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Old 08-07-2007, 05:43 PM
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Default Re: good pokemon to acquire early in the game?

Originally Posted by skipper585 View Post
what game are you in? and how early are you in the game?and if your in emerald then how did you get a maril?
Don't double post.

Marill is completely obtainable in Emerald and all 3rd Gen games.

Originally Posted by skipper585 View Post
go get a ralts put ralts and any old pokemon in the daycare,get an acro bike go to the desert,over night (or else youll get really bored) go to the mudslide and put a peice of tape or something heavy on the up button so your character will go up and down on the mudslide all night and whola your pokemon will gain tons of expierience like 16 levels.oh and you have to leave the gameboy on and plug you gameboy in the charger. because to have kirlia and garidoir are really usefull early in the game. i suggest put ralts and combusken.
You need to get to Mauvile to get a bike. You also can't go into the desert before beating Flannery. And the method you posted doesn't work because your charecter will continue to go up and bump into a wall. But it's overnight, so whatever.
Originally Posted by Sith Lord View Post
Just buy 20 super potions and 99 timer balls and you will catch it

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Old 08-08-2007, 01:17 AM
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Default Re: good pokemon to acquire early in the game?

Ralts, Aron, Shroomish, Electrike, Nicada, Starter would work pretty well IMO. I'm never great with teams though xP
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