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Old 10-27-2007, 05:27 AM
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Default Pokemon Topaz

A new region has been discovered, and already Jihiloh is blooming with cities, towns, villages and new pokemon. This rigion is also blooming with something else, a new trainer, or rather trainers have started a new adventure and it begins in Jamberee town and Floresent town.
Old 10-27-2007, 05:55 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Topaz

You need a lot more to it. There is no plot here, a new area like this would badly need a map, the sign up is non-existent, and the roles of the role players are not defined at all. How exactly are they involved with the story? It really should be a lot more than just be another fledgling trainer journey, since we've already seen that storyline used again and again.

It needs a lot of work. Read the guides, participate in a few other role plays before making your own, and see how other people make their RPs and you'll see what our standards are like.


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