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Default Tesseract

All right, here’s the new version of The Garuku Council. As You’ve noticed, I’ve changed the name(now the second time. It was too long and clunky, and I like the newest one..) I’ve done this because the council isn’t the biggest part of the story. So I hope you enjoy my hard work and sweat that magically formed words on my laptop. It wasn’t easy, especially since my chapters are titanic…

Anywho, this is the shortest chapter of the bunch. Like it’s only one forth the size…

Anyway, after this chapter I will post the rest in segments becuse the chapter I write are 11K words, which is a lot.
O ya. Please leave a review! *Begs on ground with puppy eyes*

Ps: To Muslims, I would like to apologize for having Alla as an abbreviation in the original. Ignorant me…;-;

DISCLAIMER: The author of this story does not own Pokémon. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, things, or ideas is completely unintentional unless explicitly stated otherwise by the author. Opinions expressed in this story do not necessarily represent those of the author.

It is rated Pg14 for swearing (not as much as last time), and mature situations involving death, violence and jiggles(not described much, no not a sex scene. Nothing to do with it).

Table of contents:


{Episode 1: Prologue}***
[Chapter one]

{Episode 2: Farewell Viaduct}**
[Chapter two]***
[Chapter three]***
[Chapter four]***

{Episode 3: Another Small Skirmish}**
[Chapter five]***

{Episode 4: Now She Is, Now She Isn’t}**

{Episode 5: There Goes Free Will}**

{Episode 6: Mindless Metris[Part 1]}**

{Episode 7: Mindless Metris[Part 2]}**

End part one

{Episode 8}**

{Episode 9}**

{Episode 10}

{Episode 11}




Our planet,

Earth, as you call it.

It is a sentient planet, of which it contains many oddities among its brothers and sisters.

One such is it is the second planet to contain life on it in the solar system. Another is the power those life forms have.

If all Earths history could be written into a book, it would be a page for each million years with very, very small writing.

Such a book would be one thousand, four hundred pages. Give or take a hundred.

If one had enough attention span, it would take fourteen thousand hours to read with out stopping. That is five hundred eighty three and a third days if you read non-stop. Almost two years.

Now, if you only read the pages containing humans, you would find yourselves on the last page or two.

Which is something I would like to point out.

Humans don’t rule the Earth.

We do.

From page fifty, to the end…

Pokémon are on every page,

But enough of that, if you were to look inside the book, you would find two other pages containing humans.

The second is the era you are all so familiar with. The era of Pokémon trainers and gyms.

The first…

Well, this is their story.

Their diminutive piece of page…

{Episode 1: Prologue}
[Chapter one]

‘I know what I have to do.’ She thought, over and over again in her head. ‘I know what I have to do.’ She repeated, even though it was lie to herself.

The fox walked across the red barren waste land, fur camouflaged to it. Small strides led her to an unknown destination. All around was an overwhelming red, fusing with the deep orange sky. The land remained flat in all directions; the only disturbances in it were the few red pebbles and boulders around with large mountains in the far distance. Circular foot prints plagued here and there, all pointing one direction or another, but no knew truly were they lead. A quiet silence was all that could be heard, almost like a dream, any sound made would be echoed. A dusty and gritty smell was dominant everywhere, blasting in through the furnace heat. A sun held its place among the gods, shining brilliantly across the orange and gold sky without a cloud to disturb its light.

The fox continued to walk and walk. Distance was no longer relevant to her; she had walked too far and too long to care. Among her she saw a rock about the size of her body and the color of dead grey. The fox stopped in front of it, looking somberly at the unfortunate creature that had been killed long ago. She shook her small head, repeating the sentence again in her mind. ‘I know what I have to do.’ She walked over and away from the skull, leaving it half buried under the red sand. A small wind erupted from the east. The sand flew low to the ground in waves, and slowly settled down to the west in tides.

She walked and walked, leaving no trace of herself behind, her six tails danced in the wind. Her ruby red eyes reflecting the sun; they calculated everything in sight. In the horizon, the eyes could see a red cloud moved unnaturally. To the front was a white being, leading the cloud. A yellow X could be seen glinting at its front. Four rocky legs moved the quadrivalent rock forward. Three golden claws protruded from each leg. Red blank eyes shot out on each side of the Xs middle. The Vulpix knew them as the blood thirsty eyes. They were eyes that would kill without provocation.

Kill without remorse or feeling.

Anger faired in the small Vulpix’s body. They were the ones that caused Masters pain. Masters hate.

The fox remembered her Master well, as she remembered the time Master allowed her to come to a meeting in the Council. It was before she was even allowed to go outside.

Around a cylinder, various Pokémon sat in chairs. A Vulpix lay on her master’s lap. The Master looked at every one of the Council members seriously, his eyes looking over his large rectangular like nose and his three horns following the path of his gaze on his head. The black Dragonite’s large wings folded into the chair, his clawed hand petted the fox. She gave a small cute yawn, enjoying the attention.

“Cannon, if you are right about taking the humans from there own time, why should we. We already have creatures in this time that are more then capable to fight.” The Dragonite explained, looking toward the Pokémon he addressed as Cannon with a spine chilling look.

The light green feline like clone looked at him with a smirk. His hands were placed together, his three ball like finger intertwining through each others bony structure. The tail behind him flickered on the chair, flexing its self from the uncomfortable position.

“Our people’s way is for the whole of the collective. We don’t want to send our own out to be killed by the Metagross, Lorrac. By finding the humans and giving them the ZBTB7 gene, we will have our own army of slaves. Our collective population won’t be damaged by the war. Simple enough for your ignorant understanding.” Cannon explained, while he laid further back into the chair, the tubes on his neck touching the seat and his tail that connected with his kangaroo like legs and stomach being further squished.

The Dragonite addressed as Lorrac starred at him confused with anger.

“Why should we destroy the lives of others for our own gain? If Aqua and Kinetic keep up with the trade agreement, we should have this war finished in no time!” Lorrac countered.

“If you mean no time, then we either have already won or will never win. Which on seems more possible at the moment?” Cannon double countered with a snide smile. Beside him, a psychic type bipedal Pokémon stood up.

The brown body of his friend looked like it was nothing but skin and bone’s, giving the appearance of armor to go along with his yellow head that looked like a feline with a long mustache. Unlike other Alakazam, he could stand fully upright without hunching over thanks to his unique form of attack. “I would agree with Cannon. From the specifications of the fist experiment Jason, I can say with full understanding that his is an agreeable choice.” He stated.

The Vulpix was cut out of her memory as the large dust cloud loomed near her, leaving a trail of cloud behind it. ’I know what I have to do.’ She again repeated and sat down facing it, watching the cloud of what she knew would contain blue creatures - much like the white one leading it– traveling inside.

”The memory of the procedure will become active once you body is under stress. To accomplish this, we will send you out to the Badlands to… explore until that state is reached.” Explained Lorrac, looking sadly down at the Vulpix.

“Anything for you.” She responded, looking up to with hopeful eyes, knowing she would do anything to see him smile.

Smile because of her…

And her ruby red eyes.

The cloud moved close to her, and she quickly stood back up on her four small legs. They were too close for any possible comfort. The Vulpix turned quickly and jolted in the opposite direction. Behind her, the cloud moved faster and faster, gaining speed as the white Metagross ran faster and faster after the fox, almost as if they were after an invisible force. In the red dust, blue forms of the leader with silver crosses ran chaotically. It was no form decipherable to anyone but themselves.

Near the top of the group, a blue creature much like the Metagross followed closely to the leader. The creature was only half of a true Metagross, with only two arms - that would later serve as legs – and horns on it. One horn pointed out as a nose while the others shot out from the sides. The Metang too, like the leader, could sense the strong force that attracted it to the Vulpix.

Faster and faster the Vulpix fled, but to no avail, the dust cloud had reached her, the white Metagross inches away from her. She looked behind herself, watching the herd of Metagross stomping down, small pebbles and sand unintentionally kicked up by the Metagross shot at her back, giving her more reason to run faster. The sound of the group stomping on the ground was almost deafening from her position and the dust being kicked up clouded her nose. She could feel each of their murderous eyes pointed at her. The ground below her shook like an earthquake from the weight and speed of the predators.

The white Metagross lunged forward, landing on the Vulpix’s back with all its weight. The pure momentum of the collision sent the leader into a roll, the herd stomping over and tripping on the leader. The Vulpix’s mangled body had shot out from the roll of the leader, its crushed back legs falling from its body. She came to a halt in the Metang’s sharp horn like nose. Blood gushed out as the point of its nose poked through the almost lifeless body. The Metang panicked through the herd that was still stampeding through. The bloody Vulpix was thrown back to the ground to the speeding herd as the Metang was hit away by one of its comrades.

Her ruby red eyes watched as Metagross ran over her, their large claws stamping the ground leaving circular footprints that missed her by mere inches. Many ran by and over her as she attempted to roll away; dirt getting into the gashes left behind by her legs and into her bloodstained fur. Her will to live in this pain. The phantom pain of her legs, the real pain of their sockets.

’I-I-I-I-I KNO-KNO WHAT T-TOO DOOO!’ She screamed in her head. Her front legs flung around furiously until a Metagross’s leg stomped on the tips, cutting the paws as the legs withered back close to the body. She tried to use her head to drag her body away as another flash back occurred.

Lorrac held the fox out in his arms so she would face him and his strict look. “Remember, never run away. Fear nothing but fear itself.” He said, looking at the gashes on the ground she had made from the startle that squirting water gave her.

“Anything to make you smile…” She replied, her fire rouge ears twitching slightly, Lorrac giving her a smile and petting her happily.

She immediately stopped and looked around for anything to attack with. She wouldn’t disobey him, because he wouldn’t smile for her if she disobeyed him.

She laid were she was, her back crushed and bleeding, her front paws cut off, a large hole through her small body. He fire rouge ears down low to her head, trying to block the immense noise, her eyes closed as she whimpered. But no, that was just another form of hiding, she told herself, as she opened her eye and looked up.

Through ruby red eye, she could watch everything. Just as Master said. Through ruby red eyes she watched the large blue leg with three silver claws extending, intent on moving the individual Metagross forward. Through ruby red eyes, she watched the circular foot remove the sun out of her eyes, and slam down, crushing her ruby red eyes.

Through her fire rouge ears, she could hear perfectly, just as Master had said. Each step the Metagross took; she could hear the deafening sound. Through her beautiful ears, she could hear the sickening crunch of her neck as the single leg fell on her ruby red eyes.


Experiment #365




Data collected…







Experiment #365

Status: Complete (Data still in transfer)

Test topic: Evolution

Subject: Vulpix, [s]Spirit[/s] Legendary infused. Identity: Mew(951A)
ZBTB7-(POK Erythroid Myeloid ONtogenic)- Gene


I expect through the ZBTB7 gene and the [s]spirit[/s] legendary D.N.A.(951A), the subject will(under stress) release enough energy to skip natural growth into an adult(10-15yr.avg.) in a process currently experimented with. We call it evolution(eighth definition DC). The main aspect, excluding the ZBTB7 gene, is the [s]spirit[/s] Legendary D.N.A. which will help encourage the subject to ‘evolve’. ZBTB7 gene will be needed, like Experiment #151 in evolving…



The Subject was unable to release power. The body was not found, note for Experiment #381, psychic bate destroys after evidence. Weaker attraction method should be used (Controlled recommended). Without body, biopsy is unattainable. Psychic video did receive enough data for proper explanation. From first glance, [s]spirit[/s] Legendary D.N.A. did nothing but to further the subject senses, thus improving pain. Final on D.N.A. for fist use on hybrid(1/1000), useless.

