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Default [WAR VII] The End of the Road

Here's my next entry. Hope you all like it. If you want to increase the epicness of the fic then listen to the music in the following link while reading for full extent of epic. =D

Also when I describe the Pokemon, if you haven't noticed I refer to them as it or he. I tend to be very inconsistent with that and all Pokemon are male. I do refer to them as an it though. This is in two parts since its so long. -.-

The End of the Road

I used to be the greatest

I used to be the champion of all things

I used to stand atop the world with my power

Until it all ended

I could feel the stale air brush against my skin in the barely lit room. Only a fluorescent lamp hanging from the ceiling lit the room. I had lost all of my power, my honor and pride in one swoop. My title was stripped of me. He took everything from me. My fame that I had gathered together and all the progress I had made was all crushed. He was the rain that washed away all of my hard work and effort. That battle was my last and will stay my last. This is the end of the road.


"Mr. Morto, another challenger has arrived. He has obtained every badge from every league, defeated every single Elite Four member of every region, every Pokemon Champion of every region, and has won several tournaments", said one of my personal assistants, Ashila. She was my companion throughout my travels all the way to taking the title as the Pokemon Master. She was much like an older sister to me, but as I continued to defeat my challengers I became engrossed with power and very egotistical, as if I had risen above everyone else and became a god. I was slouching on my throne-like chair. It had golden edges and red velvet padding. The chair was made of a fine ivory wood. It was fitting for my high status. The bangs of my jet black hair waved back and forth over my eyes. I wore black jeans and a tight black shirt as well as a long black cloak that went over my whole body. I was the king of the Pokemon, no, the king of the world!

Once Ashila had finished explaining to me of yet another challenger's pathetic biography, I began to chuckle and then it escalated into an overconfident roar. "Another one that thinks he's so good because he has all the badges? Ha, he doesn't know that I'm in a totally different league than he is. The fool can come into my chambers whenever he wishes. Then maybe I can set up a battle with the insignificant whelp." I chuckled to myself again. Another challenger, another win added to my belt. There was no one that could stop me.

I was wrong though

Ashila backed away slowly. She was taken aback by my over confidence and simply sighed, and walked out of the door. It had been 10 years since I gained the title of Pokemon Master. I was only 15 when I received the title. When the door shut there was a large echo. My room was very elegant. Several chandeliers hung from the ceiling that illuminated the huge room. There were several mosaics in place of the windows. They depicted Pokemon battling each other and the other Pokemon Masters that rose and fell. The floor was made of marble tiles. It was a truly fitting room for a king like me. I had dozed off and time flew by. I had flashing dreams of my Pokemon battling other Pokemon. I felt a sharp pain in my gut. Then my eyes suddenly opened wide and I saw a teenager walk through the door. He had spiky blonde hair and wore a black shirt with a Pokeball sign on the center of his shirt. He wore ripped up jeans and a red jacket over his shirt. Six Pokeballs were attached to his belt. He looked confident in himself.

I sat up straight and gave him a strange look.

"Most of my challengers don't come walking in here so high and mighty. My name is Carze Morto the Pokemon Master of this world. What is your name, boy?" I asked trying to insight some fear in him to weaken his resolve.

"Well I'm not like most of your challengers then Carze. My name is Leo Gatsu", replied Leo with his chest out. His confidence did not shrink one bit. It looked like it had even grown.

"Touché, Leo. You might actually take some effort to beat" I mocked. Even if this kid had confidence it wouldn't help him win. I was unstoppable. I was a god!

"Don't take my so lightly Carze. Your overconfidence will be your downfall", boasted Leo. Did this punk think he could beat me? He had no idea of the power I possessed.

"This isn't one of your pathetic gym battles you insignificant whelp! I am the god of all things Pokemon. Do not treat me as one of your pathetic trainer battles." I roared in anger. My temper began to rise as I stood up, stomping my foot to the ground. I flipped my cloak so it was behind me. My chair was on a ledge and I naturally stood higher than him. We both glared at each other. My bright red eyes met his contrasting dark green eyes. I calmed myself down. I couldn't let some bug bother me like that.

