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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

Chapter Five: One's Dream, is Another's Nightmare part 2

Lucius observed the gym with great astonishment. It looked even bigger on the inside and all the ceiling was one, giant tinted window, allowing very little light into the room. A large, chalk outline of a regulation battlefield covered most of the floor. The left side of the building was painted bright colors while the right was painted in many purples and other dark colors.

“More victims for today?” pondered a male voice from the shadows. A teenager, probably their age, stepped toward them. His silver hair was spiked backward, making him look like some super hero. His blue eyes brought reminiscent flashbacks of Artemis’ pupils. At first glance, it seemed his head was floating. In fact, he was simply wearing a black suit with matching pants. “What? You beginners can’t ‘lose’ enough?”

“Apollo, leave them alone!” yelled a voice that almost made Lucius piss his pants. From out of the darkness, Artemis stepped out. “Oh, it’s you two! This is my brother, Apollo.”

“Art— Artemis, it’s nice to... uh... see you again.” Lucius stammered. Kyle rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. Lilith quietly walked over to him.

“Is that ‘her’?”

“Yeah, that’s her.”

The two trainers stepped onto the battlefield, along with the two gym leaders.

“Sister, you really need to stop hanging out with these loser trainers. It’s bad for our reputation, you know?” Apollo said obnoxiously.

“Who you calling a loser, you... loser!” Lucius barked, his hand curling up into a fist.

“Nice comeback; shall we begin?”

“Hold up a second!” Kyle said, stepping forward. “I see you don’t have a judge today. Would you mind explaining the rules a bit?”

“Oh, how silly of me. At least someone has their head in the game.” Apollo took a deep sigh before continuing, “This will be a tag team battle in which each trainer uses one Pokemon. Not only must you rely on skill, but you must also trust your partner to hold his own while also supporting you. Of course, you must return the favor. Both Pokemon of the opposing team must be knocked out to win the match. Doing so would land you with the Celestial badge.” He held up a badge that shone even in the dim light. The badge was circular and had a grey crescent engraved into it. The rest of the badge was a combination of many reds and oranges. Lucius stared at the badge with the ferocity of a tiger in his eyes. There it was, a few yards away. One of eight badges needed to prove himself as the best. Many emotions— joy, uncertainty, and of course, fear flooded his system like a hormone. Out of the two battles he’s had, he lost both of them. In what sense could he possibly beat a gym leader? Let alone TWO!

“I really don’t have all day. Take care of them, Aaron.” Apollo said in an uninterested tone as he retrieved a Pokeball from his belt and lazily pressed the bottom. From the red flare appeared an orb with spines projecting from all its sides. Its dull eyes looked like they pierced Lucius’ mind as it stared aimlessly at him.

“You got this one, Lilith!” he encouraged.

“You know it!” she cried, running onto the battlefield.

“Don’t underestimate these guys, Apollo.” Artemis said with a wink to no one in particular. Lucius blushed nonetheless. She unclipped the Pokeball from her necklace and tossed it in the air. A Pokemon shaped like crescent moon was conjured in an instant. Its crimson-red eyes were just as lifeless as Aaron’s.

“Don’t fail me now, Bruce!” Kyle said, calling out his Aron. He looked over at his opponents, then Lilith, then Kyle. A questioning look was on his face.

“Lilith, the Absol, is your partner. You ready for a battle?”

“Fine.” he said, not really answering the question. He was quick to turn his gaze from Kyle.

With a snap of Apollo’s fingers, the lights suddenly turned on and Lucius observed his surroundings thoroughly. There was nothing new, except for a large speaker in the corner. Without warning, a robotic voice reverberated throughout the room.


Artemis was swift with her commands. “Luna, give ‘em Rock Throw!” The Lunatone dropped from her state of levitation and slammed her body onto the ground, kicking up many rocks and pebbles. With a pink aura surrounding them, the debris froze in mid air and sped toward Lilith.

“Lilith, take out those rocks with... that move you used last night!”

Although it took a couple of seconds to understand what he was talking about, Lilith readied her attack with a tilt of the head.

“You really think I’m going to let you pull that off? Aaron, Fire Spin!” A small fireball appeared before the Solrock, growing larger with each passing second.

“Bruce, Iron defense and Metal claw on the Solrock!” Without any signs of accepting or declining the order, Bruce darted toward his opponent with unparallel speed. He nearly made contactbefore he became surrounded in a pink aura, like the one encasing rocks headed for Lilith.

“Luna, move him in line of the Fire Spin!” Like a puppeteer, Luna moved Bruce in Aaron’s direct line of fire. Now completed, a tornado of fire shot out from the fiery sphere, consuming both Bruce and Lilith. The controlled rocks entered the inferno and Lilith’s screams only grew louder.

“Damn, I got nothin’! I should have known better than to think I could beat these guys...” It was hard for Lucius to cope with reality. What would Artemis, Rob or Lilith think of him if he forfeited? What would they think if he took too long to forfeit? The cries of Lilith brought him back into reality and he instinctively groped his pockets for her Pokeball. He was sure she would thank him later.

“You haven’t won yet!” Lilith suddenly cried from the firestorm. A silver blade shot from her position and cut in to one of Aaron’s spines. The Solrock ended his onslaught and let out what sounded like a cry of pain. Scorch marks streaked across Lilith’s fur and Ajax’s metal head. The two Pokemon, however, looked as if they were never more pumped up for a fight. Lucius dropped the Pokeball back in his pocket and smiled at the sight of his friend.

“Lilith, Bite on Solrock before he recovers!”

“Luna, Harden and Tackle!”

The black and white wolf dashed toward Aaron as the Lunatone charged toward her with her refined body. It seemed like the interception would be a success until a silver blur appeared before the moon Pokemon.

“Take down!” Kyle shouted; his voice was filled with confidence. Luna was much too slow to react and Bruce pushed her back with a heavy hit from his head.

Aaron was just regaining himself when Lilith leapt in the air and bit down hard on one of his spines. Even with her scorched fur, Lilith was still able to finish off her strike with a graceful twist of the body. Aaron slammed hard into the ground, displacing many rocks. This time however, the rocks just fell back to the Earth.

“That’s... that’s impossible! Aaron, get up!” Apollo bellowed. The Solrock stirred a little, but failed to elevate off the ground. Looking down in shame, Apollo recalled Aaron back into his Pokeball. He finally did it. He won his first battle.

“Who’s the loser now!?” Lucius teased sticking his tongue out at Apollo. Lilith mimicked him with a similar gesture.

“We’re not done yet, guys!” Kyle called, cutting the mockery short. Luna was blasting toward Lilith, her eyes bustling with vengeance. To her dismay, Bruce halted her assault once again.

“Finish this with a Metal claw!” ordered Kyle. A smile appeared on Bruce's face; he was truly enjoying the battle. His claws glowed a white light, he jumped into the air started to spin in the air rapidly, cutting deeply into Luna’s skin. She let out cry similar to Aaron’s. And like the Solrock, she fell to the ground.

“And that’s game.” Brucesaid coolly raising one of his claws to Kyle. A new brightness shone in the young trainer’s face. Lucius was quick to notice this.

“Maybe he’s not a bad trainer after all...”


The four trainers met in the middle of the battlefield and all shook hands.

“That was an awesome battle! You guys did really well.” Artemis congratulated, which caused Lucius to go bright red.

“You did well too, Artemis.” Kyle said, returning the compliment.

“It seems I’ve misjudged you, Lucius.” Apollo said, stepping forward. “You both deserve this.” He held out his hand and two badges sparkled in the spotlight. Each trainer picked up their symbols of victory and held it tightly in their fists.

“Before I forget, take this too!” shouted Artemis. From her pockets, she took out a large wad of cash.

“Oh no!” Lucius shouted. “I can’t take your money!”

“But I can!” Kyle quickly said, grabbing the reward. “Hey don’t we get a TM too?”

“A what?” Lucius asked, confused.

“Do you ever use your laptop for actual research? TM stands for Technical Machine. It’s a device used for teaching Pokemon new moves. It’s custom for leaders to give the trainers that beat them a TM.”

“Correct,” Apollo began, nodding at Kyle, “but we don’t have any yet. We’re a fairly new gym, hence why there was no judge. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must notify the League of Terago of your victory. Good luck on your journeys.” With that, Apollo walked toward a back door in the gym. Artemis, however, stayed behind. His eyes may have been playing tricks on him, but Lucius thought he saw tears accumulating in her eyes.