The test is considered completed.

Final results:


Last comments:

Lorrac: Yitin, there are no spirits. Legendaries. Religion has no place in the Council.

Yitin: I believe what I want, if you have a problem, speak to me in person instead of the EDP. Remember Lorrac, I have enough known you long enough to point out your flaws.

Lorrac(2):Bite me.


And please tell me if I improve even a bit…(for those who dragged them selves through the original version…)
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

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Default Re: Tesseract

Alright, after taking a hiatus of a few months, I'll be posting once every week now. Enjoy, and please review! (Also, I have to post it in two posts)

{Episode 2: Farewell Viaduct}
[Chapter Two]

Twenty years later

A maze. It was simply a maze to confuse. It did its job well, so well it confused the guards that used to hold post there until they were replaced. The maze itself had a large history that no one ever cared to learn; most Pokémon would take it at face value, and then walk away thinking it wasn’t worth going through.

The dark concrete walls were usually damp and very ‘icky’ to touch or to smell. The floor wasn’t much better off either; most of the water on the walls would only create pools on the ground that some found amusing to splash in. Occasionally, droplets of water could be heard splitting into the small pools, and echoing throughout the maze. And all the wet concrete came together to from them maze with its series of complex turns and dead ends (literally if you’re not careful). But even through the complexity of the maze, it wasn’t what made Pokémon walk away thinking it wasn’t worth it.

Pipes of all sizes layered the ceiling, and most would have thought that the dampness on the ways were because of faulty pipes. In fact, the pipes worked perfectly well. Well enough to give Pokémon too much sense of danger and doom when they just waltz in.

Why danger?

To put it simply, Pokémon were often swallowed by the pipes and had an unhappy ending with all the clogging. It wasn’t pretty to watch, as Jake found… for the most part anyway.

The young teenager watched as the small purple Rattata was swallowed up whole without even a squeak. His earrings gave a small clink as they bounced around when he jolted back from looking around the corner where the unfortunate rat had been swallowed. His leather vest pinned itself to the moist wall, the inner vest pockets hidden from the world along with the many items he kept in it. He gave a long sigh of relief that the Rattata was the one to get swallowed instead of him. Another young teenager’s hand took a good whack at his head, where a bandana was, hiding his maroon hair. Jake quickly looked at the girl with an innocent look, placing a hand in his jean pockets casually.

“Aye?” he responded, his lightning yellow eyes looking up like he hadn’t thrown the Rattata to its doom.

The girl placed both her hands on her hips in anger, her black gothic shirt ending where her hands met, giving him an annoyed look and tilting her head. The black hair she had was done in a fancy way so it would match her shirt and gothic attire.

“Don’t ‘aye’ me! Do you know what will happen to it after that?!” She spat out, her grey eyes containing a raging fire.

“Aye, that I don’t cares about ye see.” He responded in his usual cool toned pirate accent.

“How could you just up and kill that poor innocent creature!?” She yelled, her face showing disappear and anger at the same time and her inner mind wanting to strangle him.

“It be simple lass. Kill the rat, or me be the one down the pipe.” He explained shrugging his shoulders, his eyes rolling in an uncaring attitude.

She gave an angry groan and looked over the corner into the dimly lit hallway, mumbling how unbelievable he was. Down the hall was devoid of anything. The pipe that had taken the Rattata away had now settled back in its roof socket, happy and content with its meal of the day. The hallway, like all the others, was lit with lights connected into the wall for convenience, or to make the tunnel perfectly flat and smooth; again, no one cared to learn anything about the maze and probably didn’t care.

“I guess it’s easier now…” she said, focusing on the word easier and stomped down the hall with a huff.

Jake looked at the place Kimiko had been. On the wall facing him, a small spark of dark energy was on the wall the wall. Ignoring it, and thinking it was nothing, he ran after Kimiko. “Now, I want ye ta thank me properly.” He said, catching up until he was beside her.

“Thanks Jake C*cksucker. Now shut up.” Kimiko hissed, knowing if she didn’t thank him the way he wanted her would continue to persist in annoying her, and it would all end in a bloody death on his part.

“Aye, Captain Jake Co- What?” He corrected, pointing up when he said the word Caption to make sure she got the message, and then choking as he realized what he she had said. “Blast it! I am not!” He shouted.

“Whatever, let’s just find Seth and get the hell out of here.” she started. “Anyway, I’m sure Eve is going crazy right about now.” She said, giving a sharp turn down another hallway to the left, nearly leaving Jake to continue walking.

“Poor old mum, she must be worrying seasick by the time she finds us gone in our beds.” He said woefully, placing his hand on his head in a fake dramatic pose.

“She’s not our mom!” She yelled for the fifth time that today, stomping off ahead.

Jake watched her as she stomped around another corner with her arms crossed. Grumbling and swears echoed the hallways along with drips of water. He gave a happy sigh, he found it entertaining whenever she was mad, and that happened often. She always had a temper. The girl had just recently come to this time, from her own of trainers and leagues, and was full of anger replacing what should have been sadness. It gave him much entertainment. Even though she wouldn’t emit it, she missed her mother and father, even if she acted like she hated them. It would seem anyone who wanted to take the roll of mother – like Eve – would be mentally hated by her and her rebellious stage.

Jake gave a small chuckle and ran to catch up with her. As he turned the corner, a pipe aiming between his eyes lunged at him without any notice. He quickly ducked as the pipe barley missed his head, hitting the wall behind him and cracking and smashing it to bits. Worried, he ran forward, turning another corner and searching around left and right for Kimiko, but to no use.

She was gone.

The same pipe unhooked from the wall with little effort and twisted back at him like a snake. Jake spun around, pulling a dagger hidden in his leather vest and holding it out mid-spin. Immediately it encountered the pipe, stopping the boys spin. It turned into who could push back with more power. The pipe neared Jake as he pushed it away. The pipe moved closer to Jake, and eventually he pushed it back, knocking the pipe a little ways back. A wicked grin appeared on his face as he looked more intently at the pipe, pointing the tip of his blade above it to the ceiling.

“By by mate,” he sneered. From the dagger, a large bolt of electricity shot out, pushing the boy back from its power. The lightning-fast attack connected with the ceiling, causing a loud cracking sound and a large piece of concrete to fall onto the unlucky pipe. It crushed it completely without a screech.

He turned around, rushing in his original direction in the hopes of finding Kimiko safe and un-pipe eaten, gliding across the concrete.


Cannon looked testy, extremely testy at the three confined beings in the cell before him, who had been collected with the pipes. Inside was the teenage girl Kimiko, who was sitting in a corner curled up, eyes dig in her knees. The other - presumably Seth - leaned against the white wall, his black hair falling past his eyes and ending at his nose. Behind his hair, you could see his eyes closed, hiding his blue eyes as he slept with a small snore. His arms crossed over his cheats, his dark purple shirt and black pants filled with grim from a short time of wandering through the maze.

What annoyed Cannon the most was the third being inside, trying desperately to get out of captivation. He watched as the Rattata used its legs to cling onto the window he was looking through, disruption his view of the cell and giving him the unnecessary information that it was a male Rattata with two loose…

He didn’t want to think about it… unsanitary creatures just made him angry.

Cannon raised his bony arm up and flicked it aside as the Rattata was shot off the window to the left through Cannon’s psychic power, hitting the wall with a small thud. It squeaked in opposition, but scampered off into one of the corners without any further objections. He looked at the boy Seth, giving him a taunting look. The boy hadn’t awoken for the three days he had been here. Personally, Cannon wanted to rip through his traitorous body and spill his insides.

A metal clicking sound entered the room, knocking Cannon out of his bloody dream as the door behind him opened, reveling Lorrac. The Dragonite walked into the almost pitch black room, the clone looking at him with a small glance, then back at the window to the prisoners.

“Yes?” Cannon asked.

Lorrac walked beside him, looking at the two humans inside. “Has the black clothed one said anything yet?” He inquired.

“No. She seems to be interested in the joints in her legs.” Cannon replied angrily.

“Dam humans. It’s too hard to decipher what they’re thinking through their body language. Strange beings, you’d think we’d know more about them from their time lines.” Lorrac said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, his face showing the same thing.

“Well, they seem to be the only ones here. I guess it’s time for my interrogation.” Cannon said, stretching his arms and flicking his lime green tail around as a warm up. “I suggest you and your ‘don’t hurt the living’ way should leave.” He knew that Lorrac always hated to see living things hurt, and he also knew he would leave once he said this.

“Don’t hurt them too much. That includes Seth, Yitin would be furious if you killed him.” Lorrac said sharply as he turned and left through the metal doors, his wings having to bend back a bit to fit.

Once Cannon heard the clink of the door closing, he walked into the glass window as if it weren’t there, his body passing through with ease into the white prison. At his feat, the Rattata gave an irritated squeak, jumping onto his kangaroo-like feet and chomping down with his sharp front teeth. Cannon gave a swift kick, flinging the purple rat into Seth’s blissfully sleeping face.

Seth was quickly awoken as the Rattata scratched at his face, angry he was being tormented in this place. The boy wacked his hands about as the pest ran and climbed around his face.

“GAAAAAAAA! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! I FEEL IT’S JIGGLIES!!!” He yelled out, running in circles around the white prison waving his arms around in a panic.

Cannon gave a passive look as he watched the human run around in circles. He calmly stuck his foot out in the humans path, successfully causing him to fall head first to the hard ground, squishing the small creature that terrorized his head. The Rattata gave a loud squeak and ran out from under Seth’s head, hiding in the nearest corner.

Seth lay on the ground face first; too lazy to get up to see what had attacked him.

Cannon looked at him, surprised he wasn’t questioning what had caused the rodent torpedo that literally lead to his down fall. Annoyed nothing besides the Rattata had even acknowledged his existence in the cell, he raised his bony hand, his ball like fingers in a tight fist; he pointed at the boy, who was now snoring peacefully once again. His fist shot open, shooting Seth to the wall and pinning him to it with his psychic powers.

The back of Seth’s head came into contact with the wall, waking him up in a painful way for the second time that today. He opened one of his eyelids half way to see what was going on, annoyed that he was woken with his head to the wall. Once he saw the angry clone staring at him with his tail thrashing about angrily, he piped up fully awake.

“O, haaaayy, I know you. How’s it been since last time?” He said drearily.

Cannon shot him and angry look, his eyes focusing on Seth’s with a murderous glare. “Don’t play games with me! Why were you infiltrating our city!?” He commanded.

“This was your city!? Well, if I had known that I would have avoided it completely. Your face is something I don’t like seeing.” Seth shot out sarcastically.

