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Default Naruto Hurricane Chronicals | The Perfect Ninja

Sasuke: The Perfect Ninja | Naruto PNH

Episode 1- After the Cursed-Nine Tales Battle | Hope for Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke is walking around in a forest... he seems to be holding his left arm. Kakashi is after him. Let the Alternate Reality of Naruto begin. This is a new path... a new journey of a Perfect Ninja.

"Sasuke... where are you?" Kakashi thinks to himself as he jumps from tree-to-tree searching for one of his students.

"Naruto... why did you have to be so stubborn?" Sasuke thought to himself as he sat down, back up against a tree trunk. He started to smile a bit and then coughed up blood. "Oh well... if it wasn't for you... I would've killed you... and followed my brother Itachi's disgusting path."

Back in the Village Hidden in the leaves. Naruto lay on a medical bed in pain; blood dripping from his forehead. His headband in his right hand. He seemed to be in a deep, deep sleep. Alternatively, coma to be specific.

"Sasuke... Sasuke...why? Why are you running away from everyone who cares about you? Why are you leaving Sakura, Kakashi, and I behind? Do you realize how much we need you in the leaf village? Neji... Lee... Shikamaru... Kiba... Choji... and even Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro have fought for you. WHY are you doing this? Answer me!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke.

"Why...why...why..." Sasuke laughed. "Because... I want more power. You would not understand. My older brother, Itachi, murdered my mother, father, and the whole Uchiha Clan. I am the only one in this world who can kill him. In addition, if I am not... I will be the only one to kill him..."

After that short dream, Naruto woke up...sweating. Naruto looks around, not knowing where he is. He looks out the window. Seeing the beautiful trees and the clear blue sky. He immediately knows. "The Leaf village? But--" Naruto looks at the door as a girl with pink hair and a pink outfit walks in.

"Oh, Naruto! You're okay?" Sakura exclaims.

"Sakura? How did I get here... alive..." Naruto asked her.

"Kakashi-Sensei saved you," said Sakura.

"That means... Sasuke is back too. Where is he? I want to see how he is doing!" Naruto smiles as he tries to get out of bed. Nevertheless, falls down on his butt shortly after standing up. "Ow! My leg..."

"Naruto!" Sakura yells. "Don't try to get up so fast. And--about Sasuke..." Sakura begins to say but breaks out crying instead.

"Did he... did he die?" Naruto asks her.

Sakura's tears fade and she punches Naruto on the head. "No you jerk!" Sakura shouted. "Sasuke spared your life and Kakashi is out searching for him now. He told me to give you this." Sakura finishes as she hands Naruto a headband with the leaf symbol in the center of the silver metal plate. It had a scratch on the metal plate from the left to right. Cutting directly through the leaf symbol.

"'s!" Naruto grabs it and grips the headband tightly. "I'm...sorry Sakura..." Naruto begins shaking and tears fall from his face.

"What are you sorry for?" Sakura asked him.

"I promised. Moreover, I still could not get Sasuke back. Maybe he was right...I am a weak loser." Naruto says.

Sakura hugs Naruto, crying as well. "I'm sorry if I ever called you names Naruto. But you tried...and I thank you for that."

Back in the Forest...

"Sasuke!" Kakashi shouted seeing him below from a treetop. Kakashi jumped in front of Sasuke from the tree.

Sasuke seemed weak and hurt. "Why are you here Kakashi?" Sasuke asked him as he stood to his feet.

"I want to bring you back to the leaf Sasuke..." Kakashi told him.

"I'm not going back there... I need more power. Naruto has gained power from out of nowhere and I will find more...I need it...if I want to Itachi..." Sasuke replied.

"Naruto gained power by training with of the Legendary Sanin," said Kakashi. "Will you come back if you get more power by training with me? It will be just as tough as or tougher than when we trained for your match against Gaara. Your friends don't want to lose you Sasuke..."

Sasuke smirked, "Whatever." Sasuke walked toward Kakashi and waited for him to start talking again.

Kakashi seemed relieved and looked up at the sky. It seemed too turn from cloudy and dark to clear and blue. "So... if it wasn't for me coming here after Sasuke...he would have been with Orochimaru. Being 90% of what he could be. But... training with me will make him both good and stronger...which will make him the...Perfect Ninja." Kakashi thought to himself as he made a tent for them to stay in until they were ready to return to the Leaf Village.

"Kakashi...I am...going to be the purest...smartest...strongest...Ninja from the Uchiha Clan ever. No matter what...I will kill my brother. Even if it means killing Orochimaru myself...I will learn to control this curse'll see..." Sasuke said to Kakashi before falling to the ground unconscious.

