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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-06-2008, 03:00 PM
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Default Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

Ok, i'm a big fan of Skulduggery Pleasant, so i'm going to write a fan fiction. I'll try to think up at least a chapter a day. Ok, here it goes


It was evening in Haggard as the man in the tan overcoat walked into the towns schoolyard, taking a quick glance at a randsom note to assure he was in the right place.
"Detective? they sent a detective to handle me?" a scratchy voice cackled, showing himself to be smeagol-like in apperance, and holding a small child
"Give it up, Norian. i dont know why you came back, neither do i care, but give up the child so we can settel this like we did in the old days." he said, his hands in his pockets and looking at the man with his head tilted.
"You're sure then?"
"You'll never defeat me, Skulduggery Pleasant!"
"I wouldnt bet on that if i were you." He said before flicking off his coat, taking the revolver out as he did so, and flicking it in his direction, aiming at the little man "Now, put the child down."
The little creature growled. Night had come, and he was sheding his outer skin
"Damn, i forgot about that." The little man had shed his skin, and now stood almost seven feet tall, with huge bulging muscles, gray skin, and large fangs that would have been visible from a distance. He'd turned into a vicious Vampire, and Now Skulduggery wasnt so sure of this persons sanity
"So you're a vampire, whats that do for me? more importantly, how does that protect you?" Skulduggery asked, knowing that he couldnt awnser in his vampire form. The vampire lunged with tremendous speed, smacking the Detective hard, sending him flying into the school buildings wall, and leaving a sizeable indentation. Skulduggery got up, only to be grabbed by the vampire and be bitten, not that anything would happen to him, being a skeleton, but it still hurt. He splayed his hand, the air shimmered, and the vampire flew backwards, smacking a tree head-on, but it still got up. The vampire lunged again, but Skulduggery was already moving, giving the beast a strong kick to the head, and following up with a roll, giving the creature a strong punch to the groin as he did. The punch only suceeded in making the Vampire angry, but Skulduggery was ready. He launched a ball of flame into the creatures maw and then taking advantage of the stunned creature to give it a strong punch to the head, causing the creature to become dazed. He was moving swiftly, and the Detective got in a lethal chop to the bottom of the Vampires neck. It let out a small bark, like that of a wounded dog, flopped down, and lay still.
"Well, that went better than expected." He said, going over to the child and picking it up. He read a small tag around its neck, but didnt bother to make a comment, taking the child to it's parents.
"Thank you, Mr. Pleasant. we cant thank you enough."
"Please, call me Skulduggery, and think nothing of it, it's all in a days work for yours truly. Now, if you'll excuse me, i must go. i'm expecting my partner to return from her vacation tonight, and i promised i'd pick her up."
"Oh, Valkyrie? i didnt know she went on vacation."
"Of course not, now, i must go, dont want to be late, you know." The detective said, stepping out of the house and getting into his 1954 Bently r-type continental, his car, and driving towards the docks, glancing at his ornate pocket watch as he drove. i hope i'm not too late he thought, driving on towards the docks
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Old 08-06-2008, 07:15 PM
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

i can see that noone's looking at this, so i'll just go ahead and make the next chapter

Valkyrie Cain

Valkyrie waited in the busy dock for Skulduggery. She’d turned fourteen last week, and to celebrate, Skulduggery had given her an expenses-paid trip to Florida. Though she’d enjoyed her stay, Florida’s sorcerers weren’t much fun to be around. They were prim and proper, so Valkyrie had stayed on the beach most of the time, napping from her long adventures with Skulduggery, and her exhaustion from jet lag. She was fully rested now, and impatient for Skulduggery to arrive. It was like him to be fashionably late, but this was going over the limit. Then she saw the Bentley pull up in the parking lot, and Skulduggery step out of the car and walk briskly towards her.
“Enjoy your vacation, Valkyrie?” He asked when he got within talking distance
“It was kind of boring, and I slept most of the time, but it was relaxing.”
“Sorry I’m late; I had some business with a vampire to take care of.”
“Who was it this time?”
“Someone named Norian. He kidnapped someone’s child and wanted a randsom. I gave it to him in a fight.”
“Was it fun?”
They got in the car, and Skulduggery started the engine and began driving towards the small town of Haggard, when something hit the Bentleys window: an owl.
“That’s something you don’t see every day.” Skulduggery said, looking at where the bird had sat on the front of the car. They got out, and Skulduggery took a note from its beak. “Well, it’s rare anyone sends something to me this way. Let’s see what it says.” He opened the note and began reading it aloud. “’Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain, report to the ministry at once.’ Well, not very friendly about it, are they?”
“Not very friendly at all.”
“Well, let’s see what they want. We might as well humor them.”
They got back in the Bentley, and drove towards the Ministry’s building, being careful o pull up his scarf and put on his large sunglasses, in case a passerby happened to glance at him. They entered the building, and an administrator came from an almost unnoticeable hallway.
“The elder mages will see you in a moment, please wait here.” he said
“I must wonder why they make us wait every time we come here. They called us here, so they should be ready.” Skulduggery commented while they were waiting
“I agree.” Valkyrie responded
“You may enter.” the administrator said after a few more minutes of hushed conversation, and they entered. The new head elder, Malotov Sagacious, and one of his lackeys came in, and gave the Detective and his assistant an once-over look before sitting in the tall stools of the council chamber.
“Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, we have-”
“Just get to what you want us to do.” Valkyrie interrupted, almost at the same time as Skulduggery, but cutting him off
“Right. Your next assignment is to track down the criminal Varen Molondor.” Sagacious said.
“You mean that murderer? What’s so important about that?” Skulduggery asked, Valkyrie confused as well
“Yes. He was broken out of prison by Whorf Manov, a werewolf who worked for-”
“For Mevolent, I know. We’ve met before. Your point?”
“There’s been a string of kidnappings of people with a certain bloodline. All from your friend Ghastly’s family.
“That is suspicious. So, where are we going?”
“We’re sending you to the United Kingdom to search for Manov. If you find him, you can draw Varen out of hiding.”
“Alright then, we’ll be on our way.” Skulduggery said, making a curt bow and walking out, Valkyrie following behind.
“So, to the United Kingdom?” Valkyrie asked
“To the U.K.” Skulduggery responded, clicking his keychain to unlock the Bentley, and cranking it up as Valkyrie got in, both of them silent as he drove towards the bridge they’d just erected to reach the U.K. “Luckily, we have a map so we don’t get lost.” He said, taking it from his jacket pocket and handing it to Valkyrie. “What city is circled?”
“London it is, then. This could take a while, feel free to listen to some music, I don’t mind.” Skulduggery said, memorizing the route they had to take and driving along the highway as fast as was allowed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

