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Old 08-13-2008, 09:06 AM
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Default Team Saber: The Sword of Justice

Chapter 1 – Mountain Mix Up

The sun beat down harshly on Mt. Coronet, punishing anyone who was foolish enough to be outside on a summer’s day like this. The temperature was a scorching one-hundred and two degrees, without the slightest breeze coming in from the valley. There were only two people who wanted to be in a place like this right now: Commander Saturn from Team Galactic, and Cobalt Thatcher from Team Saber.

Cobalt was a tall young man at the age of twenty. Black hair and green eyes set into a pale face were all that set him apart from average. He wore a dark green ball cap, a denim jacket with a white undershirt and blue jean pants.

Quietly, he positioned himself behind a rock and peered through a pair of binoculars at the sight.

“What do you see,” A voice said in his ear.

With one finger, Cobalt touched the comm-link in his ear and paused. “It looks like Galactic is getting ready to meet someone.”

“Do you see any other commanders?”

Cobalt looked into the binoculars again. “No. Just Saturn. One thing’s for sure, they’re definitely meeting somebody here. I haven’t seen so many stolen Pokemon since I was in Saffron City.”

“What do you think Coby,” the voice said.

“I think I need to take a closer look.”

“Hold on! I just picked up five helicopters coming into the valley. It looks like they’re owned by… Team Rocket??”

“Kay, what’re you talking about,” Cobalt asked quietly.

“Hang on, let me see if I can sort this out.”

As he heard the sounds of a keyboard being overused, another sound began to drown it out. The sound of helicopters.

“Wait Kay, I’ve got choppers comin’ in.” Cobalt looked through his binoculars at the new arrival. On the side of both helicopters, was a crimson “R” stenciled onto a black side-panel. “Yup, it’s Team Rocket. Four C-3 Pelipper and a classy lookin’ executive chopper.”

Suddenly the four Pelipper broke away leaving the leader all alone. “Wait. Somethin’s not right. The transport ships just left the other all by himself. Kay, where’re they goin’?”

Kay didn’t answer for a moment. After a while her voice came over the radio again. “The helicopters were heading around the mountain. They just offloaded their cargo.”

“Well, what was it,” Cobalt asked quickly.

“Men and Pokemon. Cobalt, I think Team Rocket plans on ambushing Team Galactic,” Kay said in a grim tone of voice.

Cobalt hooked his communicator to a microphone in the binoculars, and looked through them. Thanks to the communicator, he could now hear what the Galactic Grunts were saying even while being well over a hundred yards away.

Saturn appeared unnervingly calm, even though he was meeting with a rival organization. Cobalt had studied Galactic’s commanders as part of an assignment handed down to him by the Boss, herself; out of the three, Saturn was the most calm and controlled even in the heat of a situation.

“He’s got to know what’s coming; he’s smarter than this,” Cobalt said aloud as if someone were listening.

“Have the preparations been made,” he asked one of the grunts who simply nodded quietly. “Excellent.”

“Coby, what’s going on,” Kay asked as the helicopter came in close.

“I think Saturn’s got something up his sleeve.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hang on.”

Cobalt watched as the Team Rocket helicopter set down gently, twenty yards away from where the Galactics were waiting. One grunt stepped out of the passenger side of the helicopter and walked around to the pilot’s side. Like a chauffer opening a door for his employer, he opened the rear hatch and stood at attention as a man with slick black hair stepped out.

Saturn and his men approached cautiously as the man strode over to them.

“Giovanni. I knew you would come,” Saturn said, with a sneer.

The slick-haired man rubbed his chin and grinned. “Long time, no see, boys. I see your boss didn’t have enough respect to show up in person.”

“He didn’t feel that he needed to get his hands dirty by eliminating you.” Saturn’s sneer grew into a sickening smile. “That’s why I intend to do it for him! NOW!” At his command, the Galactics all tossed out their Poke Balls releasing at least seventy Pokemon.

Saturn’s grin seemed to fade away at the fact that Giovanni wasn’t even taken aback by the display. Instead Giovanni chuckled. The chuckle grew into a loud and uncontrollable laughter. “I knew Cyrus’s treachery knew no end. That’s why I brought along a little insurance policy! Rockets, ATTACK!”

