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Old 08-22-2007, 09:30 PM
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Default Pokemon Ninja Academy

Im back yet again and i wanna try this ninja rp idea again because it was actually going good last time i just dont know what happen so anyway here we go.

here we go.


Welcome to the Pokemon ninja academy were u will learn to become a ninja with u and ur partner pokemon. Your training will be hard and brutal on your mind and body going thru this training will weed out the fakers from the real ninja's. You are here as a rookie u were sent by ur respected villages to become ninja's and u will be put to the test to see if u are worthy of that title.

There are 7 villages:
Fire Village
Leaf Village
Earth Village
Water Village
Lightning Village
Psychic Village
Shadow Village

You are rookie ninja from one of these villages you are now in the grand village this is were u start ur journey from here on out u will have the honor of ur families ur villages ur head ninja with u from the time u walk thru these doors so be on top of your game and don't not fail me, yourself, or ur village so lets begin by having u fill out this forms.....GO LUCK

You start out with three pokemon partners u can either have a 1st or 2nd evolution pokemon and each of ur pokemon have a special ability that can either change as the pokemon grows and evolves or get stronger as the pokemon grows. You can collect new pokemon partners as u travel. Put together teams that would make good ninja teams and are balanced together as a team


Name: Xavier
Ninja alias: X
Height: 5'8
Weight: 170lbs
Village: Fire Village
weapon: Blazing Sword

Special Ability: Xavier is faster than ur average ninja his speed rival's that out a Dragonite moving at top speed. Along with his speed he has a deep innner power that just hasnt been revealed and coming to the academy might help him reveal his deep inner power.

Story: Xavier was found after a great battle between the fire and water village. He was raised by the village elder's until he was old enough to go to the ninja academy. The village elder's relized that Xavier was special when they were training him and he started catching on to every juitsu and techique that they taught to they sent him to the Grand Village to train under Master Kai and become a great ninja.

3 Pokemon partners:

species: Charmander
Name: Hot shot
gender: Male
special ability: intense heat

species: Scyther
Name: Jet
gender: male
special ability: ninja focus

species: abra
Name: hodini
gender: male
special ability: mind control

I already have two people who joined anybody else is welcome
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Old 08-22-2007, 09:38 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ninja Academy

ill join


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Old 08-23-2007, 04:48 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ninja Academy

Name: Rancix
Ninja alias: Rancite
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120lbs
Village: Earth Village
weapon: Stone Gauntlets

Special Ability: Rancix is shorter than many people in his family but alot stronger. They never saw that he was that strong until he had beaten up a robber

Story: Rancix was born and wasn't very heavy that docters thought he would die. Luckily Rancix loved to eat so in his first 2 months of being born he gained 20 pounds and was able to expand and shrink his body anytime he wanted.

3 Pokemon partners:

species: Larvitar
Name: Rocky
gender: Male
special ability: Sand Stream

species: kecleon
Name: Camo
Gender: Female
special ability: Camoflauge

Name: wisenhighmer
Gender: Male
Special Ability: Ninja expierence
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Old 09-08-2007, 09:45 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ninja Academy

Name: Becca Onima
Ninja alias: Bec
Height: 145
Weight: 32kg
Village: Shadow village
weapon: Element sword / staff

Special Ability: Can move weapons and small items with her mind (telekenesis). She may be short but she's strong. a master at most martial arts, especially tai chi.

Story: Bec's mother died in child birth so she lived with her father until he got sick and passed away in hospital. She lived by herself until she was old enough to enter the academy

3 Pokemon partners:

species: Eevee
Name: Evo
gender: Female
special ability: Extreme speed

species: Skitty
Name: Nyu
gender: Female
special ability: Charm

species: Ponyta
Name: Blaze
gender: male
special ability: Flare

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