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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 03-24-2004, 12:22 AM
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Default Dry Tears

Dry Tears – Chapter I, Reflecting
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Before Time is what I call it now. In the Before Time I was happy. With myself, grades…everything.
And then he left. The end of the Before Time.
Now it’s now. Now I’m much different. Before, I spent at least an hour getting ready, with my hair and make-up and everything. And now I barely comb my hair and have no make-up on. My hair is much more straggly than before. Before it was neat, clean, and shiny.
I also think more now. In the Before Time, I could speed-read and soak everything up like a sponge. But now I do the same, except I pause and reflect. Maybe re-read it a few times, skip back a few pages, and then go back to where I was.
And at night, I think at least an hour before I sleep now. Reflect upon the day.
There’s also one major difference. In the Before Time, my eyes were always sparkling and shining like the stars on a dark night. But now the pupils are large as if there was darkness everywhere and there is little shine. I have lost most of my friends except a western girl from America, Jennifer Molzon. She was always loyal to me. Always.
And you never really know what you’ve had until you’ve lost it.

My name is Innei Tani. I am at the age of fifteen and attend Shiritsu Daitou High School.

School was like every other school day. My mom drops me off, I go to my locker, and pack my things in neatly. Some girls to my right are obsessing over someone’s fuku, but it was barely anything. They glanced at me, and I stared back, and they averted their eyes.
Jealousy, probably. I was still considered the most attractive girl in school, although I now had somewhat a state of shabbiness.
I close my locker and wander the campus almost aimlessly. No one understood. They were all concerned about looks, and who’s going out with who, and dances, and some are even concerned about grades.
But those barely mattered.
The thing was, I refused to cry. Always. It was like that ever since I was born. When I was born, my dad video taped it. I came out calm. I never cried. Never. But when Michieru died like that, so suddenly…I wanted to cry more than ever. But I refused to.
The Federation of Keys barely understood. Some were sympathetic, but the strict, heartless bastards just brushed it aside. But it was love. It had to be.

I bumped into a guy, about as tall as me, all of a sudden.
“Oh…!” I cried softly. I glanced and brushed some hair out of my eyes. It was someone I’ve seen before. What was his name? Aderianu Nakai?
“Oh, sorry!” he said. He immediately searched the ground, thinking I might’ve dropped something. I grinned a little.
“Sorry,” I said. “It was my fault. See you in math?”

So that’s how it went. And somehow, I was on a date with him. We just wandered the streets a little. But I didn’t like him. Because he wasn’t Michieru. It was just wrong…Somehow…
I turned a corner into an alley and strode down.
“Hey…where are you going, Tani?” Nakai said, following me. “Tani…” I stopped. In front of me and to my right were brick walls, but to my left was an escape. Just another alley. I faced the alley, and turned my head towards him. Then I tilted it a little.
Then it was like there was wind. But there was none. But my grayish silver hair began to flow and sway as if there was wind. I put my hands behind my back. A cat came out from behind a trash can. Black. It purred and stared.
Nakai was transfixed. He just couldn’t stop staring.
“Tani…” he finally whispered. I stayed as hot and sexy as possible. I waited, my eyes made soft and poured into his like water. I concentrated. He blinked. I was gone.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Dry Tears

Fighting for the smiles of tomorrow...
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Old 03-24-2004, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: Dry Tears