Cannons fist tightened, psychically choking Seth’s neck. “Don’t play games! Why were you infiltrating our city?!” He yelled.

Seth gave a cough as the psychic attack loosened. “A bit Darth Vader much? But nooooooo, you don’t know who he is, do you? I know something you don’t! I know something you don’t!” He pestered, singing childishly, ignorant of Cannon’s power.

Cannon arm flew to the left, shooting Seth in the same direction until he hit a wall. With a small grunt, Seth landed on the ground in a sitting position, giving Cannon an evil smirk as he saw Cannon’s pissed look, his eyes filled with psychic power and anger.

“You powers don’t work for me, or did you forget?!” Seth said, laughing at him and pointing. “You can only get me while I’m asleep! You weakling! Hahahahahah!”

Cannon’s eyes widened, his face showed the anger of a thousand Tauros seeing red. His arm flung behind him in a quickly jolting motion. He flung it back forward before him as Kimiko body flew in front of Seth, limp and asleep. The expression of Seth’s face instantly fell from happiness to shock.

“My powers may not affect you much, but they affect her twice as much.” Cannon stated, the murderous look anew in his eyes. “Now I suggest you talk! Or she’ll have a very uncomfortable awakening!” He threatened, shaking her in the air in front of him.

Seth gave a sigh of defeat as he looked at his friend’s body. He hadn’t expected her to be here; he had left the cove alone and hadn’t seen her in the King Kong attack on his head. It clicked in his head of how long he might have been sleeping. “I was looking for something.” He replied, trying to keep a calm voice and sighing.

“What were you looking for?!” Cannon yelled, shaking the body of the girl in the air tauntingly.

Seth gritted his teeth, trying to think of something to say. If he lied and Cannon detected it, something would happen to Kimiko, but if he told the truth, something would happen to whoever would be captured, and they’d probably kill with it. He hated having to make decisions that would affect others lives. He hated having to make a girly decision like this. He didn’t really like having to make decisions for himself for a fact. He was too lazy to think of the pros and cons, but he had to think quickly.

Or else.


I ran a vast through the maze, evil pipes shooting to me backside as I turn to me left to another dimly lit hallway. Each time my foot slammed against the ground, a splash of water filled into me bottom jeans.

Aye, it was hard for me to move through the ground. As a young pirate I only need a ship to move me, but now me legs felt like they would fall of me body from all the running I had done. Left, right, I was completely useless in traversing the maze, as it be the lass who knew were to go, and me to defend and get the booty. But the lass was gone, and I was left to roam lost.

Aye, as the lad Seth would say.

This totally sucks.

I could feel the deadly pipes followed me trail as I ran, twisting and turning corners. Glancing back, I saw more and more of the metal followed me as I ran past more and more halls. Soon I knew me’d be sleeping with the fish’s if I didn’t find a way to stop the devils pipes. Ahead of me, I saw an entrance of sorts, a black hole blaring in a wall. Aye, I knew of these blackened holes that popped here to there, they were more of a portal to a different place all together. I remember them thanks ta Seth trapping me in one of them while playing in the forest. It seemed like a familiar place where the hole was, like the place I had thrown the rat to its pipey doom. It would lead me out, so I ran to it with all the strength left in me legs. I could feel the pipes behind me gaining on me, there were so close; I could feel their cold lifeless grip swallowing me before they ever touched me. Closer and closer I was to it, but alas, a particularly large pipe appeared in front me and before I could respond, the scurvy had shot loose on me, hitting me squarely in the legs and knocking me backward with a splash on the ground.

The pain shot through as I put pressure on my damaged leg, already I could feel the pipes trying to get a hold of me, trying to rip me open. Me eyes closed, I could hear clanking above me and the pipes grip loosened in jabs and jerks. Slowly I looked up to see the metal pipes were crashing into themselves as they fought over me viciously. The things were too interested in who would get me; they didn’t even notice me anymore.

I saw my way out as an opening in the many pipe showed. Quickly I rolled for me life, still holding me leg, through the small gap. I appeared out from the swarmed pipes, all of them a clashing and clanging pile. I found me self a few feet from the hole on the wall, with nothing in sight ta stop me. My leg feeling better, I ran towards the hole with what was left in me.

Again, the giant pipe shot forth, missing me legs and hit me side painfully. I went into a spin as the pipe shot past me, hitting me again. Quickly, I steady me self and lung for the hole, in hopes of me bests.


The pain.

The fire.

The pure stupidity of them all.

Their heartless experiments to fight a petty war in hopes to gain control of Garuku.

It takes two to tango as my mother would say, but she was gone.

Or at least, to me she was.

I remembered of my last memories on the Earth I knew. Snowboarding down the mountain along with mom.

Then it came.

And I suffered for their experiments, to further themselves against the Metagross. And I laid in this tube, my arm the only thing outside the liquid that keeps me alive.

My left arm. The one I had lost so long ago, and gained so recently.

But it was nothing but fire.

And I felt the pain.

Experiment #37663 as they would call me.

Experiment #37663 I am not.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
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Default Re: Tesseract


Lorrac walked through the metal doorway, leaving with the familiar click of it closing. The hallway was dimly lit, with many pipes at the top, some moving around to see if he was an intruder. Unlike the maze, the walls in this hallway were a dull green painted on bricks. He had long since gotten used to the movement of the pipes ever since they had installed them. They were useful in stopping intruders like the two he had seen in the white prison, but sometimes it was irritating to have them moving in the corner of his eye all the time.

With a swift motion, he walked left through a hallway, passing many other doors with numbers on it that contained other experiments. He had already checked them all, writing any new data that was needed to place in the mainframe. His job was to see upon them all as he so thoughtfully did. As leader of the Garuku Council he could have chosen any job he wanted to do, and being so familiar with research and experimentation, he had chosen the head of the experimentations as a secondarily job, as any other council leader had to do.

The Dragonite stopped abruptly in front of one door, the number 34 printed on it. With another click of metal, the door gently opened leading to a well lit room with green humanoid creatures with light gray dresses covering their weak legs teleporting around here and there collecting data and feeding it to the many computers in the room. Sounds of computers clicking and printing along with the shuffle of all the Gardevoir hard at work purged into Lorrac’s ear. It was enough to give him a headache. This room was for organization of all the information that was gathered in the Mainframe. It was also, to Lorrac’s despising, where the only communication in the underground branch was located. Unlike the tower in the middle of Metris, the underground didn’t have one room for communications.

This pissed many Pokémon to the extent of avoiding working there at all, or not even coming to work. They knew they would still be paid even if they didn’t show.

With a snap of Lorrac’s tail, all the Gardevoir made a path for him leading to a computer at the other side of the room. He quickly walked by, trying to hurry so they could continue working, his wing folding back so none of the workers would be hit by them. Once he reached the end, the chaos of work continued in its loud manner.

With the clicks and clack of the keyboard before him, he accessed the psychic communications.

Psychic link initiated. Please specify number and area code, the computer read. Lorrac merely thought of Yitin and the computer accessed the Dragonite’s friend. In his head, he could hear the mental ring of the unanswered call until a voice popped in his head.

”What do you want?” the voice said with a hint of anger. ”And if your complaining about spirits again, go shove a pipe up you giant ass.”

”I want to know the current condition of Experiment #123. He seems to be having an imbalance.” Lorrac said sarcastically.

”I honestly don’t know why you continue to call him that, you’re the one who named him Cannon. Now, what is the real reason you called, I’m in the middle of something important.” Yitin shot out.

”Like what?”

“Being Governor.”
He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it should have been to Lorrac.

”Right, to the point. The Metagross are retaliating to our peacekeeping. I think-“

“Of course their retaliating, we killed their leader a month ago!”
Yitin blurted out, cutting Lorrac off.

”If they just listen to the government and the whole of the people instead of the individual, there would be no problems. But noooo no no. They have to be free and such.” Lorrac complained.

”If you’re going to whine about this, talk to someone else or get to a point.” Yitin said sternly.

”Fine, the point is, keep our defenses up instead of lowering them like you have been for the last few days. I mean, Mew dammit. It’s like the Metagross have become our friends now.”

“You may think they’re bloody killers, but I have faith in them. They’re Pokémon too, smart as me or you with the same morals and Religion.”

“Religion, religion. Well you and your imaginary god can go play hopscotch while I defend us from termination.”

On the other end of the mind link he could hear the fain beep of a broken connection. With a small smirk, he taped a few keys and left the computer, traveling through the mess of Gardevoir back through the door.
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Default Re: Tesseract


I really like this fic. I'm sorry it'd been such a while to comment, but it took me a bit to read it what with distractions and the like. But I've finally got down to it and I love it. I love how the entire thing is crystal clear to everyone BUT the reader, and how you're having revelations even at a stage like this. I think Jake is a really interesting character to have in a fic like this. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work.



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Default Re: Tesseract

Originally Posted by Deathspector View Post

I really like this fic. I'm sorry it'd been such a while to comment, but it took me a bit to read it what with distractions and the like. But I've finally got down to it and I love it. I love how the entire thing is crystal clear to everyone BUT the reader, and how you're having revelations even at a stage like this. I think Jake is a really interesting character to have in a fic like this. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work.


Ah, thank you, and sorry for not replying (or posting the next chapter) sooner.

Well, here's the next chapter.

{Episode 2: Farewell Viaduct}
[Chapter three]

Kimiko leaned back and forth, facing the corner of the prison. Cries and gasps escaped her as she blinked furiously, trying to keep her tears away. She held her bleeding hand close to her, squeezing it hard trying to stop the pain and blood that flowed vigorously out. Already the blood stained her clothes, giving it a crimson black look. Her hair was undone and messy; hair popping from places it shouldn’t it. But she didn’t care; it was stopping the pain that mattered.

The pain was the only thing that mattered to her.

In the opposite corner Seth sat facing her, his face was full of nothing but guilt and burses. With each cry from Kimiko, the guilt grew, knowing he had caused it. He had screwed up in his decision, and her hand would be ruined forever. He had tried to calm Kimiko, but she slammed him back with her unbroken hand as the injured one bled over her more. He just couldn’t get the sound of her hand as Cannon crushed it with psychic powers. He had given him the information he wanted before the clone did anything else to her already weeping body.

And it stayed that way for a long while. Kimiko weeping as Seth stayed quiet in his own hate and laziness.

The quiet was broken as the glass of the cage shattered in, shooting everywhere as a large Thunderbolt shot to the wall opposite of the glass leaving a burn mark. The glass shattered onto the ground, clinking with a loud sound. The Rattata that was trapped quickly scurried out through the broken glass, glad it was finally free. Seth looked up to see Jake standing there with a happy smile on his face, hands on his hips and looking up like he was a hero.

“Aye, aye. I bet me left shoe ya missed me in my leaving.” He said proudly.

“Then give me your left shoe.” Seth said sarcastically, standing up with his hands in his pockets. “How the hell did you get here?”

“Aye, it be one of them black holes that led me here. Now quick, ye must come before it closes.” Jake said, nodding his head to a black hole in the hallway through the door.

Seth quickly ran to Kimiko, grabbing and lifting her on his shoulder. She was completely taken by surprise when he did, but decided not to talk of move.

