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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 15: Conflicting Views and Breaking Ties

The same black man that restrained Riku. was walking by in one of the many dark hallways of the Slayer HQ. Designed to confuse all intruders. The man however, was ineffective these traps, due to being a Slayer. A man who’s head almost hit the wall was behind the black man. He wore a wooden helmet that covered his entire helmet. There were only two eye holes for the man to look through. He too, wore the captain garments. He asked,

“Where are you going 6th squad captain Jinan?”

The black man turned around. He showed a faint smile and then went back to his blank expression. He replied,

“The same place you are going 7th squad captain Regenan.”

Regenan looked at Jinan. However Jinan could not look at him. Jinan was blind and relied on his senses alone. Regenan knew this very well since he was Jinan’s best friend since they both entered Slayer Society. Both of them wanted to cure the injustice of the world no matter what it took. The two began to walk side by side. They opened a door to see the other captains in the room. Commander Regga was sitting at the head of the table. Next to him was a man with short brown hair that was just above his eyebrows. He wore a light green around his white captain coat. The other sitting across from him wore narrow glasses and was a very pale Hispanic. He was very nervous and twiddling his thumbs. He looked like he was only 13 years old. He wore the normal clothing. A small bit of sweat came down his forehead. He was very tense but for no real reason. In the next row was a blank seat and the one across was a short women with long black pigtails. She was calm but looked very strict at the same time.
The empty seat was obviously for Riku, but his position was stripped of him. Then in the next row were two empty seats which Jinan and Regenan took. The next row was the man with spiky black hair and scars on his face. Then there was a women across from him who looked very young and beautiful. Her eyes were a bold blue and her hair was bleach blonde. She was smiling vibrantly like she had just won a prize. She had large breasts and any teenage boy would have instantly fallen over at the sight of her. Then in the next row was a man with long silky black hair that was elegantly combed. He had a hairpiece on his head that had three holes in it which three locks of hair took up and gave him an elegant noble appearance. Across from him was a large man who was even larger than Regenan. He was very plump though and had no physical lean like Regenan. He wore wide black glasses and his zanpakuto was extremely large. Then at the other end of Regga was none other than Akaida Tenzo. Regga then stood up and put his cane into the floor with a commanding presence. He explained,

“Riku Woerner is sentenced to death by the Legend Zanpakuto. This will annihilate his soul and bring back Mitchell’s. His powers will be stripped from him and we will kill all of the humans that have powers. Then the balance of power will be evened out.”

After they heard Mitchell and the humans would be killed half of the captains were outraged and confused while others were calm. The man with the green coat on stood up and said,

“If I may, Commander Regga, what point in there is this senseless killing? Riku is not an enemy to us. He failed to kill the humans because of their new found ability. One captain can not bring down 6 lieutenant level Slayers. It is unheard of. All 6 of them have a release and are even working to get a second release. They are growing stronger to save Mitchell. I know we can all sense his spiritual pressure inside of Riku. We simply have to drain Riku’s Slayer power so that we can give Mitchell an edge in his inner battle. All we need to do is research a way. We have to stray from this pointless violence.”

Then Akaida stood up calm and smiling. He asked the man with the light green coat,

“If I may, Genio, it appears to be that you want Riku to live longer? Where are your alliances? Are you with us or Riku? Don’t tell me that you’re siding with the spettros. You want everyone to live but us. You’re saying the humans get stronger, but would that only give more reason to kill them, when you want them to live? I sense betrayal in your heart Genio.”

Genio scowled at him and said,

“Akaida, Mitchell was one of your greatest subordinates and your ready to just throw him away?!”

Akaida was still calm. Even though Genio was calm before, Akaida was much older than him and was more of a politician than a fighter. He could break down a comment and turn it against anyone. Akaida smiled again and said,

“I’m following orders. Slayer Society comes first before anything.”

At this comment much of the captains took the side of killing Riku and the humans, While Genio, the 13 year old boy, the man with the hair piece, the blond girl, the women with the long brown pony tails and Regenan were still uneasy about Akaida and this order. Commander Regga let out a low bellow and everyone sat down and were silent. He commanded,

“This meeting is over. The execution of Riku will be in one week.”

The 6 captains were all stunned. There was tension as the captains walked out of the room. Genio and the 13 year old boy walked away from the group. The boy asked,

“Riku is being executed. Commander Regga would never do something like this. There’s something going on Genio.”

Genio was silent for the moment. Akaida was acting strange as well. Its as if the moment Riku came back from that mission, Akaida changed. He said,

“Its alright Gabriel. We’ll figure something out.”


Akaida was in his quarters. There was a knock on the door. Then Akaida simply nodded and Jinan, Hado, and the large man with black glasses from the captain meeting. Jinan kneeled and said,

“The meeting went perfectly Akaida. Everything is going according to plan. We’ve broken up the captains and now everything is being set into motion.”

Akaida smiled and said,

“Good, now Jinan I want you to guard the North gate of Slayer Society. Diro, you’ll put your military corps guard the other three gates. You, yourself, will keep guard in your own squad’s area since that is the largest area. Hado you’ll keep guard on the spiral staircase. I’ll keep in my quarters.”

They all nodded there heads and left the building.


The man with the spiky black hair and eye patch was lying down on a large building that had the number 8 on it. He said,

“There’s a battle approaching, I can’t wait. I can’t get rusty.”

Then a small toddler that looked only 4 years old with bright pink hair suddenly jumped out of no where onto the man’s stomach. She also had the Slayer outfit. No one would think for a second that she would be a Slayer. She yelled,

“Zetty! I heard that Riku’s gonna be executed. Is that true!?”

The man sighed and said,

“First of all my name is Zeto, Rosa. The next is that yes it is true. No doubt the human’s are coming. So I’ll finally get to fight someone strong.”

Rosa smiled and cried happily,

“Hey Zetty’s gonna have some fun!”

Zeto simply sighed and went to sleep.

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 16: The Arrival

There wasn’t much more to do. All the training they had done wasn’t wasted. They had prepared for the worst, and expected the worst. Every one of them had full knowledge of everything that was about to unfold for them. Everything was set in place. It had been days since they first started training. Leo, Rose, Dominic, Elizabeth, Marade, and Sophie all were standing in a circle in St. Catherines. There was an intricate pattern on the ground that was glowing blue. Each one of them had a zanpakuto in their hand. Each also wore the Slayer clothing. This is what they really were. There was no doubt about it. Leo said,

“This is it everyone. We’ve been training all for this moment.”

The other’s nodded. Sophie then knelt on the ground and began to chant,

“Way of Transportation Number 20: World Switch!”

Suddenly the blue light engulfed the entire group. The group then disappeared from St. Catherines. They were in a tunnel of light. All of them were simply flying through the tunnel. Dominic explained,

“Everyone try and hold onto each other. We’ll have a better chance of arriving at the same spot.”

The group tried to hold on to each other but the pull from the spiritual pressure from the warp constricted their already limited movement. A white light was at the very end of the tunnel like passage way. They tried to hold onto each other one last time but as they gazed into each other’s eyes the group was sent in all different directions. A portal opening up above Slayer Society. Six white blasts of white went out in all different directions. Every Slayer in Slayer Society saw it all and rushed to the area where they had landed. Immediately a voice came over the speakers in every section of the Slayer quarters,

“Six invaders have entered Slayer Society. Access granted to kill the invaders and to use full force if necessary.”


Marade had landed just next to the squad 6 barracks. There was a crater underneath her. She got up and rubbed the back of her sword head. She took out her zanpakuto and said,

“Surprisingly no one’s here yet. I guess I’m a lucky one.”

She smiled and laughed briskly walked along the path closest to the large white castle, where she heard from Dominic, it was most likely where the Slayer’s held Riku. Then in a sudden moment two Slayer’s where in front and behind Marade. One had long blue hair that went a little past his shoulders. The one behind her had bright yellow hair that was spiked up like two horns. The one with the blue hair said,

“Squad 6 15th seat, Hiro Sedoro.”