“Whoa— are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“Who, me? Yeah, I’m fine... it’s just, this was my last battle as gym leader here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve decided to go on my own from now on. Explore Terago and maybe the other regions.” An uncontrollable smirk stamped itself on Lucius’ face immediately.

Kyle must’ve noticed this, since he asked with a sigh, “We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. If it’s not too early, maybe you could come with us to the next town? It would be nice to have someone who knows where all the other gyms are!”

“Go with you guys? I don’t know... I have to think about it. What time are you leaving?” she answered, unable to make eye contact with the disappointed Lucius.

“By 12:00, we’ll be at the city gate. From there, I guess we’ll just follow instinct to find the next town.”

“Okay, got it. Just in case I don’t show up, good-bye.” Still not looking either trainer in the eye, she followed her brother in to the back room. Lucius looked on to the room, his eyes filled with great sadness. Something Artemis would have seen had she look up at him.

“Sorry to cut this little moment short but I think me and Bruce should really be fixed up. I think I actually WANT to go in my Pokeball.” Lucius chuckled at Lilith’s attempt to change his mood. He recalled the battered Pokemon and, with Kyle by his side, returned to the Pokemon center. Little did they know that as they slept for the day that could make Lucius’ life; across the world, lives were being shattered...

***** Later that night – The Hall of Fame *****

The white walls of the magnificent symbol of greatness were burning down to the ground. The frames of the greatest trainers ever to walk the Earth— scorched to oblivion. A chorus of screams and a lively blaze engulfed the surround area. Bodies lay unconscious or dead— some in a pool of blood— in a place praised by Pokemon and trainers alike. One of these bodies was that of a severely beaten orange dragon. Leaning over the lifeless Pokemon was Lance, his eyes bawling with waves of tears. A few yards away, Erebus watched his uncle whimper over his dead companion. Beside him was a tan dinosaur with spines running down its back. The rabid Tyranitar roared in its victory.

“I— I don’t get it. Why, Erebus, WHY!?!?” Lance screamed, still holding his Dragonite.

“Oh cry me a river,” the young male grunted. “You were too naïve to even notice what your own nephew was up to! You’re family and all, so I don’t want to kill you. Just hand over Moltres and—.”

“MOLTRES! That’s all you wanted? You barge in to the most sacred of places, kill the league’s guards ruthlessly, and torture your own uncle for a POKEMON!?”

“What can I say? I’m an over achiever.” Erebus answered with a chuckle. “Your silly dragons had no chance against my army of shiny dark Pokemon.”

“How is it possible that you can have so much shiny Pokemon? And their power is much too strong for their state to be a natural occurrence. What have you done, Erebus?” Lance questioned, finally getting to his feet.

“Nothing that concerns you, uncle. Just hand me Moltres and I’ll be on my way.”

“You want him that badly, eh? Well, TAKE HIM!” Lance shouted, throwing a black and white Pokeball in the air. Erebus shuddered as the ball opened and the red light took the shape of the majestic phoenix. Its fiery wings spread wide, Moltres screeched at the humans before it. Glaring at Erebus and his Pokemon, Moltres dropped its beak and a flurry of white orbs began collecting in its mouth.

“Tyrant, Hyper Beam!” Erebus ordered without delay. The merciless beast opened its mouth in the same fashion as Moltres did. First kicking its head back, the Tyranitar shot a white-hot beam of concentrated energy at the bird.

Amazingly, on a moonless night like this, Moltres collected enough energy in no time flat for a perfect counter-attack. It dove low to avoid the beam and released one of its own on the exhausted dinosaur; this one with a yellow hue. The Solarbeam struck Tyrant dead on the blue patch on his chest; that was his weak spot. The Pokemon was blasted in to the opposite wall of the hall, obviously defeated. Moltres screeched in triumph, Lance glanced at his fallen Dragonite, almost saying “That was for you,” and Erebus simply grinned. Not even recalling his Tyranitar, he reached for another Pokeball; this one purple and white.

“Just quit it, Erebus. No Pokemon can stand up to Moltres here!” The phoenix screeched again, this time in agreement. The spiky-haired young adult burst out in laughter.

“Uncle, uncle, uncle... You should know by now never to underestimate me!” With that, Erebus threw the ball in the air and a blast of confusion, anxiety—and most importantly— terror, hit Lance.

Were his eyes playing tricks on him? The Pokemon just released from the Pokeball must’ve been some kind of machine.

But whether he was right or not, one thing was certain. This battle was lost.

A Pokemon (if you could call it that) made of what looked like gas levitated before him. White smoke was unraveling out of what probably was its head. A pink chain covered most of its face, but Lance could still see those lifeless, blue eyes. It seemed the legend of Darkrai wasn’t a legend at all. However, something was odd. In the legend, it described a black spirit with a red chain; this one was blue. The legend also stated that Darkrai never attacked without reason, especially on a moonless night ...this one was different. Something in its eyes told Lance all he needed to know. This Darkrai was playing for keeps

“A little gift from the boss. He finished his Sinnoh round up a little early, although he missed a few Pokemon.”

Moltres took no chances with the phantom and began collecting energy again. Darkrai raised a simple finger and with a flash of red light from the tip, Moltres lost control of the energy. The fire bird tried continuously to restart the Solarbeam, unknowing of the danger rapidly approaching. By the time it actually regained control, Darkrai was hovering menacingly before it and a frightened Lance.

“<You were foolish to challenge my greatness. Let your souls pay for your mistakes in the Dark Void.>” whispered the Darkrai in a raspy voice. It clasped its hands together and as it pulled them apart, it seemed to be tearing the very fabrics of space and time. Lance stared at the ripple as it only got bigger and bigger, eventually consuming all matter around him, even light. He felt as if split in two as conscious separated from him.

Back in reality, him and Moltres fell to the ground like rag dolls. Erebus walked forward to retrieve Moltres’ Pokeball when his phone rang.

“The police are collecting outside of the building. You might want to get out of there.” said Ethan’s emotionless voice from the phone.

“How much?” Erebus asked, facing Darkrai.

“At the moment? About thirty.” Erebus grinned at the answer.

“Darkrai, go have some fun while I clean things up over here.”

Without another word, the specter went off to complete the dastardly deed given to it.
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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

that was a really good story i like it.
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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

Glad you liked it, truth is i had decided to stop posting since I never got any feedback.

Anyway this chapter is long, I mean woah long. I'll just post part of it for now. I might put the other part up in a day or 2

Chapter Six: Confessions of a Teenage Gym Leader Part 1

“Wake up Lucius, it’s almost eleven!” shouted someone into Lucius’ ear. Lucius, however, simply pulled the covers over his head and went back to sleep.

“If we’re late, we might miss Artemis.” said the voice slyly. At the sound of Artemis’ name, the teen sprung from under the sheets, only to meet a hysterical Kyle. The light from an adjacent window seemed to be hitting Kyle’s face at exactly the right angle, and Lucius saw the true meaning of happiness.

The young trainer reluctantly proceeded into the bath room and got himself freshened up. He emerged from the restroom smelling quite pleasant and Lilith grinned at the sight of her clean trainer.

“Ah, yes! The stench is gone!” she screamed in triumph. Lucius glowered at her before turning to Kyle.

“Let’s get going, she could be waiting for us.” Lucius didn’t even wait for Kyle’s reply and he hurried out of the room.

“He shouldn’t get his hopes so high...” Kyle sighed, following his impulsive partner. There was quite an uproar over by the television but as Kyle saw Lucius already leaving the center, he didn’t have a chance to ask what was going on.


“Lucius, slow down!” Kyle shouted, running up to the hasty teen. As they walked down the crowded streets of Sage City, Lucius paid no mind to the people swerving around him. Bursting with excitement, Lucius ignored the call of his friend and ran for the corner. As he made the sharp turn, he saw...


There stood a large sign stating: You are now leaving Sage City, may you be safe on your travels! Lucius knew this was the right place, and by now it was well past noon. Artemis had not shown up.

“Dude... are you deaf?” Kyle said, finally joining Lucius at the gate. He was holding his ribs with both arms and was panting as if he had just run a marathon. Lilith appeared behind him, following the trainers at what she called “normal speed”.

“She’s not here...” Lucius muttered while quickly scanning the area. “Maybe we should wait until tomorrow—.”

“NO!” Kyle shouted, magically regaining his strength. “We planned to leave today so we’re leaving TODAY! It’s only been sheer luck that Officer Jenny has yet to check that Pokemon Center.”

Lucius opened his mouth to retort, but found himself at a loss for words. He knew that Kyle was correct. He always was...

