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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-23-2008, 11:02 PM
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Default Pressure [((Warcraft, PG-13))]


Chapter One: Rude Awakening

Today my day began with a lovely bang on my front door waking me up. I still staring at the door, not wanting to get up. With a groan and a stretch, I managed to roll out of the cruddy bed I sleep on. Getting up, I yawned a bit and brought my self towards the door with some shuffles. It creaked open, as usual, yet not person stood there. Instead, there was a small box with a note attached to it.

Since the sun was not quite fully out yet, I had to spark a candle just to read the first few lines. The words the reached my eyes were ones I never thought I would see for several more years.

“Dear Ryae,

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve also received the box of tools I sent with the letter. I need you to enter the fort at the top of the hill. In the highest room lies a locked chest with very crucial information held inside. While the task seems fairly simple, there is one thing you need to know - The stronghold is held by Defias renegades.”

At that line, I dropped the arm holding the paper, letting it fall. I thought for a few seconds, who could have possibly sent me the message. I cocked my head to the side, laying my eyes upon a small sheathe perched upon the wall. I walked over towards it, grabbing the hilt with one hand while holding the case with my other. With a sound of a blade, I drew out a small dagger. Holding it up, a beam of light from the sun washed over the blade, making it seem more worth than it actually was.

In a moment, I was standing there, sheathing the blade and taking it off the wall, clipping it to my pants. I returned to my desk, where I had placed the chest. Opening it, I discovered just what I thought would be in the container - Thieves’ tools.

Studying them, I was truly intrigued by the contents. Several keys, picks and pries, and a few other things; All laid within the box. I picked up the chest, and then thought - backpack. I drew open a drawer and shoved my hand in it. Just when I thought I had lost them, I drew out a handful of gold coins. “One hundred.” I uttered allowed. Dropping them on my desk, I kept one and put it in a pocket for later.

With another sigh, I found myself walking towards the front door. Stopping at my coat rack, I picked up a wool jacket, and then a wool cloak. After adjusting it, I opened the door, tools in hand. My hand instantly went to my eyes to block out the sun that burned my eyes. Blinking a few times and creating a visor with my hand, I looked out into the distance, spotting the fort mentioned in the letter. My eyes fell upon the town. “Not too many…” I looked around before finishing, “people out.” I spotted the town shop, and walked in.

A little bell chimed and my eyes fell upon the thing I least expecting in our town - a Gnome. He was behind the counter, counting stock or something shop related. Surprisingly enough, this was my first time in the shop twenty feet away from my home. On one side the wall was full of weapons of all kind - swords, axes, spears, and many more. While all looked tempting, I had to turn my attention to the section for travelers. After a few minutes of looking, I spotted a backpack perfectly suited for an aspiring Rogue. Scanning around to see if anyone was looking, I stuffed the tools into the bag, so the shop keep would not charge me extra. Man I am using my eyes a lot today, and I have not been up for more than twenty minutes.

Heading to the front of the store to pay for the backpack, I spotted a case for a map or scroll. My mind trailed back to my old, rickety shack of a home. I am pretty sure I have a map stuffed somewhere. The Gnome greeted my with a hello, I waved back.

“Going on an adventure, are we?” The man said, and his squeaky little voice.

It took me a few seconds to reply, but I managed to say “Not really, just…” Once again my mind drifted off, though I somehow pulled out the gold coin from earlier. Eyeing me suspiciously, the Gnome merchant accepted my gold and handed me the backpack; And with that, I was off.
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Default Re: Pressure [((Warcraft, PG-13))]

Chapter Two: Fight for your Life Part 1

The sun is as high as can be, and I’m barely half way to my destination. I’ve heard several wolf howls, but other than that, I’ve had no trouble. Since our town is built at the base of a small cliff, this little adventure is leading me up the small mountain. Though, I can’t help but notice the area getting darker as I ascended. I shrugged off the thought, knowing that if I think about it too long I’d eventually scare myself out of this whole damn ordeal.

An owl in the distance cooed, and I found my hand reaching towards my blade. “Why am I so jumpy?” I said in a whispered voice.

“Maybe it’s because you’re not alone.” A voice rang out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of me. Blade now in hand, I spun around to see who had addressed me. There stood an elf, tall and proud, with a red bandanna covering half their face. They too, had a dagger in hand.

