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Old 10-25-2007, 10:08 PM
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Talking Re: Celestial Feather

Sign-up Sheet:
Name: Jason or Tai you choose
Age: 11
Occupation: Trainer
Location: Coming to Jhoto from Kanto
Personality: Is a fun loving kid,who is very annoying,his tatics are great though even thought he has no common sense(he thought he could ride a train to Jhoto),quotes movie and Tv Shows alot,and is a geniouse just can't acess it 0_o,he is pervish at times and loves dark and legendary,his favorite pokemon are Umbreon,Crobat.and Mewtwo in that order,He acts brave but is a scaredy cat
Items: Potions,Revives,and food
History: When he started his journey one year ago he was a foolshish child,he chose a Charmander as a starter wich now lives with sister and mom and same with his enasuar,and alot others and all hoen starters final forms,so okay some are his father's but still his since he died,he acts dumb on purpose and adds an s oe ed onto the ends as words as gets and wanteded,he travled with his friends Anth,Zeb,and Derik through Kanto and got to the finals of the leage championship only to be stopped by his Rival and Evil Dark Clone Sheen who uses the pokemon opposites of him i.e He has Espeon Jason has Umbreon,also Jason can telepathicley talk with all pokemon

Pokémon Sign-up Sheet:Umbreon,Crobat,MewTwo or Blaistose(You Choose),Breeloom,Swellow,and Mightyenna

Pokémon Species: Umbreon8(Clone)
Nickname: Todd
Appearance: Normal except has a cresent moon on his chest and his eyes glow red at night
Gender: MALE!
Move-set: Iron tail,Last Resort,Tackle,Mud Slap,ark Pulse,Hypnosesis
Personality:Is a genoiuse,Jason's 2nd strongest pokemon,and loves jason,he also love Japanese Food

If MewTwo
Pokémon Species: MewTwo
Appearance: Has a scar on his back
Gender: n/a
Move-set: WaterPulse,Shock wave,Physic,Recover,me first,and Dark Pulse
Personalit:Hates Everyone but Jason,and barely trusts him,he is also his toughest pokemon besides Mew who is locked in a Golden Pokeball by a Sheen's Dark Jirachi

I f Blaistoise
Pokémon Species: Blastoise
Nickname: Splashums
Appearance: Has a red band around his right arm
Gender: Male
Move-set: Surf,Hyro pump,Hydro cannon,Dive,Water Gun,Hurricane Blast
Personality:Is Jason's 4th strongest Pokemon and Knows it,he is always trying to become number 1!

Pokémon Species: Breeloom
Nickname: Puff
Appearance: Has a pink speare on her tail and two normal
Gender: Female
Move-set: Mega Punch,
Personality:Loves Jason as all his pokemon do,She didn't want to be caught as a Shroomish but loves she did,she fought and knocked out all his bokemon but Zubat(BatGirl),BatGirl fell asleep and Puff got caught from behind,and now is as Tough as Crobat,and is also very protective of Jason

Pokémon Species: Crobat
Nickname: BatGirl
Appearance:Normal except can turn Pink or Black on will
Gender: FEMALE!!!
Move-set: Bite,Fly,Wing Attack,Gust,Confuse Ray,Poison Fang,
Personality:Loves Jason,Thinks no one but Jason and His pokemon love her,is very protective of Jason,is very tough but sweet

Pokémon Species: Swellow
Nickname: Ooni
Appearance: Normal except has green tips on her wings
Gender: Girl
Move-set: Quick Attack,Wing Attack,Aerial Ace,Peck,Air Slash,Fly
Personality: Same as crobat except beat all of his pokemon except Eevee,and is more laid back

Pokémon Species: Mightyenna
Nickname: Flavor
Appearance: Normal except she her Black things around her eyes are Red
Gender: Girl
Move-set: Bite,Swagger,Take Down,Shadow Ball,Roar,Theif
Personality: Is a Girl Todd,they are best friends and get along so well,they also have a secret together...

If i may ask can i also use sheen,i want to keep his a secret

Can you please reserve me i have to go,i'll fill out the rest later...

The secret is the answer

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