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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-17-2005, 10:38 PM
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Default Ghost Tower I

All comments & suggestions wecome.

Chapter 1

In the region of saitas,14 year old Seth Fires left Fire City to begin his quest as a pokemon trainer.Seth was a teenager wearing a leather jacket,blue shorts,and a black bandana.His pokemon?A scyther at level 13.

Seth was walking through Fire Trail.A path that leads to Magma City,a city near Mt. Magma.Fire trail had alot of fire pokemon.Some of the pokemon in Fire Trail were marcargo,slugma,charmander,geodude,and grimer.Grimer was in Fire Trail because of Magma City's polloution,Grimer are near the factories.Fire Trail was full of mountains.Each home to thousands of pokemon.Rumors was that a long time ago,this is where entei was born,in Mt. Magma.

During the long trek through Fire Trail,Seth ran into a charmander.Seth threw a pokeball and scyther appeared out of the pokeball.

Seth:Scyther use false swipe!

*scyther hit charmander and charmander hit scyther with ember.*

Seth:Scyther use pursuit!

*Scyther hit charmander and almost fainted charmander.*

Seth:Use quick attack!

*Scyther hit charmander at an amazing speed!*

*Charmander fainted.*

Seth:Go pokeball!

*The pokeball locked itself.*

Seth:Yes,I caught my second pokemon!

Seth:Scyther return!

*Scyther gon back into its pokeball.*

Seth walked through Fire Trail quickly..very quickly.At the end,seth seen the large crowded Magma City.Here Seth can find the Lava Gym,where Seth can get the Heat Badge.Though it won't be easy,10 trainers,then 1 final trainer,all with fire type pokemon.Only with a water type or ground type pokemon will make it that Seth will have a chance.

*More of Chapter 1 coming soon.*

Seth walked through Magma City to find the Lava Gym,but he couldn't find anything.Soon Seth seen the Lava Gym but he was too late.Mt. Magma erupted!The problem was that if Mt. Magma erupted,since the gym is built on top of the volcano,the building will be destroyed.All that will be left is the badges because the badges are made out of a unusual material.

The people of Magma City heard the eruption and was running for their lives!Seth was running when he felt a hot material on his backpack.It sild onto the ground.It was the heat badge!Seth picked it up and ran out of Magma City into Mystcal Jungle.A magic jungle where there are invisble paths,dangerous grass type pokemon,and other things like magicians that have phychic,dark,and ghost pokemon.

There was one main thing there:The Unown Cave.In the cave was unown...and a mining site.The thing about the cave is that in the mining site,there is a path to get to Nami Town.In the town is the Training Cave,where trainers face other trainers in 2 on 2 battles,or 1 on 1 battles.After beating 5 trainers Seth can then go through Training Cave and at the end is Aqua Gym,where Seth can get the cascade badge.

*More of Chapter 1 complete soon*
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Old 02-18-2005, 05:37 PM
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Default Re: Ghost Tower I

Seth ran into the Mystic Jungle. The air was misty. There were cliffs and bridges throughout the jungle. From the outside, it looked like a normal jungle. Though inside the jungle, it looked very confusing and dangerous.

Seth seen a oddish while runing. Seth threw his pokeball. A light appeared in the shape of an charmander. Then a charmander appeared.

Seth:Charmander use slash!

The charmander ran up to oddish and then used slash.The attack hurt oddish badly.

Seth:Use metal claw!

Charmander used metal claw but was hurt from oddish's mega drain.Oddish fainted.

Seth:Pokeball go!

The pokeball was thrown at the fainted oddish.Then when the pokeball hit oddish, it locked itself.

Seth:Yes! I caught my 3rd pokemon!

*Sorry but I have to leave this again. *
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