The other man with yellow hair cried out in joy,

“Squad 6 16th seat, Firo Tedo. We’re gonna kill you before you do any damage.”

Marade turned around to look at Firo who was grinning like a mad man. She unsheathed her zanpakuto and said,

“Oh I see. Well I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

In a flash of speed Marade was in the air with her zanpakuto. She was on the other side of Firo and his shoulder’s immediately had deep gashes in them that let out two streams of blood. He fell to the ground and gasped. Then in one last breath of air he struggled,


Hiro was instantly shocked. From the briefing the squads received humans weren’t capable of such power. He had heard they had no more power than someone who was at the 20th seat. But, this girl easily just took down a 16th seat. This had never been heard of. He unsheathed his own zanpakuto and said,

“That was luck, I’ll stop you here. Break, Martello.”

Hiro’s zanpakuto changed into a double sided hammer. The handle was about 4 feet long and the hammer’s stuck out. They were both sledge hammer size. Marade said,

“Impressive, but that won’t do much to me.”

Hiro grunted and retorted,

“What did you just say to me trash?!”

He charged at Marade and slammed one side down on Marade who simply stepped back wards. Hiro yelled out in annoyance and tried to get her chin but Marade flipped backwards and kicked Hiro in the jaw. Then when she flipped back she lunged forward and stabbed Hiro in the gut. He gasped,


He fell to the ground unconscious. Marade simply jumped onto the roof top next to her. She said,

“That was too easy; I hope everyone isn’t as weak as they were.”

In another instant a man with spiky red hair and a cross tattooed across his face had flickered only yards in front of Marade. He said in a very loud tone,

“I’m the 3rd seat of Squad 6, Shiro Edega! Identify yourself invader!”

Marade smiled and said,

“My name is Marade Corrigan, former Lieutenant of the 6th squad.”

Shiro’s eyes widened. He had no idea he was facing against a lieutenant level. They were highly regarded. Not to mention he knew this lieutenant all too well. He was one of her main subordinates. He said,

“So you came of all people, Andi. How many more of you are there?”

Marade recognized Shiro. He was her subordinate while she was a lieutenant. She knew everything about him but he knew almost everything about her. She answered,

“Another 5, 6 including me...”

Shiro was silent. He took out his zanpakuto. He pointed it at Marade and then charged forward at full speed.


Sophie had landed safely and quietly, since she was a master of the demon magic. She looked around and noticed that she was at the squad 10 barracks. She was on the roof and in another split second there were two Slayer’s with decent spiritual pressure. Sophie sighed and said,

“I’m Sophie Aquistapache. I’ll finish you both of quickly. Incant, Libro.”

Her zanpakuto turned into a handheld book. She opened it up and said,

“Lightning Style: Double Bolt Attack.”

She extended her other hand and two bolts of lightning instantly shot down the two Slayers. Two black marks were on their guts from the lightning. Sophie kept her book at her side and began moving to the white castle. She thought,

“So many varying spiritual pressures. This one is...!”

A very tall man with a large zanpakuto at his side. He had a buzz cut and had bulging muscles. He said,

“5th seat Squad 10, Giro Tetro. I wish I didn’t have to fight you, Antonia.”

Sophie took out her book and opened it up turning to the mid-section of the book. She said,

“I see...”


Elizabeth landed at the 9th squad barracks. She was inside one of the barracks surrounded by Slayer. She saw all of them and immediately jumped out. She took out her zanpakuto and began running. However a Slayer appeared behind her. His hair was short black, and he had a Central American look to him. His hair was gelled as well and his eyes were a bold brown. He said,

“I thought I recognized this spiritual power. You’ve returned for Riku. I’d help but, I have orders to kill you. The law overrides my emotions right now.”

Elizabeth smiled and laughed. She knelt down and rested her zanpakuto on her back. She asked,

“Is that so? That disgusts me that Slayer Society would change you so much...Ben.”

She flickered and was behind Ben, bringing her zanpakuto down on him from above. Ben turned around and blocked it with his own. It had a red handle and the guard was shaped like a diamond. He said,

“I had no choice.”

Elizabeth scoffed at him and backed off. She yelled,

“Everyone has a choice! Separate, Spade!”

Her blade began to separate into four shuriken that began to spin around at high speeds. Ben was quiet. Elizabeth was quiet and a tear rolled down her face. Ben said,

“Show yourself, Tigre.”

His zanpakuto changed into a large spiked mace. It was black and brown. He said,

“I’m going to finish this quickly Paige. I didn’t want to fight you. It looks like your serious bout fighting me though.”

Elizabeth nodded and another tear rolled down her face.


Dominic had landed right outside the barracks perimeter. There were dozens of men in ninja uniforms. Dominic assumed these guys were the military corps. He said,

“Looks like I’ll have to fight past all of you guys. This won’t take long.”

Dominic threw off the cloak that covered his robotic half. The military men were shocked. They knew Dominic all too well. Two panels on Dominic’s arm opened up and two gun barrels came out. The military corps started to flicker to get to Dominic, but Dominic had already started firing his gun and the men went down one by one. He only hit them in non-fatal points so none of then would die. Once he took out the few military squads that attacked him. He began moving forwards towards the white castle. Then a tall thin girl flipped off the barracks and landed in front of Dominic. She said,

“7th squad Lieutenant, Gabrielle Hitoro! I have to fight you now so try and make it easy on me!”

She had a huge grin on her face. It was as if she was about to enjoy the fight. Dominic said,

“I’ve got no time for lieutenants. I have business I need to finish.”

Dominic flickered past her and kept moving. In only seconds, Gabrielle was in front of Dominic with her sword at his neck. Dominic jumped back and said,

“Looks like your not taking no for an answer.”

Dominic brought out his metal arm and laughed. His hand folded back and a hole was in his arm. A long laser extended out that formed into the shape of a blade. He said,

“You’ll wish you didn’t challenge me.”

Gabrielle smiled and giggled. She said,

“Silly, I don’t want to fight your weak sealed sword. I want to fight your released sword. That would be really fun!”

Dominic got impatient and charged at her yelling,

“Don’t underestimate me woman!”

He slashed at Gabrielle but she simply did a back flip and said,

“You won’t do much against me without your released sword. So I’ll release mine so you will be forced to use yours! Split, Autumno!”

Her zanpakuto split into two chakram connected by a long chain. A veil of fall leaves surrounded her and then fell to the ground as she one of the chakram flew out. Dominic put up his arm and blocked it but was pushed back. He thought,

“This is some spiritual pressure!”


Leo made a huge entrance as he came crashing down into Slayer Society. He came falling near the Squad 5 barracks. He slowly climbed out of the whole rubbing his head and groaning in pain. He groaned,

“Ow that hurt! We could have come up with a better way than almost getting killed.”

As Leo got up a Slayer was waiting for him. He had medium length blonde hair and compared to the taller Leo, he looked very short. He stood on top of one of the buildings from the Squad 5 barrack. He said,

“Hey, looks like your back. I’m gonna take a wild guess it’s for Riku?

Leo looked up and put his hand in front of the sun. He realized who was up there. He said,

“Oh so its you Aledo. Your right but, I would suggest you move aside. I don’t wanna hurt you or anything.”

Aledo laughed and pointed at him with his zanpakuto. He boasted,

“Yeah right! I’ll take some weakling like you on any day!”

Leo just smirked and pulled out his zanpakuto.


Rose landed safely near the Squad 3 barracks. She looked up around her surroundings. She said,

“Looks like I ended up at Riku’s barracks. Lucky me.”

She looked up at the shining white castle. She said,

“Alright it looks like that’s where I need to go.”