Lucius focused his vision toward the sky. A crescent shaped Pokemon was heading toward them at a quick pace. Seated inside the crescent was Artemis, beauty and all. Time seemed to stop as Lucius’ confidence automatically returned. Kyle, Lilith, and now Artemis; this journey couldn’t get any better...

“Sorry about the lateness, couldn’t decide what to pack!” she shouted, Luna and her now lowering themselves to the ground. She leapt majestically from her Pokemon and patted the large moon. She wore a red backpack with multiple zippers.

“Nice to have you with us Artemis.” Kyle said with a smile. The former gym leader nodded and pulled out her orange device from before. She pushed an assortment of buttons before turning to the trainers.

“The next gym is in.... Filch Town.” she said at last, her tone sounding a little grim.

“Something wrong?” Lucius quickly asked, rushing up to Artemis. Kyle shook his head in disapproval and after a deep sigh, also walked up.

“Don’t you know? Filch Town is filled with petty thieves and rabid Pokemon... LET’S GO!” The two trainers stared at each other out of confusion from the sudden change in tone. Lilith forced herself between the two trainers and looked up to Artemis.

“Hmm... you’re not THAT pretty. Guys are always over-exaggerating...” Without taking note of the weird stares she just received, Lilith walked away from the trainers and watched Ajax fly around in circles.

“Okay... anyways, shall we be on our way?” Lucius asked, smiling broadly. Artemis and Kyle nodded and proceeded to leave Sage City. Artemis allowed Kyle and Lucius to walk ahead of her and took one last look at the grand city.

“I’ll be back, one day.” she whispered to herself before catching up with her companions.


Again on the open grassland, Lucius and Kyle were wary of any Pokemon attempting to ambush them. Artemis assured them that all was safe, but the two trainers didn’t want to take any chances. Other than that, the walk was pretty awkward. Even Lilith was silent.

“How much longer until we hit Filch?” Lucius groaned.

“Pretty long, we haven’t even reached Sprit Forest yet. Filch Town is on the other side of the forest.” Artemis answered. She retrieved the weird device again and began pushing buttons. Kyle glanced over at the machine.

The screen depicted four larger islands surrounding a much smaller one. Colossal bridges connected the five, making it look like a large “X”. Kyle immediately recognized it as a map of Tetrago.

“We’re here,” Artemis stated, pointing at the middle of the top left island. “And this is where we’re headed.” She was now pointing at a dot further down in the island.

“Wow, that’s pretty far...” Lucius said, examining the screen. “Will our food last that long?” Artemis frowned at the statement. She knew that if they were still traveling in twos, there would surely be enough food.

“I’m sorry if I’m a burden to you guys.” she quickly apologized. Kyle seemed unfazed by the sudden apology, but Lucius was worried out of his mind.

“It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Artemis. Things would be pretty boring with just two guys!”

“Excuse me?” Lilith said, bumping into Lucius on purpose. Artemis gave an odd giggle and looked at the ground for the rest of the walk. Kyle was suspicious of her silence, but chose not to question her just yet.

***** Later that night *****

The travelers found a clearing away from the tall grass and decided that they should rest there until morning. Lucius protested against the idea, arguing that they had a long way to go and should simply continue. Kyle stated that there was very little chance in them finding another clearing so they should just play it safe. The two asked Artemis to make the final decision, but she didn’t seem too intrigued in the conversation. Finally, Lucius asked Lilith, who sided with Kyle. Reluctantly, Lucius gave in and sat in his own corner of the clearing.

Ironically, Lucius was the first to fall asleep, followed by Lilith. Seeing as there was no possible way for them to make a fire, Lucius told Kyle to call out Nick if he was ever needed. In the middle of the clearing, Kyle sat, fiddling Nick’s, Ajax’s, and Bruce’s Pokeballs through his fingers. Artemis was sitting opposite of him and looked as if in deep thought.

“You seem troubled, Artemis. Is there something wrong?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the Pokeballs in his hand. Artemis looked up at him with distraught eyes.

“I’m so sorry...” she whispered.

“You know, for someone who doesn’t talk much, you sure do apologize a lot.”

“It’s just that... you have no idea.”

“Huh?” Kyle finally looked up at her.

“You don’t know why I really rescued you from that prison.” Kyle took note of the serious tone in her voice.

“It’s just that... I really wanted to explore the world but my brother said I needed to be with someone he could trust. And Officer Jenny was always picking up random trainers for stupid reasons, so I checked out the jail. I thought you were just one of those rookies that are always collected outside the gym, but I gave you guys a chance and freed you anyway.” Thoughts raced throughout Kyle’s mind. He had a feeling at what she was getting at, but couldn’t seem to take it to heart.

She continued, “Then, to my surprise, you guys ended up slaughtering me and my brother in that match. I noticed how Lucius would look at me so I knew that if I acted sad, he would ask me to join up with you guys. Then when you ended up asking me, I knew everything was turning out perfectly. My brother admires your battling skills, you know? But that’s beside the point; I’m just really sorry for all this!”

Kyle tightened his grip on the Pokeballs. Learning that you were simply being used wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to take. Then, after a deep breath, he asked, “Why are you telling me this now?”

She quickly glanced over to Lucius and Lilith to check if they were really asleep, then moved closer to Kyle. “I planned to just ditch you guys at Filch Town. I thought the least I could do was show you a map of Terago and lead you in the right direction... but then you guys turned out to be so nice and energetic.” she whispered.

“You have a weird way of showing it, being silent for most of the walk and all.” Kyle didn’t care if he sounded bitter. He could only imagine how furious Lucius would have been. Then again, he warned him about these gym leader types.

“Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to keep quiet!?” Artemis promptly stood up causing her hat to fall off. “I wanted to engage in all those conversations but I didn’t want to get too attached to you guys, but—.”

“But it’s too late, right? You know, Lucius will be devastated.” Tears collected at the corners of Artemis’ eyes. She was naturally a nice person, but it was much too late for her to tell Kyle that.

“That’s why you can’t tell him! I’m begging you to keep this between us!” she screamed. Kyle didn’t answer, though. He stood up and walked over to Lucius.

“Just don’t go giving him any false hope.” he said, not looking back to her. He lowered Nick’s Pokeball onto Lucius pillow and as he did, he looked into eyes of a troubled Lilith.

She had been listening the entire time.

***** The next morning *****

As the trainers packed their things, Artemis acted as if last night never happened. She was talking to Lucius and he was laughing loudly, completely unaware of her true intentions. From the corner of his eye, he saw Lilith glaring at the pair. Kyle had no intention of stopping her if she decided to snitch on Artemis. However, she seemed to keep her mouth shut as they continued their journey.

“We’ll probably reach the forest sometime today.” Artemis declared; her eyes glued to the device that she called a PokeNav.

“You don’t know how much of a relief it is having you with us.” Lucius complimented, smiling at her. She blushed and quickly turned her head to Kyle. He shook his head in contempt.

“I think we should change course. The grass is getting taller and we’ll probably run in to some Pokemon.” Kyle suggested.

“Come on Kyle, this could be our chance to add new members to the team. I say we just keep on going!” Lucius retorted. “Hey, that reminds me. Let’s call out all our Pokemon so they can have a proper meeting.”

“No,” Kyle simply said. “I don’t want anyone to get ‘too attached’.” He quickly looked over at Artemis who tried not to look back. Kyle’s words left Lucius utterly bewildered but he didn’t feel like questioning him. He observed Lilith, who was walking beside him. She hadn’t spoken all morning, which was something very odd in her case.

“You okay, Lilith?”

“Peachy,” she growled, forced to look in the opposite direction. Lucius reached his hand out to touch Lilith, but she dodged the palm and walked over to Kyle.

“Why don’t we tell him?” she whispered.

“Because, Lucius isn’t exactly the kind of person to take these things lightly.”

“How’s that?” Lilith asked, relieved that she’d finally get some background information on her trainer.

“Well, it all started when he was still a kid. His parents split up and he was left with his father. Soon, Lucius’ dad got remarried to some old, rich lady. He never really got along with her. I guess you can say that apart from his real mom, Artemis is the first female Lucius has had any friendly relations with.”

“What are you two whispering about!?” Lucius yelled, looking over at the two.

“None of your business!” Lilith snapped. Kyle chuckled, realizing that they were actually talking about him.