"Our battle will be six on six in my own personal arena. The first to faint all six Pokemon will lose", I stated in a bland tone. I raised my hand up into the air. Leo stepped back once as if the hand motion was a threat. I laughed in my head at his weak movement. I snapped my fingers and the floor started to rumble. My chair and a small circle of the floor around me began to slowly move down straight below like an elevator. The ground around Leo also did the same thing. In about a minute we had arrived on a plane platform. Leo smirked and laughed for only a few seconds.

"This is your 'personal arena'? It looks pretty lame and boring", mocked Leo. The brat didn't even know what he was talking about. I snapped my fingers once more. The ground began to shake as it divided. A mountain began to form and then the top blew off and it had turned into a volcano spitting fire around the arena. Water rushed through grooves along the land and they became fierce rivers. The heat the volcano was causing formed makeshift thunder clouds and lightning hit the ground causing the room to boom with a powerful energy.

The battlefield I had constructed had the most challenging obstacles I could muster. A volcano emitted strong heat waves that could wear out both trainer and his Pokemon. Thunderclouds shot down lightning as fast as bullets and could hit any Pokemon. Sharp, rigid boulders could impale anyone that took a wrong step. Fierce, roaring rivers could suck in anyone with its strong currents and drown them in an instant.

Leo's body was stunned with fear. I began to laugh uncontrollably at his fear.

"Now do you see what this fight is!? This won't be some walk in the park, little boy! Taste my might! Go Dusknoir!" I roared as I snatched my Pokeball from my black belt and whipped it into the air. It opened up and the white light spilled out from the Pokeball. Yellow lines that spread across his body began to glow as he floated around the battlefield.

I had a sly devious smile spread across my face that Leo did not take a liking too. His fear turned into anger and he grabbed his own Pokeball throwing it into the air.

"Let's crush him, Tyranitar!" he called out. The massive beast was much bigger than my Dusknoir. I had faced many Tyranitars before so this wouldn't be a problem. This Tyranitar had many scars all across its body. I didn't know whether those were from Pokeball battles or from Leo, but it did make it seem like this Tyranitar had taken a lot of hits. I'll stay long range for the moment until I can find out its weakness.

"Dusknoir, use Shadow Ball on the Tyranitar. Don't let it get near you", I commanded my Dusknoir in a very bland tone. This would be just like any other of my matches. No sweat.

Leo just smiled and says nothing. What was the idiot thinking? Was he even going to tell his Tyranitar to do anything? This must be some cocky trainer if he thinks his Tyranitar can take a full force Shadow Ball to the chest. That's exactly what the Tyranitar did. The giant beast let out a roar and the Shadow Ball simply hit it in the stomach. He hardly flinched. It was no more than a flick to him. For a split-second, I had experienced fear in this Pokemon battle. Even if it was for a short moment, both Leo and I noticed it. He laughed at the site of my fear, giving him another confidence boost. I'll crush his confidence until it turns into dust!

"Tyranitar, use your Dark Pulse attack! Hit him where it hurts!" Leo yelled out. The Armor Pokemon let out a roar and it shot several waves of dark energy towards Dusknoir. This isn't good. If he gets hit by any of those, he'll be seriously hurt.

"Dusknoir use Protect, then get behind him and use Shadow Ball again!" I commanded the Gripper Pokemon. He quickly put up a shield to protect him from the Dark-type attacks and then floated over towards Tyranitar's rear with it's superior speed. The Tyranitar tried to use more Dark Pulse attacks in order to stop the Dusknoir, but none of them hit due to the bulky Pokemon's slow reaction time. Dusknoir quickly shot off another Shadow Ball attack, and the dark glob darted towards the Tyranitar's back. This time, it did do some damage as the Tyranitar let out a small roar of anger from the fact it actually took some damage.

"Keep bombarding him! Don't give him a chance to get up!" I yelled at Dusknoir. If the Tyranitar couldn't get up and retaliate, there was nothing it could do. I began to laugh as Leo desperately called out to his Tyranitar, telling it to get up and not to give up. It was pointless. The constant bombardment would destroy the Tyranitar.

