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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 02-12-2008, 01:59 PM
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Default Tako's stats of ishyness

Basic Info:

Name: Tako
Name meaning: Kite, which represents freedom and peace.
Occupation: Trainer

Total Battles: 28
Win/Loss/Tie: 14/14/0

Money: $ 1,500
TM/HM: none yet
Items: Link cable, Toxic orb.

Pokémon Team:

Name: Swazi
Name meaning: I saw the swinub and I thought Swaziland therefore he is a Swazi.
Species: Mamoswine
Total Battles (been in) : 11
Obtained: Starter

Name: Buru-indou
Name meaning: blue requiem
Species: Dusknoir
Total Battles (been in) : 10
Evo Item Used: Reaper cloth and Link cable
Obtained: Having a skull of a time.

Name: Zeri-ichigo
Name meaning: strawberry jelly (actually it's jelly strawberry)
Species: Luxray
Total Battles (been in) : 10
Obtained: Orpheusmatt the 08 summer give away.

Name: Hagane Yajuu
Name meaning: Steel beast, because she's beastly.
Species: Steelix
Total Battles (been in) : 3
TM/HM: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rest, Toxic
Obtained: FireflyK the 08 summer give away.

Name: Wani sometimes referred to as Waki
Name meaning: crocodile, well he is.
Species: Croconaw
Total Battles (been in) : 6
Obtained: Pokemart

Name: Kaku
Name meaning: To draw, To paint (it's what she really does with her stinger) and it also means I think Victory... it's not too much to hope for.
Species: Skorupi
Total Battles (been in) : 0
Obtained: Okay I'll admit it, I bought her into slavery ;_;
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