Suddenly, seventy or more Rockets revealed themselves in the hills surrounding the spectacle. Each one released a Poke Ball. The playing field was now even as Giovanni released his Nidoking, and Saturn released his Toxicroak.

The battle began as the two sides attacked, instilling great chaos.

“Kay, call the police and send them to my location,” Cobalt yelled over the communicator while trying to make his way back into the hills.

“Alright, Coby. I’m calling them now,” Kay replied.

Cobalt stood up and began running back to his original hiding spot out of sight of the ensuing battle. “Great. Now that the police are on the way, my work here is done.” He put his fingers to his lips and whistled loudly.

After a few seconds, a Floatzel appeared from the very back of the cave.

“There you are, Tails. We need to get outta here buddy,” Cobalt said taking a Poke Ball off of his belt. “Ace, come on out,” He called, pressing the button.

In a puff of smoke, the Poke Ball opened, releasing a Staraptor. “C’mon, Ace. We really need to get outta here.”

“Coby, somebody’s coming,” Kay said quickly. “I doubt it’s the police.”

“What’re you talking about,” Cobalt said quietly.

Soon, he knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Hey, Ken! I think I heard something in here! I’m gonna check it out!” A man in a Rocket uniform entered the cave cautiously. “I know somebody’s in here. Why don’t you come out and fight like a man?”

Cobalt couldn’t take it anymore. “Why don’t you come in here and fight like a man?”

“Who said that,” the grunt called.

“Santa Claus!”

“I’m comin’ in there!” As he ran deeper into the cave, his blind rage caused him to miss Cobalt completely.

Cobalt stood up and left the cave with Tails and Ace close by his side. When he got outside, he saw that two more Rockets had come with him, but were now running back down to help their boss.

“Coby, I’ve got another one coming up behind you,” Kay called over the communicator.

As Cobalt turned around to see who, the grunt appeared out of the cave and swung as hard as he could, striking him just under his left ear.

Cobalt yelped in pain as he sailed to the ground. Quickly he got to his feet and threw a punch that caused him to fall to his knees. Angrily, Cobalt kneed the man in his stomach and dragged him back into the cave.

Several minutes later, Cobalt left the cave again wearing his newly acquired Rocket uniform. “I’m going with the Rockets,” Cobalt announced to Kay. “Call the police back, and tell them about the guy that I left in the cave.”

“Alright Coby. Be careful,” Kay said before going to call the police again.

Quickly Cobalt moved down to the battle and let took another Poke Ball off of his belt and tossed it into the air. The Poke Ball opened releasing a Rampardos into the battle.

As Giovanni battled Saturn, a Seviper approached him silently. The serpent had left the battle with orders from Saturn to make the Rocket leader his next meal, and he intended to do just that. That is until something slammed into him like a train. A Rampardos had nailed him with a powerful psychic attack, smashing him into the bedrock.

Giovanni turned to see Cobalt behind him. “Thanks kid,” he grunted before returning to his battle with Saturn.

Cobalt nodded and began picking new targets for his Rampardos. He saw several Rockets taking on one huge Gyarados. They’re Pokemon were no match for the oversized dragon who laughed at their efforts. With a subtle snap of his jaws a tornado spawned right at the Rockets’ feet.

“Rock, use Thunderbolt on that Gyarados,” Cobalt called to his Rampardos.

An electric charge went down Rock’s body. He was storing energy for an attack.

“Gyarados, use Hydro Pump on that Rampardos!”

Cobalt glanced in the direction that he heard the voice, and saw a Galactic grunt glaring at him.

The attacks were released at the same time and met in between the two Pokemon with an explosion of steam as the result. When the steam finally dispersed, Cobalt and Rock were shocked to see a Pikachu standing on top of the Gyarados’ limp form.

The Pikachu hopped off of the Gyarados and scampered over to meet her trainer who was a fairly attractive woman who had to be at least in her early thirties.

For a moment Cobalt stood awestruck that Rock had been beaten to the punch.

Suddenly, sirens echoed throughout the mountain range as the police approached.

Cobalt who had been jolted back to reality, quickly walked over to Giovanni who had begun rounding up the rest of the team. “Master Giovanni, I suggest we leave,” he said loudly over the chaotic sounds of Rockets running for their transports.