The sun was now at maximum height in the heavens and the cloudless sky allowed it to beam hard against the faces of the exhausted travelers. The tall grass was now unavoidable and pricked at the trainers’ ankles, only heightening the tension. Every few minutes or so, something— or someone— caused the jungle-like terrain to fill the air with a disturbing crackling noise. Lilith led the group, her eyes scrutinizing every aspect of the field in order to keep her companions safe. Lucius’ hand was locked around Nick’s Pokeball, Kyle’s around Bruce’s. Artemis continued to remain silent and walked in between the two battle-ready trainers. What was she to do when she reached Filch? Did she really have it in her to abandon the trainers?

Lucius occasionally checked his bag for supplies. He had forgotten to stop by the market for food and potions, but Kyle went shopping before the gym battle. Even so, Lucius was sure that the material wouldn’t last two more days. He quickened his pace, and everyone else followed in suit.

While the day dragged on, the land gradually became highlighted in a scarlet tint. Their speed only increased as the trainers traversed the lush landscape. A dense collection of oversized trees could be seen in the distance. The closer the trainers got to the forest, the darker the mood seemed to get.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Lilith said, breaking the eerie silence.

“You’re just scared!” accused Lucius.

“You should always trust an Absol’s instincts, especially when it comes to danger.” informed Lilith. Lucius ignored the warning and kept his mind focused on getting to the next gym.

“Artemis, have you been through these woods before?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah, once with Apollo. I can’t even begin to describe how creepy it is in there.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” proclaimed Lucius confidently. Artemis acted like she didn’t hear him.

The forest was now in full view and was a sight to be remembered. The trees rose to unimaginable heights and it was impossible to see how high they actually went. A dirt path led into the forest but due to the lack of light, no one could tell how far it went. Both Klye and Artemis shuddered at the ghostly sight, but Lucius and Lilith embraced the challenge. This was the perfect chance for him to show Artemis that he truly could protect her. He fished his pockets for Nick’s Pokeball and called out the kitten.

“Hello everyone— hey, I’ve never seen you before!” Nick ran up to Artemis and proceeded to sniff her sneakers.

“Ah, get away!” Artemis cried, stepping back and nearly falling in to Kyle’s arms. Both trainers and Pokemon alike gave her questioning looks. “Oh, sorry,” she began, “I’m allergi— ACHOO!” Kyle swiftly side stepped, causing Artemis to fall on her bottom.

“My bad, I have a thing about germs.” Kyle apologized although he was amused by Artemis’ fall.

“Nice going, Kyle!” Lucius scolded, rushing to Artemis to assist her. Kyle’s facial expression went grim as he thought of the days when they laughed at things like that together. This “phony” was screwing up their friendship and Lucius didn’t even know. He desperately wanted to tell him the truth, but he knew better than anyone how he would react. Back in Everon, Lucius was always the odd kid who always talked about Pokemon. He valued the little friendships he could muster.

“Why did you call me out, Lucy?” Nick asked after Lucius helped Artemis up.

“Huh? Oh yeah! Nick, I need you to light the way for us in there.” Lucius pointed at the dark forest; a chill up and down Nick’s spine when he looked at the wicked grove.

“I— I’m not g—going in there!” the young Pokemon stuttered. If it wasn’t for his infantile face, Lucius would have called him a coward. Reluctantly, he recalled the small Shinx.

“Now seriously, Lucius, did you really expect Nick to lead us through that place?” Rob inquired, stepping up to the trainer.

"Well maybe a little." He muttered." Well looks like were going threw with no light."

Taking in one last look of the gloomy scene, the group entered the forest...

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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

Chapter Six: Confessions of a Teenage Gym Leader Part 2

Not even five minutes into the woodland and light already seemed to be nonexistent. The large trees that towered over them acted like border patrol and allowed no light to reach the ground. It wasn’t long until the eyes of the trainers became adjusted to the darkness and they could see outlines of each other. Lilith claimed that she could see perfectly fine.

“Why do humans turn off the light when they sleep even though they can’t see in the dark?” she pondered.

“Because... um... I really don’t know.” Lucius responded.

Kyle and Artemis laughed at the answer but the cheerfulness was cut short by an odd, buzzing noise. The deeper the trainers got in to the forest, the louder the sound got. Then, all hell broke loose when they began hearing voices.

“Okay, this place is officially creeping me out!” Lucius admitted, moving a little closer to Lilith.

“I swear, all you humans are cowards. I hear voices ALL the time!” A silence among the trainers followed after the reply.

“I’ll be blind by the time we get out of here!” Lucius cried, throwing a fist in the air. Little did he know that a branch hung crooked above his head and broke upon impact.

“CRAP!!!” the teen screamed, holding his bloody fist.

“Real smooth, Lucius,” Kyle commented. Even though he couldn’t see it, he knew Lucius was giving him a dirty look.

“Hey guys, do you hear that?” Artemis quickly said. Everyone went quiet and began listening closely to their surroundings.


It sounded much closer now, and more focused. Not even Lilith could tell that the sound was coming... from right behind them.

“Human trespassers! Beedrill, ATTACK!” The command startled the trainers and they all ran in some random direction. Lucius chose to go straight, along with Lilith, and the majority of Beedrill seemed to be chasing them. The teen was having miraculous luck by dodging all the trees and obstacles. Lilith frequently charged up a Razor Wind and shot back at their pursuers. Unfortunately, for every one she took out, two came to take its place. The forest appeared to be swarming with the bees and the travelers were public enemy number one.

“Way to go, Lucius!” Lilith shouted as she hopped over a small bush.

“Damnit Lilith, it wasn’t my fault! It could have happened to anyone, right Kyle?... Kyle?” It was then that Lucius realized that it was just him and his Pokemon. Kyle could take care of himself; Bruce and Ajax were powerhouses. Artemis said she’d been here before and she had to be a strong trainer, seeing as she was a gym leader. But did he have what it took to get out of the unforgiving forest.

“Earth to Lucius! We need to go FASTER!” Lilith instructed, nudging her trainer. Falling out of his state of deep thought, Lucius followed the orders given to him and picked up the speed. It’s too bad he didn’t notice the strong, low branch hanging lazily a few feet away.


The branch close-lined the frantic teen right in the face, causing him to flip backward and land on his stomach. Lilith ran back for her friend and nudged his hair; he was out like a light. The buzzing of the Beedrill only got louder as Lilith thought of a way to save herself and her trainer. She blasted the leaves above with a powerful Razor Wind and the moon hung luminously over them.

Lilith ignored the blood seeping from Lucius’ nose and rushed over to his belt. She tapped the Pokeball clipped to the buckle and Nick appeared in the dimply lit clearing.

“AHH, what happened to Lucy!” he screamed, running up to the unconscious boy and licked some blood off his cheek.

“He’s the least of our worries now!” Lilith shouted, dragging Nick back by the tail.

A Beedrill suddenly zoomed out of the darkness, probably sent as a scout. He examined Nick; Nick ran behind Lilith; Lilith growled at her opponent. The black and yellow bug hovered ominously in the air, neither defending itself nor making a move. Two large, sharp needles protruded from two of its legs, but he wasn’t even pointing them at the two Pokemon. Then, unexpectedly, he made an odd buzzing noise that differed from the rest.

He was sending information...

Lilith came to the revelation much faster than Nick, and she charged at the Beedrill, who was still trying to contact his companions. It was much too late until noticed the infuriated wolf that had now leapt into the air. Nick watched in horror as Lilith pounced on the insect and the two landed in the darkness. Screams, growls and the familiar buzzing noise was the only indicator that Nick wasn’t left alone. Seconds later, Lilith walked out of the darkness. A green liquid dripped from her black scythe and a transparent wing was crunched between her teeth.

“Tonight, Nick, you become a man.” Lilith joked, spitting out the wing. Nick squirmed at the sight and backed up a few feet.

“Lily— please put me back in the Pokeball!” he begged, tears streaming down his fluffy cheeks.

“Is that how you’re going to repay Lucius for allowing you to tag along? If you’re that much of a punk, then get out of my sight!” Lilith shouted harshly at the small Pokemon. Just then, three more Beedrill appeared from the shadows.

“You want s’more? There’s enough of Lilith for all of ya’!” She wildly charged at the Pokemon, but they were more skilled than the previous scout. The three Beedrill flew off in different directions, effectively surrounding Lilith.

Lilith shot herself at the closest Beedrill, knocking it to the ground. With her back now turned on the other two enemies, the Beedrill approached her, their needles seeping with a purple liquid.

“Back off, you meanies!” cried Nick, who came to Lilith’s aid. Small sparks of electricity were flying off his body as he charged at the bees. The electrified tackle took out both opponents in one hit, and Lilith smiled at her partner.

