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Old 08-25-2007, 06:51 PM
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Default Master rank smart contest help.

Ok guys i need help to pass the smart master rank contest.
I'm using a dugtrio with the following moves:
sucker punch performs first in the next turn
Dig Earns value points if no one else chooses the same judge
astonish a basic move
earth power earns +2 value points if performed last
So those are the moves my dugtrio has oh and he is also holding a smart scarf that i obtained in pastoria town.
Now here's the problem!
In the visual acting the judge say's the name of the theme that we must dress our pokemon like.
The theme can be the Gaudy or the solid or the flexible etc, my problem is i can't match up my pokemon with the others in the visual acting they all earn 10 to 12 hearts and i only get 7 or 8 i can't keep up with that!
what do i need to do?
Get more accessories from the flower shop in floaroma?
But they cost a lot of berries some require 250 of a single berry type and i only have like 100 or 150 of every type.
But what if the problem is on the theme?Depending on the visual acting theme what kind of accessories should i use?
My fashion case only has 163 accessories and 20 backgrounds.
Do the backgrounds mean something too?
Please help me.
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