If she acted dead maybe he would leave her to die, then he would feel guilty and kill himself like he should.

But, that’s the way thirteen year olds think.


The trio left through the black hole, appearing in the maze and being attacked by more pipes. It took them a while, but eventually they made it through to the entrance of the maze.

Unlike the rest of the maze, this was guarded by Alakazam and creatures that resemble Gardevoir, but with blades extending from their arms, no long dress replaced by thick pads on each side, and strong thick green legs called Gallade. The entrance was like a giant hanger, full of tanks and submarines and somehow even more wet and damp then the maze.

The three hide behind a corner, Seth and Jake looking over waiting for the guard to move away from a large pool that leaded outside. Kimiko hid behind them, still cradling her hand to her stomach trying not to make any noise and unnoticed by the two boys.

“Dam it; you’d think they didn’t want people here.” Seth grumbled as he watched the Gallade quickly switch shifts. “The nutless things move too fast to sneak out. Must have upped the security.”

“Aye, just blast them with ye black sand.” Jake suggested.

“That involves effort.” Seth mumbled.

“Are ye THAT lazy?!” Jake exclaimed, trying to keep his voice silent so the guards don’t hear.

“You two f*cking idiots.” Kimiko blurted out. The two ‘idiots’ looked at her with surprise – mostly that she finally talked. “Make a distraction and run.” She spat out in pain and anger they paid no attention to her hand and pain.

“Did a cat get ya tongue?” Jake asked.

“My hand you idiot, now make a distraction before I rip your tongue out!” She shouted in his face, holding her manipulated hand so he could see.

Jake’s eyes widened at the sight, and shoot his arm at Seth, pinning him to the wall by the color bone with the side of his arm. Jake’s face had instant anger in it.

“What happened to the lass?!” He said, barely able to hold his anger.

“It was Cannon! He was getting information out of me and used her!” He spouted out, fearing for his life. Kimiko could help but smile, trying to keep it secret from the sudden attention.

Jake pushed Seth against the wall harder with his arm. “Why didn’t ye tell me sooner, I could’ve used me healing liquid!?”

Kimiko suddenly ran in between them, pushing Jake aside and facing him, shoving her hand out to him.

“HEAL IT!” She demanded, Seth moving out from behind her to check if the guards have noticed the racket, glad he was off the wet wall.

He jumped back from the corned as he saw the few Alakazam walking in their direction.

“Sh*t, we don’t have time! Run to the pool! Drag me if you can!” He yelled, grabbing Kimiko and Jake, pushing them to run.


It was a little thing me and Lorrac had, I insult his atheism and he insults my religion. As long as it never gotten too far between us, it was just a friendly expression when we had no one else to argue with. We knew we never meant the things we said. We both liked to argue, and with that subject it was almost impossible to win for either side. An argument without end as we used to call it. We had fun, simple, stupid fun.

I walked on the Bridge of Metris, made of steel that stretched from Metris out at sea to the red continent of Garuku. It was down low to the sea so you could see the horizon on both sides, but sometimes too low for the many waves that crashed into it. Underwater there were tall towers holding the structure up from the bottom. In was a large amount of metal just for a bridge, but the view on it was spectacular. White birds with blue stripes on their wings flew by in the sea peacefully for the first time in a while. The Wingull always stayed away when war would happen, but as a nice sight, they always come after to fly in the peace cooing and cawing.

The sea shifts in its awakening
The peace is among us as the glory birds fly

Wave stay calm and winds start falling
The Pokémon stay strong
And the clouds are away from the sky
All sides agree, and no one is left

The beauty of the their craft
Their diligence to live
Wingull may be of less intelligence
But we are the ones who kill each other


It was a simple poem by the sea’s goddess, it kept its message about the simplicity of Wingull flying in the sky was, being taken for granted as always. It was my favorite poem when I was a child, and when us and the Metagross would have absolute peace, I would recite that.

I walked through the bridge, guards on each side of me saluting as I walked by, the bridge giving a little creak as I stepped on its structure. Although, it was hard to hear the creak with the constant waves that bombarded the bridge. Ahead of me was the gate that met the land and ended the bridge. The gate itself was a like a large metal door. It didn’t do much to keep things out, most Pokémon with some intelligence would just walk around the gate and climb up on the bridge with ease. Past the gate was there were I was going to meet the new leader - the former one’s sister – to work out an agreement between out societies. Or at least I hoped so.

My feet continued to clank on the metal bridge; I could feel the belt that held my daggers bumping up and down as I walked.

The stress was killing me, instead of thinking of what to say, I recited poems in my head and focused on the clanking of my feet walking over the metal, along with the small jump my daggers around my waist. I thought about the humans and how I became friends with them before they ran off. I thought of the metal bridge and its heritage, anything to get my mind off what would happen soon. I had a bad feeling about it, about the Metagross. Should they really be trusted?

I was a really bad Governor to talk to in stress, and I hoped to my life something doesn’t happen.


I always hated the maze. A stupid concept though up by Mew knows who, to hide items of worth. Never, until then did it come into use. But I knew of one item in particular, it would make walking through this damp useless maze worthwhile. The item was something we found a long while ago in the time line of humans and Pokémon. It was with the same person who walked beside me in this dank place. The creature that I had personally taken from his home and master had the item that could decide this war once and for all.

The thing that walked beside be had a blank stare, the very same stair shared by only two humans in Metris. The mind control was one I had personally placed on him after the carful voting in the Council to allow me to. Currently, he was in his former master’s body with some, ‘enhancements’. His former master had been a ‘Pokémon Trainer’ with short silver hair, scruffy and sticking out in all directions. Its trainer had been a male of the species, and so it took the gender to, although it truly wasn’t. The things last request before its former mind had died was to keep its masters name, so everyone including me called him Steven.

Steven looked to me with his blank stare as I felt a question coming. “Sir Cannon, why did you not ask me about the item? I have all its knowledge in my former master’s memory.” He said expressionlessly.

“Well if I knew what to ask, I would have asked you.” I spat out, hating that the one flaw in a mindless being is that it never told you things without asking. “Is there anything I should know about it?”

“The pokéball is a master type. Such type will capture without question. But I suggest you weaken it before hand to be sure, as the pokéball was made for the current Pokémon and not ones of this time.” Steven replied, keeping an eye to the maze.

“Good, anything else?” I asked.

“Yes Sir Cannon, you missed the last turn to the item.”

I immediately halted as anger flared in me, and turned around. “Dam it, why didn’t you- never mind you mindless idiot.” I spat out, and realized the answer had already been told.

“Yes Sir Cannon.” Steven said, turning the corner along with me. The Sir Cannon thing was starting to get annoying to me, but I decided to leave it for a while. Ahead I saw a few pipes twitching around at the ceiling, but with an evil glare at them they stayed in their sockets. Which was another thing I hated about this maze were the dam pipes. Who in their right mind would think of making pipes alive?

O, right. Me…Dam ZBTB7 gene.

It did help in the creation of thinks like Jason and Steven, but I think we were better off without it. All it causes is annoyance as most of the humans get killed after run away. Luckily, now I can use mind control again, and that will never happen again, as long as Lorrac stops his medaling.

I continued to walk along a set path to the pokéball, with Steven correcting or changing the path to ‘save time’ here and there. Whenever I ask him something, he had to get annoying and go into long explanations that led to nothing. Another error, but it would change soon enough. Eventually we reached a door, and with a quick flick of my hand, it flew off its hinges. Inside was a dark room, the light coming from the door reaching out to a pedestal alone in the middle. On top it, a cushion laid with the pokéball, its timeline’s M printed on its purple top half. Steven fetched it from the room, walking back and placing the ball in my hands.

I squeezed the ball in my hand, triumphantly that I had the very thing that could decide the war. Until the Dam thing shot out at me, hitting my head. With a click, the ball fell to the ground, making a small splash in the water.

I hated my ball fingers.

“You could have activated it, don’t shoot it at yourself. You might be captured in it.” Steven said as he picked it up again and offered it to me.

“You hold it, I have no place to put it for now and you know how to use it better.” I spat out in anger.

“Yes Sir Cannon.”

“OK, stop calling me Sir Cannon! Its either Cannon or Sir!” I shot out.

“Yes Either-Cannon-or-Sir, sir.”


The guards surrounded the three, closing in on them inches at a time. Kimiko and Jake were back-to-back, hands up – or hand, referring to Kimiko - ready to fight off the psychic Pokémon. Seth, well, he just sat under them on the concert floor, looking at the hanger for a way out, being as calm as can be.

“Aye, this don’t look so good.” Jake said as more guard moved toward them.

Kimiko gave Seth a hard kick in the back. “What the hell are you doing you idiot! Help us!” She yelled angrily.

“HEY, don’t kick me, I’m thinking!” Seth complained, looking around.

“Seth, ye be an idiot. I don’t think thinking for ye is a good idea. Ya fight with ya black sand and maybe we could get out of here.” Jake suggested.

“Maybe I could teleport us…” Seth grumbled to himself. Kimiko gave him another giant kick in the back, knocking him over. The guards were now just a few feet away, the Alakazam holding their spoons of doom and the Gallade with their sharp elbow blades extending.

“GET UP NOW!” The two yelled.

Seth gave a small shrug as he slugged himself back to his original sitting position. Slowly he held his hands up on both sides and waited. The guards continued to move forward, Kimiko and Jake to afraid to do anything. Seth could feel Kimiko shaking in fear as they move in closer and closer, only a foot away. With a quick flick of his hands, black sand erected from the ground in a perfect circle around the three and instantly shot out from the trio. The surrounding enemies were hit by the dark attack, being flung back from its effectiveness and knocked out.

Jake and Kimiko gave a sigh of relief as they lowered their defenses. Then Kimiko gave Seth another large kick to his side, pushing him over. Instantly she tried to stomp on him as he rolled away , still in a cross-legged position, going ‘weeeeeeeeeee’.

“Why the HELL did you wait till the last moment!?” She yelled chasing after him with stomping feet and a pissed face.

Seth just continued to roll in a daze until he slowed down and like a coin, slowly spun until he was sitting facing Kimiko as she stomped right in front of him.

“That attack took all I had; I might as well use it when all the guards are in range.” He explained, giving a yawn at the end and stretching his arms out. “Now carry me outa’ here.” He said mid-yawn.

Kimiko gave small gagging sounds as she hitched her fingers in the air with her good hand, giving the impression of choking him. “When my hand’s back, I’ll kill you.” She threatened.

Jake came up laughing a good old pirate roar in his own amusement. “HAR HAR HAR! That be tricky Seth. Now let us leave before they send more shall we?” He held his hand out, offering to help Seth up as Kimiko fumed away to the pool.

“What part of carry me didn’t you get?” Seth asked, smirking as he stood up with a small wobble.

“Aye, the sarcastic side of it.” Jake said as he helped Seth move with his arm over his shoulder. He managed to drag him to the pool were Kimiko sat waving her hand in the water.

“So, how should we get out?” Seth asked, looking at the pitch black inside the pool that lead out of the hanger.