“Lucius would be pro—.” Lilith couldn't finish her sentence when Nick’s body suddenly became encased in a bright, white light. The glow was enough to illuminate their entire surroundings, and Lilith was horrified to the fact that Beedrill were stationed all around them. Nick’s figure began to rapidly increase in size until he was an entire foot taller than before. As the light faded, Lilith saw that his face was a little more rounded and he looked a bit older. His tail had grown at least twice as long and was swinging wildly. The newly evolved Luxio stood proudly before his spectators, also amazed by his appearance.

“Whoa... cool...” he whispered, smiling broadly. Lilith grinned and walked up to the Luxio. Like his previous form, Nick was glowing with an internal light generated from electricity pulsing throughout his body. As a Luxio, however, the light was much brighter and all the Beedrill were in clear sight. The two nodded at each other and charged at opposite sides of the clearing, both jumping over their laid-out trainer.

“FOR LUCIUS!!!” Lilith cried.

“FOR LUCY!!!” Nick repeated, and the two entered the fray.


Kyle and Artemis ran for their dear lives as a small group of about ten Beedrill pursued them. Rob hadn’t seen when Lucius strayed from the pack, so he had no idea which way he went. He tried to keep his mind off his best friend as they scurried.

“They’re too fast; we’re going to get caught!” Kyle declared.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m the one who brought you here...” Artemis apologized.

“Stop apologizing, this route is necessary to get to Filch Town.”

The pair stumbled upon a small clearing where they decided to make a stand. Ajax was first to be sent out, even though he had yet to be used in battle. Kyle held Bruce’s Pokeball tightly in his hand, but chose not to use him unless he was needed. All ten Beedrill appeared at once, and the humans shuddered at the sight of their menacing needles.

“Bring... it... on.” Ajax said, . He held out his hand and a dark sphere gathered at the end. He launched the Shadow ball and the nearest Beedrill, hitting it in the chest. The others quickly readied there attacks aimed at Ajax.

“Damn, there are to many for him to handle. I have to use Bruce also... but I can’t let Artemis see his true nature.” Kyle thought to himself, gritting his teeth.

“Artemis, can you use Luna?”

“I don’t think so. The clearing is much too small for her to fight properly. My other Pokemon isn’t exactly a battler.”

“I see... Okay, here’s what I need you to do. Search for Lucius and STAY with him. If... when I get out of this ‘situation’,
“Kyle, Ajax cant handle them all! You need me here!” she protested.

“No, you already said you can’t battle. Just get out of here, Lucius is probably having more trouble than me.”

Unwillingly, Artemis came to the conclusion that Kyle was right. Giving the trainer one last “stare-down”, she darted into the thick forest.

“Now that that’s over with,” whispered Kyle before pressing the button on Bruce’s Pokeball. The silver beetle observed his surrounding with that same emotionless face. Ajax recognized the sound of a Pokemon being released from its ball and retreated back to Kyle. He stared at the Aron, who noticed but didn’t stare back. Kyle finally realized that this was the first time to two met since that fateful battle.

Surprisingly, Ajax held out one of his hands in a sort of hand shake. However, Bruce scoffed at the appendage and paid no mind to the Ralts.

“Stay out of my way.” he warned, locking his eyes on the Beedrill. The largest of all the Beedrill pointed at three others, and the trio advanced.

“Use Iron Defense and let them come to you!” Kyle ordered, trying to put the tension between his two Pokemon out of mind.

The Aron obeyed and reinforced his exoskeleton, awaiting the Beedrill to make their strike. All three attacked at once and picked at Bruce’s shell with their needles. The constant stabbing barely alarmed Bruce, who yawned with boredom.

“Anytime, Kyle...” he grumbled.

“Oh, yeah... Mud Slap.”

The armored beetle kicked its two front feet into the ground, congesting the wings of the Beedrill with dirt. The insects fell hopelessly to the ground, where they were subject to three body slams from Bruce.

Six more Beedrill attacked, enraged by the sight of their fallen friends. They ganged up on Bruce, who seemed to actually receive damage from jabs. Nonetheless, the Pokemon held strong.

“Metal Claw!”

All four of Bruce’s feet glimmered with a bright light. He quickly spun around, taking out two Beedrill with his two front feet. The four remaining insects attempted to escape into the skies, but Bruce was able to grab one down and stomp him out.

“I’m still in this fight!” Ajax declared. He took aim at one of the fleeing Beedrill and unleashed another Shadow ball. It hit it squarly in the back and sent the enemy flying in to the trees.

Now the single leader stood before his opponents, his needles visibly trembling. Without a second thought, he gutlessly escaped back in to the forest.

“I thought I told you not to get in my way... but thanks.” Bruce said, although it sounded a little forced.

“Well, we ARE team mates...” Ajax replied, wiping beads of sweat of his forehead.

The two walked back to Kyle, who was now leaning on a tree trunk. He sank to the ground and eyed his two Pokemon.

“You look tired, get some rest.” Ajax suggested.

“Yeah, you humans are weak enough at full power. We’ll handle any Beedrill headed this way.” Bruce added, trying not to sound caring. Kyle, however, sensed the Pokemon’s true feelings. Smirking at his two Pokemon, he began drifting into a much needed sleep.

Involuntarily glancing to his left, he caught a glimpse of a bright light in the direction Artemis had run.

“Be careful you two.” he whispered before finally shutting his eyes.
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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

wow so sorry i let this fic just stop, college has started and my free time to work on this is all but gone. I will try to get these chapters out more often, but im not going to set a time since college is random at best.

Chapter Seven: The Painful Truth Part 1

The glimmering sun slowly moved above the clearing, striking Lucius’ face with an extraordinary light. The teen suddenly awoke, not from the blinding sunlight, but the throbbing pain he felt in nose. With every breath, his nostrils filled with the bitter smell of blood. Still lying on the ground, he wiped his hand across his upper lip, and examined the dried up blood that just appeared on his palm. He dug his hands into the soil and struggled to sit up, his arms wobbling madly. Finally sitting upright, Lucius had trouble seeing his surrounding due to the sudden dizziness and light-headedness that just hit him. The trainer took deep breaths to calm down and placed a hand on his forehead.

“Man... what the hell happened?” he muttered. As his vision began to clear up, he noticed two figures lying close together, not too far from him. Lucius crawled over to the creatures, confident that he was in no danger. Upon closer inspection, Lucius immediately distinguished one of the bodies as Lilith. She was covered in cuts and bruises but from her face expression, she seemed to be okay. Cuddled up next to her was a small tiger-like Pokemon with black and blue fur. The Pokemon bore a striking resemblance to Nick, his Shinx, but this Pokemon was a little larger. Its tail was definitely longer than Nick’s, but Lucius couldn’t help but feel he already knew the Pokemon. Like Lilith, it had its own assortment of blemishes.

With his still weary hand, Lucius rocked Lilith’s body back and forth.

“Hey— sleepy head— get up!” he shouted before coughing into his fist. He was surprised to see the cough sprinkled his hand with a little blood. The crimson liquid slyly slid down his hand, and a single drop fell and landed on Lilith’s cheek. She instantly woke up, smiling the moment she saw Lucius up and moving. She quickly got to her feet, causing the small tiger to fall on its back, and met Lucius eye to eye, seeing as he was still on his knees. The two beamed at each other; powerful words were exchanged, but no lips moved. In the spur of the moment, Lilith quickly licked Lucius’ cheek, which had a bit of dirt on it.

“Hey, what’s got you all lovey-dovey?” Lucius said in response, pushing Lilith little back playfully with one arm.

“Last night... you were hurt pretty bad.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Lucius joked, pointing at his nose. It looked a little disfigured, but would probably return to normal shape in a few days. The two gave a forced laugh before continuing their conversation.

“We got chased here by some Beedrill. You know, those black and yellow bees?” Lucius nodded in confirmation and Lilith went on, “Your clumsy self just had to go and run face-first into a low branch. You made a semi-flip and blood was leaking from your nose like water and a faucet! I panicked and brought you here, where I cleared out the leaves and branches above us. We were still being chased so I decided to get some revenge. After calling out Nick, we—”

“What!? You made Nick fight!?” Lucius interrupted. The small tiger stirred from the sudden outburst and awoke. After yawning in a way that seemed exceptionally familiar to Lucius, the Pokemon approached him. Unlike Lilith, he didn’t hesitate to express his affection and attacked Lucius with a flurry of licks.

“Gah! Who are you? What do you want!?” Lucius screamed as he fell on his back. A sharp pain ran down his spine causing him to arc his body upwards. The smaller Pokemon noticed the weird gesture and ran up to Lucius’ head.

