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Old 08-15-2007, 08:32 AM
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Default Nothing, Everything [Preview]

…Okay, I thought I wasn’t going to go back to this piece. The original was…there were just a lot of problems with it, and lucky I did not post any of it ;P. However, many inspirations made me come back and do a rewrite of “Nothing, Everything”. There were just a few scenes I wanted to write out.

Now I hope to finish all the way to the very end with this version. I think this time I had planned out much more interesting and more developed characters, a better plot, and deeper themes. So yeah, quite a lot of differences from this version and the original version.

Nothing, Everything
From Chapter Three

The winds blew violently at Route 209, with the waters rippled and the trees shook. The Pokemon under the grass covered themselves with their heads, hoping to not fly away. The only thing that didn’t moved or took cover was a five story stone building.

Up on the fifth floor of the Lost Tower, a white haired woman took out the glasses from her beady gray eyes. She used the top part of her dress to clean them. After finished cleaning, Brenda put them back on and then saw a black colored ghost with hints of violet on the bottom tips of its hair.

“Misdreavus!” the ghost Pokemon cheered to the old woman. Brenda turned around and smiled.

“Hi, Misdreavus. Cannot seemed to sleep again.”

Brenda sighed and then walked around a statue a little bit. She then stopped when her eyes saw the front side of the statue, which revealed of a large dragon Pokemon. Compared to its small wings, the Pokemon had six fat legs. Undreneath was this writing:

Giratina, the Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh
Believed to live another world and wonder around in cemeteries
Thought to cause death to Sinnoh humans and Pokemon

In an instant, Brenda felt something weird inside. She really cannot explain what kind of feeling she felt. At the moment inside her head, she told herself the feeling was like of rain and snow clashing together, if that was possible. Even though she could not explain the feeling, Brenda knew what they meant.

After looking at the statue for a while, Brenda turned around to face her Misdreavus.

“I feel…something isn’t right here. The sprits are mad.”


If you are wondering, no it is not a fantasy story :P. (Actually, it’s going to be more of Drama/Suspense with bits of comedy XD). However, it is fun doing Brenda’s character and it will be a fun scene on how one of the character’s reaction towards her will be. XD Also, one of the themes of the story will be history, so that Giratina statue will be very important. ;D

Yeah, sorry that it is a bit rubbish. It’s the rough draft version. XD I am actually planning to try to finish all of the chapters before I start school in late September. During college, I hope that I will be able to edit the chapters and also have the chapters be betaed before I officially post them. ^^

Besides that little excerpt, here is a little trailer I made. Sorry if this is a bit rush…can’t really hold myself doing this little preview page! ^^;;; Also, this will give a bit more taste as to what is to come.


Nothing, Everything

First there was nothing but darkness onscreen. A couple of seconds later though, a woman’s laughter can be heard. Soon, the screen showed a woman in a gold dress laughing. A lot of fresh flower petals fell gently on her. The screen later became black and the woman’s laughter fades.

A woman’s deep voice was heard. Words formed as she talked.

History will break into a million pieces.

The screen showed two glass cups fell and turned into a million pieces. Soon, an old man with blue eyes and wearing a business like suit looked at himself. He can see his reflection on all of the broken pieces.

Will it then be worth nothing…

Once again, a new scene shows. Officer Jenny is at a donut shop, staring at a necklace that looked like a red jagged rock. She stared at it, as it observing it very carefully.

or everything?

This time, the screen went black for a few seconds. Later, a new scene emerges, showing Officer Jenny and a brown haired woman in a furry sweater and baggy jeans with a Ninetales besides her talking to the Snowpoint Gym Leader Candice, with her Medicharm by her side.

“So you’re an Ice Type gym leader? Medicharm is not an Ice Type, is she?” Officer Jenny said with a huge smirk. Beside her, the brown haired woman slapped her forehead.

There was a quick flash of bright light and then a new scene shows those two same girls and the Ninetales inside a bedroom with the man (same one in the broken glasses scene) almost closing the door. Before he did though, he said something very slyly to the girls.

“We got a big day ahead of us, so expect the unexpected”.

After that scene, there were a few scenes that came real fast. The dramatic music became louder and faster.

An old woman and her Misdreavus ran during night while it was windy.

A Noctowl flew up in the sky towards the moon and then screeched very loudly.

An Xatu used a Psychic attack and it hit a Ninetales. After the hit, revenge was soon in his red eyes.

Now a man’s voice was heard while these next few scenes are shown.

Yes, even in the world of history…

The brown haired girl, Officer Jenny, and the Ninetales cheered while the Tropius the three were on soared high into the skies.

there will be different perspectives.