"He's in worse shape than Naruto...He had been worse mentally thanks to Itachi... but now he is physically damaged. His arms and legs are weak so he needs to rest." Kakashi thought to himself as he watched Sasuke sleep. He then picked him up and began jumping tree-to-tree toward the Hidden Leaf Village.


"Sssssssasuke..." A voice hissed from the dark shadows. Sasuke lay unconscious in a Hospital bed. It is approximately 3:15 A.M. Sasuke does not budge. "Look at you Sasuke..." It continued.

Sasuke opens his eyes, as he looks around, unable to move neither his arms nor legs. At that moment, Orochimaru and Kabuto stand beside him. The lights are now on...but they are dim.

"What do you want Orochimaru?" Sasuke asks.

"I want you...Sasuke..." He says to him. In addition, begins to laugh evilly. Kabuto joins him but then begins to talk.

"You look weaker than ever Sasuke...even weaker than Naruto." Kabuto adds.

"Kabuto shut up... we cannot afford to anger him. Even in this condition. That is because we need his body...I need his body...but not in this condition. That is why I will be giving him some of my chakra energy along with one of my jutsu. He can have this sword as a bonus. Along with these clothes." Orochimaru explains and puts them on a small dresser beside Sasuke's bed.

"Seems that there is hope for you after all... Sasuke Uchiha..." Kabuto thinks to himself and with that. The two rogue ninja disappear.

At 7:00 A.M. Sasuke rises out of his bed. "Well, well, well." Sasuke thinks as he moves his arms, hands, legs, and feet. "I feel healed...but I must get stronger."

"Impressive recovery Sasuke..." Kakashi says as he walks into the room. "You can actually move after that long-term paralysis. So... what do you want to do today?"

"!" Sasuke answers Kakashi and smirks. "Naruto must already be gone...or..."

"Sasuke!” Naruto shouts. "You're're really back!" Naruto smiles and laughs. He jumps on Sasuke...hugging him tightly. Tears are leaking from his eyes. "Sakura will be so she won't beat me up and call me a loser for not following up on my promise."

"Get off of me you loser!" Sasuke shouts and pushes Naruto off him.

"I've got an idea...Naruto you'll be training with Jaraiya won't you?" Kakashi asked him.

"Yeah...why?" Naruto asked him.

"Good...I'll be going outside of the village with Sasuke. We need to get some tough training in," said Kakashi.

"He seems more outgoing than usual about training...what’s going on?" Sasuke asks himself.

"Sasuke...where did you get these clothes?" Kakashi asked Sasuke. "They look alright. However, I am sure you want to put your Uchiha Clan symbol somewhere on it right? It is funny but it looks as though you have thought out your length and width for these clothing. You even have a sword." Kakashi starts saying and does not stop.

Sasuke and Naruto stare at him and then finally snap..."SHUT UP!” They shout.

11: 30 A.M.

"Well I guess this means goodbye until we meet again Sasuke and Kakashi-Sensei..." Naruto says. "Sasuke... you better be stronger when I get back or else..."

"Whatever...if you don't rank up from Genin to Chuunin in 5 years... I'll kill you for real..." Sasuke threatened Naruto but seemed to be joking. They both smirked and parted ways. Naruto and Jiraiya walked one way and Sasuke and Kakashi walked the other way. Sakura stays in Konoha and trains with the fifth hokage and Legendary Sanin Tsunade. Along with her assistant Shizune. Stay tuned for the next awesome episode of Naruto PNH...
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Default Re: Naruto Hurricane Chronicals | The Perfect Ninja

Sasuke: The Perfect Ninja | Naruto PNH
~Episode 2- 2 ˝ Years Later~

“Doesn’t seem to have changed all that much…except for the additional Hokage Faces,” Sasuke said to Kakashi as they walked into Konohagakure.

“You’re right,” Kakashi agreed. “THAT and it seems peaceful now.”

“Peaceful? There will not be any kind of peace while Naruto has that Fox in his body and I have this Curse Mark. Orochimaru will always be after me…” Sasuke explains to Kakashi. Sasuke seems to have gotten taller and calmer than when he and Kakashi were last in Konohagakure or the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

“He has really been thinking ahead lately. Not only does he have Orochimaru to deal with…but his own older brother too. It is amazing that his mentality isn’t crushed.” Kakashi thinks to himself as Sasuke stops walking. Kakashi notices that Sasuke stops. “What’s wrong?”

