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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-12-2008, 08:39 PM
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Default a chance encounter

Sunshine shone brightly through the giant forest trees. Light fell gently on a young trainer Purgta dressed in black jeans and a grey jacket. He had shoulder length coal black hair. His eyes shone a bright emerald green. Following alongside him was his faithful companion Charmander. The small reptilian shone an orange hue in the sunlight. When he grinned razor sharp teeth were visible. The two friends had been hunting in the woods for a new friend to join their ranks. It had been two days since the two comrades had entered this confusing forest to begin their quest.

"I can just feel it Charmander this is our lucky day. Now remember if you see something large, blue, with a huge shell on its back shouting out Blastoise just tell me ok?" Purgta said as he smiled confidently.

Charmander just stared up at his trainers face blankly offering no support or criticism. The path they trod on wove and bended constantly. The path seemed dusty suggesting it was frequently travelled on. Glancing at the midday sky Purgta spotted smoke rising into the air. Most likely from a woods land cottage close by. Turning around a sharp bend the two witnessed a strange sight. In the middle of the pathway was a young girl aged around eight years old playing with some marbles. That however was not the odd part. The odd part was that she was dressed in a perfect fitting Pikachu outfit. She glanced briefly before returning to her game. The two companions watched as she continued seemingly to ignore them. At last her game finished she turned to face the two strangers.

"Pika Pika?" The young Pikachu impersonate asked

"Oh its just a Pikachu. Lets move on Charmander!" Purgta replied dismissively.

"Are you lost?" The young girl queried

"Arghhhhh it talked!!!. Wait we have to catch it Charmander This talking Pikachu is worth a fortune" Purgta shouted

Charmander looked at the girl embarrassingly seeming to say that he was not with this fool of a trainer. Suddenly Charmander heard the command to use ember on the young girl. Charmander glanced up at his trainer to see if he seriously did believe this young girl was truly a talking rodent Pokemon. What he saw shocked him. His trainer honestly believed that the girls act was true. Charmander refused to participate in this farce deciding rather to watch and see how things developed

Charmander whats wrong?. Why will you not fight? oh well this Pikachu looks pretty weak anyway, Pokeball go! Purgta shouted his voice full of emotion

the pokeballs aim was true and struck the young girl on the head. Tears began to form on her cheeks and then the wailing began. Like a siren it rose in intensity until it was painful to the ear. Purgta had a puzzled frown on his face. Wondering why his pokeball had no effect he prepared for another throw. Suddenly a blast of water sent Purgta reeling backwards. Attempting to rise he caught a glimpse of a boy most likely aged around fifteen. Blonde hair blue eyes and a bright orange charazard suit made for a ridiculous sight. The suit itself looked as if it had been patched up repeatedly

OOC: i kind of hit a wall and cant think of what else to put in. if anyone has any ideas for me please pm me. also i hate how wooden the first paragraph sounds.

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