The same old woman that ran against the wind was now looking at statue of Giratina.

There are ways to deal with that debate, though.

The brown haired woman and Officer Jenny stayed behind the Ninetales. All three are at a snowy forest. A couple of seconds later, the Ninetales roared very loudly.

Blackness. The scene then slowly showed the same two woman, the Ninetales, and the old man sitting together around a campfire. It later revealed it was the one man’s voice that spoke out of screen a few moments ago.

“You can either embrace it, challenge it, or forget it.”

The screen fades to black and then golden letters formed these words.

Nothing, Everything
Coming October 2007

Yeah, this preview is in two parts: an excerpt and a little trailer. Maybe I am a bit too hopeful and such, but I do hope this fanfic will be one to remember as it might be my last chaptered fic because at the moment my life is just hectic with college and other things. So I hope you guys will enjoy this big preview and I hope to go all the way with this fic ;D.
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+Nothing, Everything+

Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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Old 08-15-2007, 07:25 PM
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Default Re: Nothing, Everything [Preview]

Well, aside from the grammatical- tense and typos mostly, it sounds really interesting. Bella is intriguing. Just try to not use words like 'really' 'a bit' and so on, as they really weaken prose... or do they weaken prose? (Which one sounds better, the one with or w/o 'weaken'?)
Originally Posted by Bay View Post
Yeah, sorry that it is a bit rubbish. It’s the rough draft version. XD I am actually planning to try to finish all of the chapters before I start school in late September. During college, I hope that I will be able to edit the chapters and also have the chapters be betaed before I officially post them. ^^
That's actually a good idea - having it finished before you start. If everyone did that, there would be a lot less incomplete ones and more complete ones, for sure.
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Old 08-15-2007, 08:52 PM
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Default Re: Nothing, Everything [Preview]

Great opening for chapter 3, and I'm interested to see where you're going to take this. Just wish there was a little more, but we'll see when the full story starts getting posted.

I think the title of this fic has a nice touch too.

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Old 08-16-2007, 07:07 AM
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Default Re: Nothing, Everything [Preview]

Hey Bay! I'm posting here because who knows if other forums will load. xD

I've been waiting to find out more about this fanfic ever since I saw the banner in your sig months ago. When you said that progress on this fanfic had to stop because of those problems mentioned elsewhere, I actually got upset. But hey, at least now you've fixed those problems and can finally post this fic.

It's already shaping up to be a good plot line. I'm always a fan of fics that show the different perspectives of life. And this is a history fic! You know how much I like history! =D

Let me know when the fateful day in October arrives.
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Old 08-17-2007, 03:17 AM
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Default Re: Nothing, Everything [Preview]

Sceptile Frost: Thanks. Yeah, will keep that in mind. I always tend to use "really and "a bit". ^^;;; Also, last year I tried to finish that fanfiction too but wasn't able because during that time I was also working on my romance one shot for that Roses and Chocolates Contest and also finishing up another one shot called "Mori" (why hadn't I edited and posted that yet O.o) *coughs*

Neo Pikachu: Hehe, thanks. I hope the planning I done for this version will be good. ^^

Hanako Tabris: You mean this banner made by katiekitten?;D (The problem with this banner is that it has the things that was in the orginal version and not in the new verison, so probably those things won't appear in the fanfiction ^^;;; )

Yeah, fixed up some problems for it. Before in the original verison, the theme was going to be in the lines of religion, but now it has changed to history. I would like to give credit to D/P for inspirating me to go back to "Nothing, Everything". ;).

Again, thanks everyone for showing some interest for this piece. I might post a few more excerpts and also post the progress of the fic. So far I am at the 11th chapter and almost ending Book 1 (it will be in two books but in same thread XD).

Okay, now off to try to finish it! =D

EDIT (8/21/07)
Just wanted to say that the progress of "Nothing, Everything" is going slow but good. Now on 13th chapter. Been a bit busy with a one shot and had a job interview today. XD Maybe I might post my progress here or in a new post. (Will most certaintly do a new post when I get it done, though XD).

EDIT (9/1/2007)
I was about to edit this before I go to sleep but then the forums went undre matience. :/

Anways, just want to say that I am almost done with the story. Need two/three chapters left and then an epilogue. I will probably finish this tonight if I am motivated enough XD. I would have finished it already if it wasn't for a couple of animes I had watched ^^;;;. Will post when I am done with it and also give you guys another preview :).
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+Nothing, Everything+

Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)

Last edited by Bay; 08-31-2007 at 09:13 PM. Reason: Progress (8/21/07)/ Progress (9/1/07)
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Old 09-09-2007, 05:24 AM
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Default Re: Nothing, Everything [Preview]

Huge Announcement!