She took a step but a Slayer had flickered not far in front of her. It was a man who had half of his head shaven and a red tattoo right under his right eye where his head was shaven. The other half of his head was covered completely by long dark brown hair. He said,

“3rd squad, Lieutenant Jiro Garanara.”

Rose took out her zanpakuto and said,

“Rose Peterenchik, leave now before I kill you.”

Jiro said nothing but take out his own zanpakuto. He said,

“I’d like to see you try, Rose. Your power is leagues below my own.”

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 17: The Refusal

Marade blocked Shiro’s blade and jumped into the air and over Shiro. She smiled and said,

“Don’t tell me you’ve gotten slower now Shiro. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t fight with your full strength.”

Shiro then pointed his sword up and he said,

“Pierce the sky, Toraidento!”

Shiro’s sword began to extend as it turned into a long golden trident. It went after Marade but she easily dodged it. She said,

“I see, so you’ve already released. No mercy I guess.”

Shiro said nothing but his trident slowly went back to a normal side. Then he pointed it at Marade and it extended again. Marade flipped to the side and dodged it easily. She said,

“You’ll have to do better than that Shiro.”

Shiro then swung his trident to the right at Marade who flickered and was above him. Shiro detracted his trident and then extended it again swinging it at Marade. She blocked it with her sword and flickered back to the ground. She wasn’t smiling anymore. She said,

“Heh, looks like I have to do this the hard way. Swarm, Apee!”

Her sword started to turn into a swarm of shuriken who had blue strings that led to a small device on Marade’s back. She said,

“I’ll finish this quickly.”

She quickly moved her hand and the shuriken started to fly towards Shiro. In a moment Shiro pointed Toraidento at the shuriken and a huge wave of water shot out from the trident and it the shuriken sending them in all different directions. The water continued towards Marade. She quickly flickered up into the air and her shuriken followed with her. The water dripped off and fell to the ground. She said,

“Your zanpakuto’s ability is not only to extend and attack in wide arcs but you also have control over water.”

Shiro held up his trident and the water on the ground began to increase in mass and size as it shot up in huge waves at Marade. She quickly flickered out of the way but she had no chance to counter attack. Some of the blue strings began to slowly retract into the metal machine on her back. Then other shuriken came out. They were the exploding shuriken. She moved her hand forward and the shuriken flew straight at Shiro. Shiro brought down his zanpakuto and a wave of water shot out from mid-air at Marade. Marade disconnected the strings and they went through the water. Then they exploded making a mist around Shiro and Marade. Marade brought out normal shuriken and sent them at Shiro who was cut up. Then he flickered above the mist and brought down another wave of water. It smashed down Marade onto the ground. She coughed out some water as the mist faded away. Shiro also landed. He said,

“Your holding back aren’t you? Or maybe I’ve just gotten that stronger.”

Marade laughed and taunted,

“Don’t get too full of yourself. I’m holding back a lot more than you think I am.”

Shuriken went towards Shiro at all sides. Then as they were about to close in Shiro slammed his trident to the ground and a dome of water surrounded Shiro and then expanded blocking the shuriken. Marade flickered in front of Shiro and said,

“Divine fire and glory of destruction, send forth divinity into the valleys of evil and cleanse the plague, destroy my enemies and burn them with your magnificent flames, Way of Destruction Number 10: Black Fire!”

Shiro’s eyes widened as out of Marade’s two hands came a large amount of black fire. It engulfed his entire body. When the smoke faded Marade stood there. Shiro was slightly harmed but still standing. She said,

“How did you withstand that entire attack? That had a full incantation.”

Shiro thrusted his trident forward and he said,

“The water protected me at the last moment shielding me from most of the attack. You can’t win. It’s over.”

Shiro thrusted his trident forward and went to pierce Marade’s heart. But she moved at the last moment and it pierced Marade’s right shoulder. She then grabbed the trident with one of her hand’s and said,

“Shiro, it’s you who can’t win.”

She pointed her other hand at Shiro and closed it. Shuriken closed in on Shiro cutting him and some stuck in. Then Shiro fell backwards and went unconscious. Marade stood up and took out the trident. It changed back to its normal form. Marade’s zanpakuto also went back to its sealed state. She walked past Shiro and said,

“Sorry, but I have to get Riku. I refuse to lose.”

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 19: The Mind’s Limits

Giro had his zanpakuto on his shoulder. He looked at Antonia with her book opened up and at the very front. He said,

“I’m going to end this quickly. Divide and conquer, Energia!”

His zanpakuto got smaller but changed to four different overlapping blades. Then he slashed down with his sword sending two blades at Sophie. She jumped out of the way and said,

“Your just going to keep throwing blades at me? That’s pointless. Is your mind already at it’s limits, Giro?”

The empty spot where his blades were re-grew making it four again. Then he slashed again. All four blades went straight at Sophie. She flipped the page and said,

“Earth Style: Mud Wall.”

A huge mud wall extended from the ground and blocked the knives. Then Sophie turned the page again and said,

“Fire Style: Flame Bullet.”

A large stream of fire broke through the mud wall and went straight towards Giro. As the blades replaced themselves he threw them again and they went straight through the fire and it eventually dissipated. Sophie was stunned. She tried to dodge, but one of the blades had made a decent sized cut into her shoulder. She winced and pointed her hand again and said,

“Lightning Style: Lightning Sphere!”

She shot a sphere of lightning at Giro but he did the same thing, cutting Sophie again. She thought,

“This isn’t working. I need to think of something else.”

Sophie didn’t have any time to think as Giro was behind Sophie and he sent out more blades. One pierced Sophie’s back leg. She immediately took the blade out. There was a green swelling mark where the blade was. Giro laughed and stated,

“Energia’s ability is to sap away the opponent’s energy. Once the blade pierces your skin it begins to suck away your spirit energy. It doesn’t need to stay in either. The more blades that pierce, the more energy is sucked away. It’s over.”

He threw more blades at Sophie but she dodged again. She ran at Giro and said,

“You think you have me now but you don’t. This is the mind’s limits. These are your limits. Way of Binding Number 33: Light Prison!” At that moment a circle of light pierced Giro’s body.”

Six pillars of light came at Giro from all sides and bound him keeping him from moving. She then pointed her hand and said,

“Way of Destruction Number 11: Black Lightning!”

A bolt of black lightning shot down from above and hit Giro on the head giving him a bad wound. He fell unconscious to the ground and the energy absorption faded away. Sophie began to walk away and towards the white castle ahead of her.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 20: Old Bonds Return!

Elizabeth’s shuriken surrounded her, spinning at high speed. Tears fell from her eye. Ben had his huge spiked mace on his shoulder. He smashed it on the ground and a chunk of the barracks flew up. Ben spun around and smashed it with his mace sending it towards Elizabeth at high speed. One of the shuriken flew up in front of Elizabeth and shot a beam of yellow spirit energy right at the boulder. It pierced through the rock and went towards Ben. However, he just smiled and he put up his mace and held it in front of him. It hit the mace and with no effort he swung Tigre and the laser attack flew into the air. Elizabeth frowned, knowing that her attacks weren’t doing much. Ben, however, just smiled at her and jumped off the roof and to the ground hitting it, with Tigre, and sending boulders flying at Elizabeth at an alarming rate. Elizabeth brought all four shuriken and blasted every single rock with a beam. Several beams went flying at Ben. He just got in a batting position like a baseball player would and swung hitting every single bit of Elizabeth’s attack back at her. Elizabeth dodged, but the beams were intensified and faster and some of them had glanced Elizabeth. Elizabeth was on the rooftop on one knee. Ben jumped back up said,

“Pitiful. That’s what you are. They were barely even your friends. We were closer friends than them. You joined them on a quest. A quest to save the person you hate! You hate Mitchell so much. If you hated anything in this world it was him. He was annoying as hell, and was desperate so he tried to be nice to you. Then he “fell in love” with you after Kamila denied his ass. He asked you out and you actually said yes. Then a day later you dumped him. Then he started to be annoying and moved on easily. Nothing like Kamila. You were just filler for him. And you know that. You hated him with such a fury, that if he talked to you, you’d shun him away. Then we finally got to high school and he tried to gain your respect. He’d do anything to gain your respect and you shunned him away. Maybe that’s how Riku came about. Maybe that’s why he tried to kill all of us. It was your entire fault. Why do you try to save someone you hate?”

