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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-22-2007, 02:54 AM
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Default [WAR] The Mistake

The Mistake
By Sarah
Team Trainer

And then you were running, placing as much distance between yourself and her as possible.

"I'm sorry," you would have muttered, if the feeling in your throat came back before the feeling in your legs.

The only thing about that day that isn't a blur is her bright green eyes, watching you flee in silence, not crying, just accepting. Even today, after so much time has flown between that day and now, those eyes are always haunting you, there's a not a moment when she's not watching.

"Leave me," she'd pleaded when she had been caught, "Just promise me one thing. Look after Ariados." She handed you an orb, and refused to be helped. Her final wish, and you had failed her.

You're growing older now, but the memories are clear in your mind. Fast growing young Rocket members, climbing slowly up that ladder to the prize. You had grown up together, trained together, and now you were going to be the best. Together.

You'd convinced her to go with you, and she had refused at first, but you turned on the charm and persuaded her with thoughts of riches and power and things that you had been deprived of in your childhood. "I've always wanted a doll set," the teenager smiled at you, and you laughed at your little sister, and were glad that you had the chance to make her dreams come true.

So you tackled the Warehouse alone, just you and her and a whole building to claim control of. At first it seemed too easy, no opposition, but they were waiting for your arrival and it wasn't until you were in the midst of danger that the full magnitude of your situation slapped you in the face.

An alarm, footsteps, a piercing scream, and then it was over. She was snatched from above and you were left to watch as she hung helplessly from the rafters by her left leg, her black pants revealing her thin ankle which seemed to be bleeding from the impact.

"I'm coming!" you cried as you reached for a red and white orb from your belt, but your hands were numb and trembling and by the time your fingers closed around the ball, you could hear the footsteps coming closer. It was only a matter of time until both of you were caught.

"Richie, go!" your sister cried as she looked down on you. She was over three metres in the air, high above your head. There was no way that you could free her in time for both of you to escape. Terror spread throughout your body, a cold tingling sensation, starting in your heart and travelling down your spine, numbing your feelings and causing your head to spin. Black patches appeared before your eyes and your chest leapt with despair as your shaking hand dropped the red and white orb that would have given your sister a chance.

"Hurry!" her cry brought you back to your senses and your vision began to recover. "Quick, take this," the brown-haired girl scrambled in midair, her thin fingers enclosed around a blue and red orb. She held it above his head and then slowly let it fall, floating in slow motion until it landed softly in your outstretched palm.

"I won't leave you!" you cried, and at that moment your sisters eyes widened with fright as your captors descended upon you, their voices loud and gruff as they order you to drop the orb and put your hands above your head.

Your head could no longer make sense of the situation and your flee or fight mechanism is activated. Your actions became automated as your eyes locked on the shiny pistols which were pointed at your chest. Your whole body shook like mad and it's all you can do to stay standing and not collapse upon the floor and shut your eyes and never open them again like your head was willing you to do. Panic, pure and simple. You'd lost control.


The command hit you in the face, knocking you back down to earth.

And then you were running, placing as much distance between yourself and her as possible.

"I'm sorry," you would have muttered, if the feeling in your throat came back before the feeling in your legs.

How could you leave your sister? It's a question that never leaves your thoughts. You know that no one could understand the fear. Not just panic that clutches at your chest, but terror that renders you useless in the face of choice and causes you to rely on your instincts, and maybe a little bit of hope

Because deep inside you know that you can still save her, that by running you gave her a chance at freedom, that if you were both captured your little sister would never see the light of day again.

Selfish? Brave? Insane? Maybe.

You've had enough of these mistakes, you decide. Enough time to dwell in the regret that's hunted you in the middle of the night, when you can't escape the shadows on the walls and the red and blue orb that seems to stare with contempt.

No, it's too late to be a hero.

But you are her best chance.
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