Kimiko’s hand quickly splashed the water in a sudden burst, surprised and cringing her fist. She looked at him with even more anger then before. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN HOW?! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?” She yelled, her eyes on fire from the pure anger and her mouth showing an array of sharp sadistically pointy teeth. “WE ONLY MANAGED TO GET HERE THANKS TO EVE AND NOW YOU SAY YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET OUT?!”

Seth looked up thoughtfully with his finger to his mouth in a thinking position. “That’s a good question actually.” The thought of him entering a black hole to get him here entered his mind. He also remembered leaving it open somewhere and letting it warp from place to place…

A large crack could be heard as Kimiko lost her mentality, quickly followed by a large splash of Seth’s body hitting the water in a belly flop, and then the hardy laugh of Jake before Kimiko threw him into the water as well.

“HOW THE HELL DON’T YOU KNOW HOW YOU GOT HERE?! WERE YOU TO LAZY TO REMEMBER HOW TO LEAVE, CUZ I’M GOING TO YOU DROWN NOW!” Kimiko blurted out with fury, smashing Seth’s head back into the water with her whack-a-mole sadistic anger fairing.

Jake had already swum over to the other side and jumped out, shaking his wet clothes. “Aye, lass, it might be a good idea to let him tell you how he don’t know before he dies.” He pointed out.

With a small movement of Kimiko’s arm, Seth flew out of the pool by a ghastly explosion under the water. Seth landing head first on the hard concrete ground a few feet away from her with a skull splintering crack that would surly hurt the next morning. Jake gave a whistle as he walked beside her with his hands back in his pockets.

“Well well lass, it looks like your getting a better hold on yer powers there.” He said with a laugh.

Seth slowly removed his head from the ground and set facing her with a big bump on his head. “Hmmmm, maybe we don’t have to walk out of here at all.” He said, thoughtful rubbing his chin.

“Aye? And how dose we do that?”

“If she has the same powers like Mom, maybe she could teleport us out of here.”

“But she’s only been here for a month or two, do ya really think she can do it?”

“But then again she’s probably too whiny to do it.”

“Yar, maybe.”

Kimiko gave Jake a quick elbow to his knee, temporally knowing him off his balance as she stood up. “You know I right here you idiot.”

“Really, I thought you were the one who saved me from the pool, my fault. You’re the raging monster from the Goth lagoon.” Seth shot back sarcastically.

Jake, who was holding his knee hopped over on his good leg between them just as Kimiko tried choking Seth again. “I suggest we leave as soon as we can, I don’t like this place a bit with all its evil pipes attacking me ya see.”

Kimiko crossed her arms in anger. “How the hell do we leave when knuckle-head hear doesn’t even know how he got here. Wait, even better, why don’t you tell Jake why you left too!”

Jake looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “Yarrr, why did ya leave?”

Seth gritted his teeth at the question, trying to think of another way out of this situation. “Well, I ummm… Wait, why are we talking about this when guards are probably running down here as we argue?” He blurted out.

“To let us capture you again.” An emotionless voice came behind them.
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Default Re: Tesseract



Yitin took to his seat on a chair, set up for this meeting with the gates behind him. He looked forward to the blue rocky beast meters away from him, looking at him with blank red eyes. Behind the lead Metagross stood many of its kind, along with dinosaur like Pokémon covered in steel plates and armor that naturally grew on them accompanied by yellow Sandslash with a back full of brown spikes and long sharp claw for hands.

Yitin had no problem with the Sandslash, but it was the Aggron that unnerved him. They had the same blank evil looking eyes as the Metagross.

But that was just it, looking, not really evil eyes. Still, Yitin felt surrounded by Pokémon about to kill him. A small bit of comfort came with the knowledge that his own Pokémon and him were hiding, ready to attack if violence came.

He hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

“So, what is your offer?” The head Metagross commanded in a metallic voice.

“Can I learn your name?” Yitin asked.

“Tean, state your offer now.”

He gave a sigh of disbelief at how straight-forward the adamantine beast was. “I have spoken with the Council, we have three choices.

“The first, the one I recommend, is to combine our resources and Pokémon to make a city in the heart of Garuku and place it as the head city of the continent.

“The seconded is to cut the continent into two countries, one side for us in the west, and the east is for you. Unfortunately, to keep the land mass’s balance; you will have to move your city away from our territory.

“The third is to allow the spirits to choose what the plan is for us.”

The blue beast though this over for an eternity in its mind, which for four minds in a super computer the eternity was only a second or two. It gave its information to the rest of the head behind it, conversed and spoke up.

“We disagree with all three. Our economies are too different to place into one city, we prefer were we live now, and the spirits will guild us anyway, so that is not an option.” It stated.

Yitin looked at it surprised, buck quickly recovered. “Well then, umm Tean. What do you purpose?”

With the same murderous glare, Tean shifted its four legs outward. “Either you leave our home lands, or we will attack you right now.” It commanded, ready to lung forward with its immense weight.

Yitin didn’t like this day at all, and his nervousness had been well justified. He closed his eyes, giving a deep breath. ’Good by Wingull.’ he muttered in his mind, then shot a precise eye at the Metagross.

“I’m s-“ Before he could finish, the Metagross had already read what he would to say, and lunged its body forward, taking Yitin by surprised. With a large crunch and snap of metal, Tean stood up on all four legs and opened its mouth underneath it, chomping down on the metal below.


Yitin immediately pulled out of the psychic link with the hologram as he heard the grotesque noise’s of the Metagross’s stomach. He quickly typed at the computer in front and around him, alerting everyone at the bridge to lock down and defend the gate. Slamming his hand hard on the desk beside him, it cracked and fell to small pieces from his abnormal strength as he stood up in his dark personal office, the computer screens the only source of light, and teleported out.
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Default Re: Tesseract

Interesting. I feel bad for Yitin, though. At least it was only a hologram that got eaten or whatever by the Metagross. Anyway, keep writing, bru, and I'll keep reading. xP


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Default Re: Tesseract

Alright, thanks you again, Deathspector, for reviewing. (Other people are welcome, at least before I take out the shotgun ^^)

Anywho, here's the next chapter, ending Episode 2 (One of the longest episodes ^^;)

{Episode 2: Farewell Viaduct}
[Chapter four]

The voice started in his head as Lorrac walked down the Maze looking for the intruders. ”I need you to call Cann-“

“Already done, he should be there soon, I sent Steven with him too.”
Lorrac replied.

”How the hell did-“

“He was in the Maze, so I told him to go check up on the ‘chat’.”
He said, once again cutting Yitin from finishing. He turned another corner and walked down a hallway leading to the hanger.

”Then why aren’t you-“

“I’m busy.”

“Stop cutting me off! Busy with what?”
Yitin yelled.

“Some intruders escaped. I’m going to stop them from getting out; I already have Jason checking on the situation.” He mentally shot back.

”Then what’s the point in talking to you?”

Lorrac asked, almost innocently.

Again for the second time, Lorrac heard the other side hang up, cutting the connection instantly. Giving a soft laugh, he entered the hanger. He was caught by surprised as a purple rodent bullet shot into his face. He quickly scrambled around; scratching at his face as the Rattata once again climbed someone’s face. Finally he managed to rip the thing off his face, throwing it to his side annoyed. “Stupid rodent.” Lorrac snapped at the rodent as it recovered from the fall and scurried away.

Lorrac looked to see what had caused the thing to hit his head. There near the pool was the three wet escapees and a man confronting them. He could tell from the man’s black and white customized suit, and short black hair that it was Jason. The older man gave a grunt as the Seth, sitting on the ground shot a torrent of black sand at him, pushing him backward skidding against the ground. Instantly, the black sand disappeared into the ground like any other physical dark move would do.

Lorrac quickly helped Jason up as the three ahead looked around franticly for an escape. He gave the three a look of boredom. “Let’s finish this quick, the Metagross are already attacking again.” He whispered to Jason.

“Yes Sir Lorrac.” Jason responded in a blank lifeless voice.

Lorrac flexed his claws, inspecting the trio closely. He had seen the other two in the jail-and had already met with Seth before- but the one with the headband was new. Already, Jason held his hand out and shot purple fluid at them in a wide spray. The girl held her hands out, causing the fluid to hit against an invisible dome that now surrounded them. He stopped the attack, seeing it was of no use and lowered his hand, waiting.

The two standing humans kicked Seth, who was still sitting, yelling words Lorrac could hear. In that moment of weakness, Lorrac sped forward in an almost impossible speed, passing through the barrier the girl had set up with ease and slamming into the boy, throwing him into the pool behind them. The other two were taken by surprise, jumping back as the headbanded boy shot a hand at the dragon. A spark started to appear before he was shot into the water by Jason’s poisonous liquid.

The girl screamed as Lorrac hit her with his dragon fire claws, slashing at her side spinning her to the pool as well. The three swam up to the surface and looked up at the Dragonite and the man as they stayed afloat in the pool. The headbanded boy gave a violent cough as he struggled to stay floating, his face turning a new shade of green.

Lorrac gave a frown at the three wet prisoners. “I thought this would have been a better fight. I should have just went to Yitin. Whatever, you three are now prisoners, you will be charge for-“

Then came the buck toothed Pokémon, slamming into Lorrac’s face again, clawing with more intensity then before. The Rattata’s eyes shining an unusual red. Jason quickly snatched him off Lorrac’s head, his arm like a snake attacking its prey.

Jason held the Pokémon up by the scruff of his neck away from his own body, as the rat fling his paws around trying to hit something.

“What shall I do with it?” He asked.

Lorrac, filled with rage knowing it was the thing had flung itself onto him earlier, snapped back in anger, holding the many scratches on his face the Rattata just gave him. “Throw it in the pool! Let the Mew dammed thing drown!” With a small ploosh, the Rattata plopped into the water, quickly scrambling on top the green boy’s shoulder, who was worrying his friends from the coughing spree he had on.

It will cost you later.

“You might want to get healed soon; the poison can do really bad things if left untreated.” Lorrac said to the boy, attention away from the Goth girl as she sank down into the water.

’Okay, just stop it.

“What are you doing?” Jason said, pointing at the girl sinking underneath him. Lorrac gave a glance at the other boy, who was lying on the water floating on his back peacefully.

“Watching the ceiling come down.” Seth said in a cool calm voice, pointing up.

Lorrac and Jason immediately looked up, ready to jump from falling debris. But the ceiling was perfectly normal flat concrete with a few beams supporting it, untouched. The two looked back down, annoyance in the dragon’s face, calmness in Jason’s.

A dark ghastly dragon emerged from the water, not like any Pokémon Lorrac ever seen. The oriental creature’s skin was totally black along with the fir that was around its neck. It swept forward with red glowing eyes, much like the Rattata on the headbanded boy’s shoulder and the Goth girl that floated inside the beast. Lorrac was thrown backward along with Jason onto the ground, skidding until they hit a wall and stopped. The two looked up in horror as it slithered to them, raising its head looking down at its prey. With a deep breath, the dragon shot forth black gas’s as the two shielded themselves with their arms.