“Lucy, are you okay?” he said quickly with a voice unimaginably similar to Nick’s. However, the similarities weren’t what brought Lucius to the conclusion that Nick must have gone through some magnificent growth spurt. His assumption was confirmed due to what the Pokemon called him.


“Ni— Nick, is that you?” Lucius asked, his voice obviously altered by the pain.

“Who else would it be, silly!” Nick replied with a giggle. Lucius examined his friend with great interest. There was no plausible explanation how anyone could grow so much in such a short time, Pokemon or not!

Ignoring the pain, Lucius made another effort to get into a different position. This time, he attempted to stand up. First rolling over to his side, Lucius slammed his fist into the ground and did a sort of “push-up”. From this stance, he kicked up his knees and planted his feet firmly on the ground; he now resembled an ape. Finally, with some undiscovered strength, he used his legs to push himself up to full height. By the time the ordeal was over, he was breathing as if he had been submerged under water for hours.

“Wow... I should get a badge just for that.” he joked, using his last bits of energy to crack a smile. His companions smiled back and Lucius came to a sudden realization.

“Where are Kyle and Artemis?”

“We, uh, kind of got separated. But don’t worry, we’ll find them!” Lilith’s words didn’t make Lucius feel any better. He looked in to the wild forest— which was still pitch black, even at this time— and waves of fear and uncertainty hit him.

“With Bruce and Ajax at his side, Kyle will most likely be fine. But Artemis... Luna’s much too big to battle here and I don’t even know if she took any other Pokemon along with her. Let’s rest a little, then we’ll go search for her and Kyle.” he said before sliding his bag off and examined its contents for food, water or potions.

Lilith was appalled at the fact that Lucius was more worried about Artemis than Kyle. She wasn’t too fond of traveling with Rob at first, but eventually came to the conclusion that he was better than any normal friend, especially Artemis. Keeping silent was never part of her nature, so she decided it was time Lucius was filled in on some past events. She motioned Nick to stay back as she moved closer to Lucius.

“Hey, I think there’s something you might want to know.” she whispered.

“If it’s going to put me in a bad mood, I don’t want to know.” he said simply, and for a second, Lilith thought Lucius had read her mind. Then she remembered she wasn’t susceptible to psychic attacks.

“It’s about Artemis...” she added. Lucius pulled his eyes away from his bag and met her serious gaze. <She’s... she’s not who you think she is.>”

“You mean she’s not really a gym leader? I was wondering the same thing, ‘cause if I were a gym leader, I wouldn’t be traveling with some beginners.” The irony of Lucius comment left Lilith at a loss for words.

“Must you make everything so difficult?”

“Found it!” Lucius declared, retrieving a bag of crushed berries from his bag. “Are you trying to tell me somethin—.”

“ARTEMIS PLANS TO DITCH US!!!” she suddenly blurted, blood rushing to her head. It was much too late until she noticed what she had said. Lucius’ face went a pale white and his bag fell to the ground. The saying may go “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile”, but this didn’t seem to apply for Lucius. His bright, azure eyes were replaced by pale, blue ones as he glared at Lilith.

“That’s not funny,” he muttered, his hands turning into fists.

“Good, because it wasn’t a joke,” Lilith answered bitterly. Nick sensed the tension between the two and decided to intervene.

“Is that they girl with the silver hair? She seemed nice—.” Nick was interrupted by Lilith.

“Be quiet, Nick. She jumped back and made those weird noises as soon as you appeared.”

“She’s allergic!” Lucius argued angrily.

“Okay, sure... whatever that is. You didn’t hear what I and Kyle heard.”

“Oh yeah, and what DID you two hear?”

“She explained to Kyle why she really tagged along with you guys. She plans to leave the group went we reach Filch!”

“Stop lying, damnit! If this WAS true, why would she even tell Kyle?” Lucius retorted.

“I don’t know, you humans are so weird!”

“At least we aren’t ‘disaster bringers’!” Lucius said, waving his hands in a mocking manner. The simple statement cut Lilith like a dagger. She never suspected Lucius believed the myths about Absols. Even Nick had a devastated expression on his face. As Lucius saw the looks on his Pokemon’s face, he realized what a terrible mistake he had just made.

“Lilith... I— I didn’t—.”

“No,” she interrupted, “I completely understand. As a matter of fact, I sense a disaster right now.”

The proclamation left Lucius bewildered so he looked at Nick for guidance, but he was just as confused. Lilith grinned mischievously and kept her eyes on a nearby bush. Lucius followed the Absol’s vision, and saw that the bush was now rustling. Then, unexpectedly, an arm shot out of the bush and was swinging around wildly, as if looking for something to grasp. It was coved in cuts and bruises and the base of the pinky was swollen. Lucius dragged his weary feet to the appendage and hesitantly reached for the hand. Before grabbing it, he looked over at Lilith, who responded with a nod. With all his force, he managed to pull the being out, which knocked him to the ground and landed on top of him.

“Oops, I’m sorr— Lucius, you’re okay!” screamed a recognizable voice from above. The young trainer hastily opened his eyes, and gazed into Artemis’ pupils. Her silver hair brushed against his blushing cheeks and her lips were parted in a huge grin. Battered, twigs sticking out of her hair, and feeling of a shirt probably wet from sweat against his body— none of this mattered to Lucius. To him, Artemis was as beautiful as ever.

“I’ve been searching for you all night.” she said, picking herself up and helping Lucius to his feet. The two examined each other thoroughly and chuckled at how much of a mess they were. Lilith sighed and turned her back to the trainers.

Artemis explained all the ordeals she had previously went through. She ran into a whole assortment of bugs and eventually found a clearing large enough for Luna to fight somewhat at full power. She also explained how Kyle decided to go on his own and they would meet up later. Lucius called Lilith over to explain what she went through, but she refused to participate with the humans. He then motioned to Nick, but once Artemis saw the Luxio approaching, she decided she didn’t want to know anymore.

After gulping down some water provided by Artemis and eating some berries, the group continued throughout the forest. Even in the glorious sunlight, the dark woods encased them in a torrent of helplessness and misery. Nick’s internal light helped a little, but it seemed like an external force was preventing the light from expanding past a certain point. From the perspective of others, it looked like they were walking in a glowing sphere.

Many bug-like Pokemon studied the trespassers, but none dared to attack. It seemed the power of these trained Pokemon had already circulated throughout the entire forest. On the other side of the forest, things weren’t much different.


Kyle’s body slipped off the trunk he was resting upon and landed on the prickly grass. He awoke with a jolt and quickly sat up right. Momentarily forgetting where he was, the scarlet-haired teen inspected his surroundings. Ajax, his usually cool and collected Ralts, was laid on his back, panting hard in his sleep as if having a nightmare. Beads of sweat mixed with dried streams of a red liquid, no doubt his blood. Bruce, his stubborn Aron, was sleeping like a baby atop a clump of dirt, which he probably made himself. Bodies of unconscious, or maybe even dead Beedrill lined the edges of the clearing. One particular, wing-less bug caught his attention. As a large shadow passed over the clearing, it struggled with all its might to return to the overgrowth. The ominous shadow continuously passed over them, as if observing the situation with Kyle. Only inches away from the clear, the shadow reappeared and seemed to get bigger. Out of the clear blue sky emerged a tan falcon with gold and red feathers running down its head. Although it might have been five feet in height, with its wings expanded, the true size of the bird was inconceivable. With talons the size of Kyle’s head, the Pidgeot scooped up the helpless creature and flew off into the distance, almost certainly to present its children with a meal. If there ever was a sign to get out of the godforsaken forest, that was it.

“Wake up guys, ‘cause there’s no way I’m staying here any longer!” Kyle declared, shaking the bodies of his Pokemon. It didn’t take long for Bruce to awaken, but Ajax got up with a violent cough. It was clear to Ralt that he was seriously dehydrated and fished his bag for a bottle of water. He was both ecstatic and troubled that he was able to find one bottle.

“We can’t afford to spend another night here.” he thought to himself before returning the still tired Ralts to its Pokeball. He looked at the red and white orb in wonder. He had heard of stories on the internet about the virtual paradise provided by the Pokeball and only wished it were reality. He pocketed the miracle device and with Bruce by his side, reentered the dense forest.

Kyle was subject to constant thrashing and battering of low leveled branches. Bruce scoffed at his trainer’s complaints, even though the Aron had it safe down below. The constant buzzing and surveillance continued that morning, causing Rob to thoroughly scan the environment with every turn. Even Bruce was also a little anxious and squinted his large, blue eyes in an attempt to intimidate any on-looking Beedrill. However, for the Beedrill that witnessed the previous night’s events and survived, they knew better not to attack the merciless beetle.

