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Old 09-25-2007, 02:48 PM
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Default Re: (RP) Black Logic

SLV-000001 Silver
Ilex Forest

True enough, as she had said, a member of the RACE could do much more than murder. Superior in every way to an average human being, they could do anything they wanted. Though Silver himself did not fancy having to learn the tactics of a new battlefield, he knew she had a point. Violence should not be the solution to violence, though it may be the greatest solution to just about any problem, the aftereffects of every murder was tremendous. Some were positive, but most others, not so. Negotiations though, in this case would probably be like pouring cold water into an almost-boiling hot kettle to prevent it from boiling over. He would rather just take out the source and shut off the stove altogether, though another person could always just turn it on again. The best way was probably to irreversibly shut off the entire power supply, or something of the sort. Metaphors aside though, River had just offered to take up the first watch.

"Night watch... Very well, I shall retire for now."

He felt slightly guilty that he had neglected to tell her that Gengar were all a nocturnal bunch and probably did not mind flitting around the forest for the whole night and taking a three hour sleep after the dawn in his Hypercard afterwards, but he considered it something of a test. His Loki would still be around, and he would know if she tried anything, from running away, to reporting him to the authorities, to trying to kill him, or even just generally being ineffectual. If he had an ally who could screw up a night watch, then he was probably better off with no ally at all, and just trek alone with his trio of partners, seeking out what some would call a living. Stopping the war was something that constantly played around in his mind, but his priority was to live, for his compassion did not run nearly did enough to take a suicide run so the next generation could live.

"If you must know, all three of my Pokemon are genetically pure. They all have two way transmitters located under their skin somewhere, but other than that, what you see is what you get."

Crawling into his sleeping bag, Silver adjusted his hood and his sunglasses before attempting to knock on the door of dreamland, in the same position as he was before he left for a certain investigation. Back against a tree, looking into the clearing, and altogether quite comfortable.

"The war never happening? That would require turning back the clock... And turning back our lives." Was the last thing he muttered before he fell asleep.
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Old 09-25-2007, 05:10 PM
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Default Re: (RP) Black Logic

Ilex Forest

With Zakuro taking the role as watch as Selene took the role of transportation, Zakuro kept on eye out for anything that could be following them. The duo mostly traveled in the shadows of the decay buildings that made up the in-betweens of Goldenrod and Ilex Forest and was gray with the soot and 'snow' that was around.

"We are almost there." said Zakuro to Selene as the outline of the trees came closer.

Selene nodded and began to sprint towards the forest then with one final leap the pair were in the thick forest. With a few spins to avoid hitting branches and leaving bary anything to be tracked from, Zakuro and Selene were in the dark and deep forest of Ilex.

Zakuro dismount her absol and said, "We need to be careful. Who knows what can be in this forest. The plan is to head for Azlea Town and we see what we can do from there."

Selene nodded and together they walked in unison making it sound as if they were one. The darkness of the forest brought some comfort to the pair since it was only natural for dark type pokemon to like the dark and the dank. Zakuro would send out Hermes, her gengar, to scout the area but Zakuro didn't know how long she would be here so it be best to let Hermes act as an extra guard when Selene and Zakuro felt like resting. Two was more then enough to to just walk though a dark forest, expectually since both at able to work in the darkness.

Together in unison, Zakuro and Selene walked though Ilex Forest. Both were keeping an ear out for what could be in ther forest. The sounds of weedles trying to make a move in the darkness to the soft snores of sleeping Hoothoots were all heard to the pair. Zakuro then looked over to Selene and they then took another step.
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Old 09-26-2007, 05:41 AM
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Default Re: (RP) Black Logic

Pokémon Center, Azalea Town, Johto

I awoke to find myself in a pastel coloured place. There were no clear signs as to what kind of place it was. There may have been people moving around in front of me, I couldn't tell. "Ah, you're finally awake," greeted a woman with pink hair. For some reason her other features seemed out of focus, very blurred in some ways. "We've restored your three pokémon to full health, is there anything I may do for you?" Who was this woman, and why did she speak so sweetly to a complete stranger? These were times of war, and one could never be too trusting. I tried to get a good view of her, but my vision was very abnormal. She wore a white uniform, I could see that much. It had some kind of red symbol on it; perhaps it was the mark of a cross, that's what I saw. If memory served, a cross represented religion.

"Are you a priestess?" I asked her in an authoritative manner.

Her facial expression changed. I didn't know what it represented because of my sight. Her unpleasantly sweet voice returned, "Aren't you sweet? No, I'm actually the local nurse of these parts." She turned away and brought something to me on a tray. I felt the warm air rising off whatever it was. "Drink up," she said lightly, "I'm sure you must be freezing after spending the night in that dreadful well."

I flipped the tray at her and shouted, "How dare you try and poison me!" Immediately, a pair of staff rushed in to restrain me. Throwing them aside I turned back to where the 'nurse' had fallen. I couldn't tell where she had gone. Her voice, I would use that to find her!

"We have a situation," came the whisper of the frightened lady. She was right to be scared of me. I approached the sound of her voice, huddled behind a clean service desk. The sharp point of a syringe jabbed into my back, then another. Both by one of the staff members I had already tossed aside.

In pain I let out a, "Grawh," before dropping to my knees. The man who had given me tranquilizers was going to pay before I let myself fall asleep. I groped around for the pokeball containing M105-0707, but he wasn't in his regular place. So I leaned forward to assault the man myself. Unfortunately for me, I collapsed to the tile floor just before reaching him. The scene faded to gray, and I heard the nurses voice again and again in my head. She seemed more worried about me than afraid. This response to my attack confused me greatly.
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