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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-20-2008, 10:22 PM
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Default [WAR VII] Reclaimer



I have lost my honor…

I have lost my pride…

I have lost my glory…

I have lost everything I own…

I have gone from the top to the bottom…

I will have my vengeance!

I will reclaim what I have lost!

I am the Reclaimer!

These four steel walls were my home. They were my prison. They were my sanctuary. They were my end and they are now my beginning. I would destroy this prison. Now that they have given me the tools necessary to leave, I will use them to their fullest. My skin was cold. I would feel the warmth of the sun once again. I will re-gain what I have lost. I will take my revenge. I will take back what I lost from him. I clenched my fists. I could feel no one’s presence outside of this room. The plated steel door was a gateway to freedom and a closure to freedom. There was no one guarding the door. That would be the first mistake. Only many more would come.


The steel door flew off its hinges onto the next cell across from me. Both cell doors were open. I could hear the screaming alert of the red sirens. I stepped up and walked out of the cell. I had jet black prison uniform. It was simply a I could already see several guards in heavy body armor. They wielded SMGs and as soon as they saw me their faces were spread with horror. They immediately opened fire. I simply flicked up my hand and the bullets stopped in mid-air. They dropped to the ground. So it truly did work. The fools thought the experiment was negative. It would be there ultimate demise.

I raised both of my hands and their guns were dropped to the ground. Then I flicked them to the sides and the guards flew to the sides. Their heads it the hard steel wall and they were knocked out. I grabbed two SMGs and a pack of ammo. I stuck it in one of the pockets in my pants. I then continued to walk through the corridors opening up the cells, releasing the most infamous criminals in all four regions. This was the International Infamous Criminal Station or the IICS. Any one sent there was one of the following: a serial killer, a master mind, or someone who they officially declared criminally insane. It was located on an island off of Sinnoh. It was guarded by helicopters, thousands of armed guards and high barricades.

Criminals could tell that I was the one that set them free. One quickly ran up to me and touched my shoulder.

“Hey, Carze, I just rallied together about five guys. They’ve all got pistols they stole from the guards. What do you want us to do?” asked a young man who appeared to be in his 20s. His head was shaved and he was Latino. He was thin, but he was also muscular.

I turned my head a bit to confirm who it was. I was still getting use to these new powers. It was Zeto. He had no last name. He had no idea who his parents were and he quickly went to a life of crime. Not only was he an accomplished criminal, but he also a very charismatic leader. He led the largest gang in all of Sinnoh. During meal times I sat with him. He had earned my respect.

“Why are you following me Zeto? You know that my path is different from yours. Get out while you can. I’m destroying this place”, I said to him carelessly. I didn’t want to force anyone to follow me. I preferred to work alone after that incident.

“I want to destroy this hell too Carze Morto. There’s no way I’ll leave this place still standing. And I like you. I want to help you with your revenge”, replied Zeto. Most people in here had nothing to lose and no purpose left in there life. They thought they might as well follow me. They might gain some status after.

“Very well. Take all the men that will follow us. Secure Cell Blocks A, B, and C. Then take the Mess Hall, Recreation Room, and steal any radio you can. I will give you more instruction in a bit”, I commanded them. This would take a lot of effort. There was at least 5,000 guards as well as 10 helicopters that were equipped with heavy machine guns. Support could also arrive at any time. There were about 10,000 of us. Not to mention myself. I planned to recover some of my lost possessions.

I walked down the hallways, stopping guards with no effort. I was headed for the main headquarters of the IICS. This is where all the big shots were. And they were the first I would take my revenge upon. As I got closer and closer to the more barricaded building I got reports on both sides of the fight. These radios were either on public or private channel. Some of the more tech savvy criminals were able to create our own radio channels while still listening to where the guards would be.

“Everyone from Cell Block A is released! Cell Block B was just taken and they have started to release more criminals. They’ve stolen our weapons and they are using them against us! Cell Block C is about to be lost. We have about 75% of our forces at the main HQ. We have shotguns and M16s now instead of these SMGs. The remaining 25% have been distributed between the Mess Hall and Recreation Room. If they go there then we can ambush them at their rear”, said a frantic official who was in the Command Center. I could tell who it was by his voice. It was Vyzer, the head of the IICS. He was the one I was out for. The fool had no idea what was in store for him. He had no idea that I was leading them and we knew where they were.

“Zeto, take the bulk of our forces to their Command Center. Wait before you attack. The rest of you, assault the Mess Hall. Don’t wait for other orders.” I said over our private channel.

I waited only a few blocks and hallways down from the CC. A few minutes had gone by.

“They’ve taken the bait! I want 3/4ths of our squadron attacking their rear. Don’t let anyone alive!” Vyzer yelled over the radio. Just as I planned. It wasn’t I that took the bait, but him. Foolish idiot. That was their second mistake.

“Zeto, lead whoever you have to attack their rear. Their heading down Hallway 2A towards the Mess Hall. Intercept that at Hallway 2A intersection B. The rest of you, assault the CC,” I ordered over the radio.

“Mr. Vyzer, they’ve ambushed us at Hallway 2A Intersection B. We’re highly outnumbered and surrounded on all sides. We nee- AHHH!” yelled a guard over the radio.

My plan was working perfectly. With almost all of the actual prison under my command, and Vyzer in my grasp, the IICS would be under my control. I had taken a separate entrance from the main force heading to the CC. I had already brought down several guards and traded in my SMG for a shotgun and M16A4 rifle. With all the other guards fighting my followers there wouldn’t be much, if any, resistance.

I opened the door that said President in bold black letters on the steel door. I could see Vyzer huddling in a corner with his shotgun. The pathetic fool was a scared little mouse. I crushed his gun and pinned him against a wall.

“It’s yo-you”, Vyzer stuttered in fear.

“That’s right”, I answered in a sadistic tone. “Now, for you to answer my questions.” A vicious grin was spread across my face.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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