In the pool, the Rattata’s eyes went back to their normal pupils along with the girls as she floated back to her friends. The one floating adrift in the water wafted his arms around as all of them were covered in black sand and disappeared. As soon as they left, the dragon looking down upon them left as well, dispersing into mist and disappearing.

Lorrac was furious; he slammed his hand down, claws digging into the concrete. “Dam ghosts, I always hated their kind!”

Jason stood up, looking at where the prisoners were. “We must go and fight with Governor Yitin before the Metagross breach into the city.” He stated blankly.

“Whatever.” Lorrac spat out, standing up dusting himself.


Kimiko hovered on top of Jake, patting down his unconscious body with her good hand through the entrances light. Seth sat beside her on the dank cave’s floor, looking out the entrance inspecting the bridge near it. Outside, loud roars and fighting could be heard.

“God dam it Jake! Where the hell did you hide your potion?!” Kimiko fussed, looking through all of the seaweed green body for the potion originally meant for her hand. The purple Rattata sat at his shoulder looking down at him with interest to see what would happen.

Seth bit his lip hard, looking at the rage outside of Metagross, Alakazam and their lesser forces attacking each other. He knew if the battle continued, they would be found and capture.

Or worse.

Kimiko started to slam her hands on Jake’s chest in a saddening angry rage. “YOU DUMB ASS! WHEN YOU COME BACK, I’M GONA TORMENT YOU UNTIL YOU ORGANIZE YOUR SHIRT!” She yelled out, pounding his chest over and over again.

With a sigh, Seth stood up, walked over and placed his hand into one of Jake’s many inside pockets and revealed the potion inside of a small see-through bag. He gently tossed it to Kimiko as she scrambled to catch it.

“You KNEW WHERE IT WAS!?” She screeched, her murderous look locked onto Seth.

“Just make him drink it.” He replied sitting back down, holding his head up with his hand looking back out the entrance emotionless. Kimiko ripped the string off the top of the potion, opening Jakes mouth and poured the potion down.

With a gagging sound, Jake opened his eyes to Kimiko and took in the surroundings of the cave. “Aye, what happened?” He said in a weak voice.

“Organize your shirt, or next time you’re going to DIE!”

“But how did we get here lass?” He asked in a weak voice.

“Kimiko did some mambo jumbo, summoned some dragon to distract them while I figured out how to use my Faint attack to teleport us.” Seth started, “Now let’s find a way out of here before the war outside get’s too close, I can’t teleport us because that took all I had.”

Jake slowly got up, his body still weak, and with Kimiko looked outside the cave to the onslaught happening outside. The Rattata looked with interest too, sitting on Jake’s shoulder. Kimiko was the first to notice the rodent as she gave a big squeal and jumped away from Jake pointing at him. Seth looked up to Jake, spotting the rat on his shoulder.

“Hey Jake, you know you have a vicious, face eating rat on your shoulder.” He pointed out.

Jake gave a small look over, the Rattata looking at him to. Almost like some invisible message shot between them, he gave a smile and looked back to the fighting. “He’ll be me new pet.”

“A RATTATA?! ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!?” Kimiko yelled.

“No, I’ll name him… Vullix.” He responded with a grin. “After me old pet lost at sea.”

Seth quickly leaped up and jumped to the cave wall as an Alakazam’s body went fizzing by him, shocking both Kimiko and Jake not to move. The Pokémon hit with a large thud against the caves near back wall. Kimiko and Jake leapt beside Seth getting a closer look. Seth recognized the strong muscular body and the blue belt that the Alakazam wore. He gave a smirk, walking up to the feline like creature as it looked up to see Seth. He offered a hand to help the Alakazam up. It snorting at the idea, and stood on its own facing him.

“I knew it was you when they said there was an intruder.” The Pokémon said.

“Well, it looks like your war is starting to get more better than before.” He said sarcastically. “But I would have never thought that you; ‘Governor Yitin’, would actually fight in it.”

“Well I can fight more then you can imagine, anyway, it looks like your efforts in this war are as useless as your fighting skills.” Yitin shot back, and lunged forward, passing Seth and flying out of the cave back to the fight.

“Aye, what in the seven seas was that?” Jake said astonished he wasn’t obliterated by the thing.

“Just a little feud, now we have to go.”


Cannon shot out barrages of explosions almost everywhere as he floated at least one hundred feet above the battle, the crisp breeze filling the air. He didn’t want to damage his own soldiers below as they fought near the gates, so he focused all his attacks elsewhere to the land masses. Yitin had already been blown away by the leader, Tean it called itself, to a small cave on the shore and hadn’t recovered back yet. Below, he saw a group of Agrron moving toward the gate in all the chaos. Moving his arm he aimed at them and let loose another of his psychic attack. A thin, almost invisible laser like light pointed to the Agrron, and before they knew what to do with the line being shot at them, an explosion of purple psychic energy blew them away from the area and into other Pokémon. Cannon continued the same procedure to many more Agrron and Metagross, and to him, it was like a game. Choose where to attack that would damage the most amount of Pokémon. It was also very stressful as he spun here and there, unleashing his ranged attacks before anything went where they shouldn’t.

Below Cannon, solder Gallade, Kadabra and various others including clay dolls with eight eyes hovering from the ground fought valiantly. The Sandslash had already moved past the gate defenses on to fighting on the bridge, where they couldn’t dig by the Claydoll. He could hear clashes and the thud of bodies hitting metal below.

Utter chaos would have been an appropriate word to choose if it were not the Metagross, who had before hand, set up a strategy plan they had already placed in motion. The seemingly chaos of the opposing forces was a mask from something only a supercomputer could think of.

Cannon watched from above, making choices of where to attack, spinning here and there, his tail whipping around as her turned. Metagross below tucked their four legs in and flew up towards him at a slow speed. Cannon merely laughed at the attempt to attack and sent many explosive beams of psychic energy toward them. All struck their mark, showing an array of purple spheres giving the look of fireworks in the air. Anyone hit by the explosive death beams instantly fell back to the earth, slamming down into the ground with great impact from their weight, some hitting their comrades. More and more continued to fly up, and he continued to shoot more and more down, his focus now interested in the waves of Metagross as they appeared through the fallen enemy’s explosions.

From behind, steal vultures flew, their blade like wings shining red skimming along the air, their sharp long steal beaks pointed toward Cannon, cutting them a path toward him. In a flash of white light, the flock of Skarmory blasted forward, aiming at his back as he shot more and more Metagross down here and there, leaving the birds unnoticed. In a clear shot, the first of them hit with all its momentum, followed by the rest, one by one or in pairs at mach speed, some hitting the ones that had already slammed into Cannon’s body and the ones that his fell from the impact of the clone’s hard skin. They were like darts, and he was their dartboard. At the end of the group was a much larger Skarmory, flowing at the same speed as the rest.

Cannon was knocked off from where he floated as each hit with striking accuracy. Taken by surprised and left with scratches and burses on his leathery skin, he wavered in the air for a second or two, just about to fall from fatigue as the large Skarmory slipped its beak within his body with ease, Cannon giving a choke of blood. With a small shake of its head, the Skarmory dropped him down into the chaotic battlefield immediately afterward. Below, the Metagross stopped floating up, full knowledge their task had been complete and sent the information to the leader. They continued in the battle, some flying down with a metal fist, hitting the guards with the intensity of a meteor.

The conflict raged on as Cannon fell. Purple viscous fluid fell from the stab wound, his mouth and the many cuts that rid along his back.

He did nothing.

It didn’t matter what he did, the Metagross had it perfectly planed. Weaken him, and kill. The former had been done too well; his body was aching in pain and fatigue from the barge of explosions he had o-so-perfectly mastered and dispersed. He could hear below him the battle clashing, and hated not being able to do anything about it, his body too weak.

In a sudden blast of speed, Yitin shot at him, catching him midway to the ground in his arms as he leaped into the sky through clouds. Slowly, he landed back on the bridge, lightly placing Cannon’s body down on the metal ground and inspecting his wounds. They all were bleeding furiously, his shoulder had a large gaping hole filled with his blood. Yitin knew he would bleed to death soon and quickly placed his three fingered hand on Cannon’s forehead. In a blast of energy, he teleported him away to the closets medi-center for safety and stood up sighing at the newest injury of war. He looked at the hoard of Sandslash already on the bridge; the Metagross had now slammed through the gates and bashed anyone near enough to attack.

Steven walked beside him quietly, looking at the break in the gate with no emotion. “Shall I attack?” He asked.

“Looks like there is no other way, attack but watch for the bridge its-“ Yitin stopped in midsentence, thinking of what he was going to say, and gave a loud groan. “This is going to kill a lot of things isn’t it?” he rhetorically asked himself. “On my command, attack the bridge.” He said with a bit of anguish. “Cut it off.”

“Yes sir.” Steven barked, saluting. Yitin teleported away in a flash of blue, landing in his dark personal office and scurried to the communications computer. Furiously he typed until the bridge channel was accessed. The computer locked onto his mind and immediately started the psycho-communication.

”All personnel on the bridge, gate included. Teleport a safe distance away from the bridge, if possible, in Metris immediately. Be with haste.” With a few taps of the keyboard, he turned the channel off and changed it to locate and call Steven. His voice came on immediately.

”Yes sir.”

“Attack the bridge before the Metagross.”
Yitin commanded with misery filling his voice.

Almost immediately, Yitin could feel the death of the hundred year old bridge in his office. The bridge had crumbled at the feet of Steven. He reached for his head, rubbing the indent between his eyes the lead to his nose. It was common body language for Alakazam to do this, just like humans would rub their forehead after an experience like this. With a sigh, he contacted Steven again with a few tapes of a key as he sat down in a nearby chair.

”Yes sir.” Steven answered immediately.

”What’s your visuals?”

“The bridge just before land has fallen in the ocean along with the gates. Many casualties, mostly on the opposing side. Claydoll are rerouting information to your secondary computer.”

“That all I need, thank you.”

Yitin slid his chair to another computer beside him and tapped along the keyboard. The information popped from the screen, showing pictures of the bridge. He could clearly see were Steven had cut with his powers along the bridge. It ended abruptly at a melted line. Past that he could see the water until the main land were the bridge wreckage was stooped around along with the gates. Metagross had already started to walk up from the beach, escaping the watery deaths with ease.

Yitin typed more until the information for what he was looking for showed on the screen.

Metagross leader#? Name: Tean

Status: Living

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Alright, review and comments = <3

{Episode 3: Another Small Skirmish}
[Chapter five]

The trio escaped from the cave with haste as the viaduct was destroyed. After having to beat Seth into submission, he used his powers to teleport - or ‘Shadow attack’ - the three as close to home as he could. Seth complained that the attack used all his power and that he was unable to walk. He was again, beat by Kimiko and shortly agreed after to carry her in a forced manner, much to his misery. They travel the forest in hopes to get back to their home at the cove on the other side of the forest.


Surrounding the group was a mass assortment of trees and forest vegetation, much of it blooming in the evening sun. Mostly small bird, bug and grass Pokémon showed themselves as the group walked by; even large bee like Pokémon know as Beedrill roamed around here and there. However, less and less Pokémon could be seen as they got ready for the night’s sleep. Some were getting ready to wake for the night’s feast, like the brown owl-like creatures flew overhead searching for food. Every time a Noctowl flew over, the Rattata on Jake’s shoulders hid in the boys vest, fearing for his life. If Vullix had the choice, he would rather have the vicious black clothe-wearing girl attack him then the ‘evil’ Noctowl.

