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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-12-2005, 05:03 AM
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Default The hero of meteorite desert:The mission to save the world

Any comments or suggestions about my fan fiction can be posted.

heres a map sorry if it doesn't look right or if it doesn't work:

Proluge:As a new land was found,the dangers in it was too hostile for any one to live in.Though,some was willing to take the risk in a desert far too hostile than any place they seen.The people had to go to the desert,because team aqua flooded the home of many who lived in orre.If you want to know the reason why team aqua flooded orre,then let it be so.

Team aqua was an team that always thought about raising the sea level.Their goal was simple now: flood 90% of the world.Then build areas underwater into citys,towns,roads,ect to make earth still a large planet we can live on.If team aqua succeded,they would stop team magma,a team that tries to stop team aqua no matter what.Since team aqua caught kyorge,it was much harder for team magma to stop team aqua now.Team aqua's first target was orre's volcano.Then they can flood orre and make sure no lava can turn into land in orre.Making orre a easy target.

With their pokemon ready,team aqua sailed over the sea to get to orre.All of the trainers knew something was wrong when it rained for 10 hours in orre,theres barely any water in orre in the first place so it couldn't of rained that long because the lakes in orre would be dried up.The lakes were full of water.Then,the trainers knew a pokemon must of done something.The trainers got their pokemon ready and patroled the outskirts of orre.

"Where are we going?" said a grunt of team aqua."Soon we'll find out,soon." said an amdin of team aqua.Team aqua was in the outskirts walking when attacked by a steelix.One of the amdins threw a pokeball and a dragonair appeared out of the pokeball."Dragonair use surf!" yelled the amdin.The attack defeated the steelix.Then another amdin threw a pokeball containing kyorge."Kyorge flood this area now!" said the amdin.The sea level rised,and made the outskirts of orre look like an huge lake surronding orre.

5 other steelix was coming near the outskirts."Kyorge use sheer cold now!" said the amdin.The attack defeated the steelix yet again."Groundon go!" said an amdin of team magma.The pokeball releasted the powerful and giant groundon.The two pokemon battled each other,but quickly groundon lost and now 20% of orre was underwater.Then team magma ran away before it was too late."Kyorge put this region underwater for good after you freeze that volcano!" said the amdin.Kyorge flooded the region once and for all..that is,unless some one finds a new orb on Mt.pyre.The people in orre got out safely and found a desert nearby called the metorite desert.

Chapter 1

The harsh desert was hard to live in.Dangerous pokemon was normaly attacking the city made by the people of orre.Several trainers started a new group called "Alinement of Good".Their goal was to destroy all evil.Several other trainers had started the "Alinement of evil".Their goal was to join team rocket and rule the world thus being the ultimate evil.These teams were fighting when ever they seen each other.Many trainers was in the teams.About 50 were in each team.

One trainer called Wes,was in "Alinement of Good".He one day disappeared from the city of meteorite desert.He found a cave he calls "Dragon Cave" because of its large amount of dragon pokemon.He ran through the desert till he found an large bridge that led into a cave.Wes ran into the cave with his 6 pokeballs.As soon as he walked in,Wes found an bagon.Wes quickly ran up to the bagon and threw it into the water nearby.Wes used the time to his advantedge and took 1 of his pokeballs from his backpack and threw the pokeball at bagon.Wes caught his second pokemon,Bagon!Wes left the cave and ran through the desert back to the city."With this pokemon I'm a dragon tamer,one of the best pokemon trainers in the world!I'll stop all evil and save the world!" said Wes.

I'll continue chapter 1 later.


Wes had a normal day for him after he gon to dragon cave.He seen a member of the Alinement of evil.The two trainers then battled.

Wes:Go bagon!

Member of Alinement of evil:Go sentret!

Wes:Bagon use dragonbreath!

Member of Alinement of evil:Sentret use quick attack after you dodge the attack!

Wes:Good,its a effective hit bagon!

Member of Alinement of evil:Sentret use leer!

Wes:Bagon use ember now!

Member of Alinement of evil:Sentret dodge it and use thrash!

Wes:Dodge it bagon!

Member of Alinement of evil:Nooo!Sentret use surf!

Wes:Bagon return!

*Wes runs out of the way*

Wes:Go pikachu!

Member of Alinement of evil:Sentret use rock smash!

*Sentret hitted pikachu*


*Pikachu fainted*


Member of Alinement of evil:Haaa haaa!You lost!Sentret use cut so we can take him hostage!

*Sentret uses cut but misses,and wes ran away*

Member of Alinement of evil:Noooooooooooooooo!!!

Wes managed to get away safely.Wes then trained his pokemon almost a whole day.He was ready to take on that trainer again.Will Wes beat the member of the alinement of evil?

I'm going to continue chatper 1 later.

Wes was runing through the city and ran into a amdin of alinement of evil.The amdin threw his pokeball and a ivysaur came out.Wes threw his pokeball and and bagon came out.

Wes:Bagon use ember!

Amdin:Ivysaur dodge it and use leech seed!

*Bagon used ember but misses.Ivysaur used leech seed but misses*

Wes:Bagon use flamethrower!

Amdin:Ivysaur dodge it and use razor leaf!

*Bagon's flamethrower hitted ivysaur and ivysaur's razor leaf hitted bagon*

Bagon:Bag..... *Bagon fainted

Ivysaur:Ivys... *Ivysaur fainted*

Wes:Bagon return!

Amdin:Ivysaur return!

Wes:Pikachu go!

Amdin:Scarmory go!

Wes:Pikachu use thunderbolt!

Amdin:Scarmory use steel wing now!

*Pikachu's thunderbolt hit scarmory but didn't hurt it.Scarmory hitted pikachu with steel wing*

Wes:Pikachu use thunder!

Amdin:Scarmory use hyper beam!

*Hyper beam almost hit pikachu and thunder hitted scarmory.Scarmory was hurt badly.*

Amdin:Scarmory return! Houndoom go!

Wes:Pikachu use mega kick!

*Mega kick hitted houndoom but houndoom used flamethrower*

Wes:Pikachu use thunder!

Amdin:Use fire blast houndoom!

*Thunder hitted houndoom first*

Houndoom:Houn.... *Houndoom fainted*

Amdin:Houndoom return! Go Scarmory!

Wes:Pikachu use qiuck attack!

*Pikachu hitted scarmory*

Scarmory:Sc....... *Scarmory fainted*

Wes:Pikachu return!

Amdin:Scarmory return!

The amdin ran away.Wes followed him to the Alinement of evil's hideout.

Still not done with chapter 1.
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Default Re: The hero of meteorite desert:The mission to save the world

Hitted dont u think taht should be hit so it says

Pikachu Hit Skitty and skitty fainted

what do u think?

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Default Re: The hero of meteorite desert:The mission to save the world

Oh I forgot to put that you can write your own part of the story that makes sence with whats posted before.
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