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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-01-2005, 03:54 AM
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Default Burning Souls


ok, its been a while but if you'd like to read the two stories before this one you may, but I belive once again it can hold it's own :)

Part 7

Thunder rumbled softly in the distance; faint flashes of lighting within the clouds revealed a war front. Water from the slowing tide trickled in the Center, past the mud holes and gouges, the blugend wall, slowly wetting the wood and carpet. A past come to reclaim it's soul.....

"Mommy, mommy it hurts so much, mommy- IT HURTS!"

Lapras' moniter shorted and went out from interference-

"(curses) We need to decharge him, he still has way too much electricity in him!-Alex get me the EAA-hurry!," shouted Joy, the other equipment sustaing little Lapras flickering thier tale-tell signs of failure.

"My," Eve's lips breathed, her heart/mind in shambles, overflowing, releasing all that was sealed inside-you failed him!, you failed him!, you failed him!-

Lapras lashed about like cloth in the wind, the painful electrical currents puppetering his every move, his cries for Mommy, mommy! going un-answered-creating more and more fear and his tears only hurt his eyes even more-

Alex rolled over a small pump-looking machine with four long sticky plugs- Joy snatched two and slapped them adjacent to one another in the middle of the chest, the other two went to the failed monitor, and Alex switched the vacuum on, it's power greatly underestimated-
Lapras' body lashed out spread egale-stiff,and a horrible sucking-choking noise emitted from his gaping mouth-Mo-!-uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh-,eyes wide-eyes that begged for help-stop the pain-Eve had never so desperatly wished to be deaf-blind-

"What are you doing?!", Eve screamed.

" WTF?!-Turn it off!!," screamed Joy.

"It won't respond! It's power is from Lapras!"

Quickly, Joy ripped out the two needles and Lapras instantly relaxed-eyes rolled back in the head-shut, all monitors dead.

The moment froze in time; Lapras lay spread-eagle on the bed like an old discarded doll. The thought ran through Eve's mind and twisted and mualed her face into a horrified look-her cry yielded no sound, every beat of her heart broke a rib. The beach was red again-the waves were sticky...Eve fell to the ground and shatterd into a thousand pieces.

The red waves washed gently around Eve's knees, Charizard, exhuasted, lay on the sand, his tail flame nearly doused out. All Eve could focus on was the little bundle of birth that she cuddled and the beautiful eyes that gazed into her own....

..............pleep.....pleep.....pleep....upon hearing the blessed bells, Eve was ripped away from the red beach-out of the darkness, she felt gentle hands trying to stand her up, but Eve was like a doll herself until...the sublte breaths of his chest would have been missed by anyone else....Eve stumbled to the side of the bed, the hands still supporting her, and drew Lapras close, he then managed to open just a sliver of his eye....Mommy? Where'd you go? Eve felt the tears stream down her face, those beautiful eyes,

"I'm right here," she whispered, the pieces of her former self creating a new image. In the background she finally noticed Joy, a defribilator rub in each hand, looking like she aged years, and gave a sigh of relife with tears that weren't held back.

"He'll be okay," Nurse Joy mouthed plopping her hands to her side, slumping on a chair that by chance was behind her.

Gastly in the bed over guawked at all she had just witnessed....

Eve began caressing her baby's head and neck,"He feels cold, where are the blankets?", came her squeeky voice.

"I'll get some," answered Alex, the gentle hands left slowly and Eve supported her own wieght.

Eve gave a deep sigh, all her pieces now slowly coming back together in slightly different positions, finally a new mold.

The rain began again, a soft fluid flow to lull to sleep.

" *Breath* I'm gonna go a-and patch up the wall before any more water seeps in," said an exhuasted Joy heaving herself up, yet as the heavily saturated mountains gave a long agonized, moan, thier bulk choaking the very bones of thier foundation, some water would be the least of thier problems.
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