“Kimiko, your weight on me is that of a thousand piggy-wails. Can you get off now?” Seth complained as he brushed a few leaves out of his way. Jake, who followed behind, watched, laughing, as Kimiko hammered him over the head for the third time today, while she rode Seth in a piggyback. Vullix squeaked madly in a rat-like laughter on Jake shoulder, joining in mirth.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Kimiko screeched, reverting to her fire-eyes and sadistic-teeth mode.

“You’re… as… light as a feather!” he blurted out, having to stop every time she hit slammer her hand on his head.

“That’s better,” she said, crossing her arms while keeping balance on his back, the two behind them still laughing. “Now shut up Jake!” she yelled behind. “Unless you want some too?”

Both Jake and his pet zipped their mouths out of fear, but both still gave a large smile.

A little later

“Can I put you down yet?” Seth started again.

“NO! This is punishment for my hand and making us go to METRIS so WE can save YOUR lazy ***.” Seth gave her a nudge at her feet that were dangling from his back to his stomach. She responded by kicking him and continuing. “And to think that YOU went there to get that POKÉBALL to do something SOOOOO STUPID, if JAKE found OUT…” she raised her voice louder so the one mentioned behind them would hear.

Indeed he did, as he ran fast beside them, jumping over a few tree roots. “Yarrr, what be this that I’d kill me best mate here?”

Seth started laughing, unable to contain himself. Kimiko nearly fell of his back because of it, but managed to stay on my grabbing the back hair on his neck. The laughter was cut short with a scream of pain.

“GAAA! MY HAIR!” Seth yelled, holding the back of his head where Kimiko had yanked the hair. “I mean dam it! What the hell?”

“Tell him, or I pull your hair off.” She threatened.

“Fine. I laughed because mate means something-“

His scream echoed through the forest. Birds flew off the trees from the blast of noise as Kimiko pulled harder and harder on the back hairs just above Seth’s neck. Jake and Vullix smirked wildly, trying to keep from laughing while in Kimiko’s arm range.

“Holy Cr-“ again, she yanked his hair harder, causing him to squeal in pain.

“Tell him!”

“IwantedthePokéballtocatchalegendary,” he shot out as fast as he could.

It took a second to register the sentence into Jake’s head. “WHAT?! YE TRIED TO CATCH THE BLUE BEAST?!” Jake yelled, jumping to conclusions as happy Kimiko hopped off Seth’s back, waiting for the fight to happen. “WHY IN THE SEVEN SEAS WOULD YE BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT CATCHIN’ KYOGRE!” he yelled at the top of his voice, pushing Seth back and causing tripping him over a tree root. “YE LEAVE THE KING OF THE SEA ALONE, OR I SWEARS UPON ME GRANDMA’S GRAVE THAT YOU WALK THE PLANK TO HELL!”

Seth was scrambling on his back, trying to get away from the new raging, sadistic threat to him. Even though Seth himself was more powerful, Jake definitely had the intimidating factor working for him. “Okay! Okay! Okay! I won’t, just don’t hurt me!”

Jake pulled out his dagger, holding it threateningly at him with sparks fuming around his hand. “Don’t forget that I gots power too, more than enough to kill ye and send ya to Davey’s locker.”

Seth nodded in fear, his arm up ready to defend. Jake turned sharply and walked on, Vullix looking back at Seth quizzically and then back to his master. Kimiko walked back beside Seth, giving a small laugh.

“I wonder what you did to piss him off.”

“Shut up you manipulative bi-“ before he could finish, he had Kimiko’s foot slamming between his legs.

Another scream echoed through the forest, birds that had just landed from the last being forced back off by the groups flying past it. Several Sandslash living in the forest were staring to get extremely angry by all the screaming.

“Stop whining, I want to get back to the cove before nighttime!”

Experiment #37663

They were in front of me, almost as if I was nothing to them.

But then again, I guess I was nothing to them.

Their voices seemed distant, and blurred. Almost unheard. Only patches of what they said got through the tube they had me in. “I have ….one … to fi.d an. ..e other prisoners tha. .scap.ed. I sh..ld ge. r.sult.. s..n.,” one seemed to explain.

“Dam …….ss I’m go… to kill the. ..l!” the other said, anger seemed to plague him, while he ignored the other person.

“L…c! don’t s.. …t we.. th. …s … ……ing t…. If it weren’t f.. …..we’d neve of ….. h.r..”

I understood none if it but a few key word. Still, they continued to bicker on until my name was said.

“… Alex can’t b. h…e for …g. Sh.’ll d.. i. ..thing is”

“It, .s Expiri…. .37663. N.. b. .a.e. or else y..’ll get t.. …… ok.”

Still, nothing could be gained from their words, but the comfort one knew my real name.

At least someone knew.

I felt a twitch in my face, seizing at me. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. My left arm was stuck in outside the tube, its fire still burning and my left arm suspended and motionless from the paralyzing injections they had stabbed into me. Again, the twitching continued until I found myself opening my eyes, revealing the green liquid that I was in. The two figures outside took no notice, and continued talking. I saw one, the pitch black of coal, with wings and a tail. The tube and liquid distorted my vision too much to see in detail, making it impossible to see the one he was talking to at all.

But, my vision was finally renewed after who knows how long. I looked around at my female body. I was naked, with tubes and wires hooking here and there to me. I saw my arm, covered by a metal tube that lead outside the one that contained me, and my other arm floating lifelessly. Maybe it was better to keep my eyes closed. I didn’t think I could take looking at my body like that for very long.

I tried to move my neck, in the hopes that the paralyses had worn off. Again, I felt the slight twitching in my neck, and it moved around freely. On my face, I felt a smile as I could move more and more. I could feel my feet touching the bottom of the tube, the warmth of the liquid all around me.

And the pain of all the tubes supporting my body. Each one that was inserted in me. Small ones prickled like needles that had where stabbed in me. Larger ones felt like someone had taken a butter knife and slashed at me.

I tried screaming, but my lungs were full of tubes I hadn’t noticed before, blocking my air ways. The air it supported me with was too little for a fully wake and moving me, and slowly my attempts at screaming turned into holding my breath out of suffocation. My lungs felt as though they would collapse in on themselves, almost like a black hole was sucking it to a vacuum. I could feel my face almost bloat; not from air being pushed out or being held in, but the body’s blood losing oxygen. I started to panic, my arms trying to pull the tubes from my mouth, but all it caused was the pain of my throat ripping and bleeding into my lungs. My arms waved around furiously, trying to get the attention of the two creatures that talked in front of me.

But they continued on, as I suffocated.

And like everyone else, they ignored me.


Night had fallen in the forest, and the three were still not even half way to their home - or ‘cove’ as Kimiko called it – and Seth was already snoring away the night. Kimiko leaned up against the tree beside Jake, both kept awake by the large snore-fest from Seth.

“Why do you even like him?” Kimiko asked.

“Who?” Jake responded.

“Seth, you idiot!” she spat.

“Aye, why would ya like ta know?”

Kimiko shifted a bit. “I want to know because you seemed to forgive him pretty fast from what he did,” she answered.

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve known him for a good part of me life, and we’ve been through a lot.”

“So? He’s a lazy dumb ***. I mean, how much of your life have you known him?”

“For the last two years I’ve known the lad. Aye, we met at home, when we found him wondering the forest. Since then we’ve almost never been apart,” he explained.

“Do you love him?”

“Yes, I consider him my brother actually.”

Kimiko tilted her head to look at him. “Not what I meant, but it answers my question.”

“Well, he’s me best friend and I’d do anything for him. I don’t think I can remember a time we didn’t like each other. So it’s easy ta forgives him easy.”

“I see…” she trailed off, looking back into the darkness behind the visible trees. A small silence waited between the two of them. It was almost like an awkward silence until Jake disturbed it.

“Why did ya ask if I loved him?”

“Nothing,” she mumbled.

“What do you think of Seth?” he asked from nowhere.

“I’m sure you know my opinion. Stupid, ugly, dumb, lazy, an idiot. It’d be a better world with him gone. Simple enough,” she said casually.

“You have no interest in him?”

“WHAT?!” she yelled in surprise, slightly jumping from where she sat.

Jake flinched from the sound, Seth just gave a grumble in his sleep. “Aye, but do you like him as a person?”

“I don’t like boys, they’re disgusting, especially him,” she spat, pointing at the boy she especially didn’t like.

“What about me?” Jake asked, raising his eyebrows up and down playfully.

“You’re… Ok I guess…”

“Har Har! So you like me?!”

“Do you want to keep your balls, or lose them!?”


“Yes sir.”

“Then you accept?”

“Yes sir.”

“Right, no point in asking since you’re mindless. I want you to find them in your new form. I’m sure Experiment #37663 won’t mind when you take her form.”

“Yes sir.”

“Dam it, stop saying yes sir!”


“Can’t you do anything simple?”

“No sir.”

“… grrrrrrr…”

“How should I infiltrate.”

“First we have to get a personality change on you. You might be perfect for us, but they would see through the mind control easy.”

“How shall I change personality?”

“Can you gain personality when you transform?”

“I can only see their memories and gain their abilities Sir.”

“If we get you some drugs, we might be able to, but I think more meddling in your mind should be good. I’ll be able to make you experience personality and emotion. Hopefully I won’t make it irreversible.”

“May I ask why they, the three, are of importance?”

“Because Yitin, Lorrac and me know the black-haired male well. Plus I want to get on his good side by bringing him, but more importantly, I want to get information on Kyogre.”

“Why his ‘good side’ Sir.”

“That doesn’t matter to you. Have you told anyone about the Pokéball?”

“No Sir.”

“Good keep it that way. Now put it in the portable teleporter.”

Slip, Slam


“Mew Dam it! I hate my hands!”


The room had many computers in it that when lit up, along with the experiment tubes, made no reason for lights above. So the ceiling stayed empty and unknown for the Pokémon who couldn’t see in the dark. Lorrac was one of them, and he hated the fact something could be hiding there. It unnerved him. Yitin, who was standing beside him talking, had the luxury of being able to see in the dark. It was one of the things he constantly used in arguments to win whenever Lorrac brought up something about him being scared. Nevertheless, that wasn’t what they were currently arguing about.

“It’s Experiment #37663, not by name or else you’ll get too attached okay,” Lorrac spouted.

“What is it with you and always calling things by their experiment number? She’s a Pokémon too, not just something to slab a number onto!” Yitin countered.

“Do I know it personally? No, if I didn’t know you personally, I’d just call you that Alakazam beside me.”

“What about Cannon? He was nothing but Experiment #123 to you, and you even gave him a name!” Yitin snapped back.

“And guess what? I got to know him personally!” Lorrac blurted. “As much as I regret it now.”

“Well you know what?... Go away,” Yitin shot back at a loss for a proper counter. He was expecting Lorrac to do his usual wining laugh, but instead he twitched his head up like a fly had just flown by him.