“It appears you’re right. Would you care to join me in my chopper, young man?”

Cobalt’s eyes darted left and then right, and then they met with Giovanni’s eyes. “Well, sir… I should really get back to my transport, sir.”

“It wasn’t an offer, son. It was an order,” Giovanni said in a lower tone.

Quickly Cobalt snapped to attention. “Yes sir!”

Giovanni looked over at the girl and her Pikachu who had assisted Cobalt. “And your friend can join us as well.”

The girl snapped to attention as well. After Giovanni turned and started for his helicopter, the girl leaned in close to Cobalt. “Thanks for drawing attention to me you noob. Now I’ll probably never see that promotion I’ve been wanting.” She then hustled after him and climbed into the helicopter with him.

Cobalt sighed, and returned all of his Pokemon except for Tails. “C’mon,” he grunted to the Floatzel.

They both ran to the helicopter and climbed in before it took off. Soon the valley and Mt. Coronet disappeared out of sight, and the scorching sun was now dipping low behind the horizon.

Giovanni looked at both the girl and Cobalt. “I’m looking for potential leaders. Men and women who distinguish themselves like you two did today. Would either of you be interested in such a position?”

The girl nodded eagerly, but Cobalt looked out of the window of the helicopter at the passing land. He ran his hand through Tails’ fur. “I don’t know…” he said quietly.

You're a dummy head. :3

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Old 08-13-2008, 09:23 AM
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Default Re: Team Saber: The Sword of Justice

dc, you sure know how to crank out the fics. ^^
I already told you I love the idea of an agent in the field with someone on a computer as back-up!
I really look forward to seeing where this goes.
*patiently waits for more*
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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Default Re: Team Saber: The Sword of Justice

Chapter 2 – Coby’s Origin!

Kay Pierce was a thin woman at the age of twenty-eight. In just the right light, her thin silver-framed glasses mirrored the computer screen that she was staring at. The data and satellite images she was seeing on that computer screen was Coby’s lifeline. At any moment another Team Rocket grunt could come up on him, and take him out easily.

She brushed a lock of red hair out of her face and back behind her ear, as she heard the sound of Coby beating someone over the head with a rock. Her blue eyes darted to the computer screen, checking Coby’s life signs. For a moment she thought someone had hit him.

“I’m going with the Rockets,” Coby announced over the radio. “Call the police back and tell them about the guy that I left in the cave.”

“Alright Coby. Be careful.” Kay said to Coby just before dialing the police from her computer.

“Eterna Police Department,” a mildly pleasant voice said.

“There is a battle between Team Galactic and Team Rocket currently in progress on the western side of the mountains, near Eterna,” Kay said.

“Thank you for reporting the incident ma’am. The Eterna Police will be there shortly.”

Kay suddenly remembered the man in the cave that Coby had left in the cave before taking his uniform. “Also, I think you should check the cave around the area too. I saw a man go in there, and he hasn’t come out.”

“Who is this?”

Kay put her index finger on the end key of her keyboard and pressed it, ending the call. The police would never be able to track the call back to her, thanks to the encryption system that she designed.

Suddenly the door to her office opened and a man entered.

“Excuse me! Do you mind?!” An annoyed expression crossed Kay’s face.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Ma’am, the Boss wants to see you. She wants an update on the Thatcher kid’s mission,”

Kay looked at her Furret who was lazily sleeping next to her desk. “Do you think you can handle things by yourself, Chip?”

Chip opened one eye, and rolled over with a yawn. His brown fur had a shine to it in the light coming from the assortment of gadgets within the room.

Smiling, Kay stood up and followed the man to the Boss’s office, which was just down the hall from Kay’s, so it wasn’t a long trip, but there was enough time for her to run through every question the Boss would ask her, during these progress reports.

When they were at the door of her office, her escort stopped and looked at her. “She’s expecting you Ma’am,” the man said, before leaving her to grapple with the reality that she was going to have to tell her about Coby’s unauthorized infiltration of Team Rocket. Kay gripped the doorknob and turned it, allowing gravity to open the door. As she stepped in, she saw the Boss’s large chair, facing the large panel windows.

“Jillian,” Kay said quietly.

She turned around, and looked up at Kay. “Shut the door, and sit down.”