Elizabeth was sobbing. She couldn’t take it anymore. She let out a huge scream and huge waves of spiritual energy came out of her body. Her shuriken were glowing yellow and began to spin rapidly. Her speech came out in big gasps. She would talk then sob.

“Do you really wanna know why I’m here?! I’ll tell you!”

She wiped her tears from her face. Then her face was stern and filled with hatred.

“I hated Mitchell. I still do hate him. For everything he did. Even though he said he would do anything to gain my respect I turned him away. Then he finally let his powers get a hold of him and he attacked. I don’t know whether it is Riku or Mitchell. I know I was never really close friends with the gang we formed. But now, Since I may be a part of this and I’m here to right a wrong. I took a different name to erase my past. Your still here though bringing it all up again. I won’t kill you, but this fight is going to end right now. Quattro Lato Attaccare!”

All four of her shuriken surrounded Ben and in an instant they shot large intensified beams of yellow spirit energy. Ben tried to block them with his mace, but two hit him damaging him heavily. He fell to the ground as his Slayer robe was burned from the two attacks. Elizabeth walked over and said,

“You had a choice Ben. I made mine. Maybe you can change yours.”

Elizabeth was gone. Ben lay on the ground grunting. If he hadn’t spouted off he would have been able to win. Then he remembered Elizabeth releasing all of that spiritual pressure. Had she been holding back? He was no match from the start. Each one of them can take out every single lieutenant here. They have a second release. They plan on fighting the captains. Ben tried to get up, but failed as he fell to the ground.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 21: Only for a Second

Leo put his zanpakuto high into the air. He boldly stated,

“I’ll show you my new power Aledo. Show them the heavens, Tenrai Yari!”

A white light began to surround his zanpakuto a bright flash was around Leo. He held his spear in both hands brandishing the fine grooved handle and the red hair at the base of the point of his spear. Aledo simply laughed and said,

“So that’s your release? Well take a look at mine. Strike fast, strike hard, Fulmine.”

His zanpakuto had turned into pure lightning. The only part that hadn’t changed was the handle. He swung his sword in circles and the lightning followed. Then like a whip he slashed at Leo with his sword and the lightning extended. Leo jumped to the side and the lightning pierced the ground creating a large mark. Then Leo pointed his spear at Aledo and shot a beam of white spirit energy. Aledo twirled his sword with no effort and the lightning had destroyed the white beam. Leo then shot several more and Aledo hit them away with a large swinging arc. Then he began to slash the ground around Leo. A faint gold glow could be seen in the marks. Leo jumped into the air and dived down. He slashed his spear at Aledo who just jumped back and then slashed again. Leo stumbled back and fell to the ground. The lightning didn’t hit Leo at all but simply made a mark on the ground. Then a patterned circle started to glow gold around Leo. Bolts of lightning fell to the ground onto Leo and the area around turned to smoke. As it cleared away Aledo explained,

“That was too quick. The lightning from my blade creates a pattern on the ground which lightning will strike down on. In that moment you’re done.”

Then out from the smoke there was nothing. No dead body or remains. Just a scorched ground. Then Leo appeared behind Aledo. He said,

“This is it! Sei Luco Fuoco!”

Leo jumped back and shot 6 large beams of white spirit energy at Aledo. HE quickly turned around and laughed. The air behind Leo had shown the same golden glowing pattern from the ground. Lightning shot at Leo. He quickly flickered out of the way and onto the ground again. The pattern appeared again. Aledo had dodged the white blasts and stood there laughing at Leo who was frequently flickering from spot to spot to avoid the lightning. He said,

“No matter how fast you are that pattern is going to follow you everyone.”

Leo stopped moving. Aledo pointed his sword at Leo and said,

“Are you going to go on about how you’re stronger than me and that you can beat the captains now? You know that Riku will be executed right? You won’t save him to get Mitchell. He’s dead and you will be too.”

Leo smirked and said,

“You’re finished. I didn’t think I would have to use this, but with a powerful ability like this I have no choice. You’ll only see this for a second.”

Leo held his spear in front of his body vertically. It started to glow white. Then Leo roared said,


Aledo’s eyes widened. He quickly sent out his whip at Leo, but a white ball had smashed it away. Leo had jumped out of the smoke. His spear had turned into a double-sided halberd. The spear was entirely white. The two blades were a light gold. The fur on the end was a dark red and on the wooden shaft of the spear there were red grooves in it. The lightning converged on Leo. With no effort Leo spun around sending a spiraling dome of light at the lightning destroying it. Leo burst from the smoky air and was diving straight at Aledo. He flickered and was behind Aledo. Leo’s black Slayer coat fluttered with the wind. A huge splash of blood erupted from Aledo’s left side. He fell to the ground. Then Leo’s blade immediately went back to its sealed form. Leo said,

“I had to waste my bankai on you. Good thing it was only for a few seconds. I hope I won’t have to use it again.”

He sheathed his sword and began to walk towards the large white castle.

Chapter 22: You’ve Seen One you’ve Seen ‘em All

Rose’s face was filled with annoyance. Another bone-headed guy that underestimates women. It came as no surprise to her either. She knew tons of guys who treated women like damsels in distress. Women don’t always need to be saved. They can take care of themselves. Apparently men don’t understand that. Rosa unsheathed her zanpakuto. She pointed it at Jiro and with a cold stare she warned him.

“I’m done with guys like you. I’m not going to kill you, but I’m going to give you one hell of a beating.”

Jiro laughed at her. He held his huge zanpakuto vertically. The large ogre like man roared with laughter. He calmed himself down and said,

“You’re funny puny girl. You should go get Leo to save you. Looks like he defeated Aledo with his bankai so easily. I bet you haven’t even learned to released your zanpakuto.”

Rose’s face was filled with anger. She darted towards Jiro with her zanpakuto at her side. Jiro grinned and said,

“Smash, Masso!”

His zanpakuto changed into a huge spiked ball with a chain coming out. He took the handle and whipped it at Rose. She had no time to dodge so she put her zanpakuto up and blocked the huge spiked ball, but went skidding back. Jiro brought back the spiked ball and sent it at her again. Rose then pointed her zanpakuto to the ground and as she slowly turned it clockwise she said,

“Turn the water to ice, Kazu!”

Her blade turned white, and her handle was entirely made of pearl. A white ribbon extended from the end. The spiked ball went straight at her. She slashed at the spike ball and Kazu hit it with only half its strength and the spiked ball went flying back. Jiro. Re-gained control and swung it around sending it to Rose’s side. Rose said,

“Pitiful. You said I was weak. I won’t break a sweat.”

With no trouble at all she blocked it and flicked her wrist and a wave of ice engulfed the spiked ball and Jiro’s entire zanpakuto. Rose flickered in front of him and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground. Rose put her sword to his neck. Jiro tried to lift his zanpakuto, but Rose had it shatter in an instant. Rose said,

“Looks like their going to need a new lieutenant.”

Rose stabbed Jiro in the gut and left. Jiro laid there in agonizing pain. Inside Rose was an exact copy of her sitting there, except she had yellow eyes and was laughing. However Rose could not hear her. Back in Slayer Society, Rose’s zanpakuto was back to normal and in its sheath.

