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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-21-2008, 03:59 AM
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Default Final Fantasy 1 <PG-13>

Welcome to my very first general fan fic, and yes, my mind decided to make a final fantasy fan fic... I hope y'all enjoy it!!

This fan fic is Final Fantasy 1, because it's my first final fantasy fan fic, so no asking... ^^

Oh, and every chapter, I'll post a map (which is like the pokemon map), to help you know the way where our characters are going. Also, some towns and routes here are all made up, so I'll place its pronounciation the first time that word is mentioned... Let's start!! ^^

<-+ Chapter 1: Start of the Troubles +->

Wars of iron that's happening,
Those were swords that always sting.
Tragedic happening it was indeed,
Royal bloods shed just for one royal deed.

Many died in shock and fear,
Innocent ones that's in the rear.
Beasts, and swords, everything were used,
Everyone living is accused.

One man stood in front of all,
The war will end, some had fall.
Preventing everything from happening,
It must be a prophecy for something.

Few centuries ago, many tribesmen created this so called "Dark Prophecy" that a dark being shall engulf everything that stands within its reach. From little humans, to huge countries, from little pencils, to the huge world. Everything will be engulfed just so that the dark being will be born, but some part of this prophecy had included a yound Vandelikan (van-de-lay-kan) boy will be called upon the forces of Yolena (yow-lei-na), to give him a special mission, a mission that anyone has never ever done before.

Today, there a young boy, who goes by the name of Aleno, living in The Capitol City State, Vandelika (van-de-lay-ka), he was 16 years old, practically good enough to fight sword by sword knowing that bloodshed will occur. One time, Aleno went to the weaponry shop to go to some man who is giving Aleno an errand, an errand that something must really be done. He had open the doors of the shop, inside he had seen many weapons that may be used not just for training, but for real combat as well. Swords, bows, guns, katanas, every weapon was inside the shop, he hurried further to the store's owner to know his mission,

"Ah, Aleno nice to meet you again!" The man said. The person talking to Aleno was no ordinary man, true it is a monster-being, but his specimen were made for human living, it had a blue skin, somewhat having a reptile-like tail, that's keep swinging back and forth, it had been wearing light clothes, with some armories, light armories rather. Aleno replied to the man by a silent nod, but he did not hesitated to ask one thing to the man,

"So, what kind of mission will you give me Yugira?" Aleno asked, as Yugira took a drink from his bottle, knowing that it was indeed some wine. Yugira stood, walking slowly towards Aleno, tapping Aleno's shoulders before he could tell what kind of mission Aleno would do,

"I need you to deliver this for me..." Yugira said, giving Aleno a letter. "Go to Zyhe (zay-hee) Riverbanks, there you will meet her. She is from Yolena, so be careful. After all, we are Zalerons (za-le-rons), right?" Yugira added, taking another sip from his bottle. But Aleno already wondered how will he go to Zyhe Riverbanks when he has no weapons to use for training, nor for combat. But suddenly, the man took a crossbow at the storage room of his weapons, giving it to Aleno, knowing that we gave it to Aleno so that he could use it to go to Zyhe Riverbanks,

"Thanks Yugira! But how am I going to go to Zyhe Riverbanks? I barely know the way!" Aleno said to Yugira, as Yugira lend him a map to tell the directions,

"Go south of Vandelika, there you will find the Jhidane (ji-da-ne) Jungle, go a bit more to the east, and there you will find the Zyhe Riverbanks. Got it?" Yugira said, as Aleno replied with a silent nod,

"But, is it okay if--"

"No, the others must know of this... or something might happen!!" Yugira cut what Aleno will say,

"But Yugira, you know I don't know how to fight!" Aleno said, his eyes starting to fill with tears,

"I'm sorry Aleno, but it is for your own good if the others won't know about this!!" Yugira said,

"I know! Even if I know how to fight, I'm afraid..." Aleno said, his tears starting to fall down his face. Yugira took his handkerchief and wiped Aleno's tears, knowing how he felt to proceed with his mission without noone ever knowing that Aleno is fighting against vicious beasts,

"I know how you feel... but it is the only way!!" Yugira said,

"I'm afraid that bloodshed might occur, Yugira!!" Aleno said, as he left the shop with the letter and the bowgun on his hand, as he opened the doors of Yugira's shop, he headed outside to find a dojo to train his crossbows with before he could even deliver the letter to the Yolenar down at the Zyhe Riverbanks. Yugira felt more nervous as Aleno left the shop, he was afraid that Aleno will be the one killed by the beasts, so he prepared himself to come with Aleno.

