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Sprite Art For both Pokemon and non-Pokemon related sprite art.

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Old 06-17-2008, 05:57 AM
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Default ::.Kentoh Region.::

My first region, so yeah here goes:
It was a dark and stormy night, thunder rolled off spots where lightning, quickly, and powerfully, hit and spread, nearly as fast as light. Crackle boom, crackle boom, the sound repeats as the rain drums upon the window. As would be expected, the people inside were rid of all chances of sleep. "Time to boat, as I always do when stressed..." A figure in the dark room says to himself, getting up from the bed to walk out through the door. Slinking out somewhat like a cat, the figure sneaks to the doorway, getting shoes, gloves, and other gear on. "Blast this rain!" He says in a somewhat frustrated voice. Starting to run, not long after leaving he reaches the shore. He hops into the boat and blasts off, hoping that nothing really bad happens while he's out. Away from the rolling thunder, he feels his eyes slowly drooping down. "Can't... Engine... Running..." He says with desperation as he falls asleep.

Later that morning...

"Where AM I? This place is... Warm... And sunny... But, it's the middle of winter!" The person says, finally visible. He's about 13 or so, wears blackish gloves, blackish pants pants, a blackish long-sleeve shirt with orange shoulders, an orange hat, a black bracer on the right arm, and telekinetic powers on his left arm. "Welcome! Sorry, but your boat crashed... Into a cliff. Besides that, welcome to Kentoh, the Region of No Winter!" A figure jumps out of the woods.
"You scared me silly!"
"'Tis my job. Anyways, I think I'll show you around to the nearest town."

Thus concludes thy story of thee discovery of yonder Kentoh. Okay yeah I just couldn't help myself.

If anyone would like to make a banner, that would be helpful, as I can't really make them with the programs and stuffs I have.

Region map:

Hero's hometown, Stormstem:
(yes, there are innumerable clues in this if you can find them all)
Hero custom trainer sprite:

With FX effects:

The little place at the far left is where the... Person... Started. The big mountainous important town is the end town, all I'm gonna say.

Submission Form:
Idea this is for(if you came up with the idea yourself, then just leave this blank):
Second type:
Third type(yes, THIRD):
Uber Rare/Rare/Uncommon/Common(these will determine its power, but remember, each rarity also makes it so less people in the storyline have it):
Moves(if you have made moves of your own, be warned I may reject the moves or modify them if they seem too strong for that rarity or something):
Can people edit this to make it better:

If you want to help me out here, please just say if you want to be an idea maker, help me with the plot, or if you want to scratch. I also need people to scratch trainers and come up with names.

I WILL be making a plot as we get further on with the Pokemon, but the plot won't continue until I have enough sprites for it. The plot will be on the front page.

Here I'll put my Pokemon ideas:
1. Narchid
2. Water Starter(perhaps like sort of a cross between a Puffin, Arctic Tern and something else that isn't a bird, or might look good with those two? Or maybe some kind of jellyfishish thing?)
3. Fire Starter(I was thinking like... Uh... Well... Make up one. XD)
4. Grass 2nd Evo(should be Grass/Ground type)
5. Water 2nd Evo
6. Fire 2nd Evo
7. Grass 3rd Evo(Grass/Ground/Steel if possible, if not... Perhaps Grass/Ground/Fighting?)
8. Water 3rd Evo
9. Fire 3rd Evo

Due to it being the Region of No Winter, there will be very few/ZERO Ice Pokemon. So in other words... I won't really take in Ice Pokemon ideas/sprites unless they're really good.
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Thanks. Dragonite looks pretty "Chilled" Don't punch me, please.

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