Jillian Hoover was tall even when she was sitting. She had a thin face and an even thinner body. In some respects she reminded Kay of Coby, like in her pale features, and the physique that gave the impression of a lack of food. Her long blonde hair wasn’t held back in any way which was how Kay had always remembered it. Jillian’s eyes were the most memorable part about her. They were grey and ice cold, only holding expression when she was in the presence of Kay.

Right now they held an expression of deep thought.

Nodding, Kay did as she was asked, and sat in the chair across from Jillian.

“What is the status on Cobalt Thatcher,” Jillian asked abruptly.

“Coby… I mean Agent Thatcher, has just successfully infiltrated a Team Rocket squad, and I expect to hear from him within the hour.”

“I thought his mission was to track the movements of Team Galactic in the Sinnoh Region,” Jillian said, raising an eyebrow.

“Plans change Jill; you know that, especially after what we had to do when we were younger.”

Jillian nodded. “I understand. I just don’t like the idea of him going into a Team Rocket compound, unsupervised. He could have another breakdown, or he could even decide he wants to go back.”

“He won’t go back. You have my word on that,” Kay said more to herself than to Jillian. After all, it had only been five years since she helped him escape Team Rocket’s grasp before they did something terrible to him.

“I guess that’s all for now. If he doesn’t contact you, I wanna know about it immediately,” Jillian said in a firm voice.

Kay nodded and stood up. “You’ll be the first to know.” With that, she left Jillian’s office and returned to her own, where Chip was now completely awake.

As she sat down in her chair, Chip moved over to her, and curled up next to her chair.

“I hope he’ll be alright, Chip,” Kay said quietly stroking his soft fur.

=Five Years Ago=

“Slater, you’re paired up with Henderson! Bradley, you’re paired up with Jones! Miller, you’re paired up with Brooks!”

Kay snapped back to reality as the Team Rocket group leader read them their partner assignments. Posing as one of the new recruits was easy, but the problem was with who she got paired with. According to what she had learned from Team Saber’s intelligence, they partnered every recruit with a veteran of five years or more.

“Gibbs, you’re paired up with Thorn,” He said looking at Kay.

Kay nodded and then began searching for Thorn.

“Are you Gibbs,” a young voice called over the dull roar of the other Rockets.

Kay whirled around to meet with green eyes set into a pale face. He seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days, and like he hadn’t seen sunlight in a longer time. “Yes, I’m Gibbs, but you couldn’t possibly be Thorn. You’re so…”

“Young,” he said wittingly.

Slowly nodding, Kay couldn’t help but wonder how this boy wound up in an organization like this. “How old are you?”

“Fifteen, goin’ on sixteen,” Thorn said lazily, as if his age had no relevance to anything. Most boys his age were proud of the fact that they’d lived this long, but it was just another number to him. “C’mon, I’ll show you to your quarters. We ain’t got much around here, so I hope you weren’t expectin’ the Four Seasons,” he said as he began to walk away from her, “by the way, my name’s Nick if you decide you wanna talk about somethin’. It sure would be a change of pace for me.”

Kay picked up her meager bag and began to walk with Nick. “What does that mean?”

“It means that nobody talks to me around here. Its about all I can do to find a decent topic of conversation around this place,” he said. As they walked, Nick took a pocket knife out of his pocket and began to clean his fingernails with it.

“Why won’t anyone talk to you,” Kay asked quickly.

Nick gave a short glance and looked ahead. “Nobody respects me. They think because I was born into this, I had no other choice and couldn’t choose another way out. This was a career decision for them. It was a predetermined path for me. It’s kinda like the kid who wants to do contests, but his parents force him to battle instead.”

Kay looked down at her feet as they walked. She understood that concept fully. Kay’s mother had been a champion of the Indigo League in Kanto, so it definitely came as a shock when Kay told her that she wanted to become the greatest coordinator in the world.

As they walked on, a large man stepped into the hallway blocking the way to the barracks. He looked down at Nick who glared defiantly up at him.

“Oh, I’m so terribly sorry. Am I blockin’ your way, runt,” he purred with a wicked grin, that revealed three golden crowns in his front teeth.

“You don’t want none o’ this fat-so. I thought your group leader told you to lay off me,” Nick growled, his eyes now hidden under the bill of his cap. “Besides, Bear. You know I can take you any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.”

