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Old 03-25-2004, 08:48 AM
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Default The Great Race

In ancient times, before the regions and their Pokemon Leagues, there was a single event that called trainers from all over the world to determine the best. It was known simply as The Great Race, a stretch of land covering every challenging form of terrain known to the ancient humans. There were not only the physical challenges of the terrain, but also the elements, wild Pokemon, rouge trainers, and thieves were all known as part of The Great Race's process of eliminating the weak trainers. Without Pokeballs, this race was all the more a challenge as the Pokemon and trainers had to work together in teams of five trainers with all their Pokemon. The teams compete to reach the end first. The winning team's members were considered the best trainers of the ancient world, and their power is unmatched even today. This year's event has drawn some of the greatest trainers of the ancient world, and this is their story.


Please PM me a substantial sample of your RPing. It doesn't need to include anything about your character in this RPG, just your sample. Remember, send it to me via Private Messaging. Only four people aside from myself will be admitted, and I will post here in a day or two who is approved, and I will PM them in notification as well.
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