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Old 10-21-2007, 10:34 AM
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Default an ultimate pokemon journey

a new region named ranto was discovered by a man named rai lukas ranto who named the region after his family inheriting this he became a famous land that people attracted to with great pokemon and lovely atmosphere

on your adventure many things will face you, great battles, legendary pokemon, new friends and foes and a enemy team named team cyber, so take your six pokemon friends and start and adventure you will never forget

okay here are the cities

1.journiel town: a town where people recieve there starter pokemon from proffesor ranto who is the founders grandson he is also th champion

Route 1 city:the first bug pokemon gym lays here where a great sun shines forest:where the ninja's shrine lays where ninja pokemon trainers train darkrai is said to lurk here

4.heartsky city:the normal type gym leader stays here it is also where contests are held

5.route 2

6.psychron city:the third gym leader lays here. also a place where merchants maket is held

7.lunar cavern:a dark cave is said cresselia leaves deep underground here

8.lunar city: a dark gym town where everything is lurky

9.route 3

10.stoppof point:cybers first assualt is here

11.route 4

12 .mount coromore:a giant moutain at the cold peak suicune sleeps

13.coromore city:where the fifth gym rock type is here

14.pacifro ocean

15.pacifro city:located under water where the water gym leader is

16.route 5

17.route 6

cybers airplane lies here.

18.raytron city:a posion type gym leader lives here

19.route 7

20.abandoned nuclear plant:where raikou sleeps volcano:entei sleeps here

22.Foroll town:the 7th gym leader of grass pokemon hides away here

23.route 8

24.cyber hideout:where you battle the leader syndro

25.draconic city:where the 8th gym leader uses dragon gym leader stays

26.legendary point:where the legendary pokemon lives it is arceus in the universe peak

27.victory road:journey through here too get to the pokemon league

the elite four

champion ME

sign up sheet





Rp sample:

Position:(gym leader, trainer, elite four member)

role:(breeder, trainer, ranger)

okay please start

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Old 10-21-2007, 10:48 AM
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Default Re: an ultimate pokemon journey

There is no/ not enough plot for this.

Also, Role and Position are technically the same thing.
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Old 10-27-2007, 04:57 AM
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Default Re: an ultimate pokemon journey


Old 10-27-2007, 05:31 AM
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Default Re: an ultimate pokemon journey

Originally Posted by Golden-Silver View Post
First off, there's no plot, and no sign up. That's exactly why no one is joining.

Also, this kind of thing can be easily accomplished by flicking the power switch to the on position while playing Diamond & Pearl or R/S/E or whatever. Point being, the whole fledging trainer thing still works in the games, but everyone who RPs is looking for storylines and situations that are far more original, new, and refreshing.

Read the guides, I think they would help.


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