“I sense something… amiss,” he started, almost in a daze. Yitin watched with mild amusement at what he would say. “It’s ether Cannon dying alone, or I JUST BEAT YOU!”

Behind the two of them, the door was flung open revealing Cannon. Unlike before, he had bandages over his chest and back, and supporting himself on a crutch. Lorrac quickly turned to him, wondering if he heard him.

“I would rather die alone, than in the presence of such a weak, ignorant, thick skulled, useless black Dragonite,” Cannon spat out.

“Well, I guess he did hear,” Yitin mussed.

Cannon hutched over on his crutch, hurrying to the green tube behind Lorrac and Yitin that held a girl inside. He quickly typed a few keys into the computer before them. “Stupid imbeciles! Experiment # 37663 is drowning while you argue about petty naming!” he spat as more oxygen transferred into the girl’s body.

Lorrac gave Yitin another smile as he continued to win the argument, and Yitin shot back an evil glare, giving him the unspoken message that this wasn’t the time. Lorrac’s face instantly went to ‘work mode’ as he walked beside Cannon and looked to the girl. “She couldn’t have woken up by her own, could she?” he asked.

“No, someone has cut the line from the paralyzing injections outside the tube,” Cannon responded, his voice back to the cool tone he usually had.

“I’ll check,” Yitin mumbled, teleporting behind the tube and started to inspect the many tubes behind the main one. “There’s quite a few cut behind here. The paralyzing injectors, the tranquilizers and life signs!” he called over.

“Just as I thought,” Cannon said, looking up at the girl who was fully awake and starring back with fear. “She’s been awake for a long time and the paralyses had just stopped working,” he explained. “Any specific cut markings?”

“Looks like a Rattata cut them with its teeth. O Arceus, the stuffs all over the floor. It’s sticky, and smells awful… I think my feet are going numb…”

“You two are idiots,” Cannon murmured to himself.

“At least we’re happy idiots,” Lorrac said confidently.

Cannon turned and walked away with a sigh of hateful pain through the door. “I’ll leave you two to clean up the mess, I need to capture another human.” The door slammed behind him as he walked away as fast as he could on his crutch.

Lorrac immediately followed him into the hallway, slamming through the door and stopped him before he got any further. Cannon looked at him annoyed. “What?”

“You can’t do a time shift, not in your form. You’ll come back a green mess,” Lorrac said sternly.

“It’s my duty in the Council,” Cannon retorted.

“Then consider yourself suspended until you’re fully healed.”

Cannon gave him a daring look, full of anger. “It doesn’t matter what state I’m in. If I can’t get more humans soon, the Metagross will have an upper hand on us. Do you want that!” he yelled.

“It doesn’t matter, they’ll probably die or run off anyway.”

“Need I remind you of the mind control I have in place now? Or are you trying to find reasons for me not to use it?”

Lorrac’s face turned sterner then before. “You’re suspended until you heal, that’s final.”
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
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Seth’s sleeping body lay upright against a tree; gentle snores could be heard from his body as he slept peacefully. On the other side of the tree was Jake, snoozing in the same position and snoring like Seth. Kimiko was further from than by a few trees, stretching her arms and awakening from the slight sunlight coming from the east. With a big yawn she attempted to scratch her head, only to discover the pain of squishing her wrapped up hand against her head. She gave a quiet squeal and held her hand close to her body, trying to numb the pain of the injury. Quietly she stood up, wiping the dirt and leaves from her clothes and giving another stretch. Behind her, the two boys silently snored away. All three teens were blissfully unaware of the scavengers that watched them.

Kimiko hopped over a few roots until she reached Seth and Jake. She looked a Seth with an evil glare and kicked his legs as hard as she could. Seth awoke with a crash into the branch above him, successfully shaking the birds out of the tree. He looked around frantically as he landed back at the stump of the tree.

“What the?!” he exclaimed groggily, half asleep. With a glance up, he quickly scrambled against the tree gasping for breath, trying to get away from the girl that stood in front of him in a melodramatic fashion.

“Shut up,” Kimiko spat, giving him an evil eye. “Wake up Jake, we need to start moving now. The sooner we get to the cove, the sooner I can get back in my hot tub.”

“I, umm whash?” Seth asked, wiping his hands against his eyes. “What time ish its?”

Kimiko gave him another kick in the legs, this time more violent than before. “Time to get up!”

“Ok! Ok! Ok! Just let me get up,” Seth whined, attempting to lift himself from the ground with the branch above him.

“Just hurry up!” she spat, crossing her arms and walking back to her tree.

Once Kimiko was gone, Seth rose up, tripping here and there like a drunk man until he fell onto Jake. Jake immediately woke, jumping up and pushing Seth of him and tripping himself.

“Aye mate, what?” Jake whispered as Vullix jumped on to his shoulder from the tree.

“We have to start moving before the evil Goth chick kills us,” Seth said, wavering around trying to keep balance as he tried to stand. “We’re supposed to get home so Kimiko can have her bath.”

“Yarrr, just me luck. I didn’t even realize we had a bath…Did ya have to get her that mad at ye?” Jake said, petting Vullix and rubbing his chin.

“Just get up, I just want to get to my bed.” Seth yawned, stretching his arms.

“All right mate, just let me find something to eat.” Jake yawned as well, cracking his back.

“Good idea, get me some too.”

“Ya, ya. I’ll get Kimi some while I’m out too,” Jake said as he walked off.

“And watch out for the giant bee thingies!” Seth made an imitation of a Beedrill, attempting to use his hands as their giant eyes and lances at the same time. All it did was make him become dizzy and fall over.


The hidden creature watched in the shade of the tree as the young boy walked away from the other. It communicated something to the other being that were hidden as well. Their eyes watched the boy through the many leaves until he was finally far enough away from the other two humans. With a few lunges, they silently leaped from tree to tree in quick motions too fast to clearly see. The boy they followed was unaware of the creature slowly stalking him, but the small Rattata on his shoulder took notice. Every time the creatures jumped, the purple rat cranked his head to look, sniffing the air.

Ahead of the boy was a tree with a collection of fruit hanging from its branches in a small clearing. The creature knew it was a trap, and the boy was heading right for it.

Around the tree were many of its kind, hiding away in the fruit and digging underground ready to strike. They placed themselves where they could trap anyone that dare take from their food source. The boy continued to walk until he met the tree. Slowly he picked fruit off, placing it inside his leather jacket. The Rattata on his shoulder looked around franticly, sniffing the air.

With a quick slash of the creature’s claw, a small needle shot forward hitting the rat off the boys shoulder. The boy immediately spun around, shooting his arm out as a large thunderbolt that hit beside the creature. Shock waves from the ground shook the trees and caused the fruit to fall all over. All around the boy, yellow and brown Sandslash erupted from holes and many fell from trees along with the one that originally stalked him.

The stalker Sandslash had a large scar against its face, passing through one of its black eyes. The boy lifted his rodent pet from the ground and it quickly jumped back up on the boys shoulder. Surrounding him was a small army of Sandslash, their claws all extended for intimidation. Slowly the stalker Sandslash walked forward, apparently the leader of the group, and with a quick swipe forward of its claw, the small army lunged forward to attack.

Throughout the area, static and electricity went crazy, shooting everywhere for a few seconds before ending in silence. A deadly silence ensured.


I looked around franticly, trying to spot anything that would lead to the lost idiot Jake. To each side of me, tree’s zoomed past my running body. I Held my injured hand the idiot gave me near my body and my good hand was used to push aside any branches or leaves away as I ran past them. Roots and bushes were stomped and mangled ahead of me. Soon, I stopped at a large tree with fruit trashed around it. Burn marks scorched the trees everywhere. I recognized them as electric attacks, and immediately I thought of Jake. I quickly look around for any hints of where he might have gone.

On the ground, I saw holes and small spikes everywhere. My gaze eventually met with Vullix’s unconscious body near fruit, just barely breathing. I ran forward and picked the rodent up, holding him away from my body. The last thing I needed was a rodent crawling on me. Slowly I put him down on a leaf sitting near the big tree, still keeping my distance but having to bend down to reach. I couldn’t help but give a shiver of disgust as the rodent rolled around on his new bed.

“Hey! Kimiko! Have you found him yet?!” Seth’s voice yelled from behind me. I slowly got up to see the lazy bum running up to me, remembering who I was searching for.

“I don’t know, his rodent’s here unconscious and there’s a bunch of fruit lying around,” I yell back, straightening my back and giving another look around. Seth stopped next to me and started to look at the Rattata.

“I hope he didn’t get attacked.”

“We saw his lightning bolts shooting everywhere, I’m pretty sure he got attacked you idiot!” I yelled in his ear. He jumped up, holding his ear and gave a yell of pain.

“Come on! Do you have to be so mean?” he whined.

“Do you have to be a sissy?” I shot back. “Hurry up; I want to get out of here.”

He bent back down to Vullix’s body, looking back at me to make sure I didn’t do anything else. He shook the rodent’s body until his eyes opened up. With a few blinks he got off the leaf and shook himself. “Well, looks like you’re all right. Now do you know what happened to Jake?” Seth asked.

Vullix rotated his head to the left, inspecting Seth. Quickly he jumped up onto Seth’s face, clawing him and climbing around. Seth screamed like the girl he was, and started to run around trying to pull Vullix off his head. I would have helped him, but it was too funny to let it stop. So instead, I laughed and pointed my finger, following Seth run. Eventually he slammed into a tree, flinging Vullix off him and onto the ground.

Seth’s face slid down the tree and stopped as his head hit the ground. He muffed out something, but I couldn’t hear it. Didn’t really care anyway. Below me, Vullix ran past, sniffing the air until he pointed his grubby paw to a hole in the ground.

“Hey Seth Mc’tree lover! I think the rodent knows where Jake went,” I said, looking back to him.

He slowly got up, dusting the dirt of himself and walked over cautiously watching Vullix. Bending down, he looked at the hole.

“So King Kong thinks Jake went down there?” he asked.

“It took you that long to figure it out?” I exclaimed. “Wow, nothing gets past you.”

“Shut up…”

I looked at the hole more carefully and slowly put my leg into it. I couldn’t feel any solid ground until half my body was below ground level. Vullix jumped in front until he was inside the hole completely.

“I don’t think-“

Before I could finish my sentence, I could feel a big claw grab my leg. It pulled on me, trying to force me down as I grabbed onto the dirt around the hole to keep me up. “Seth! Something’s got my leg!” I yelled, reaching out for his hand. Before he was able to grab my hand the claw yanked my down the hole into a cave just small enough for me and whatever was holding me to fit. Frantically I tried to grab the cave’s wall with my good hand, but every time I did, it would collapse into dirt.

I could feel the dirt now turning moist under me; my good hand was almost numb from clinging to the walls. My knee was bleeding from the force of the creature dragging me against my will. Soon, I gave up trying to resist. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I decided to just let the thing drag me where ever.

This was all Seth’s fault. If the idiot grabbed my hand, I would’ve been up there still looking for Jake. But noooo.

I was going to kill him the next time I saw him.
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
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