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Old 09-09-2007, 12:47 AM
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Default Re: Emotive Blackout

OoC ~ I think my female character was just left to die in the feild. Nice guys, real nice...

Marvalo Alexandr
Route 37, Johto

After an onslaught from Connor's pokemon, one of the wild Ursarings was down. Finished by an Aerial Ace maneuver, if Marvalo had heard correctly. That left him to finish off the one remaining. Shuckles were never very good in combat. The majority of their moves consisted of stalling techniques like Protect and Safeguard. Hopefully he could pull this attack off so that it wouldn't show his new allies how dreadful his pokemon was in combat.

Marvalo shouted over to his Mold Pokemon, remembering a move that could be unpredictable at times, "Yzma, use your Natural Gift attack!" After taking a large bite out of her salac berry, Yzma moved surprisingly quickly over to the enemy and began to swing at him with her legs. (Could you call those legs?) The attack was completely unimpressive, but is was great in terms of the shuckle's regular standards.

He cheered her on from a few feet away, surprised by the force she had mustered in combat. The attack had actually seemed to have hurt the large bear. The foe wasn't down yet though. A strong shuckle attack was about the equivalent of a regular rattata's scratch.

Marvalo turned to face Connor and called, "I'll just let you finish him off then?" The boy forced a smile; he was hopeful that the military hardened ally would be able to understand a Shuckle's combat incapability.
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Old 09-09-2007, 03:55 AM
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Default Re: Emotive Blackout

Moon started, it just seemed like forever ago....."Well it all began when we enterd town after a long day of travel. We then made our way to the"...the Umbreon thought, the fist parts weren't very important, so she dicided to skip those scens and jump to the boy and his injury. "So Jay and I brought him to the hospital for care. It toke a bit and in the end he was ok so we were gonna come back here, untill we were jumped by some punk who wanted us dead or somthing. So the boy began to fight the meanie's Chaizard, I even got a Shadow ball in." "I only wish it ended there" whispered the Pokémon talking a small break. It was harder telling the tale then she had thought. But it wasn't the time to cry now. " But then some girl interfired and got Jay really mad, i could feel it in her, she even Hydro pumped the punk into a wall. She got the other girl who turned out to be changing into a Grimer realllly angery. So the Grimer girl got her Mageton to attack Jay, who was already weakned by her outbrust, with a Thunder attack. With Jay being part water type, it did double damage. I know she was sorry, Jay, cause she told Arcanine not to hurt"... Moon's eyes began to tear up a bit, it wasn't fair, it was a mistake, a massive one. "O never mind, you know the rest" finished to Pokémon, desprite to re-group herself.

OCC Sorry if the seneces aren't well writen, it's just I figured a Pokémon's sentence stucture wasn't as good a person's

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Old 09-09-2007, 08:12 AM
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Default Re: Emotive Blackout

Elana stroked Moon gently. "Don't worry Moon, Nurse Joy will take good care of her. It's so terrible of people to do that isn't it?" But Elana suddenly stopped. Her eyes grew different. She uttered a low growl, then sniffed on the ground casually. "Mightyena?" she turned to Moon. then she turned to her own Mightyena. They played chasey for a bit, then she barked loudly making all the people in the waiting room stare. The curse was taking control.

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Old 09-10-2007, 12:58 AM
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Default Re: Emotive Blackout

[[gah, I'm sorry for not posting, everyone. I just sort of need Gaby now =( ]]
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