Chapter 23: The Bull’s Blast, and the Overestimating

Dominic grinned and threw himself at the girl with the brown braided hair. He said,

“I have no time to mess around with you. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Bring it down, Rialzista!

He aimed his axe at the girl and shot a beam of bright green energy straight at her. Her eyes went wide, but she quickly moved out of the way and twirling her two chakram, around sent out one at Dominic. Dominic moved to the side and shot another blast at Gabrielle. Gabrielle flipped backwards and the green beam went right under her. Dominic continued to shoot at the fluid Slayer. However, Gabrielle stood her ground this time and with no effort destroyed every blast with a few twirls of her chakram. Dominic grunted. Gabrielle simply laughed and mocked,

“Is this all you have little boy? You’ve disappointed me.”

She disappeared with the leaves and Dominic immediately looked around for more of these leaves. He was frantic and his guard was down. Then Gabrielle shot out from above him and sent out one of her chakram at Dominic. He quickly jumped back, but a second chakram shot out from him from another crowd of leaves. He couldn’t move quickly enough and the chakram dug into the fleshy part of his back. Blood dripped from his wound and his Slayer robe was slightly ripped. Gabrielle pulled out the chained chakram and said,

“It looks like this is about to end. Am I right?”

Dominic let out a small chuckle and said,

“Yeah it’s over...”, then he disappeared and as Gabrielle looked around she saw him on a higher building with his axe aimed down. “For you.”

5 panels at the shoulder in his arm flipped up creating a circle. They began to glow green and each shot out a line of green energy that led to each connecting at one point in front of his axe. He smirked,


A huge blast was shot down and Gabrielle threw our one of her chakram but it along with the chain was destroyed by the green spirit energy. She was in a suspended shock and was dumbstruck. Once the blast hit the ground it began to rise into a huge pillar and extended out destroying several of the buildings. Several turned towards the blast and began to head towards it, to see what was going on. Once the blast faded away there was a crater and a broken zanpakuto along with Gabrielle next to it. Dominic’s arm changed back to normal and he also began to move towards the white castle ahead of him.


Akaida was sitting in his chair peacefully. He could hear people rushing outside. The invaders had struck down 3rd seats and lieutenants and hurt everyone else in their way. He was perfectly calm. His plan was set out for the invaders he predicted would come. Diro busted through the door and was panting. He was sweating and it rolled won his bald head and along all sides. Diro quickly closed the door. He was panicking.

“They’ve defeated my military and they’ve defeated most of our lieutenants. What do you expect to do Akaida?! One has caused a blast of spirit energy so large that it almost decimated half of the 7th squad. Another one killed Jiro with barely using any spirit energy. Then another only used bankai for a few seconds and took out Aledo. Did you realize they would be this strong?”

Akaida smiled and took a sip of his tea. He motioned his hand for Diro to sit down. Diro looked around frantically for a chair. He sat down in a soft red velvet chair. The chair was less than half of his size. Akaida put down his tea to the side and poured another cup of tea from the boiling kettle that was at his left.

“Would you like some tea? It is very relaxing.”

Diro was stunned. How could Akaida be so calm? Almost all of Slayer Society was in chaos. Akaida just sat there and offered him a cup of tea. Diro replied, very nervously,

“Uh, I don’t think this is the time, but if you insist sure.”

Akaida smiled again and handed the cup to him. He warned,

“Be careful they are quite hot.”

Diro took a small sip and leaned back in his chair. The tea was very relaxing. Akaida said,

“From what you’ve told me, in the process of one and a half days, they’ve taken out about half of our military, damaged our squads, and defeated at least half of our lieutenants and two have exerted a large amount of power?”

Diro nodded and took another sip of his tea.

“It looks like I overestimated them. Or maybe I overestimated Riku. Two had to exert a lot of power to defeat just a lieutenant. The others had to use most of the power they limited themselves with and others had to use more than that. They might defeat our weakest captains, but they won’t get much further. The only one who is still a threat is that girl named Rose. She killed the replacement lieutenant when Hado got promoted. She could have defeated him without even calling her first release. If anyone is to stop our plans it’s her. Don’t worry though. Go relax and don’t come back unless I give you an order to”

Diro nodded and left, taking the tea with him. He wondered what it would be like if Akaida hadn’t overestimated them. It gave him the chills, and he moved on.”

Chapter 24: The Conversations of Spettros and Humans

Leo hid inside an empty Slayer barrack that he just cleared out of low rank slayers. He didn’t kill any of them, but they were all unconscious. He sat on a bench and closed his eyes. He would rest and re-gain his strength. The power of bankai had exhausted him. Then he fell into a sleep or trance like state. He opened in his eyes and he was in a black room with only a light hanging from what appeared to be an endless ceiling. He stood up and drew his sword. He looked around and eventually saw what appeared to be an identical of him. However he had black air and a completely grey face. He wore a white Slayer robe as opposed to the traditional black one. Leo pointed his sword and recognized him. He said,

“It’s you! You’re my inner-Spettros.”

The Spettros laughed. It sounded like him, but in a more devilish way. He said,

“You sure are slow. I guess that’s why I was able to drag you here. I’m going to tell you something that you’ll need to know. Riku will be separated from Mitchell upon the time he’s executed. Mitchell will be extremely weak, if you don’t fight Riku before. You’ll have to break Riku out of his prison and fight him and leave so he can be captured again. Once this happens come back. Get Mitchell and run. The Slayers will handle the rest. If you use bankai more than once, something bad will happen to you. I’m not talking about exhaustion though.”

He began to fade away. Leo yelled at him.

“How do you know this?! Give me answers! What’s going to happen to me!?”

Only a laugh could be heard, and suddenly, Leo was awake again. He got up and felt fully rejuvenated. He ran out and back towards the white castle. In only a short manner of time it got a lot closer. Then in a flash, Zeto had appeared before him. He stood there with his zanpakuto on his shoulders. Leo was frozen. This guy’s spiritual energy was raging. It was practically suffocating him. He pulled out his own zanpakuto and grinned. Finally, it was a challenge.


Rose wasn’t tired, but she decided to rest up anyways. She had easily cleared out a small barracks after defeating the lieutenant from earlier. She needed to be at full strength if she wanted to move on and take the captains. But as she walked into the building she suddenly fell to her knees and clutched onto her head. She let out a loud cry of pain as darkness began to surround her. When the room had just become a vast realm of black, ice slowly began to circle around it. It became a large room of ice and snow. Then a person emerged from the ice. The person was a female and she had long white hair and bright yellow eyes. She wore a Slayer cloak that was bright white. Rose got up, with a hand on the side of her head. Rose said,

“What are you?”

The woman let out a laugh. She pulled out her zanpakuto and pointed at Rose. She quickly unsheathed her own zanpakuto and there was an instant clash. Rose and the woman’s swords were locked. The woman answered,

“I am your inner Spettros. Riku is also an inner Spettros. Now that I know you’re not as weak as I thought you are let’s get to business. Riku is in the tower of the white castle. The captains are all defending it. There is only one way to bring back Mitchell. Weaken Riku. What Mitchell told you was simply a way to weaken him. Leo already used his bankai. You might have to save him, since he just encountered a captain. You and Leo are both in danger. Never think your safe”

Rose pushed back her inner Spettros and leaped at it ready to kill it, but it faded away and Rose was in the same barracks. She busted through the roof and began to race to the white tower. As she began to make her way to the tower the man who wore the hair piece jumped down from the castle wall and unsheathed his zanpakuto. He was perfectly calm. Rose took out her own blade and held it at her side. The man said,

“Young child, your quest ends here.”

Rose pointed her zanpakuto at him and in cold hate she said,

“No, it’s only just begun.”


Riku sat in the white tower and looked outside the window. Light came in front the other 5 small windows. Riku could sense spiritual energy from small to high. He laughed at the idea that Leo had obtained bankai and used it. Then Rose had killed the replacement lieutenant. Then a man had formed behind him and the room shifted into a lavish throne like room filled with gold, blue, white, and black colors.