After two hours of driving, Skulduggery stopped the car at a building that had the title Baxter international headquarters but it was really the Ministry building in London. He led Valkyrie to the top floor, and there was a package waiting for them. A folder with the name Skulduggery Pleasant across the top in bold letters and a confidential marking on it. Skulduggery took the folder and opened it. It had pictures of the criminals, profiles, and those kidnapped, as well as some other items that Valkyrie recognized as collapsible weapons and instructions on spells.
“Looks like they were thinking of you with these, Valkyrie. You can have them, I know these spells.” He said, taking them out and handing them to her. She started to study them carefully, making sure to remember what to do for each. “Looks as though these two may be after the prime minister.” Skulduggery said
“The head of authority in the U.K. He keeps the human side in balance, and he works with our head elders, the same as the President of the United States, and any other head figures. You’d be surprised by what they know.”
“Well, we know what we have to do, so lets go and do it, shall we?”
“Well then, away we go.”
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Old 08-08-2008, 10:59 PM
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

That was pretty good.
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Old 08-08-2008, 11:04 PM
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

thanks, i'm working on the next chapter...err, i will be when i get back to de computer
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Old 08-09-2008, 01:14 AM
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

Chapter two is now out in the open!

to track a werewolf

"So, how are we going to do it?" Valkyrie asked
"the werewolf, how are we going to catch him?"
"That would be...Well, i dont know, wait for the full moon? why do you think we're going to see China? we need information, and she has information." Skulduggery said, sounding a bit annoyed
They sat silent while Skulduggery drove to the library, and they went in with no hastle, but China had apparently left the building for some time, So skulduggery went towards the back
"Lets see...Vampire...Goblin...troll...Ah, here it is, Werewolf hunting." He said, taking an old book from the shelf and opening it.
"Skulduggery?Valkyrie? imagine seeing you here." A familiar voice said, and Skulduggery turned his head
"Ah, hello tanith, just picking up some late night reading."
"Heavy reading there."
"Indeed it is."
"So, they got you tracking a werewolf?"
"Otherwise i'd be on the case already."
"Who is it now?"
"Whorf Manov. Whats wrong, you look sick."
"Uh, it's nothing, i have to go and something."
"Oh, goodbye then."Skulduggery said as she walked off, quickly. He went back to flipping through the book, occasionally muttering 'No', untill he flipped almost to the back.
"Ah, here it is. To draw a werewolf out of hiding, you've got to..."
"Got to what?"
"I dont know, someones torn the page, so i guess we'll have to think of something clever ourselves."
"Didn't you say you had a werewolf friend?"
"i did, but he died during the war."
"But you have given me a clever idea, i think i know someone who is. Come on, we have to drive some more."
"Great." Valkyrie rolled her eyes and followed Skulduggery out of the library,to the Bentley, and got in, Pausing for a minute for Skulduggery to put on his disguise. He got in the bentley and paused again, as if trying to recall something he'd forgotten, then drove off towards an appartment complex they arrived at a few minutes later. Skulduggery clicked the lock shut, and he led Valkyrie to the eighth floor, and went to a room marked 'janitor', which turned out to be a corridor leading to the next building, which actually had no real door. After going down the corridor, He went down several flights of stairs and arrived at the bottom floor, going to the main office in there. "Hello, Skulduggery Pleasant here to see your boss." He said, coming up behind a secretary, whom almost leapt out of her skin at his sudden apperance
"Oh, uhm, yes, down the hall, last door on the left." She said, still startled
"Thank you." He walked down the hallway to the door and went in.
"Skulduggery? what in blazes do you want this time!" The man said. He was thin, and he had wild, frizzy hair, and looked amazingly out of place in the office.
"I want information. How to draw a werewolf to me."
"Now why would you want to do that? Oh, i dont care, just make it publicly known that you're not afraid of one and most of the time they'll come."
"Ah, thank you. i'll leave now, good day to you." Skulduggery finished, walking out before the fuzzy haired man could say anything. "Well, now to make ourselves known as werewolf haters, shall we?"
"Lets." Valkyrie responded as the got back into the car. He drove to the ministry and told them to boradcast that message as far as possible, to draw out Whorf so he could be caught.
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

Interesting, so far. Even if I have no idea who Skulduggery is...Why is there a Stephanie in one paragraph?

and he led Stephanie to the eighth floor
Improve your capatilizing, that's the most major thing I saw.
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Old 08-09-2008, 04:42 AM
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Default Re: Skulduggery Pleasant, the newest threat

Ah, i messed up. i was reading a bit so i got Valkyrie and Stephanie mixed up somehow
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