“Last Friday was a fluke, and I intend to prove it,” the man said clenching his fists.

Nick pushed his hat back so that his emerald eyes shimmered in the dimly lit hallway. “You gonna do somethin’?”

The man looked at Kay, and then at Nick. “No. Not while the noob is around. She might rat me out.”

Nick glanced back at her, and the looked up at Bear. “Then get outta my face,” Nick said in a low tone.

“You’re not in the clear. Not by a long shot.” With that said, he slipped past Nick and Kay, and walked down the hallway.

“What was that about,” Kay asked as they started down the hall.

Nick looked at her for a long while. “Who are you?”

Kay shot him a bewildered look. “W-what are you talking about?”

“You’re not a Team Rocket grunt. Any grunt I’ve ever met doesn’t care about my petty problems, and doesn’t listen when I ramble on about stuff. You on the other hand, have been hanging on to every word I’ve said, and actually give a damn when I have my life threatened by a walking mountain,” Nick said in a tone that was a little less than quiet.

Kay stared at him for a moment.

Nick’s look of apprehension became a warm-hearted smile. “I promise I won’t tell anyone about you. I couldn’t care less if you were a cop. You’ve gotta promise me one thing though…”

Kay thought for a moment. Even if he knew who she really was, it didn’t seem like anyone would believe him if he tried to rat her out. Finally after a long moment of thought she nodded. “Name it.”

“You’ve gotta take me away from here when you leave,” he whispered with the sincerest look in his eyes.

“But Nick, I could be here all winter. I don’t even know how long it would take to gather the information I need,” Kay explained.

“What info do you need? I can get you into the Team Rocket mainframe.”

Kay placed her hands on her hips, and looked at him skeptically. “You have no respect around here. How am I supposed to believe that?”

“Follow me young grass hoppah, and I shall show you the path to all the information you’ll ever need from this crummy compound,” Nick said with a low bow.

Kay soon found herself hiding behind a trashcan in a hallway. The trashcan sat twenty yards from a door that was marked “Mainframe”. Below that, in bold red letters was a sign that said “Team Rocket Scientists Only!”

“What’s your big plan mister plan man,” Kay asked.

“Just watch and learn…” Nick said as he walked over to the door, and knocked on it three times.

Quickly the door opened and a man with large thick framed glasses stepped out and looked down at Nick. “What do you want?”

“Oh… so that’s how it is huh,” Nick said in a snobbish tone. “Well, then I guess I won’t tell you what Jenna down in maintenance said about you then.”

“Don’t be ridiculous… she wouldn’t talk to you about anything,” the scientist said in an equally snobbish tone.

“Of course she wouldn’tcha moron. That’s why I was eavesdropping while she was talking to one of her friends…”

The scientist loosened his collar and adjusted his glasses. “She was really talking about me?”

“Yup. She said you were the most adorable little thing that she’d ever laid eyes on, and wishes she could just get you alone for at least five minutes,” Nick looked down at his fingers as he brushed the nails against his uniform. “I think she’s got the hots for you. Maybe you should go down there and tell her how you feel.”

Without a second thought, he began walking toward the elevator which would take him to the basement floor where maintenance was. He shuffled right past Kay in a love-struck trance, without even noticing her.

As he disappeared into the elevator, Nick quickly motioned for Kay to come into the office which had been left opened by the preoccupied scientist.

Kay moved into the office and shut the door behind her as Nick turned on the lights and began looking at the security feeds of the surrounding hallways.

“Kay,” he said quietly.

“How did you know my name,” Kay asked in shock.

“Kay,” he said again.

“Quit that,” she yelled.

Suddenly she woke up. She was back in her office at Team Saber headquarters. Chip was happily sleeping right next to her where she’d left him, and the man that had barged in on her before was shaking her awake. “Kay, it’s Thatcher. He’s made contact. I think you should talk to him.”

Kay nodded, and put her finger to her earpiece which was connected to the comm-link on her belt. “Yeah Coby, go ahead.”

You're a dummy head. :3

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Default Re: Team Saber: The Sword of Justice

Nick/Coby sure can see through people huh?
Young grass-hoppah. XD
Still doing good, keep going!
*patiently waits for more*
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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