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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-13-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default Why are you out here?

This is a story of a Polar Bear, in the hard times that they suffer now.

So long. So long since the last time I had caught a seal through the ice. I missed the succulent taste of the blubber and the soft smell of blood that reeked the air once I had made my kill. I shook my head. I wished for a fat, tasty seal to just glide by me. So I could grab it and finally get a meal. I paddled, further away from my home, away from the solid ice that housed no seals and closer to the open ocean. Where, hopefully, I would find food. I was so hungry, even a gull would make a tasty meal. Or maybe a herring...

My mouth watered and I shook my head, no time to be wasted, I needed to find some fish, fast. Seals would be around there. Somewhere. Paddling faster, I scouted out a writhing mound of water in the distance. Gulls were flocking above it, diving down underneath to catch the tasty treat below.

Fish! I'd found food! My eyes shone, I was so hungry, I was quite certain I could eat a whale. Whatever that was. I'd never seen one. When the humans had begun to invade that Ice, we Polar Bears had been able to drive them off, they'd been scared of us! Then... Then they brought strange shining sticks, that shot little rocks... Those rocks hurt, I'd been hit by one once, but I'd been saved by a rift in the ice. The humans can't cross rifts that easily. I was lucky that the water was so close.

I swam to the school of fish and thrust my head into the swarm of silver, I bit deep and caught three or four in my maw. Quickly swallowing the treat, I went in again and decimated their ranks, my belly filling. When I was full, surprisingly, there was still quite a large amount of fish left. The dolphins were coming and I decided to get back to land. At least I'd found a meal. Maybe the seals would come back to the Ice some day soon.

I looked nervously at the clouds, they were grey and very angry looking. I thought the ancient spirits might send me a tide to help me home, but today... Today they sent me in the other direction. My strength failing, I tried to fight against the steady current that was dragging me out to sea.

"No..." I gasped, inhaling the salty sea water, trying as hard as I could to push against the unyielding waters.

A gull soared overhead, watching my plight. Arctic creatures weren't usually friendly, we mostly kept to ourselves.

"Female White Bear," It croaked, "You seem lost," The gull flew a bit lower, but not into my reach.

"I have to find land!" I gasped at the avian, "My cubs... My cubs... Males will kill them!"

"And no seals since the humans built their metal cages..." The gull croaked and pointed seaward, "There is a large Ice Mountain floating on the water, only a bit to the Sun Set. I think you could land there," It croaked as the winds intensified.

"Thank you friend, I hope I have the strength to make it!" I gasped, thinking only of my cubs.

"As the humans stay," The Gull shreed, "We animals must stick together. Only the strongest on the land will survive. Maybe... Maybe the Wind Animals will be safe..." He whispered as the wind carried him away.

All bears knew that they were the strongest on the land, nothing could beat them down. Only the humans and their sly, cunning ways.

"If I am the strongest, why can I not find food..." I thought bitterly, "Why am I stranded out here?"

My paws touched the side of the iceberg. It was steep. I'd have to use the last of my energy to claw my way up. I picked a goal ledge and began to climb.

AN: I'll finish this later, just a one off.
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Old 05-14-2008, 10:21 AM
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Default Re: Why are you out here?

Is this your Science Talent Search thing? I like it so far. Keep going Ellie.

history is interesting.
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