I noticed that it began to budge slightly. It was just energy wasted. No problem. However, the monster slowly began to rise. Then it quickly turned around and jumped at the Dusknoir, latching on to it's body. Then it bit on the Ghost-Pokemon with it's Crunch attack, and the Dusknoir let out a wailing moan of pain. The Tyranitar tossed the Dusknoir onto the ground. It began to prepare a final attack to finish off the Cyclops Pokemon. I gritted my teeth as I saw Leo punch the air in a sign of victory. I wasn't done yet.

"Dusknoir use Ice Punch! Put all your power into it! Show that ugly brute that you're the superior!" I boomed. Dusknoir quickly recovered and dived towards Tyranitar. It reared back its fist.

"Tyranitar fire off the Dark Pulse now!" Leo yelled in desperation hoping that the Dusknoir wouldn't make it.

The Dusknoir was faster than the Tyranitar though and quickly punched it straight in the face with an ice fist that it had charged up. However, the Tyranitar was able to shoot his Dark Pulse at the same time dealing a twin blow that caused both Pokemon to fall backwards. The Dusknoir continued to wail in pain as it clutched its stomach in pain. I closed my eyes knowing that it fainted. I grabbed my Pokeball and returned the Dusknoir, latching onto my belt again. I hadn't had any of my Pokemon fainted for a while. I looked at the Tyranitar which let out a loud roar of pain as it fell backwards. It had fainted. Leo quickly returned his Tyranitar and grabbed another Pokeball.

He threw it out and sent out another giant: Abomasnow. Its appearance greatly contrasted the chaos that was going on around us. Its soft white snowy skin contrasted it's bulky body. Those bright pink eyes glared at me with an intensity I had never seen from a Pokemon. I hadn't seen many of these Pokemon and any I did were quickly taken down with little to no effort. After that previous fight, I don't think that this Pokemon would be as big as a push over. I grabbed my next Pokeball. This would surely be able to stop the Abomasnow.

When I threw out the Pokeball my Rhyperior emerged. It was about the same size as the Abomnasnow. It's rocky, more rigid figure differed from Abomasnow's smooth texture. I began to sweat as the heat grew. I grinned as the lightning began to hit Rhyperior and he absorbed it into his body. His ability, Lightning Rod, allowed him to take the electricity in without being harmed, absorbing the energy as his own.

"Don't give him a chance to use any of that extra energy Abomasnow! Use Ice Beam!" Leo quickly commanded. The Abomasnow opened it's large gaping mouth and the light blue mass began to form in its mouth. It quickly shot out at Rhyperior. I didn't have any time to command him. Rhyperior had to try and dodge the attack on his own. However, his bulky body caused him to move very slow and the Ice Beam caused a glancing hit. That was all it needed to do damage though as the Rhyperior let out a loud roar as it closed its eyes to the unbearable pain.

"Shake it off Rhyperior! Then use Earthquake!" I commanded before Leo had another chance to get another attack off. Rhyperior slammed the ground with his tail over and over causing the ground to shake over and over. It toppled the Abomasnow and it fell on its face. It let out a wailing moan the moment it hit the ground. I struggled to keep my balance as well as Leo.

"Now get close to that pathetic excuse for a Pokemon and hit him hard with your Stone Edge attack!" I yelled at the Rhyperior before the Abomasnow could counter. This had to be taken to close quarters. Otherwise Rhyperior would be crushed.

"Abomasnow, hurry up and use Wood Hammer!" Leo called out before Rhyperior reached the snow behemoth. It began to rise and look at the Rhyperior with those same hateful eyes. Eyes that look like they could strike fear into God himself.

The two Pokemon began to charge at each other in an epic clash of might and strength and power. Each step they took shook the ground below us. The Rhyperior slashed at the Abomasnow with the spike on his forearm while Abomasnow had grown a large glowing brown extension from his arm. The two attacks clashed with such ferocity that a small wind cyclone had formed around the two and it flung every bit of rock from the outside everywhere, including me. I quickly jumped down from my platform onto the battlefield below. The boulders crushed my throne and the platform around it. Leo also had to leave his platform. We were both on this barren destructive battlefield. I heard an explosion from inside the stationary cyclone. It began to fade away and both Pokemon stood only yards away from each other panting, and clutching the wounds they had given to each other.

The Rhyperior was clutching its shoulder, while the Abomasnow held its gut. They still were in fighting condition. Neither was going to give up. Not on there life.

