the near 200 people there they where the only four that was standing out.

When the game finished he followed them to a blonde girls house. He had seen her before!!! She was on the news for running into a burning house and inject a guy named Junior Bateson, who was going to implode due to a radioactive power he had.

He was trying to piece the other people together but he didn’t see the connection. Then he remembered the blonde kid. He was a painter but he didn’t just paint paintings. Well he could do that but he couldn’t just paint. He could paint the future. The girl next to him must have been his girlfriend because they were holding hands. She must have had a power. But what was it? He pulled his baseball bat and threw it at her. The mysterious girl had put up her hand and it stopped. Basically it was frozen it midair. Then the blonde boy had ran up to Chris in less that a millisecond, so that must have been his power but he could also paint the future.

The boy had thrown a punch at Chris but somehow, he froze time. All he had done is was shut his eyes tightly and it happened. Then he moved and put a baseball bat in front of the other boys hand and tried to start time and he did.

Then he got up and said “Hey. Im Ben. Im sure that I was punching you earlier”
Chris didn’t say anything. He was stood there.
“Hello, are you in. The blonde over there is Jessica. The 2 brunettes are Amy & Natasha. So we all have powers, Including you. Me, I am a painter and I can paint the future and I have super speed. Jessica is a regenerator. Amy is telekinetic and Natasha, well we don’t know yet.” Ben explained.

Then Natasha’s hands started to glow and then her face then she imploded. Then a shield appeared around the group. Chris and Bens hands were out and covered in blue. Amy ran out of the shield and used her telekinetic powers to pick up a needle and threw it at Natasha but missed she needed to get close enough but she was being burned. Jessica had grabbed Amy and pulled her back. Then Jessica ran out and injected her in the neck.

She was burned everywhere, her clothes black and her sleeves missing but arms recovering. She was tissue regenerating. Natasha on the other wasn’t. She was too badly injured to do anything. She was just on the ground doing nothing. Then Chris grabbed everybody in the group except Natasha and froze time. They had to put all their powers together but they didn’t know how to and that caused an argument.Then Amy had spontaneously combusted...

Waddya think. Its only a quater of the first chapter

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