Dry Tears – Chapter II, Memories
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brain empty. Heart pounding. Fists and feet…flying. This was the status of Innei Tani about fifteen minutes after she escaped from Nakai. If only he looked up he might have seen Innei gliding past the full moon of the night.
She was upset for some reason in her private dojo. Somewhere north east of her house. Or mansion. Either way, it was about ¼ of a mile. When she was upset, she fought. She fought away her anger, her depression, her deep, deep sadness into her fists, until she was too exhausted to think of it all. It was just an escape. Like watching TV. Or playing a game.
It isn’t enough… Innei thought. She was angry because she felt she was dishonoring Michieru’s memory by dating Nakai. She couldn’t fight her anger and shame out of her system. She was wearing her white fighting uniform which was slightly loose and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.
She stepped outside. The night chill catching her and her breath escaping from her mouth. In front of her was about a mile’s worth of dummies. Wooden ones. She had made them all by herself for about four months. Very much resembling bowling pins, they had hollow heads, were thick as anything, and had two holes for eyes and a long oval for a mouth.
Innei dashed out on the porch, jumped and sliced her foot through one. A sickening sound of crashing wood echoed in the night air, but she didn’t stop there. She landed and released a whistling roundhouse kick at two others. She charged and flung her fist like a missile at another, totally destroying it. She kept at this for at least two hours and fell to the ground. She was panting like mad. On all fours, she watched as her sweat fell down to the ground. Innei examined her hands and feet. Her feet were dirty and covered with blood. Her hands were covered in splinters and nearly saturated with a mixture of blood and sweat.
It wasn’t enough.
Innei stood up and launched her foot at a dummy’s head, then blew several away…literally. A howling wind bellowed from outstretched hands and literally ripped several dozen dummies apart. She collapsed out of exhaustion. Unconscious.

“Hmph,” I grinned confidently. I outstretched both hands and blew many invaders away. One opened its long, dark coat to reveal several protruding gun barrels. It opened fire. I flung myself at it, swung around and hit it with a mid-air offensive double roundhouse kick at the head. It lost its balance and fell towards the floor. I pulled out my handgun.
The invader promptly disintegrated and the remains gathered into a single crystal. About the size of the palm of my hand and was covered with spikes that were rounded at the top to be soft. The crystal seemed to be made out of a diamond-like glass and glowed a radiant white light. I picked it up and placed it gently in my bag along with the other crystals I had collected.
Many invaders were retreating and regrouping. I raised my fist into the air and clicked my fingers. Many of my fellow Keys immediately took heed of my warning and scattered away from the invaders, some spraying machine gun rounds at them before departure. I grinned, my iris fading, and a thunderous tornado appeared around all the invaders, disintegrating them all into crystals, which were either destroyed by Keys or collected.
I turned around, pleased, and gasped. My sparkling eyes contracted, my heart froze. Before me were at least twenty invaders, with their guns all pointed at a lone target—me. They fired. Then a brilliant light appeared before me and pushed me out of the way. Michieru appeared in front of the invaders with outstretched arms.
“MICHIERU, NO!!” I screamed. “NOO!!!

AAUGH!!” I screamed.
…nightmare, Innei thought. A stupid nightmare…a memory…It was a memory. Because it really happened... Now, more than ever, Innei wanted to sob. But she resisted. She stopped. And for the first time since she woke up, she examined her surroundings. She was in her bed. Her hands were bandaged as well as her feet. She felt fresh…she had been bathed. Innei grinned.
Her mother was like the average mother. She nagged, was slightly nosy, loving, caring, and more protective ever since…ever since Innei’s father died. It was weird. Many people thought so, anyway. When her father was alive, he worked for a company no one knew about and made millions of dollars in about three months. And now her father was dead, her mother didn’t work, and they still made millions of dollars, though not as much. Everyone wondered that fact.
“You’ve been fighting again, Innei-chan.” Innei looked up. It was her mother, Miyako Tani. “Something wrong?”
“Yes, that’s why you destroyed a year’s worth of fighting dummies and had a most horrible nightmare.”
“…I don’t want to talk about it now, mother...”
“Are you sure?”
“…so get some sleep. It’s nearly two o’clock now.”
“…Hai. Oyasumi nasai…”
Tani-san stepped out and Innei silently slipped out of bed. She checked her main cellular phone.
It flicked to life. There was an e-mail.
’Go to west Shinjuku immediately,’” Innei read. Innei changed out of her night clothes and into something more fashionable. A black t-shirt with a light blue rectangle in it that read with white letters “4ng3L” and white jeans. She then grabbed a black back pack. It was totally black and expensive, made out of leather. Inside the large pocket were more than fifty cellular phones. She opened her window and her iris quickly faded so all that could be seen was the white of her eyes, little shine, and grey. She launched herself out of her window and flew high above the world. She grinned, the wind flowing through her hair like water.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Post only in the Dry Tears Discussion Topic.

Dry Tears

Fighting for the smiles of tomorrow...
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