My mind raced. What had my father said about fighting? Charge into battle yelling. No, that’s a Warrior… “Oh screw it!” I said, and lunged at the bandit. He grimaced and ran at me. In a matter of seconds, he was on top of me, ready to slash my head off. I brought my arm up and sliced his, which was holding me down. As he reeled backwards, I jumped back up, and rushed towards him once again.

The sound of blades clashing echoed throughout what seemed for miles. My heart raced as I pushed my body back and forth, weaving through the pathetic attacks of my opponent. Through his many grunts, I managed to hack him a few times. The bandit rearing up for a large attack, I took this time to attack his arm, the pull backwards. Stumbling back and over a root, I soon found my self over looking a half dead elf, panting for his life. I, too, was out of breath. “Finish me.” He said between pants. My hands were shaking to the extent that I could barely hold my blade. He sat up and shouted, “Finish me!” My heart stopped for a moment, and then I did something incredible.

With my left leg I kicked him spot on the red bandanna. Then, I flung my self into a spin, landing on top of him, plunging my dagger straight into his chest. With a dying gasp, the thug was gone. I smirked, standing up and flicking the blood off my dagger. I uttered, “That was too hard.” though I was still shaking greatly. Still panting, I stood there for a moment, arms resting upon my legs. Suddenly, before I could walk off, I dropped to the ground, supported by one knee. I wasn’t cut, but when the bandit was pinning me down, his knee was crushing my leg.

Another sigh had escaped my mouth as my eyes wandered, eventually falling upon the dead elf. My leg reeled in pain. For some reason, something my father once told my came into my mind. “If and when you down an opponent.” he said, “check their body for anything useful to you.” I hesitated a bit, but soon I was shifting through the thug’s clothes. Only a few copper pieces were found on his body; I didn’t bother to take them.

Though the pain in my leg was quickly becoming unbearable, I still managed to get up and continue on my way. All I wanted was to reach the top of the hill and enter the fort before sundown. My weary eyes scanned all around me, now more alert than ever. Shifting my backpack, I soon spotted the trail that leads to the entrance of the building. But suddenly I realized there’s going a hell of a lot more bandits inside. Another sigh.

Another twenty minutes walking through the forest and I can see the lines on the walls of the small citadel. I hugged the tree’s shadows, trying to remain unseen for as long as possible. Thankfully, the place didn’t seem all too well guarded. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of a large bastion. I could only gulp.

Plans for entering the fortress unnoticed among other things raced through my head. Part of my mind said, “You’re just an amateur! Go home, this isn’t your business.” While another part told me “This is your big chance kid! Collect the loot and get out!” Still parts of me were uncertain. Finally, with all my bravery summed up, I crept into the bastion.

Torches lined the many hallways, illuminating the way. A few Defias members wandered the paths, but it was relatively empty. This lifted a heavy weight off of my shoulders. I slunk down a hall, peaking quietly into other halls. Room, after room, after room, until I finally reached the end of the corridor unnoticed. The last room on the left was the room that held the stairs. Slowly I walked up them, hoping that no one would come down the stairs. That didn’t last long.

A shadow of a slender figured popped up, and was approaching fast. I used the spiral staircase to my advantage; I hid along the inside, blade in hand once again. Thoughts if my first kill wrapped around my mind, which my me change my battle tactics.

As the woman came around the corner, I tripped her, which made her yelp in surprise. Crouching down, I gave a quick slash to the back of her legs, ripping far enough into her legs that she wouldn’t be able to chase me up the stairs.

Using this moment, I rushed up the stairs. Though it lead to more levels of the fortress, I didn’t dare catch the attention of any other bandits. Finally reaching the top of the stairs, I found myself slumped against the wall, panting. A few torches lit the way to the only door down a long hallway. I stared at it few several moments. “I’m really starting to hate doors.” I said while standing up and walking towards my final destination.

Soon my hand was reaching for the doorknob, but soon I hesitated. I held my dagger harder, then kicked the door open. I winced, waiting to be ambushed my two, three, even four or more thugs. Instead, I found , when I opened my eyes, a single Defias bandit sat behind the chest. The scary part? He’s wielding a halberd.
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