“Hey, I just noticed— you got rid of that weak, blue-haired trainer. I thought I needed to tell you he was slowing us down, but you’ve seemed to catch on.” Bruce said quite happily.

“For your information, me and Lucius only got separated. Artemis went out to look for him.”

“Artemis? Is that the name of that loud-mouth Absol?” Bruce questioned with a hidden smirk.

“No, her name is Lilith, and I think she told you that.” Kyle answered, not denying the statement of Lilith’s loudness, although she was pretty quiet lately. “Artemis is a female human we met recently and have been traveling with. She won’t be with us much longer so don’t bother getting acquainted.”

“Heh, did you expect me to?” Kyle chuckled and gently kicked his Pokemon. He had missed these memorable moments with Bruce, now that the image of him going berserk was nailed into his subconscious.

The farther they got into the forest, the more separated the trees became. It only took a few hours for the trees to be spaced out enough for a significant amount of sunlight to reach the ground. Kyle’s skin, which had gone pale from the darkness and thirst, feasted upon the light and brought some life back to his features. His sturdy Aron showed no signs of relief once they were back in the light, and Kyle began to speculate if he liked the darkness better. Although Kyle constantly shot weird stares at Bruce, the Pokemon kept his focus only on what was ahead.

“You’ll bump in to something if you keep staring at me.” he finally said, still keeping his vision on what was infront of him.

“Oh, sorry... I was just wondering... how was your life before I cap— before we teamed up?” Kyle said with a false smile. He thought the word “capture” was a little harsh and chose not to use it.

“Not pretty, that’s all you need to know... but what about you?” Kyle was surprised that Bruce was even interested in his past.

“Me? Well I grew up in a quaint little town called Everon. Because of some stupid incident that happened before the League of Terago was formed, they ban the use of Pokemon in the city. Heck, I doubt they’d even allow me or Lucius back into the town if they knew what we were really doing. Well, anyway, I and Lucius have been best friends for who knows how long. I guess it all started when he told me that he had a secret interest for Pokemon, and it was him who eventually got me into the subject.”

“So you’re saying that if it wasn’t for that goof, me and you would have probably never met?” Bruce contemplated, although he barely sounded sad from his revelation.

“Uh... I guess you can put it that way!” Kyle affirmed, scratching the back of his head. Bruce looked up as the scarlet hair of his trainer shook while he scratched it. Before long, he was lost in a train of thought and missed his stop many times over.

“He looks so much like him...” the Aron thought to himself, still observing Kyle.


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Default Re: Pokemon: The Terago Region (PG)

Chapter Seven: The Painful Truth Part 2

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the forest was coming to an end. The trees gradually became smaller and more spaced out, allowing more maneuverability for the group. With the sun once again being the main source of light, Lucius spared Artemis the constant sneezing and congestion and recalled Nick. Lilith persistently insisted on Lucius bringing up the subject they were talking about in the clearing, but he dismissed it every time. Frustrated beyond reason, Lilith marched on ahead of the trainers and led the trio. Artemis noticed the Absol’s bad mood and got the weird feeling that it was directed to her. She wondered if Kyle told her the truth, while Lucius babbled about something that was of no concern to her.

“Don’t you think its weird how all the Joys look EXACTLY the same? Maybe they’re clones...”

“That’s ridiculous, Lucius... they’re obviously all Dittos!” Lilith said pretty confidently.

No other conversations took place between the two for the remainder of the trip. Lucius thought of what Lilith had told him earlier that day. Was it even possible that what she said was true? Reluctantly, he made a mental note to ask of confirmation from Rob later. However, he was really counting on Kyle to side with him. There was no possible way Artemis was tricking him this entire time... or was there? He mustered up what ever strength he wasn’t using for the long walk, and forced the treacherous thoughts from his mind.

“Are you okay, Lucius?” Artemis asked, taking note of his abnormal facial expression.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine!” he lied. He tried not to look her directly in the eye, but couldn’t help it. Could he of all people be able to throw away a friendship? Painful memories of the ridicule he faced in Everon resurfaced and the truth about the lack of trustful people in his life consumed him. If, for some ludicrous reason, Artemis wasn’t who she said she was, did he really have the heart to end it off right then and there?

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

Lucius was once again pulled back into reality. Artemis was standing in front of him and the back of her palm was pressed firmly against his forehead.

“Lucius, you’re burning up! Oh my— I hope it’s not something I did!” Artemis said worriedly.

“Oh no, I’m fine— really!” Lucius declared, pulling her hand away from his face. “I’m just a little low on energy, but I’ve been like this all morning.”

“We could rest, you know... from the looks of things, we’re almost out of the forest.”

“Nah, I want to get out of here as soon as possible!” Lucius said with enthusiasm. Neither Artemis nor Lilith could deny the fact that they too wished to exit the forest.

Unbeknownst to its inhabitants, the forest landscape was rapidly taking a turn for the worse. The fertile grassland transformed into an uninhabitable top soil with dead weeds poking from the ground. The creeping bug Pokemon were replaced by scurrying Rattata and large, ferret-like creatures. Artemis pointed out that they were called Furrets and can be dangerous if approached carelessly. Lilith sneered at the comment and attempted to prove the human wrong. She stalked a relatively slow Furret from behind and went in for the strike. However, the rodent reacted with unprecedented speed and smacked Lilith across the face with its tail, before finally running off. Lilith’s reddened face landed in one of the many pools of mud around the area and the trainers nearly choked from laughter. Lilith grumbled some inaudible words as she walked back to a nearby collection of bushes and spat a large glob of mud.

“EWW, DISGUSTING!!!” screamed a voice from the other side of the bush. The hilarity of the moment ended there and the trainers ran to accompany Lilith. The shrubs rustled a bit before finally parting, and Kyle emerged with Bruce by his side and mud dripping from his hair. He glared at Lilith with a menacing stare and she smiled with a shrug. However, before he could make a remark, Lucius wrapped his arms around him and held him tightly.

“Dude, I’m glad you’re okay too but isn’t this a little much?”

“Shut up, Kyle,” Lucius whispered in his ear so no one could hear. “I have some questions to ask you but we have to be alone.” Kyle couldn’t understand what Lucius was getting at until he saw Lilith give an almost unnoticeable nod. Her keen hearing probably allowed her to hear what Lucius was saying. With a nod of his own, Lucius finally released Kyle with a false grin stamped on his face. Artemis looked a little skeptical of what was going on, but Lucius assured her that everything was okay.

Bruce approached the muddy Absol and burst into laughter when he saw her soiled face.

“And to think I was going to congratulate you for getting out of the forest...” he muttered while walking past her.

“You got something to say, shortie?” she shot back, positioning her head in a way that the sun caused her black scythe to glint vibrantly. Of course, the mud didn’t really add to the intimidation.


After taking a short rest to explain what ordeals they faced in Spirit Forest, the group began the final stretch to town. By the time they climbed up a slippery, large hill blocking their way, the crew was covered in all kinds of substances, some of which they’d rather not know the name of. However, from atop the mound, they had a clear view of the infamous Filch Town. It reminded Lucius very much of Andrea, due to the fact that almost no one was entering or exiting the area. It looked as if a violent earthquake had rocked the town many times over, as at least half of the houses were falling apart. On the rusted town gates— if you could call it that— someone went wild with a can of spray paint and created a quite artistic mural on it. One particular building stood out in the middle of the town: the only one that showed no signs of breaking down. On the dirt road that led to the town, all sorts of Pokemon flourished without much regard to the outside world. Just from their appearances, it was obvious that they weren’t native to the area.

“I miss the forest already.” Kyle said, dreading the sight.

“Wow, it wasn’t THIS bad last time I came. Maybe this is the wrong place!” Artemis replied, pulling out the Pokenav from her pocket. After pressing a few buttons, she spoke again, “Yup, we’re here guys. This is Filch Town...”

“Cheer up; you’re both forgetting something... There’s a Pokemon gym here! Judging by our first gym battle, this will be only a short visit.”

“Excuse me?” Artemis said as she placed her hands on her hips and met Lucius eye-to-eye. “I was barely taking that battle serious—.” Before she finished, Artemis quickly shut up and turned around.

“Wait, hold up— what’s that supposed to mean!?” Lucius said furiously. Scenes of his exchange with Lilith quickly flashed through his mind. The Absol smirked from the corner of his eye and moved her lips in a way that looked like she was saying “told ya so.”