Sorry to double post, but I have a major announcement. A couple of days ago, I got done with the story. ^^

Now, some things I want to say. Even though the story is done, don't expect updates of it to be fast. In fact, like "Simplicity" (since it is done too ^^; ), updates might be slow. School is starting again soon and I might be very busy with that and work too. Plus, it depends if the story will need little or lots of revision (there are a couple of things I already thought of revising).

Since I did not really say what the story was about, I guess now is the time. Now, for those of you that read the preview thread of "Nothing, Everything" back in the summer of 2006 (at Serebii), I said how it is going to be in the themes of religion and it is loosely based off of the book "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. Now, in this version it is still loosely based off of that book (notably the first part of this story), but I also managed to make a few differences too. In fact, I managed to make this version more of my own then the first version of this story (which is almost like that book with puzzles, religious groups, the works >.> ). For now, all I am going to say is the version I am going to post will not deal with religion. Like on the first post here, it is more of history.

Expect the release date of this story October 1st, though it could be either eariler or later then this date. Depends if I am really busy or not. ^^;;;

Now, in this preview this is where the two main characters meet the first time, Bunny Spruce and Officer Jenny. (Yeah, I know Bunny is a weird name. Her name will be made fun of from one of the characters, though. XD) Well, hope you enjoy it. ^^

Nothing, Everything
From Chapter Three

Inside their hotel room, Balin was on the bed while Bunny was on her cell phone. At the moment the Ninetales was watching a commercial of PokeChow.

“PokeChow…now with twenty percent more meat inside!”

Balin suddenly bounced up and down and then yelled, “Nine, nine!”

“Balin! Keep quiet, I am on the phone!”

That made the Pokemon calmed down and back to watching television. Balin lied down with his stomach touching the bed and his front paws touching his face. He smiled, very comfortable for him. Bunny’s eyes stared at the peach painted walls while she listened.

“Oh, that is great, Bunny! So glad Truce is okay now.”

“Yeah. Too bad you cannot make it to the Faire, Mrs. Davis.”

“I know. Just a couple of hours ago I came back from my cousin’s wedding. Hehe, maybe I would have a couple of my Pokemon go against your Pokemon.”

Bunny giggled and then said, “Yeah, that would be great. Well, will see you soon.”

“Can’t wait. Bye, Bunny.”

Bunny hung up on her cell phone, put it on the small desk besides the window, and then fell onto the bed. Her hand ruffed Balin’s creamy fur, which made the fox Pokemon’s mouth beamed.

“Cannot wait to go back home, boy?”

“Tales!” the Ninetales cheered.

“Hehe, that’s good. Now, remember to behave, all right?”

The Ninetales nodded and then said “Tales” cheerfully again.

After Bunny chuckled, she turned off the television then and the two were about to go to sleep. They were not able to shut their eyes when loud bangs were heard.

“What?” Bunny asked as Balin tilted his head.

The woman quickly grabbed a bathrobe to cover her short sleeved nightgown and then opened the door. She gasped when she saw two police officers, a male and female.

“Um…can I help you?”

“Are you Bunny Spruce?” asked the male officer.

Bunny just nodded.

“Well, this is Officer Jenny here and I am Officer Timmy. We got a few questions of the death of Ernest Norrision and also we would like you to come with us at the crime scene.”

After Bunny shook her head and opened her eyes bigger, she asked, “What?”

“There were some things at the crime scene that maybe you can help us with. It won’t take long.”

At first Bunny wanted to tell them to get out, but she didn’t want to be rude. Besides, they are the police.

“Okay, I will tag along. Let me change first.”

The two nodded and then Bunny went to grab a couple of clothes. She then went inside the bathroom, with Balin coming in too. Before the woman closed the door though, she stared at Officer Jenny for a bit.

Huh, she hadn’t said a word yet.

When she brushed off that thought, Bunny closed the door.


Again, sorry for grammar mistakes and such. This is the first draft and I hope when I post it the wording will be smoother. I hope you guys comment on what you think! ^^

Update: 9/14/2207

Hiya! Well, expect the prologue to come soon. At the moment I sent Saphria_Thorn the prologue for her to beta. As soon as she finishes betaing it, then the story will be offically posted! Get ready! =D

Update: 9/18/2207
Another big announcement!

A few hours ago I got a PM from Saphria (at Serebii) and she said she will be able to finish betaing the story by Wednesday/Thursday. So yeah, expect it either tomorrow or Thurdsay. I know, it is early, but I actually cannot wait to FINALLY post this story! XD
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+Nothing, Everything+

Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)

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