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Old 11-26-2007, 12:37 AM
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Default Digimon: Olympus Six

At the beginning of the digital world, various amounts of data about the Roman Gods was retrieved and created 12 different entities across the digital world. These 12 entities referred to themselves as the Olympus Twelve and kept watch of the digital world and at the same time protected it. They protected the weak and have been fighting off the Seven Great Demon Lords since the beginning of the Digital World.

Though, as time passed, most of the Olympus Twelve members have shriveled away or have been deleted by the Seven Great Demon Lords and the Olympus Twelve have become the Olympus Six and their power began to weaken, leaving total dominance of the digital world. With their limited powers, The Olympus Six created a portal to bring children from all over the world with the potential to beat the 7 Great Demon Lords;to the digital world.

Olympus Six:
1. Apollomon "Apollo"
2. Dianamon "Diana (Artemus)"
3. Marsmon "Mars (Ares)"
4. Mercurimon "Mercury (Hermes)"
5. Minervamon "Minerva (Athena)"
6. Neptunmon "Neptune (Poseidon)"

Seven Great Demon Lords:
1. Barbamon "Barbatos"
2. Beelzebumon "Beelzebub"
3. Belphemon Rage Mode "Belphegor"
4. Demon "Satan"
5. Leviamon "Leviathan"
6. Lillithmon "Lillith"
7. Lucemon Falldown Mode "Lucifer"




-No God-Modding
-No Bunnying is allowed
-No Flaming
-No Spamming
-Try your best to use both good grammar and spelling
-Enjoy Yourself!!!

Digi-Destined Sign-Up Form
Name: (First and last name of your character. Nicknames are allowed.)
Age: (9-16)
Karma: (Good, Neutral or Evil)
Nationality: (American, Mexican, Japanese, etc)
Appearance: (How your character looks; what is your character wearing at the moment.)
Personality: (What type of person is your character, how does he/she react to different situations, How do they act.)
Digital Partner/Partner Digimon/Digimon Partner: (What is your digimon partners rookie stage.)

Digimon Partner Form

In-Training Stage
Name: (Your Digimon's name while in this stage.)
Appearance: (A picture can be used.)
Attack(s): (Your digimon's attacks, description is needed)

Rookie Stage
Name: (Your Digimon's name while in this stage.)
Appearance: (A picture can be used.)
Attack(s): (Your digimon's attacks, description is needed)

Champion Stage
Name: (Your Digimon's name while in this stage.)
Appearance: (A picture can be used.)
Attack(s): (Your digimon's attacks, description is needed)

Ultimate Stage
Name: (Your Digimon's name while in this stage.)
Appearance: (A picture can be used.)
Attack(s): (Your digimon's attacks, description is needed)

Mega Stage
Name: (Your Digimon's name while in this stage.)
Appearance: (A picture can be used.)
Attack(s): (Your digimon's attacks, description is needed)

Personality: (What type of digimon is your character digimon, how does he/she/it react to different situations, How do they think...)
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Old 11-26-2007, 06:26 PM
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Default Re: Digimon: Olympus Six

Name: Katherine Pride Nickname: Kitty
Age: 16
Karma: Good
Nationality: American

Kitty is 5'3" in size and she has long dirty blond hair that she usually wears in a ponytail or a braid. She has bright blue eyes that usually shows what she is feeling at the moment. Right now she is wearing comfortable blue jeans and a red tee-shirt.


Kitty is a kind and caring person. She is loyal to her friends and she is friendly. She is usually shy but if you get her to laugh she will be more talkative towards you. Kitty reacts to all situations calmly though sometimes she gets excited but that happens rarely. She acts friendly and kindly.

Digital Partner/Partner Digimon/Digimon Partner:
Nickname: Shadow

In-Training Stage:

Name: Koromon


Bubble blow: Shoots bubbles out of mouth.

Rookie Stage:

Name: BlackAgumon


Pepper Breath: Shoots a small ball of flame from mouth.
Mechanical Bash: Use head as an attack.
Mega Crusher: Uses claws to attack.

Champion Stage:

Name: BlackGreymon


Mega Flame: Shoots a big ball of flame from mouth.

Ultimate Stage:

Name: Black MetalGreymon


Giga Blaster: Shoots two missiles from chest at the enemy.

Mega Stage:

Name: BlackWarGreymon


Terra Destroyer: BlackWarGreymon summons a big ball of negative energy that is really powerful.
Black Tornado: BlackWarGreymon spins around like a black tornado with his claws at the top of it.
Mega Claw: BlackWarGreymon uses his claw to attack.

Personality: Shadow is a protective and caring BlackAgumon. Which is probably weird for a virus but that is what he is. He secretly likes Kitty more then a tamer and friend but he keeps that to himself. In all situations, if there is any danger towards Kitty, Shadow will react quickly and protectively. He doesn't back down from any fight no matter who he is going against. Shadow thinks on the same lines as Kitty does but sometimes that will change depending on what form he is in.
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Old 11-27-2007, 06:01 AM
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Default Re: Digimon: Olympus Six

Name: Elana Frost
Age: 12
Karma: Good
Nationality: Australian
Appearance: Elana is slightly below average in height for her age, and is very light. People often like to carry her, but he hates that. Elana has long, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt and jeans. Elana also has a slight tan because her father has a different culture.
Personality: Elana has sort of a tomboy personality, and never cares about her looks. When you first meet Elana, you may think that she's quiet and shy. But when you get to know her, you realise that she never stops talking! Usally, calm and mellow, Elana likes to be friendly and have a chat. But when you make her mad she can get violent. Otherwise Elana is a fun loving friend who always helps others. Being a tomboy, Elana hates other people telling her to be a lady. Used to being bullied, Elana never takes offence to many things and usually keeps her feelings happy. To others, she always seems happy. When she is feeling down, she never really expresses it to her friends and keeps it to herself. Strangley, whenever Elana sees something untidy, she races off to fix it up. Elana is also a bit of a loner and likes to do and think about things on her own sometimes. Elana is caring for her loved ones and never wants anything to happen to them. She is also reliable with things she takes in hand although some things she doesn't want to do.
Digital Partner/Partner Digimon/Digimon Partner: Veemon

I'll finish later, please reserve me.

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