"Rhyperior, use Megahorn to finish this abomination off! Show no mercy!" I yelled over the crash of thunder and lightning.

"Use Wood Hammer again Abomasnow! Show him that we're not so easily defeated by trash!" called out Leo. His voice did not waver as much as mind. He was confident in victory. Not only that, but he had the nerve to talk trash. The brat should know to hold his tongue in the face of a god!

Rhyperior's two horns began to spin at a high speed and then glow a light green. He prepared his arms like he was going to grab the Abomasnow. The icy mountain Pokemon readied his arm again and created another Wood Hammer extension. They both ran towards each other. Their attacks clashed, but a stream of lightning bolts began to circle around the two and block any vision. I had never had a battle like this before. The amount of pressure I felt from the environment and the Pokemon was something I had never felt. There was a rush long missing from my body. When the lightning faded the outcome of the clash was clearly defined. The Rhyperior had pierced the Abomasnow's body. The horn driven through the Abomasnow's chest. His arms had latched around the Abomasnow so that he wouldn't miss. The Ice Monster's own attack had done a great deal of damage to Rhyperior as well. His entire left arm was bruised and bloodied. It looked like it would fall off. The two monstrous Pokemon both let out a roar of pain. They stood there without moving. Had the Abomasnow fainted yet? What about Rhyperior?

Both Pokemon backed away from each other. The two beasts held their wounds, feeling the pain take over there bodies. Then, without orders, they went into an all out fist-fight. I decided to leave Rhyperior be. His strength would out-do Abomasnow. An uppercut to Abomasnow left him on the ground. Victory was in my grasp. I rose my hand as my fingers lazily pointed towards the ground. Then they snapped up and my pointer finger was aimed directly at Abomasnow.

"Go Rhyperior, and use Take Down! Finish the fight!"

The Rock-Pokemon nodded its head, and pounded its chest in victory. It started to run towards the Abomasnow, and dived while it was still on the ground. They were only about a foot away from each other. In the corner of my eye, I could see Leo, grinning. He was about to lose? Why is this kid so damn confident!?

"Abomasnow, use Sheer Cold now! Give it all you got!" Leo yelled as he pumped his fist into the air. What!? That's why he never commanded his Pokemon to get up. At point blank there's no way a Blizzard attack would miss. Not to mention it will instantly faint it. No! Damn it all to hell! Rhyperior was finished. The Abomasnow roared as it let out a huge wave of ice from its mouth and it covered the Rhyperior in an instant as it fell next to the Abomasnow. It had fainted, while the Abomasnow had gotten up and was ready to keep fighting, despite the wound in its gut. I returned Rhyperior. My head was only looking at the ground as my hand clenched my Pokeball as hard as it could. I latched it back onto my belt and grabbed another. I flicked it into the air and out from the Pokeball, emerged my Infernape. The fire-monkey looked ready to fight and deal some damage.

"Finish that monstrosity quickly. Use Fire Punch." I commanded in a disappointed tone. How could I have had two of my Pokemon fainted by this pathetic loser!? He's just like everyone else! What's so special about him?

"Abomasnow hit him with an Ice Beam attack!" Leo commanded, feeling confident after defeating my Rhyperior.

Without a word, the Infernape quickly flipped to the right and then, as fast as the lightning that struck the ground, he bolted towards the giant ice Pokemon dodging other attacks that the Abomasnow tried to hit the Infernape with. However, his agility and flexibility allowed him to quickly dodge anything in sight. In only seconds my monkey Pokemon had pummeled the Abomasnow with a barrage of Fire Punch attacks leaving it on the ground fainted. Leo grabbed another Pokeball. When he through it out I was surprised that the Pokemon was a Torterra. The massive land Pokemon had a disadvantage against my Infernape.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: [WAR VII] The End of the Road

"Fool, your Torterra won't stand more than a few seconds against my Infernape! Prepare to burn, you pathetic loser!" I boasted at Leo. He only smirked and looked at me. That same grin on his face.

"It isn't just about types, Carze. It's about the strength of the Pokemon. And my Pokemon are stronger than yours! I will de-throne you, you false god!" Leo yelled at me. My eyes widened. Did he call me a false-god? How dare that insignificant worm!