Sasuke says nothing but looks up and sees no one else but…

“Naruto Uzumaki is my name ma’am.” He tells an old woman who rewards him with Ramen coupons and some money.

“You’re a very nice young man. I hope your dream of becoming the next Hokage comes true.” She tells him, walks inside her house, and closes the door.

Naruto has a large smile on his face and puts his money and the coupons in his left pocket. When he turns around, he screams. “Sasuke and Kakashi-Sensei…”

“OH NO…” Sasuke thought to himself as Naruto walks up to the two ninja. “What do you want, Naruto?”

“I just wanted to welcome you back Sasuke and to say that I am a Chuunin now,” Naruto says with his eyes closed with his nose high in the air. An anime sweat-droplet can be seen on his forehead.

Sasuke immediately punches Naruto, making him fall. “You are the worse liar ever…I can tell that you’re still a Genin. Don’t worry though, I don’t have time to beat on you…now,” Sasuke says.

Naruto holds his nose and stands up. “Wow…you have definitely gotten stronger since the last time you punched me. You didn’t even put much strength into that punch either…”

Kakashi is surprised by how high Naruto’s maturity level has gone up since he was 12-13. “It seems you have really grown since the last time we met. What did you learn from Jaraiya?”

“Well, the Pervy-Sage taught me a couple of things. However, if you must know specifically than you’ll have to see in a sparring match-up.” Naruto smirks.

“I might actually get a work out from you now Naruto…but Sasuke might want to show you his skills too. Right, Sasu--ke…” Kakashi finishes as Sasuke walks up to Naruto.

“Naruto… do you really believe that you will be the strongest ninja ever?” Sasuke asked Naruto.

“Yeah…not only do I believe it, I know it!” Naruto exclaimed.

“Whatever,” Sasuke smirked. “You will remember the day when you’re being punched by 10,000 fists in the end.”

“What do you mean by that?” Naruto asked Sasuke.

“Let’s have one last fight against each other before Team 7 is officially back together…” Sasuke said to Naruto.

Naruto smiles and scratches his head, “I don’t want to hurt you Sasuke…you could’ve gotten soft.”

“Sasuke…Naruto is way stronger than you now,” Jaraiya informed him.

“Shut up, old man. Don’t you ever tell me a lie again?” Sasuke shouted. “You can only dream of what you have done because it is the only thing you have left. That means, you think Naruto is stronger than me because of who you are and what is inside of him. However, I have two things inside of me. I’ll show you…”

Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Jaraiya all run off to the training field.

“Are you ready, Naruto?” Sasuke smirked. He took his Leaf Headband off and put it on the ground.

“Yeah, aren’t I always?” Naruto smirked in return.

“Then come at me!” Sasuke shouted…

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Default Re: Naruto Hurricane Chronicals | The Perfect Ninja

You need to hurry up and finish the next chapter. I need to see how the battle ends. How strong could Naruto really have gotten? Oh the anticipation. Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, I subcribed.

Click it if you want to read
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Default Re: Naruto Hurricane Chronicals | The Perfect Ninja

Originally Posted by Rage12 View Post
You need to hurry up and finish the next chapter. I need to see how the battle ends. How strong could Naruto really have gotten? Oh the anticipation. Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, I subcribed.
Thanks and I am making it as we speak. Plus, I don't want to show neither Sasuke's or Naruto's true power too quickly. So don't get mad at me if the fight isn't showing anything...
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Default Re: Naruto Hurricane Chronicals | The Perfect Ninja

Sasuke: The Perfect Ninja | Naruto PNH
~Episode 3- A Fight Put on Hold~

“Bring It!” Naruto shouts back and charges full speed at Sasuke. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Naruto yells.

“Humph!” Sasuke smirks. “This old trick again? I won’t even use the Sharingan to dispose of those pathetic clones!” Sasuke removes his sword from the sheath and wields it in his right hand.

“Oh, no!” the clones yell and are immediately destroyed with one slash. Naruto jumps from a tree behind Sasuke, Rasengan!”

Sasuke turns around with a surprised look his face as he is hit by it. “Yeah, I beat Sasuke!” Naruto exclaims. However, he soon finds out that Sasuke used the Substitution Jutsu. Sasuke stands behind Naruto, with his Sword at Naruto’s neck.

“I could’ve killed you by now if I wanted to,” says Sasuke. “But, you aren’t worth wasting energy on.” Sasuke puts the sword back in his sheath and walks away from the training field. Naruto was shaking but as Sasuke leaves, he has a large smirk on his face. Sasuke is now walking through the village hidden in the leaves and goes to the door of his old room. “Still looks the same…” Sasuke thinks to himself as he lies on the bed. He stays there for the rest of the day, until a knock on his door his heard. He opens the door and sees Sakura and Naruto. “What do you want?” Sasuke asks them.

