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Old 10-19-2007, 10:11 PM
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Default Etrian Odyssey: Party Thread

Hey, I love Etrian Odyssey, but I wonder if anyone
else does. So post your party here, like this.

[Party Name]<Optional>: The name of your party. Optional,
but it's cool to name your party.

[Party Graphic]<Optional>: If your devoted enough to make a graphic,
try looking at the official site.

[Front Line] {Class+Gender+Name}

[Back Line] {Class+Gender+Name}

[Description]: A short description of how your party functions etc.

Here's mine:

Mile Long Club

Dark HunterM-Set


Description: This team does very well offensivly, and can
make long trips without much trouble. One Protector will be more defensive
than the other, mostly for the sake of the DH. With Defender, Immunize
and the cure spells in my repertoire, battle should be short with my Hunter
weakening the enemy. Backtracking should be easier with Stalker and Warp.
Income should be relatively high with all three resource skills in the party (plus
the money trick).

EDIT: Hey, my post count just hit 200. Swet (I know how I spelled it).

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