"I'll destroy you Leo! There will be nothing left of you after this battle! How dare you defy my will!" I screamed at him. "Infernape! Use Fire Blast, and then Close Combat! Destroy the Torterra!" I yelled, as a feeling that left me lusting for his blood began to rise. I am a god! There is nothing that can stop me! How dare he defy my power!

The Infernape's fire on the back of its body began to grow higher and higher as he opened his mouth. That five pointed fiery sign began to form in front of his body. The intensity of the fire grew as fast as the intensity of my anger. This attack was a form of punishment from me to Leo. That I truly am a god. No one will de-throne me. I am invincible!

Wrong again!

"Use Leaf Storm, Torterra! We'll destroy this fake god together!" Leo cried out. There he goes again, spouting off with his mouth. My teeth began to grit against one another. With every fiber of my being, I will destroy this kid.

Both of the Pokemon shot out some of there most powerful attacks each other. The Torterra's attack was a desperate defense though, as the fire burnt every leaf as they turned into cinders. The fire hit the Torterra dead on causing hit to fall on its side. The trees on top of the Torterra's shell began to burn and the Torterra let out agonizing moans of pain that even shook Leo and his unbreakable resolve to beat me. However, even with that devastating attack, the Torterra got back up, on its last limbs before it would be defeated.

"Go finish it off with a Close Combat attack! Do it now!" I growled at the Infernape. It took the command a little rough and hesitated at first. But it quickly followed its orders and darted towards the defenseless Torterra and began to mercilessly beat it down with its fists until it fainted. Leo looked on in horror as his Pokemon was crushed into oblivion. He returned the Torterra.

"Its alright buddy. You tried your hardest. I'll avenge you, I promise", said Leo as he looked down at the ground. Droplets of water began to roll down his face. They were gone when they touched the ground due to the intense heat. It wasn't sweat though. They were tears. He looked back up at me and those dark green eyes once filled with resolve and determination now were filled with hate and vengeance.

"From here on, Carze. I will destroy your Pokemon as you destroyed mine. You unforgivable monster, you are not a god! You are a demon and I am the one that will sentence you back to hell! Go Metagross!" cried Leo as tears flung themselves from his eyes. This was no longer a desire to become the Pokemon Master for him. His sole goal was to avenge the defeat of his Pokemon and defeat me. The massive Metagross that came out of the Pokeball looked quite frightening. It was almost as if the Metagross knew what had happened. I gave him no chance to use that beast's power on me though.

"Infernape, use Calm Mind, and then use Flamethrower!" I commanded him. His fun, dancing, monkey like nature quickly halted and he sat down and focused for only a few seconds before rising off the ground. He opened his mouth and the fire began to build up. He shot it straight at the Metagross and then began to move in, getting ready to open up with another attack.

"Metagross, use Agility and Magnet Rise, then use Meteor Mash!" Leo commanded. As the flames began to move closer and closer towards the genderless metal Pokemon, the Metagross began to glow as the light purple. It disappeared! The flames simply hit the ground and dispersed. I looked around to find out where the damn thing went. This thing was supposed to be slow! Yet it disappeared before my eyes! Then I looked above. The Metagross was floating in mid air and several metal fists began to form around it. It turned towards Infernape and a barrage of metal fists went flying towards Infernape, at an inhuman speed.

"Infernape dodge it! Get in close and use Flare Blitz before he can attack again!" I commanded, this time with a bit more confidence. Even though Flare Blitz was a double edge sword it would weaken the Metagross. There was no way it would be able to dodge. It was way to slow. It needed time to prepare for that Agility, something I wouldn't let it do. The Infernape did a front flip and then stepped to the side, dodging two of the metal fists that bombarded the ground causing rubble to fly everywhere. One medium sized rock flew past me, ripping apart my cape. The Infernape dodged everything. There hadn't been a scratch on either Pokemon and this battle was already extremely intense. Droplets of sweat fell down from my face as well as Leo's as we continued to command our Pokemon through the heat. The Infernape started to leap on top of the boulders that had been lying around. It knew that the only way to get up was to jump from these higher rocks onto the Metagross. It gained a solid footing on one of the higher boulders and jumped off.