“I just wanted to welcome you back Sasuke,” Sakura said. She hands him some flowers and a plate with fish and Rice cakes. “Surprised? Well, Naruto wanted to get you Natto but I know you hate it so I bought these instead. Naruto opens his Cup of Ramen and begins to eat. He walks in Sasuke’s room without permission. Sasuke looks at the food and flowers for a long moment and then smirks. “I guess I’ll take it,” he says and Sakura hands him the food. Sasuke closes the door as Sakura walks in.

“It’s been a while since I could relax like this with you,” Sasuke said. “It almost feels like I never went through so much with my brother. However, I have so much to take care of with him… his death is my number one priority!”

Sakura looks at Sasuke like she wants to cry because of how messed up his past is but she also looks as though she wants to smile because he returned to the leaf village. What nobody knows though, is that during the time that Kakashi and Sasuke were returning to the Leaf Village. Sasuke took down Orochimaru after learning as much as he could from him. He has killed Deidara after creating his Team, known as Team Snake. In addition, he has fought his brother. Too bad, he did not kill him though. Nevertheless, he learned some important information about The Greatest Uchiha… Madara.

“Guess we’re sleeping here tonight…” Naruto announces.

“Is that alright with you Sasuke?” Sakura asks him.

“Whatever,” Sasuke replied and went into his room. He climbed under his sheets and fell asleep after thinking about Madara.

*Flashback | Dream*

Sasuke and Itachi are standing face to face. Itachi begins talking about Madara Uchiha. Moreover, the secret behind the Uchiha Clan.

“Madara Uchiha… Learned the “Final” secret of the Mangekyou Sharingan?” Sasuke asked Itachi.

“Yes… the last, and most important piece of the puzzle,” said Itachi.

“Most important? What is it?” Sasuke asks Itachi. Itachi stares at Itachi, not answering his question. “Well? Tell me.”

“…The story is one of our Clan’s histories. Long before our time…” Itachi begins. “A story focused on Madara Uchiha and his brother… His younger brother.” Sasuke looks at Itachi as if he is crazy. “The two of them were equals in every possible way and were constantly competing to become the stronger one.”

*Flashback | Dream Ends*

After that, Sasuke awakes. Birds are chirping and the sun is shining brightly.

“Is it too peaceful for you now, Sasuke?” Kakashi asks Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura stand beside him. Sasuke smirks and stands up out of his bed, ignoring Kakashi’s question. Sasuke puts his sheath with the sword in it on him and walks out the door behind Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi.

“Sakura… She seems to have gotten stronger. Her attitude has completely changed since the last time we saw each other. I remember that day as if it was yesterday… Just as I remember how Neji, Shikamaru, Choji, Naruto, Lee, Gaara, Kiba and Akamaru, Temari, and Kankuro fought to get me back that day against the Four Sound Ninja and Kimimaru. Also… The best memory I have back then. The fight against Naruto at the Waterfall. Where Madara and the First Hokage had their glorious battle.

“Before we start our missions. I must tell you all something. Yamato and Sai are all right. I know you have not seen them… Not including you Sasuke… anyway, I know you have not seen them for a while but they will see you soon. Before I start, I would like to inform you Sasuke, that we are no longer Team 4. We are now equals and are known as Team Kakashi.

Sasuke looked away for a brief moment. He noticed Sai peaking at him from around the corner. He looked back at Kakashi and nodded. He remembered Sai from the day that he was with Naruto and Sakura in Orochimaru’s secret lair. He disappeared and Sakura was startled because she did not even notice he had gone. Neither had Naruto nor Kakashi. Naruto smirked.

“Why are you spying on us, Sai?” Sasuke asked the young teenage boy. He looked about 15 or 16.

Sai looked back. He did not notice Sasuke was behind him until he began talking but he was not startled either. “I don’t call this spying. I call this observing. And yes, there is a difference.” Sai showed no emotion as he talked and disappeared.

Sasuke shook his head. “What a loser” He thought to himself and appeared back beside Sakura.

“Well, Team, our first mission is to eliminate the Akatsuki.” Kakashi informed them, reading the mission off a sheet of paper. “This is an S-Ranked Mission.”

Sakura was shocked. Naruto began sweating but had a smirk on his face. Sasuke showed no emotion what so ever.

