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Old 09-01-2007, 09:45 PM
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Default Hell's Paradise ~A Preview~

Right-o. I've been wanting to write a fanfiction that's a crossover between my favorite anime: Wolf's Rain and Hellsing. I'm going to start on it seriously sometime soon, but I've got basic plots and a nice little teaser all written up and ready to go! The plot goes a little something like this:

~Hell's Paradise~

The world is almost at the end of her life. Forests, woods, all areas of wilderness have been destroyed or tainted. For the past century and a half, wolves have been extinct, along with many other species. At least, that's what everyone thinks. What they don't know is that wolves are still living amongst them, having learned how to disguise themselves as humans so they could live unmolested lives.

In these desolate days, the wolves are seeking Paradise. The rumors have existed for thousands of years, that wolves would lead the way to Paradise, that they'd open the doors and bring all to peace and tranquility everlasting. Rag-tag packs are forming as they search for the key to opening these doors: the Lunar Flower Maiden, known only as Rei.

But it's not just cold and darkness that plague the world. Creatures of the night stalk the snow-swept streets and prowl in the inhospitable areas between the cities. Vampires, and their flesh-craving servants, the ghouls. They roam the night, destroying humans as the humans have destroyed the world.

A certain organization is dedicated to wiping out these monsters (even though they employ two very special Vampires), as well as affairs of trying to make the world a better place for all. Like everyone else, they believe the wolves to be extinct. However, they soon find this is not the case, when the Lunar Flower they have in their possession wakes from her slumber, crying out a single word: Baya.

Two worlds are coming together, and it's only a matter of time before they meet. What will be the fate of the world when human, Vampire, and wolf converge?


Yay! And here is the excerpt. READ AND ENJOY!


"She's awake," the young man said softly, his voice tinged with awe. The others behind him were jostling each other and muttering loudly, each one wanting to get a good look at the girl standing across from them. "She's finally awake. Rei." He then glanced back at the others, who instantly fell silent and stopped pushing one another around. However, they were all grinning widely, looking ready to burst with excitement. What was it about this strange woman that had them all so worked up?

"Baya," Rei replied, her voice soft and musical. There was a smile on her lips, growing by the second. "You have come for this one. This one has been waiting, waiting for so long." She stepped forward, once, and clasped her hands before her chest. Alucard glanced at her, then turned his attention back to the man standing away from the group, Baya.

"You know each other?"

"In a way," the man replied, his eyes flashing. It was clear he wasn't very trusting, but then again, neither was the Vampire. He said nothing for a moment, then smiled faintly.

"She's been asleep for over fifty years. How exactly do you know one another?"

"It's not any of your business," Baya replied, his eyes flashing again as he lowered his head a little. "We know each other's souls. That's all YOU need to know." He then turned to Rei, and instantly his whole demeanor changed. "Rei, are you ready?"

"This one is ready," Rei agreed, nodding her head once. Then she scowled a little, her brilliant crimson eyes narrowing slightly. She faced Alucard, suddenly looking uncertain. "This one must go, yes? This one must go with them, with Baya, and the others."


"To lead them to Paradise." At this Alucard simply stared at the girl. She was being serious, obviously, but was also obviously having a few problems in the attic. He shook his head once, facing Baya and his group of followers.

"I don't know what she's talking about, and I don't know how it is you know each other, but she's not going anywhere. Especially not with some mangy bunch of humans." The moment he said it, though, the Vampire could feel that something was wrong. Baya let out a growl, soft and deadly, as his head dropped again. It was a strangely animal sound, and Alucard narrowed as his as he sought out the youth's mind. What he found was an unreadable, almost senseless mass of pictures and blurry memories. One that stood out was a brilliant image of a black wolf running towards a glowing white flower. Pulling back, the Vampire tried touching the minds of the others, but couldn't make sense of what he saw. Their minds were jumbled, again, like an animal.

"You should watch who you call a human!" Baya snapped, his lips pulling from his teeth in a manner not at all like said mammal. Behind him, the others had tensed, and some were growling as Baya had done before. Rei stepped forward again, lifting a hand to the angry group, reaching out to place the other on Alucard's arm.

"No," she said, smiling brightly. There was so much joy in that expression it was almost ridculous. She twisted her head back to face Alucard, her eyes glittering with pure happiness. "Not humans. Wolves!"

"Wolves?" Alucard scowled, his gaze flicking back and forth between Rei and Baya. He and his friends had fallen silent, but were glaring at him with such hostility it made his skin itch. He finally rested his attention on Rei, who was staring at him as if waiting for him to confirm her words. "Rei..."

"She's coming with us!" Baya snarled suddenly, striding forward with stiff legs. "We need her to show us the way to Paradise! We need her to help us, so we can keep this world from dying!" Rei said nothing, seemingly immune to the man's harsh tone. She was still smiling, turning to Baya as he approached and stepping forward.

"Not today," Alucard replied, moving with inhuman speed as he snapped out a hand and snatched Rei's arm, drawing her back as he reached into his coat with his other hand. In the next second he drew forth his Casull, aiming it at the young man's forehead as he suddenly sprang forward, moving as fast as Alucard had. Impressed but not surprised, the Vampire fired three quick rounds as he kept moving back, a grin forming on his lips. Faintly, he heard Rei give a cry of distress as he released her arm, finally coming to a stop.

Baya had leapt back when the gun had fired, dodging the shots and now crouching about two yards away. His eyes were full of anger as he bared his teeth in that strange way. Then, without warning, he lunged forward with a loud, vicious growl, and even as Alucard took aim again something was happening. One second, a young, half-starved kid was coming at him, the next, a large, extremely angry black wolf was slamming into his chest. The beast snarled and snapped his jaws at Alucard's face, using his weight and advantage to bowl the Vampire over, knocking him to the ground.

"Baya! Alucard!" Rei cried, her anxiety rolling over the two as both got stood from the frozen ground. Alucard stared, still slightly surprised, at the black wolf that was baring his fangs at him. Bright amber eyes pulsed with an endless ire as he pricked his ears forward. Keeping his attention on the wolf, Alucard quickly glanced over to see that several people of the group were gone, replaced by wolves of varying color and size. Each one was staring at him, fangs bared, hackles raised. The, the wolves who looked like people, had their hands balled into fists and cross expressions plastered on their faces. A harsh clucking noise drew the Vampire's attention back to the black wolf known as Baya.

[You see?] he said, his voice ringing in Alucard's mind. Telepathy. How a wolf could use it, how a wolf could look like a human and yet not be human, was something Alucard decided to ponder about another day. [We ARE wolves. And we need Rei. She's the only way we can save our world...]
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