Meanwhile, Aleno is roaming around Vandelika when he had bumped his sister, she was wearing a nice bright dress. She immediately ran from Aleno, because she had seen Aleno's crossbow, Aleno felt more troubled at ever, so he ran faster than he could to find a dojo in the middle of The Capitol City State, Vandelika. He searched for hours and hours, roaming all over Vandelika when finally, one girl stood in front of Aleno,

"Hmm... you're going to the Vandelika Dojo aren't you?" The girl said, he was wearing a hood so Aleno couldn't see her face very clear. But still, Aleno stood up and nodded silently, he was afraid to talk so he hid his crossbow behind him, and with it, Yugira's letter, he was afraid the she might steal his letter. "You think I'll steal your crossbow and your letter boy?" The girl giggled, as she removed her hood, it revealed a girl who had a white skin and a slightly blonde hair, "Hi! I'm Malende (ma-len-dey) Nice to meet you!" The girl said, as he pulled Aleno's hand, rushing straight towards the Vandelika Dojo.

Even though Aleno had not been much outside of his house, he was still very surprised to see the whole Vandelika, still, he had been wondering who is Malende, and why does she know that Aleno's going to the dojo. There were many mysteries in Aleno's head that it troubled him all day. Until they had reached the dojo, Malende released Aleno's hand and waved her hand goodbye to Aleno, as she faded onto the distance until she was seen no more.

Aleno went inside the dojo, inside he saw a bunch of people training how to use different weapons. There were some practicing how to use some swords, some practicing how to use katanas, and some are even practicing how to use some guns. Male or female, there were many persons indeed inside the dojo that made Aleno surprised, he had never seen such a large dojo in his life. Until a man wearing light armors came near him, it approached him and examined the crossbow he had held,

"Hmm... Yugira gave you the crossbow didn't he?" The man asked, Aleno was shocked the the dojo instructor knew Yugira, so he held the crossbow closer to him, but his emotions ran as he was not afraid to had a conversation with him,

"How did you know Yugira? You're trying to steal this crossbow aren't you!?" Aleno said, holding the crossbow as tight as he could,

"Don't worry, I'm Yugira's friend, Garen!" The man said, as he examined the crossbow more,

"Why are you examining the crossbow anyway?" Aleno asked,

"I'm checking if there any flaws in this crossbow Yugira gave you..." Garen said, as he took a magnifying glass from his pocket, carefully checking each corner of the crossbow which made Aleno think weird stuffs about Garen,

"Uhh... anyways, I'm here to train how to use the crossbow, Yugira had sent me a...." Aleno said, as he remembered that Yugira said that noone must know of his mission,

"A...? Picture? Another weapon?" Garen asked, beginning to wonder about Aleno. But still, he agreed to train Aleno how to use the crossbow so that he could do whatever Yugira was letting him do, which made Garen even more curious about his old friend Yugira,

"Thanks so much... are you an expert on using such weapons Garen?" Aleno asked as he roamed the dojo, carefully watching many people train different weapons in different uses. As Garen started to lead Aleno to the room in where to train people who will use crossbows,

"Hmm... not much, I barely know how to use bombs..." Garen said,

"Bombs? I think they're the easiest of all weapons!!" Aleno replied back, as he quickly entered the room where they will train. Inside, he had seen many people practicing how to use the crossbow, he knew that the people were great users of the crossbow, so it made Aleno a bit eager to learn how to use the crossbow,

"Come inside, I'll introduce you to these persons who are using the crossbows too!" Garen said, as Aleno entered the room. Aleno started to have the feeling that he was being watched, but he just ignored it for once, until Garen started introducing him to the crossbow users. But Aleno couldn't ignore the feeling that he's being watched,

"Uhh... Garen, could I go outside and get some fresh air for a bit?" Aleno asked, and Garen replied with a nod. Aleno hurried to go outside the dojo and into the streets of Vandelika, he had seen nothing but he still receives the feeling that he is being watched.

"Cling!!" some metals clang each other, as it come closer and closer to Aleno, which made him very nervous. Another cling, the clinging metals clang louder and louder, as a mysterious man wearing a cape with a hood appeared before Aleno, which made Aleno very nervous of what might happen to him,

"You come with me Aleno, bring your crossbow too..." the mysterious man said,

"Why? Who are you and what are you going to do with me!?" Aleno asked, he started sweating heavily, his nervousness grew larger and larger as he wondered much of the mysterious man,

"I'm here to help you, Aleno, just go and get your crossbow and we'll be on our way!!" the mysterious man said, as he started to get angry because of Aleno's being stubborn,

"Where are we going anyway? If you tell me everything what I ask you then maybe I'll come with you..." Aleno started to have a deal with the mysterious man, but he nodded in agreement,

"We are going to a private place where I could train you use the crossbow very well to help you deliver that letter to a Yolenar at the Zyhe Riverbanks!!" the man answered,

"Huh? How'd you know that...?" Aleno asked, which made him wonder about the man more,

"I'm sorry.. I'll tell you that on the way when we're going to the place, Yugira gave you the mission huh?" the man said,

"Take off your hood first, then I'll get my crossbow from Garen!!" Aleno said,

"Very well..." the man said, as he started to took his hood off, revealing a long haired man, wearing a black jacket and a silver shirt underneath it. Truly, it made Aleno more curious who the man is that appeared before him.

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