Infernape was surrounded by a hot flame after activating his Flare Blitz attack. If he could hit the Metagross then he could severely weaken it, opening it up for more attacks.

"Metagross use Reflect! Don't let that dirty ape hit you!" Leo yelled out. The Metagross then formed a pink glass like shield around him. When the Infernape hit the shield there was a bright flash as the Flame Pokemon tried to break through the shield. When the light faded the Infernape was back on the ground panting, while the Metagross was spotless, but looked like it had to use a lot of its energy in order to stop the attack from connecting.

"Metagross, finish off Infernape with a Zen Headbutt! Don't hold back!" Leo commanded. If that attack hit Infernape was done for. The massive attack power of the Metagross combined with the Pyschic attack would destroy my Infernape. I couldn't let that happen.

"Infernape try another Flare Blitz! Destroy that bastard's pathetic monstrosity!" I yelled at Infernape again. The Infernape jumped back at the descending Metagross using Flare Blitz again. A pointed triangle formed in front of the Metagross. Thunder and Lightning clashed at the same moment the two Pokémon did causing another bright flash that temporarily blinded both of us. I shielded my eyes with my torn cape. Once the light faded I saw the descending Infernape, whose eyes were closed and the Metagross who continued to pummel the Infernape with its metal legs. After it was done I returned the Infernape. He fought well but now it was time I brought out a Pokemon that had the advantage. I tossed out my next Pokeball and my Absol appeared.

“Metagross use Meteor Mash again! Don’t let the Absol get near you!” yelled Leo. He knew that his Metagross had used a lot of its energy. The Absol didn’t have to put much effort in order to bring him down. I didn’t even want my Absol to have to dodge anything. A sly smile went across my mouth as I spoke:

“Use Sucker Punch Absol! Then use Night Slash. Don’t let the Metagross attack!”

The Absol quickly leapt with blinding speed and threw two quick punches before Metagross could even budge. The Leg Pokemon went reeling back as it let out a metallic cry as it felt the pain from the super-effective attack. However, Absol spent no time letting the Metagross recover. In a cold emotionless manner, the Absol slashed straight down on the Metagross instantly fainting it. The Absol walked back to its side of the battlefield, waiting for the next Pokemon. Leo returned Metagross giving an acknowledging nod. Then he threw out his fifth Pokeball. It was a Pikachu. However, I heard of one trainer that had a very powerful Pikachu that had defeated several Pokemon. It had even stood up to Legendary Pokemon before. After that story, I didn’t want to underestimate this one and let it get to my head.

“Absol use Psycho Cut!”

“Pikachu use Iron Tail!”

The two Pokemon leapt at each other and both attacks clashed. They ended up going even, and cancelling each other out. They began to walk in circles waiting for each other to strike.

“Agility and then Slam Pikachu!”

“Use Shadow Claw and don’t let him outmaneuver you!”

That’s just what the Pikachu did as it darted around the Absol and slammed into its back, knocking it down. The attack was surprisingly powerful for the small Pikachu. The Absol got up and charged at the Pikachu again getting ready a Shadow Claw attack.

“Alright Pikachu, use Iron Tail again!”

The Pikachu charged back at the Absol and leapt over the disaster Pokemon and turned around slamming it with its Iron Tail attack. The Absol hit the ground with its face smothered with dirt. The Pikachu gained distance.

“Finish it off with a Thunderbolt attack!” ordered Leo who knew that he could easily defeat this Absol. The Pikachu charged up the electricity in its little red cheeks and shot off a bolt of lightning straight at the down Absol. It fainted instantly upon the hit. I quickly returned Absol back to my Pokeball. I grabbed my own fifth Pokeball. This should easily be capable enough to beat the Pikachu.

“Go, Electivire. Smash that mouse into the dirt!” I yelled as the Electivire emerged from the white light.

“Use Fire Punch, Electivire!”

“Don’t let him get close to you and use Thunderbolt again!”

Perfect! The idiot must have forgotten that all Electric attacks did to Electivire were increase its speed. The moment the lightning bolt hit, Electvire only went faster and slammed his fiery fist into the Pikachu, sending it flying into a boulder. It let out a small cry the moment it hit the boulder.

“Now, use all that energy you just got and use Discharge!”