“So you can draw me into our own world now, right...” Riku said in evil glee, “Mitchell?”

Mitchell stepped into the light. He glared at Riku. He disappeared and was behind the throne in which Riku sat on. Riku laughed.

“You’ll never step to me Mitchell. You can only do your first release while I’m this strong.”

“That will all change soon, Riku. Leo and Rose are strong. It won’t be long before they break us out and they weaken you. Then I’ll finally challenge you. You know that it will be different from last time. I know what you are, and you’re going to die by my blade.”

“Don’t get so eager Mitchell. Leo and Rose are fighting Zeto and Damaie. You know what lies in store for us as well. You’ll die and I’ll have achieved full power.”

“Akaida won’t fulfill his plans. The other captains are suspicious and this conflict right now is perfect to disrupt his plans.”

“You must have forgotten your captain then, Mitchell. We both know that Akaida is better than that.”

“We’ll see, Riku.”

“Indeed we will.”

The room instantly changed back, and Riku’s eyes glowed yellow again.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

ooc: yes another update. Here's some info on what's going on with FYL. I am still writing. I didn't just write Chapter 24. Sometimes I just forget to update the thread. I'm actually writing Chapter 26 which is ending up really really long.

Chapter 24: The Power of Captains(Part 1)

Dominic made it to the North West entrance of the castle. He kept his cyborg arm ready. He moved forward through the white marble gates. The moment he set his foot into the light blue colored tiles, an immense amount of pressure began to push on him. Dominic was shocked. Was this the spirit energy of a captain? His arm instantly changed into it’s first release form. He looked around to see where his enemy was. Then a huge crash about 20 yards behind Dominic produced a huge cloud of dust. Dominic covered his eyes with his arm and started to cough. Then a masked giant had appeared next to him when the smoke was gone. Dominic turned around and was completely dazed. The masked giant was at least 3x his size. His zanpakuto was equal in proportion. Then he slammed it down, but Dominic jumped back, still in shock. Another plume of dust rose through the air when the zanpakuto hit the ground.

“Don’t daze off boy” Regenan said. Regenan began barreling towards Dominic with his zanpakuto ready to crush him. Dominic snapped back into action and pointed his arm at Regenan. It began to spin at high speeds and started to shoot bullets of bright green spirit energy. Regenan took them head on and kept charging straight at Dominic. Dominic started to charge a more powerful blast. The green orb began to build and when Regenan got close he fired the blast. Regenan was hit straight in the got and was sent tumbling back. Dominic immediately braced himself. Green spiritual pressure began to surround his entire body. The panels on his arm all flipped up. He began to build up a large amount of his spiritual energy into one attack. Regenan recovered and began to run even faster towards Dominic. A crater started to form under Dominic from all the spirit energy.

“Violente della Rialziste!” yelled Dominic

Then a huge wave of green spirit energy that took the form of hundreds of stampeding bulls went straight at Regenan. The giant only smiled and extended his sword.

“Summon, Padrone di Animali!”

Instantly Regenan’s body began to glow a bright yellow. Then as the wave of green spirit energy hit him there was a large explosion. As the dust cleared Regenan only stood with some of his samurai armor damaged. Dominic was stunned, but Regenan said nothing. He only stuck his sword in the ground. Suddenly yellow spirit energy started to seep from the ground and turn into shapes. Then they began to form into animals. Some were bears or lions, and others were tigers. Regenan took out his sword and pointed it at Dominic. The beasts darted towards Dominic. The lions and tigers at the front, while the bears stood behind shooting out beams of yellow spirit energy. Dominic quickly jumped around. When one lion leaped at Dominic from behind, he quickly turned around and sliced the lion in half. However the two halves exploded and Dominic lay there with his Slayer cloak torn apart. He got back up only to have two more lions attack him. Dominic yelled,

“Corno Sparo!”

As he swung his axe down it began to glow bright green and the two lions were destroyed by the hit. However Regenan had jumped down from above with his zanpakuto. He swung down, but Dominic swung up with his axe and it began to glow bright green again. The clash sent both flying back. Regenan, was once again, barely armed. The top of Dominic’s slayer cloak was destroyed revealing the rest of his cyborg part of his body. Regenan stuck his sword in the ground again. He said,

“It’s over. You put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough.”

2 lions emerged from the ground and started to dart towards Dominic. Dominic laughed as green spirit energy started to swirl around his body.

“It’s time I show you, what my true power is...” panted Dominic. He extended his axe out to his side. The panels all shut on his arm. The lions leaped up and were about to claw Dominic’s face off.

“BAN-KAI!” roared Dominic as a huge wave of green spirit energy swept over the battlefield. Regenan was blown back and his creatures were destroyed. As the green energy began to fade away, Dominic’s new form emerged. To start with his head, it became a helmet similar to a medieval knight. There were three horizontal slits in it where his eyes, nose, and mouth were supposed to be. Then his entire half of his cyborg arm turned into a large suit of armor. A big plate of metal went across his entire body on both sides and a mini dome covered his head. On his back was something that looked like two huge trays put together on his back. A fan of green spirit energy extended out from it. The lower half of his body stayed the same. The bottom of his Slayer cloak flowed through the win. Then the massive zanpakuto at his side was huge. A string of blades from axes were parallel to each other. They were connected by green spirit energy. There were at least 30 connectors and the axes coiled around the battleground. At the very end was a monstrous sight to behold. It was a giant metal head of a three horned bull. It had a gaping mouth and it was connected by the same green energy. Regenan was stunned by the sheer size.

Dominic grinned and lifted his arm. The metallic beast rose into the air as well.

“Go!” Dominic yelled as he swung his arm down, sending Rialzista straight towards Regenan. The bull let out a loud roar and straightened out for a full on charge. Regenan thrusted his sword deep into the earth and a small pack of five lions emerged from the ground. They ran at the giant bull head at their full speed, but they were no match for the fearsome bankai. It trampled the lions and continued on to the Regenan with no sign of slowing down. Regenan braced himself and the beast hit his zanpakuto and Regenan was getting pushed back as he pressed his sword against the zanpakuto’s mouth. Regenan’s body began to glow yellow and the beast started to weaken. Dominic let out a loud yell and said,

“Supea Ryou!”

Rialzista began to glow green and the spirit energy covered its entire body until it looked like a spear. Then Regenan’s guard was broken by the force of the attack and Rialzista hit him dead center in the middle of his armor. He was slammed into the tower and most of his armor was broken off and his mask also crumbled. Blood covered his body from the attack, but his face was covered by a crumbling tower. The ruins covered his entire body, but he was still alive. Regenan’s size compared to the tower was decent. A hand emerged from the ruble. It wasn’t human hand ether. It was covered with blond fur. Regenan’s arm busted out. It was covered with broken samurai armor, blood, and that blond fur. Then Regenan emerged. What Dominic saw shocked him.
Regenan’s head was that of a lion. A full mane and fur. Blood trickled down Regenan’s face. He shook the rubble off his armor and pulled out his zanpakuto. He said,

“Yes, this is who I am inside of my armor. I am the spirit of a lion that made its way to Slayer Society. I started to take on human traits, and here I am. You are strong. However, I too have my own bankai.”

Regenan stuck his sword through the destroyed tiles and rubble. The earth began to shake violently. Yellow spirit energy flowed from the ground and began to fill the area.

“BAN-KAI!” yelled Regenan.