“I— uh— well, I....”

“Well... out with it!” he ordered. As Kyle and Lilith waited for Artemis’ reply, they knew little of the havoc reeking itself in Lucius’ body. His heart was at a constant battle with his mind, and even he was surprised that he could scream at Artemis. The silver haired teenager doubled back and her vision went blurry from collecting tears.

“Oh crap! Me and my big mouth... what the hell can I say? The truth? Should I lie when Kyle and Lilith are right there?” Artemis thought. Then, confident of what she was doing was right, she began to speak.

“I think it’s obvious you’re a little suspicious of me Lucius, but allow me to explain—.”

“Explain? Explain what? You shouldn’t have anything to explain, ‘cause you were telling the truth from the beginning, right?” The nervousness in his voice could probably be noticed by the random Pokemon, which were now surrounding the group. Lilith, who was at first anticipated the moment, now wished it would suddenly end. It was blindingly apparent that the youngster wasn’t ready for the emotional pain.

“Lucius... I’m so sorry... I— I really do like you, but—.”

“But? But what?”

“Lucius!” Kyle shouted, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Calm down damnit and let her explain!” Lucius, however, smacked Kyle’s hand away and turned to him. The scarlet-haired stared into emotionally challenged face of his best friend.

“You knew, didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me?” His tone softened a little but was still far from calm.

“There’s nothing to tell you—.”

“No,” Artemis interjected, “Lucius deserves to know the truth. I’m so sorry Lucius, but... I really had no intention of traveling farther than Filch Town with you guys.”

All the thoughts racing through the trainers head finally met at one point. Lilith had been right the entire time, and he spent the last few days developing a friendship with a virtual stranger. His blood suddenly went cold and it felt as if the sweat running down his forehead came from snow crystals falling from a sky that seemed to magically go dark in Lucius’ eyes. His nose began throbbing uncontrollably and he quickly placed both hands around it, as if about to sneeze.

“Lucius, are you okay!?” Kyle asked, trying to rip Lucius’ hands away from his face. As he did so, his heart sank as he saw the tears running down his eyes.

“Get— OFF!” he cried, pushing Kyle to the ground. “Just... leave me alone!” With that, Lucius ran toward the run-down city. The emotional damage and incredible speed at which he was running gave him no sense of reality, so any Pokemon that blocked his path was in for a rude awakening.

“Lucius! What the hell are you doing?!” Lilith bellowed before running after her trainer. Still atop the hill, Artemis broke into tears of her own, Kyle sat idly on the muddy ground, and Bruce made harsh comments about a human’s fragility. Eventually, Kyle got to his feet and cleaned himself off, but the mood remained the same.

“He di-didn’t even l-let me explain.” Artemis said in a hoarse pitch. Although he too was angry when Artemis confessed to him, Kyle thought Lucius over-reacted just a tad.

“I- I was going to t-tell him that I’ve decided to stay with y-you guys...”

“Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me that!?”

“Because... I wasn’t sure then. But now I know that traveling would be absolutely boring by myself.” Artemis wiped her tears with her sleeve and approached Kyle. “Do you think he’d forgive me?”

“Let’s just... give him a little space.”

“If you ask me, I think he was pretty clear when he said ‘leave me alone’.” Bruce groaned.

“Fortunately, no one asked you.” Kyle said harshly, returning the Aron to its pokeball. Once again observing the town, he was surprised to see Lucius had already escaped into it.

“You wanna apologize, huh? Well, we’ve got to find him first.”

“Wait— are you implying that you want me to come with you?” Artemis questioned, her face radiating with a new light.

“Let’s just say I know how Lucius can get at times...”


Lucius entered the grim city at full speed with absolutely no intention of slowing down. He heard the pitter-patter of someone chasing him and soon recognized it to be Lilith’s footsteps. He made a sharp turn into a dark, narrow alleyway and attempted to run its full length. Smaller footsteps— and even the voice of other people— could be deciphered in the many sounds emitting from the alley. Anxious to get the Absol off his tail, Lucius lost track of what he was doing and bumped into a rather large man.

“HEY— Oh, what do we have here? An outsider, eh?” The behemoth clamped his massive palms around Lucius’ shoulders and pulled him back to his feet with ease. He wore a leather jacket with spikes sticking from the collar and matching pants. Waist-wise, the man was nearly three times the size of Lucius and could barely fit in the passage. His bald head was disproportionate to his body, making him look extremely odd. Idiotically, Lucius decided to release whatever left over anger he harbored, on the stranger.

“Can you move, please? Maybe you can lose some weight while you’re at it!”

“What’d you say, bub?” said the man, grabbing Lucius by the collar of his jacket. Just as he raised an enormous fist, a flurry of black bullet-like orbs shot from the darkness and hit him directly in the forehead. The onslaught continued for about five seconds until the man submitted and collapsed to the ground.

“Lucius... you... idiot.” said Lilith as she stepped in to the light. She was panting even harder than Lucius and a weird, black smoke was coming out of her mouth. It didn’t take long for Lucius to connect the dots and figure that the attack was from the Absol.

“Where’d you learn that move?” he asked, fixing his collar. Lilith waited until she was sure that he was completely calm before answering.

“A little something I picked up while defending YOUR life. Is this the human way of thanking someone?” Lucius let out a deep sigh and placed his hand on Lilith’s soft head.

“I’m sorry that I doubted you. But from now on, it’s just you and me... and Nick, of course.”

“Damn Lucius, what are you saying? Are you forgetting Kyle? And I think Artemis wasn’t even finished explaining.”

“Oh, and now you’re suddenly on her side? Heck, you’re the reason I started questioning her in the first place!”

“Hey, I never said I liked her! But everyone deserves a fair chance to explain themselves.”

Lucius opened his mouth for a reply, but chose to end the argument there. He began to recap on the event that just took place. It was very much against his character to leave his friends behind like that. Nothing had gone the way he planned and Lucius actually felt a little sorry for Kyle, and even Artemis. Even though it was difficult for him to accept the truth, Lucius knew that it was his friends that made the journey worthwhile. Without another word, he retraced his steps back onto the street and Lilith followed closely behind. As they exited the alley, the pair was perplexed at the fact that they had ran past a Pokemon center across the street. Of course, with all the missing letters on the sign and the heat of the moment, it could’ve been just any old building.

It took just one walk across the street to realize what kind of town Filch was. All kinds of trash littered the road, which was probably why no cars were passing through. The smell of rotten eggs and something dying filled the air, and the pain in Lucius’ nose only increased. Like all the other buildings, the center was built completely of wood, which meant there were no glass door like in Sage, or even Andrea. On the inside, the paint on the walls were beginning to peel off and Lucius heard the same scratching sounds the bugs of Spirit Forest made when they crawled along the ground. An overweight woman with messy, pink hair stood at the rusting counter. Her large figure was pulling at the fibers of her nurse outfit. With every step, the wooden floor made an eerie creek that reverberated around the room. Eventually, Lucius grew tired of the sound and simply ran the rest of the way to the counter.

“Um, excuse me? Can I please speak to Nurse Joy?”

“Okay,” the woman said before taking a three second pause. “Well, you’re looking at her, genius!” Her abnormally masculine voice made Lucius shudder in the fairly humid room.

“Okay... well, I’d like a room please. If you want proof of my trainer status, I can show you my trainer card—.”

“Trainer card? What the heck’s that?” Lucius began to think if it was entirely safe to spend the night there. However, the sad truth was that the center was the first place Kyle or Artemis would look.

“Nevermind... can I just get a key? Oh and some others will be coming soon, just send them up to my room.”

“Okay, got it,” she said after grabbing a key from a hook and meeting Lucius around the counter. “But don’t get your hopes up; you’re the first person to come in days.”

She led Lucius up the crooked stairs, which creaked just as much as the floor. Also, the scratching noises could also be heard from upstairs. Unlike the other centers, the upstairs of this building only contained three extra rooms. They were led to the room closest to the stairs on the right side of the hallway, and Joy unlocked the door.

“Want me to give your little friends a check up?”

“Yes, thanks,” Lucius said, gently pushing Lilith along and handing her Nick’s pokeball. Careful to leave the door unlocked, Lucius entered the small, dark room. The single lamp looked as if it didn’t work for years, and the only window was blockaded with many bars. Afraid that the lopsided bed might break, Lucius cautiously laid himself on the mattress and slipped off his sneakers. If anything, he needed a good, long sleep...
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good story so far!!1
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