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Old 01-27-2008, 07:14 AM
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Default Pokémon: While I’m in Sinnoh. (Preview.)

Coming soon to PokémonElite2000Forums...

This March...

Prepare for a story...

A story you might have already known...(Zooming in on the Sinnoh region.)

About a young teenager just starting his journey in Sinnoh...(A teenage boy with long red hair waking up from his bed.)

With his best friend too...(A boy with short, brown and glasses and wearing the uniform of Lucas in the Diamond & Pearl games.)

Choosing their starter Pokémon...(The two boys standing in front of table with a Turtwig and Chimchar with Professor Rowan standing by them.)

Some annoying guy becoming their rival?...(A boy that looks like the rival in Diamond & Pearl games.)

Meeting up with a girl...(A close-up on a girl that looks like a brown hair Dawn with a Piplup on her shoulder.)

And tons of Pokémon...(A flock of Starlys being shown.)

This is...

Pokémon: While I’m in Sinnoh. !!!

Used to be exclusively brought to SerebiiForums until now!!!

Get ready for "Pokémon: While I’m in Sinnoh."!!!

From the guy who heard of Pokémon...Buneary dude!

Created and written by Buneary dude himself!

Nominated for best author, best new author, and most-improved author of SerebiiForums: Fan Fiction Awards!

(The screen changes to a close up on a Buneary being interviewed.)

"So Buneary dude, how did the hit story, "Pokémon: While I'm in Sinnoh." end up in PE2K Forums?" A voice asked putting a microphone up to the teen.

"Well it's quite simple really..." Buneary dude replied.
(A flash back occurred.)

The boy with long red hair who was walking on a dirt road with a Piplup on his shoulder saw a wooden sign that led to a different path.

"Hey MC, what's that?" He asked the Piplup on his shoulder.

"Pi Piplup?" The Piplup said.

"Palmer!" The red head shouted. "Bailey!"

"What is it, Brad?" The boy who looked like Lucas asked, coming up from behind him, with a Drifloon flying around him.

"Hang on, Brad!" The brown haired Dawn panted, following Brad and Palmer.

"What is that thing?" Brad asked Palmer and Bailey.
Brad, Palmer, and Bailey all walked to the sign, shaped as an arrow.

"PE2K Forums..." Brad read.

"Another forum?" Bailey asked, biting her nails. "Should we really leave the SerebiiForums path and relive our story on the PE2K Forums?"

"Sure we can," Palmer said. "All we have to do is send the first episode of, "Pokémon: While I'm in Sinnoh." and I'm sure the whole thing will happen there! And we stay in SerebiiForums!"

"Good idea!" Brad agreed, reaching into his bag, and pulling out a tape. "I have the first ep right here!"

"Well throw it in!" Palmer and Bailey yelled.
Brad threw the tape in the PE2K Forums portal. The tape got sucked up and the sign disappeared.

"Limited offer I guess," Brad said. "Oh well. Our clones will re-live our lives. Although they are not really's a recording. I'm confusing myself!?" Brad yelled cross-eyed.
Then Brad, Palmer, and Bailey continued on their quest in Sinnoh.
(Flashback end.)

"And that's how you brought, "While I'm in Sinnoh." to PE2K Forums?" The interviewer asked.

"The characters got there by themselves," The Buneary said. "Not by me."

"Okay we have a commercial coming or something?" The voice asked. "This Buneary is weird."

"I heard that!" Buneary dude yelled! "And remember to tune into, "While I'm in Sinnoh." this March on PE2K Forums..."
(End of preview.)
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