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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-05-2008, 02:37 PM
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Default Tyson's Destiny: The Path to Greatness

Chapter One: You're Out

I opened the window and in less than three seconds I was gone. I decided to let Umbreon and Jolteon out so that they could see what was going on. I was on house arrest, but the bracelet that the cops had put on my leg had stopped working a couple of days ago, Plus both of my parents were asleep and almost nothing could awake them, so I decided to have some fun.

"Let's go find Chris and Johnny," I told Umbreon and Jolteon. They nodded in agreement and we began looking for them. As we walked, I shoved, pushed, and punched random guys for no reason at all. I finally found Chris at the Magnet Train. He had that same smug look he always had on his face.

"Hey Tyson," he said as I approached him. "I thought Officer Zeno put you on house arrest?"

"So what," I answered. "I can do whatever I want." "Anyway the first day of school is tomorrow and it's gonna be such a drag." I looked over to my pokemon who were growling at people. I returned them to their pokeballs because they were attracting attention.

"Oh yeah," Chris started. "I saw Johnny at Copycat's house." "I bet she's getting on his nerves." "You wanna go check it out?" I really didn't feel like dealing with Copycat tonight but I had nothing to do so I nodded my head in agreement. When Chris and I made it Johnny was harrassing his younger cousin.

"Give me back my doll Johnny," Copycat whined. He had her favorite Clefairy doll in his hands and he kept tossing it up in the air until he noticed us. He gave the doll back to his cousin and came up to us.

"Hey dudes," he began. "I see you two are up to no good."

"I see you two are up to no good," Copycat copied.

"Anyway," Johnny continued while looking at me. "I thought you were on house arrest Tyson?" I frowned and then an idea came to mind.

"Officer Zeno's on patrol tonight right?" I asked. Chris nodded his head. "Good then I think we sould pay his home a visit." We slid away from Copycat because she was a huge snitch.

"What are you thinking?" Johnny asked curiously.

"I heard that he just cut his grass and put in new windows," I started. Chris and Johnny instantly knew what I was talking about. "Plus Jerry is at home by himself since Zeno's on patrol." "I'm thinking it's time I get my revenge for him snitching on me last time."

"Well what are we waiting for," Johnny said anxiously. "Let's go trash his yard and beat Jerry to a pulp."

When we arrived at Officer Zeno's house, Jerry was taking out the trash. He still looked like the same loser he did last year. When he spotted us, his eyes widened.

"W-wh-what do you want Tyson," he stammered nervously. "M-my dad put you on house arrest."

"Yeah!" I yelled back. "Because you snitched on me!" "Don't worry, I'm not going to kick your butt, but I am going to challenge you to a battle." Chris and Johnny looked confused as they waited for Jerry's response.

"I accept," Jerry answered quietly. Chris and Johnny burst out laughing, knowing that Jerry was the weakest trainer in Saffron City. Copycat could even beat him in a battle.

"Good," I replied. "If you win you can tell your dad that I was out." "But if you lose, you have to keep your mouth closed or I'll have to close it for you." Jerry nodded his head and then opened a pokeball. His Ralts came out just as weak as ever.

"Umbreon," I said as I opened it's pokeball. "Come out and demolish this loser." Umbreon came out growling at Ralts. "Use Shadow Ball so we can go." Umbreon opened his mouth and shot a small Shadow Ball at Ralts effectively knocking it out.

"Jerry," Chris started. "You are such a loser." "You should have known that you didn't stand a match against Tyson." He turned to me. "Forget about trashing the yard, let's just go home so we can go to school." Chris was always the voice of reason upon the three of us, so his suggestions were usually the best choice.

"Ok," I said quietly. "I need to get home before my parents wake up." I took off running, cutting through each and every yard until I arrived at my house. It looked like my parents were still asleep, so I hopped in the window only to find that they were awake in my room. Before I could even say anything they had already started one of their rants.

"Where have you been?" my mother asked quickly. I hesitated to answer.

"I was out," I mumbled. "Now let me go to bed." My dad just glared at me without saying a word. This was worse than when he yelled. My mother shook her head and began speaking.

"Two years ago you were the perfect child," she said sadly. "But ever since last year, you've been out of control." "That's why were sending you to live with your sister." I was shocked by those words.

"But Simona lives in Goldenrod," I said loudly. "I'll have to move all the way to Johto." "And anyway I'm on house arrest so I can't leave."

"We already talked to Officer Zeno and he also thought that you would be better off in Johto," Dad said. It was the first time that he had said anything. "You're off house arrest." This was bitter sweet. I was off house arrest but now I had to go to Goldenrod City.

"We sent your stuff to Simona's house," Mom added. "Here's your rail pass so you can take the Magnet Train." She handed me it and I snatched it quickly. Grabbing the rest of my stuff, I headed for the car. I didn't say a word the whole ride. When we made it to the Magnet Train I jumped out and grabbed my small amount of stuff.

"See you soon, son," Dad said emotionally. I thought I heard Mom crying but I ignored it and hopped on the train.

"Next stop, Johto," I said miserably.

Sorry that the first chapter's kinda short. The rest will be longer and better.

credit to Dynamik for the banner

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Default Re: Tyson's Destiny: The Path to Greatness

House arrest?! Funny keep up the good work.
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