The yellow spirit energy started to swirl and spin around Regenan. Dominic covered his eyes with his arm. It was so bright that it would blind him without his helmet on. The energy and smoke faded away. Regenan stood there with his zanpakuto. He didn’t change at all. The blood only disappeared from his body. Then Regenan slashed his sword at Dominic, and a gigantic lion about the same size as Dominic’s bankai fell to the ground. It was made of pure yellow spirit energy. Dominic was shocked. Regenan grinned and raised his sword into the air. The lion opened its mouth and began to charge a huge ball of yellow spirit energy. Dominic’s eyes widened with fear. Dominic’s own zanpakuto opened its own mouth. When they both finished charging their attacks they both launched two huge beams at each other. They met and a huge explosion resulted. Debris, smoke and spirit energy flew everywhere. When the smoke cleared both sides were still standing.
Regenan sliced again and the lion began to run forward at Dominic. Dominic swung his zanpakuto and the head went straight for the lion. They both collided with sheer force. The lion was grabbing the Bull head and they both struggled. Dominic was trying to gain the upper hand, but Regenan stood there silent and showed no effort. He only let out a small smile. The lion hit the head away and continued to run at Dominic. However Dominic raised his arm and with a horizontal slash the bladed part of the long winding zanpakuto hit the lion’s side and knocked it to the ground. The lion got back up, but obviously looked damage by the attack on the side. Dominic’s zanpakuto was on the ground again. But once the lion stood up, Dominic began to twirl around his arm and the zanpakuto quickly constricted the lion. Regenan was shocked. The blades started to crush the lion. Regenan quickly regained his composure. He started to put more of his energy into the attack. The lion began to get stronger and he grabbed his constrictor and tossed it to the side. This ended up resulting of several clashes of the lion and the bull zanpakutos. Their heads smacked against each others and claws and blades clashed over and over. But Dominic finally began to tire out. Dominic slashed again at the lion, but with little energy The lion jumped over the zanpakuto and then stomped on the bladed part, crushing it. Then the lion leapt at Dominic and brought down its massive claw. Dominic was awe struck. When the claw hit there was a large explosion. As the smoke faded away Dominic was covered by a huge metal dome. The lion was stunned. His attack failed. Dominic grinned as the metal began to move back to its armored spot.

“That is my zanpakuto’s automatic defense. Any spirit energy attack or anyone with spirit energy won’t be able to get past this metal. That means you.”

He pointed at the lion. But it only let out a large roar. From behind Dominic, there was Regenan and he slashed his zanpakuto down Dominic’s back. Blood squirted out from the large wound as he fell onto the now dirt ground. Dominic let out a muffled ‘How?’ and almost lost conscious, but he had to try and get back up. The lion was still crushing his own zanpakuto. Dominic only had one more shot. Regenan flickered back next to his lion. Regenan explained,

“I masked my spirit energy, so that your defense wouldn’t detect it. Now, its over.”

Dominic simply grunted. Regenan turned around to see the head of Rialzista charging up a huge green blast. This happened all while Regenan was talking. Dominic let out four more words,

“Rialzista Sua Ultima Carica...”

The green beam shot out at Regenan and the lion and the whole area was engulfed by the blast. Once the smoke had faded away, there was only two left on the battle field. Dominic laid on the ground, exhausted and unconscious. However, Regenan stood with only minor damage. His lion had jumped in front of the blast and took the hit so Regenan wouldn’t sustain so much damage. Regenan was no longer in his bankai mode, but he was exhausted beyond belief. Regenan hadn’t had a decent fight in ages. Regenan’s samurai armor began to slowly heal on it’s own but he left his helmet off. Regenan walked over to Dominic and raised his zanpakuto in the air. But a shadowy figure appeared only a yard or two beyond him.

“I-It’s y-yo-you!” Regenan stuttered.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)


Elizabeth walked along a staircase that went up towards the tower. She had gotten use to the captain’s spirit energy by now. Then she suddenly stopped. She felt Dominic’s spiritual energy rise and fall dramatically. There was no way he could have been defeated. But there was someone else there. Someone that felt like it or whatever it was could be trusted. Surprisingly she had not encountered anyone along the way. That changed in one moment. The blonde haired big breasted woman flickered right in front of her.

“Ah look at this pretty here. All the way to the stairs too. You must be Paige, or Elizabeth, I guess you’re called now.”

Elizabeth’s eyebrows rose. Her eyes had a small tint of yellow in them.

“How would you know something like that?”

The woman smiled brightly. It was like they weren’t even enemies.

“So snotty, and your spirit energy is rising. If you must know, my sweetie Ben, told me all about you and your friends. I think he said something about me, being a lot better than you an-”

Elizabeth was surrounded by a yellow aura and she flickered and her zanpakuto was about to crash down on the woman. She said,

“I don’t want to hear your words, you *****. I’ll kill you right here, right now.”

The woman easily blocked the zanpakuto. Her face became very serious.

“Don’t interrupt me while I’m talking. Squad 10 Captain, Ashila Ketara.”

“Good. Now I know the name of the one I’m about to kill.”

She flickered again behind Ashila and let down another strike. Ashila quickly blocked it again. They continued to flicker from spot to spot clashing their zanpakutos. Ashila’s brown spirit aura surrounded her while Elizabeth’s yellow aura surrounded her. Ashila grinned and jumped back. Elizabeth instantly jumped at her. She brought down her zanpakuto from above, and Ashila blocked, but the pressure made the stairs crumble beneath her. Then they both clashed again and their spirit energy surrounded their bodies destroying the stairs beneath them. They fell down the vertical wall at high speeds. Ashila pointed her zanpakuto at the wall and cried out,

“Grow, Quercia!”

Instantly wood began to grow from the tip of her sword and it connected to the wall. A platform grew out from the wall to keep Ashila from falling. The wood and roots began to expand throughout the wall. One piece of wood grabbed Elizabeth. The branch extended out towards Ashila.

“This is my zanpakuto’s ability. I bet you haven’t withstood anything to this level before”, explained Ashila, with a happy smile on her face.

Elizabeth smirked. A small whisper escaped her lips,

“Separate, Spade!”

Instantly, the sword changed into four large shuriken. They instantly cut apart the wood and she fell into the air. But one of her shuriken came under he and she started to surf on it. Each shuriken had a strange tattoo on it that wasn’t on them before. The shuriken gathered around her and Elizabeth glared at Ashila. Instantly two flew towards Ashila. She clasped her hands together and two strands of wood grabbed the shuriken with little effort. Elizabeth held the third shuriken in her hand as she stood on the shuriken hovering in the air. Ashila giggled.

“Is that all this release of yours does? I can’t believe you actually beat Bennie. I’m going to give him a good punishment when this is all over, if you know what I mean.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened with anger and rage.

“Shut the **** up you, big breasted *****! I’ll beat you to dust!”

Ashila stopped giggling.

“Oh so you have a temper too. That reminds me. Bennie always loved that I had bigger boobs than you. Yours pale in comparison to mine.”

Elizabeth had it. To hear these words, everything she said, everything Ben said. Her purpose for finding Riku didn’t matter anymore. Now it was all rage. Elizabeth’s two captured shuriken started to spin and vibrate like a chain saw and they easily broke the wood. Ashila jumped back from the speeding shuriken. However when she looked for Elizabeth she wasn’t there. Elizabeth was behind her. A fiery yellow aura surrounded her. She threw her shuriken straight at Ashila. Yellow razor blades extended from the shuriken. Ashila turned around and jumped back. A small explosion resulted from the clash and as the smoke disappeared Ashila was protected by strands of wood. Elizabeth had three shuriken guarding her. One was still in her hand. The black tattoo on the silver blade was glowing. Then Elizabeth bit her finger. A small bit of blood trickled down from her finger and she pressed it against the tattoo. Instantly she threw it out and she said,

“Spade Sciame!”