Electivire used all of the energy from the Thunderbolt and sent two waves of electric energy at the small yellow mouse. The electricty shocked the Pikachu and it let out a soft whimper from the pain. It wasn't extremely effective because it was of the same type, but the Electivire's strength made it hurt just as much.

"Don't give up Pikachu! Use our final move: Volt Tackle!"

The Pikachu got up and went for a full on charge as the yellow energy began to surround the speedy mouse.

"Use Protect, Electivire! Devote all your power to make sure you don't get hit!"

Just like the Metagross did to Infernape, I had my Electivire block off the Pikachu's attack. With the little energy it had left, it would faint no matter what the outcome was.

There was a small explosion from the outcome and when the smoke faded away both the Pikachu and my Electivire had fainted. Another double faint. We both returned our Pokemon. We were both down to one Pokemon. We both threw out the Pokeballs at the same time. It was my Garchomp against his Charizard.

"This is the final twist on this fight, Leo", I said calmly. "We will be brought into the mind of our Pokemon and take over. Our souls will be absorbed into our Pokemon's body. We will fight until one of us faints. We will return to our bodies afterwards."

"So I'll get to fight you face to face with my strongest Pokemon? Sounds good to me. I'll take my revenge personally!"

"The end of the road is here for you Leo. After your defeated, you will abandon your title as a Trainer. I know you will!" I yelled as I entered my Garchomp's body. Leo entered his and the final battle began.

We both took to the air and quickly shot long range attacks at each other. Leo sent out a Flamethrower while I shot a Dragon Pulse. They both collided and there was an explosion. We both went flying through the smoke. We both met with claw and fist as my Dragon Claw attack went diagonally across his body and his Fire Punch hit me square in the face. I grabbed Leo's head and kneed it in the face before throwing him against the volcano.

He quickly recovered and shot a Heat Wave attack at me. The attack burned me and I let out a painful roar as the fire caused my already hot body even more unbearable heat. We fought and fought clashing with our claws and teeth. We had scratched and bitten and hit each other over and over. Lightning pounded the ground around us and we constantly had to dodge the lightning while attacking each other. We both took space again.

WE clenched our wounds and panted as lightning bolts crashed down around us. I began to glow a dark purple and he began to glow a dark red. I was using Dragon Rush, and he was using Flare Blitz. We both flew straight towards each other. Our claws and fists met each other and the explosion both sent us reeling back. The clash was devastating. There was a huge gash running down my shoulder and a clear wound on Leo's leg as well.

"I will destroy you Leo!" I yelled in desperation. "I am a god! No one can stop me! Fear my power! For this, is my last attack! I'll annihilate you and keep my title!"

"Never! An arrogant bastard like you should not have ever gotten to this point! I'll put you in your rightful place! If this is our final clash, then I'll put every single last bit of my energy into it!" roared Leo over the volcano shooting out fire.

We both opened our mouths and prepared our final attacks. I was building up a Hyper Beam, while Leo was going to use Blast Burn from the looks of it. As the pure destructive forces began to meet, the battlefield was tearing itself apart. The river was flooding. The volcano was shooting lava everywhere, and lightning constantly rained down on the ground below.

"Hyper Beam!"
"Blast Burn!"

The two attacks went flying out and they both met in a chatoic show down. They both fought for superirority on which would win the duel. Then a blinding explosion encompassed the entire building and then:



"Former Pokemon Champion, Carze Morto, is now in exile on an uncharted island for trying to kill, Current Pokemon Champion, Leo Gatsu, after the two had an intense Pokemon battle that led to Carze's defeat and him attacking Leo shorlty after the battle was over. The only thing that stopped Carze, was his old partner Ashila, who used her Gardevoir to restrain him.

Carze was later sentenced to exile instead of jail due to his former history as a 10 year Pokemon Master. Ever since he became a Pokemon Master, he shunned society. Only that he had beaten several Trainers that had challenged him. In an interview with Leo, he said that Carze thought of himself as a god and that he had some sense of superiority over everyone else. When he finally got a reality check, he tried to kill the one that gave it to him.

Leo is now the current Pokemon Master of the world and has gone about restoring the title to its former glory after Carze's taint. This is Rose Flora and that's it for the news."


I am no longer a good, but I will take my day

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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