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Old 08-12-2007, 10:19 PM
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Default The Legendary Trio. Hot or not?

I'm writing this story called The Legendary Trio, and I;m on my third chapter. There is this person who likes it, but I'm running out of ideas. How do you get inspiration to write? Im trying to be detailed but I think Im getting too vague. What do you think about it?

this story is actually one of the best stories ive ever been able to write. most of my stories fall in a pitfall trap and i can never continue. I want to complete this story. My first goal is to write for myself, my second is for others. is anyone interested?
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Old 08-12-2007, 11:55 PM
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Default Re: The Legendary Trio. Hot or not?

When I run short of ideas for a chapter I'm going to write, the best thing to do is read a fan fic that't been going for some time (even better if they are finished) and has had good feedback. I try to ask myself, "This is pretty good, how can I make my chapter/story as interesting?" I don't copy what the person wrote, mrely draw inspiration.

Also, you're writing for youself, that's good. If you write for reviews and only for that, you don't truly love writing, :/

Off Topic But I Think It Might Help You:

If you want to get your fan fic notice ('cause new ones pop out faster than a baby rabbit), you can put a summary of what it is about in your sig then put the link. If people know what it is about, they'll be more interested. A banner might be even better (points smugly to banner in sig that's a link to my fan fic). You can always request one in a shop in the Graphics Art section.

(Banner by the epic Neo Pikachu) TAC Challenge: I'm learning Finnish! ^-^

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Old 08-13-2007, 06:45 PM
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Default Re: The Legendary Trio. Hot or not?

Thanks a lot, I think I will make my own banner
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