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Old 11-13-2007, 07:54 PM
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Arrow Ikkou Academy, a Pokémon Role Play Forum

Ikkou Academy, a Pokémon School.

Become a student at a pokémon boarding school, where you are given a pokémon partner, go to classes, fall in and out of love, meet new friends, find new enemies... Deal with a competitive principal who always has tournaments against houses.

There are six houses. I, being head admin/principal, tried to put all three elements that had a common bond together, so we didn't have a bajillion houses. Here are the houses:


There is a quiz to take for finding out what house you're in, located on the 'Create a Character' template.

Forum Rules
¤ Use good grammer, punctuation, and spelling. Not EVERY word has to be spelled right, just try your best, please! :)

¤ Keep all role plays IN PUBLIC VIEW rated PG 13. If it gets any higher, please PM each other the role play. Kids are here you know!

¤ This is pokémon, so no godmodding or power playing.

¤ Every member gets ONE character, except admin.

-Admin have one teacher character, and one student character-

¤ Have fun!

Ikkou Academy Rules
¤ Academy allows ages 10-18

¤ You may only leave grounds on Sunday, unless noted otherwise

¤ If you are absent (without notifying the office) over 3 times, you are kicked out of that specific class.

¤ If caught in the opposite sex's dorm, you will be suspended for however long (it varies). Even worse if found in the opposite sex's dorm, and they're another house.

¤ Lights out at nine pm.

¤ School colours: Light blue and black (default skin colours)

Wild Pokémon?
There are wild pokémon you can catch. But, if you read the Ikkou rules, you can only leave school grounds on Sunday. So, first, what you would need to do is buy some pokéballs from the mall across the way from the school. Then there are designated areas for each house to catch pokémon (whatever house you are in determines what type of pokémon you can use).

Principal Maya tries to hold contests weekly, on school grounds. That way students can show what they learn in classes, and practice strategies in the ring.

The mall across the street holds contests, like what you would see in the anime. No information yet on if Principal Maya will let her students do the contests, seeing as the dates vary.

Any Other Information
Just post on this thread if you have any questions. Click here to go to the role play forum.

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