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Old 08-15-2008, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: Your Take on Religion

Originally Posted by Wunschkind View Post
These people who whine about religion only know of the stereotypes. It's sad how ignorant people can be.

It's funny how much of a hypocrite you are lol, you ***** about all the things you DO. Hahaha... >_>

I'm all for getting a FREE TIBET tattoo, like... Airbrushed. On my head. And then I'll go to China. In a giant invincible something... Like that Mercedes Guardian... It's bloody MISSILE PROOF. It's even got a supply of FRESH AIR, y'know in the small chance you run into some poisonous gas. Sorry, HAD to mention it. Just awesome.

I agree with Eeveeking, I'm following the teachings of Buddha, but not as a religion, I openly wear a jade pendant with a Smiling Buddha, and yeah... I really do respect their ideals.

China wants Tibet. China wants WORLD F*CKING DOMINATION. Yes. Yes they do. And they're starting with Tibet. Then probably Mongolia or something like that. Or India. More China. :/

I just realised I've been misspelling Taoism with a D! Sorry! It's pronounced as if it would have a 'D' instead of a 'T'...
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Old 08-15-2008, 09:28 AM
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Default Re: Your Take on Religion

I did nearly fall over when Wunschking (otherwise know as the element of the loudspeakers [stereotype, get it?]), talked about stereotypes.

Here's something that I don't quite get about religions (I can only think of specific examples for Christianity), I am not denying that your God exists (I only do that when you start to get angry at my Atheism), but how do you know that all of what has been written, not the major facts, was just one person along the line who decided that his morals should be included. Some guy tells his version of the story, and says "Oh yeah, Jesus said this thing too." This is not the big things, like the miracles, I shall touch those on another day, but it would happen today, and I see no reason why it couldn't have happened thousands of years ago.
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