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Old 09-26-2007, 11:25 PM
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Default [RP] Naruto: In Clan Enemy

[FONT="Century Gothic"]

Calm Down Genin [Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Group]
  • Crazy about Naruto/Naruto Shippuden?
  • Love that aborable Naruto?
  • Sit at your couch/chair every week waiting for the new episode to come on?
  • Mostly all the avatars you had were Naruto (Or not)?
  • Sometimes act like you're a ninja?
  • Have a poster of a Naruto character?
  • Draw Naruto characters?
  • Picture one of the Naruto series character as your groom/bride?
  • Dream about Naruto?
  • Can help but bringing Naruto into a conversation!

    If all of this apply (or not) Join us, the Fun, group all about the show Naruto! Let's chat our heads off about Sasuke or my favorite Hinata =D. Number One hyper active knuckle head ninja fan club. Think of it as this, we or me at the moment, can't wan't til they show more Shippuden episode, so I can see Hinata. (And/or Kiba)

    1. Please no complaints, if you don't like Naruto WHY IN HEAVEN SKAES ARE YOU HERE!!!!
    2. Please try and keep the " know he's better" " No she's better" stuff to a minuim, we all have different favorites, you can state yours just try and not start an arguement!
    3. Hang outt, obey me..(or not)
    4. Don't spam this place up okay!
    5. Follow Pe2k Stern, but firm rules!
    6. Did I say no spam?
    8. Moving on, last rule is JOIN![Inless you have already join then this doesn't count as your last rule]

    We will start a Roleplay be creative.
    I will pick, [Or you will PM me your reasons for wanting to start a RPing thread.]
    a person to lead a Naruto Roleplaying thread.
    Please if your a member, be supportive and join.[I mean how bad could it be?!]

    Ranks (Calm Down genin)
    • Academy student(1-100 post) Everybody
    • Genin [101-350] Nobody
    • Chuunin [351-643]Nobody
    • Jounin [643-1,000] Nobody
    • Kazekage [1,001-3,500]

    I'm already the Hokage-sama, if anyone wants to be the 'co Hokage' Assitant that can help me oversee things. And help me order stuff around, and stuff like that. just give me a PM why, I won't tell and/or show anybody else your PM. I also won't tell anybody who else tried out, inless you want to tell everybody yourself?

    So after all this, are you willing to give some time out of your busy life and take part in this Club...? If so just fill out the form, and join. [OMG WHERE"S THE FREAK'IN SHEET]

    Favorite Character(s):
    Why you like Naruto/Naruto Shippuden:
    Will you be active: [Yes/No]

    [b]Favorite Character(s)[/b*]:
    [b]Why you like Naruto/Naruto Shippuden[/b*]:
    [b]Will you be active[/b*]: [Yes/No]
    Mines..(razzle Dazzle)
    Favorite Character(s): Hinata, Kiba, and..Ino and Shino.
    Why do I like Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden: All the reason listed above..DOH
    Will you be active: If I don't there's a problem..yes =D

    If you can think of some, PM me and I'll put them up here, like Guess that Character, or make up your own quiz. We really need someone who can make banners for US..=D

    Give Credit to Gamamkichi!!!!


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