“I want each of you to choose one person to be your partner on this mission. My partner is Yamato if you must know. Overall, the team will include ten ninja.” Kakashi left after telling them that and they ran off to choose their partners.

"Ten?" Naruto asked confused. He wanted to know who the other two were.

"I think the other two are Sai and Yamato," Sasuke said to Naruto. Guessing by the confused expression on his face that he was wondering who the last two ninja would be.

To Be Continued….

On the next exciting episode of Naruto… Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto will introduce Kakashi to their chosen partners. You may be surprised what news Kakashi’s has to tell them as he arrives to their meeting spot early. And believe me… There is no such thing as good news when Kakashi is early.

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Default Re: Naruto Hurricane Chronicles | The Perfect Ninja

Here is Episode 4. Episode 5 is where the real action begins!

Episode 4- Unexpected News! Another Organization to Takedown!

Sasuke was running rooftop to rooftop. He already knew who he wanted his partner to be. It really was not very hard to figure out. But, whoever Sasuke picked, Naruto and Sakura would pick someone on that team too.

Sasuke stopped running as he ended up on the Training Field, just outside of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. There he saw Neji Hyuga, Tenten, and Rock Lee.

Neji had seen Sasuke and the others before Lee and Tenten had because of his Byakugan.

“Sasuke Uchiha,’ Neji said calmly and then turned to face him. “ What are you three doing here?”

Naruto quickly ran toward Rock Lee. “Hey, Bushy-Brow!” He yelled.

Might Guy have punished rock Lee for not being at practice the scheduled time? He made Lee do 500 Push-Ups. Lee was on #499 until he dropped when hearing the voice of Naruto.

“Aw, man.” He thought to himself and stood up. “Hey, it is really you Naruto!”

“Uh, yeah, whatever,” Naruto quickly responded. “Would you like to be my partner on our mission to take down the Akatsuki?”

“Isn’t Guy-Sensei the partner of Kakashi-Sensei?” Lee asked Naruto. Naruto nodded and Lee suddenly was filled with energy. “I will take you up on your generous offer Naruto! Thank you for asking.”

‘You’re welcome I guess,” Naruto said to him. He then began to think, “Wow he and Super Bushy-Brow Sensei are weird.”

Tenten agreed to be Sakura’s partner because Neji agreed to be Sasuke’s partner. Wherever Neji went, Tenten went.

“Well, we had better meet Kakashi and Guy back at the Memorial Stone area.” Sasuke told his peers. They nodded and they all were off. Guy and Kakashi had just finished sparring. Kakashi won.

“Well, Kakashi, you’re up by one. The score is now 50 to 51!” Might Guy exclaimed.

“Nice try though Guy,” Kakashi said to him. Kakashi looked at his team and then their partners. He liked the partners of each person.

Both Sasuke and Neji have Kekkei-Genkai. They are the same in unique ways. They make the Perfect Team. Naruto and Rock Lee are talented. Naruto is hotheaded and Lee has a way with words. He can keep Naruto’s attitude and level of frustration under control. Then there is the power and IQ Level of Sakura. Then the amazing amount of tools from Tenten and her incredible accuracy. They both have high-levels of Chakra Control.

Kakashi began to speak. “Before we set out on our mission. Tsunade has just informed us of another organization that mocks the Akatsuki called Reimei, or twilight. They have ten members also. They have the same clothing as the Akatsuki. However, The Reimei clouds are blue and the rest is white. They are almost as powerful as Itachi Uchiha and Pain. Their Leader is stronger than Pain. So, the Reimei might be more difficult to defeat. Are you all up for this SA-Ranked Mission?” Kakashi asked everyone.

They all nodded. “Good.” Guy blurted out. “Very, very good!”

Yamato and Sai finally showed up at the Memorial Stone and seemed tired.

“Yamato, have you already been informed about the Reimei and told Sai?” Might Guy ask Yamato as he walked toward them.

“Of course,” he answered without hesitation.

“Then how about we head out?” Kakashi suggested looking around. “Everyone ready?”

“Humph!” Neji smirked.

Sai said nothing and showed no emotion.

Yamato, Sakura, and Naruto nodded.

“Yes!” Guy and Lee shouted with great pride.

“Mm-Hmm” Answered Tenten.

“Whatever,” Sasuke said, showing no emotion.

“Then let’s go!” Kakashi exclaimed. And they all disappeared just as soon as he shouted those last few words. ‘

“Seems as though the Village Hidden in the Leaves know so much about us already, eh Drago?” A Reimei Member said to his partner now known as Drago.

“I guess so, Kimera.” Drago responded.

To Be Continued...

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