The shuriken shot out several small yellow energy shuriken from the tattoo. The shuriken exploded on contact. Ashila jumped back from the exploding wood. Ashila slashed with her sword and a whip of strong wood went at the endless barrage of yellow shuriken. Elizabeth jumped back and deactivated the attack. The whip of wood just missed her. Elizabeth threw the shuriken out of her hand. All three converged on Ashila. Ashila slashed at the shuriken with her sword and wood extended from the platform. Each blocked the shuriken, but they ripped through the wood. Ashila jumped back and the shuriken went through the wood. A long extending branch swept under Ashila’s feet as she began to surf towards Elizabeth. Two shuriken sped towards Ashila and another flew into Elizabeth’s hand. The tattoo on this shuriken began to glow. Instantly blades of yellow spirit energy extended out from the shuriken. Ashila slashed with her zanpakuto and two whips of wood extended from the vine and hit the shuriken away into the wood platform below.
Elizabeth flew towards Ashila on her shuriken and both clashed weapons. Yellow and brown spirit energy glowed and tangled around their bodies. Wood and vines began to grow around the two. They both pressed their blades against each other, but Ashila was overcoming Elizabeth. She hit the shuriken out of her hands and the vines had captured each of the shuriken. The vines were so strong that Spade couldn’t break them. Then Ashila kicked Elizabeth off of her shuriken and she began to fall with wood chasing after her. One sharp strand cut her cheek. However the final shuriken flew back into her hands. She put some of the blade on her hand. Then she rubbed it against the white glowing tattoo. As the wood was about to pierce her from all sides a yellow glow surrounded her and repelled the wood. Elizabeth’s eyes were pure yellow.


A huge wave of yellow spirit energy destroyed the wood and Ashila had to create a large wall to block the thousands of splintered wood coming at her. Once the smoke had cleared Elizabeth was standing on a huge shuriken. It was at least 4 times as big as the one from her first release. Then her weapon appeared. There was a metal ring which Elizabeth gripped with her hand. 5 linking chains extended from the ring. Each one had a shuriken the size of her normal release. Then Elizabeth raised her arm and it pointed at Ashila. She was laughing hysterically.

“Is that all your bankai is!? It’s just a few shuriken on chains and one gets a little bigger? That’s pathetic. Let me show you what a REAL Bankai is! BAN-KAI!”

She dropped her sword as it dropped into the wood platform below her. Suddenly the wood and roots began to grow rapidly. In only seconds a huge stadium engulfed the side of the white castle stairs. Elizabeth looked back at Ashila. A gigantic Oak tree stood next to her that dwarfed both of them. Ashila’s body was covered in wooden battle armor. Although it was very thin it still covered her whole body. Elizabeth was still hovering in the air on her shuriken. She said,

“Your bankai, maybe be bigger. But I know that mine is definitely better.”

Ashila laughed and bolted for Elizabeth. She was simply sliding along the wood. With her wood armor on she simply melded with the ground. Elizabeth readied her weapon. Ashila jumped off and extended her arm sending a sharp stretchy branch of wood, winding towards her. The chains on Spade began to take a fixed spot. Then Elizabeth slashed with her weapon and one shuriken started to extend from the chains which seemed everlasting as it meet the wood head on. As the shuriken began to grind against the wood, but the wood was obviously stronger. But the shuriken started to grow in size until it became as large as the one Elizabeth hovered on. It easily cut through the branch of wood, but Ashila backed off. However the chain continued to extend and the huge shuriken began to follow Ashila. Ashila jumped back and began to move backwards at high speed. The shuriken was still following and Elizabeth kept her weapon readied. Ashila pounded both of her hands into the ground as a huge wooden wall rose up and blocked the shuriken. It was so thick there was no way the massive Spade could cut through. It simply retracted and shrunk. Elizabeth began to twirl her weapon around. She said,

“My bankai isn’t as small as you think it is. I can make it as big as the one underneath me. And it can easily cut through that flimsy wood of yours.”

Ashila said nothing. She simply flickered next to the large oak tree. When she touched it her own wooden armor, gained a whiter shade and so did the rest of the wood in the stadium arena. Elizabeth thought nothing of it and sent another shuriken out from the five chains. Ashila put her hands together and a wooden shield extended out from the armored arms. It went to its full size. It hit the wooden shield with full force but it didn’t even scratch the wooden shield. Ashila pushed with the shield and the shuriken went flying back. It retracted back to its normal stage. Ashila giggled.

“This is my bankai’s strongest defensive form. There is no way you can slice through it.”

Elizabeth glared at Ashila. Then her shuriken all sprung into a fixed position. Yellow blades all extended out. Then Elizabeth jumped off her shuriken. It stayed where it was, hovering in mid-air. Then Elizabeth brought back her 5 shuriken. She began to run forward, flickering from one spot to the other. Ashila braced her self. Two wooden shields came out from her armored arms. Then she put her hands into the grand. Strands of wood to stop Elizabeth sprung out from the ground. These were just large pillars. Elizabeth dodged each one of them, but when one appeared right in front of her she swung her chained shuriken. The chains didn’t extend but they all moved as one cutting force to destroy the pillar.
They tore through the pillar. Ashila was shocked. She brought her hands out from the ground. Then the chains retracted. The shuriken were closer. Elizabeth kept running. She brought the shuriken above her head and then brought it down. They went to their full size and the chains extended. All five shuriken went straight down on Ashila. Ashila brought her arms up and the shields changed into a mini-dome over her. The shuriken grinded on the white wood. This was stronger than the default since it was connected to her body. Bits of wood and bark began to fly off. Then the shuriken started to pierce the white wood. But before it could cut Ashila she jumped out of the dome, making a hole that she could escape from. Ashila was back at the Oak tree. She said,

“Looks like I’m going to switch to attack mode.”

She put her hand on the Oak tree. This time her armor changed. It went from large and bulky to sleek and thin. Blades extended out from her armored arms. Then she flickered. She was in front of Elizabeth. With one arm she sliced down on Elizabeth. She tried to back up but Ashila tore through her shoulder. Blood flew out from the wound. Ashila jumped back. Elizabeth jumped up and the shuriken flew beneath her. Her shuriken also returned to normal. Elizabeth held the wound on her arm. Ashila went to attack again. This time Elizabeth was ready. She attacked with her shuriken. She blocked the first two with her arms. Elizabeth sent out the other five, but Elizabeth simply hit the others away. She flickered in front of Elizabeth and slashed her other shoulder. Elizabeth fell down onto her shuriken. Ashila jumped back again and laughed.Elizabeth didn’t have any other tricks left up her sleeve. All that was left was her final move. She took some blood from her shoulder and wiped it on the tattoo of the shuriken she laid on. She got off. The five shuriken broke off from the chains and ring. They all formed an arc over Elizabeth. They went to their full size. Elizabeth pointed the ring at Ashila. Ashila knew what was coming. The holes in the shuriken began to glow yellow. Each was forming a blast that would demolish anything in its path. Ashila put her arms together. A gun extended from her arms. It also began to glow brown. Elizabeth said,

“It looks like this is it.”

Ashila looked at Elizabeth.

“What is it you fight for, Elizabeth?” Ashila asked.

Elizabeth’s face became puzzled. She didn’t answer. Why would Ashila ask a question like that at the end of the fight.

“Well whatever it is I am going to crush it! It all ends here!”

Elizabeth grinned. Then both of them shot huge blasts of sprit energy at each other. They both met head on and a huge explosion resulted. When the smoke cleared the dome of the stadium was destroyed. The oak tree however was still standing. The wood was charred or holes were broken along the floor. Ashila stood over Elizabeth’s body. She was still in her bankai mode, but Elizabeth was not. Her zanpakuto lay across her body. Ashila brought up her arm. She was about to bring it down, but a voice called out to her from behind. Ashila had a straight face on. She hadn’t used her bankai in a while. She had to use her attack mode to bring down a simple human. Of course, this was the power of a captain.

“Don’t even think, about killing her.”

Ashila stopped and turned around.

“Well, if it isn’t you two.”

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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