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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-21-2007, 11:23 PM
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Default James' journey

James is a 10 year old boy about to begin his journy with his mate marcus, James wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a black top with a blue hoody a pair of converse and a blue cap, marcus is the same age but had to start late due to illness he wears black jeans with a black top and black hoody with white trainers and a black cap.

It was An early morning when james woke up, the pidgys were singings happily, untill they started been chased by Meowth's and Glameow's. James' eyes were struggling to open, they finally opened and he looked for his phone for the time. It was 6:45 in the morning.

"Woah...Im up early" Jmaes said astonished.

He rose out of his nice warm bed and opened the window and felt the fresh breeze on his heavy eye lids. After getting dressed he wandered down stairs where his mother was already awake and was making breakfast.

"Oh your up early" His mother said almost astonished as he was

"Yeah, im amazed to, what you doing?" he asked

"Making you some breakfast, you'll need it today as ts the first day of youe journey" She replied happily

"Awwwww i can't eat anything it's too early"

"It's a fry--up i know you like them"

"Yes ok im hungry" James said suddenly regaining his appetite.

After scoffing down his last rash of bacon James stood up and yawned.

"Where you off to?" asked his mother

"im going" James chuckled "I want first choice of pokemon"

"Well you might as well get Marcus on your way"

"Yeah spose" James said shutting the door.

The fresh morning breeze had now stopped and rain was falling lightly on his cap, After 5 minutes of walking he arrived at the lab.

"Oh my god...I forgot marcus" James said quitly to himself feeling gutted

Luckily marcus was walking up the hill behind james

"I think you forgot me" He said laughing

They walked up to the huge metal double doors when they auctomatically opened. They jumped out of their skin. {figure of speech}

"I forgot they installed automatic doors" Marcus said panting.

They walked in, they stopped dead in their tracks and looked around. It was empty. After a long discussion they decided there was no-one there, they walked to where the proffessor did his work and thier was a peice of paper hanging out of one of his draws on his desk, so they pulled it out.

Help they come after all these years theyve come for us
we didnt mean to do what we did it was an experiment they
have taken most of the workers and are lookng for me as
i write this i need help. there are two pokeballs in the draw
underneath, take them and no matter what dont stop until
were found. Officer jenny has no reason to see this what so
ever help. Its up to you

James and Marcus looked at each other, and opened the draw underneath the one that contained the letter and there they were two pokeballs.

"What one do you want?" James asked marcus shaking with fear after what they just read

"Ermm...that one" Marcus replied equally as scared picking up a pokeball

A blinding flash filled the room and dancing on the floor was a Mine Jr. It looked so happy as it had no idea what has happened, another flash appeared and a Minum appeared on the floor. Mime Jr. quickly jumped into the arms of Marcus as the Minum jumnped onto the head of James. They walked to the dors of the lab with their legs as stable as jelly.

"Where to now?" James asked

"To find the Professor" Marcus replied with determination in his voice.....

Cant write no more finger hurt really bad, though there may be another addition later
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Old 07-21-2007, 11:33 PM
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Default Re: James' journey

im not liking the way you forgot to get me lol
but its still good
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Old 07-22-2007, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: James' journey

Originally Posted by marcusc_123 View Post
im not liking the way you forgot to get me lol
but its still good
thanks its nice to know

heres more

"To find the Professor" Marcus replied with determination in his voice.....

They stood there for a while discussing where to go first when sirens could be heard, a police bike with offiv=cer jennt pulled up followed by a dozen police cars, James looked at Marcus and then ran inside.

"Where you going?" Asked Marcus confused

"Away. Their going to think we broke in" James replied in the distance

Marcus soon followed, they ran to the other side of the lab to places they have never been before, at this point officer Jenny and others where closing in on them fast.

"Stop!" Jennt shouted

"Oh for god'ssake what we do now?" Marcus asked

"Keep on trecking" James said as though it was obvious

"Theres no where to go"

"Out the window" James said climbing on the table opening the window, Minum was holding tight to the back of James neck sat in his hood as he climbed head first out of the window fololowed closley by Marcus and Mime Jr. They screamed as they fell down from the window not realizing it was about 15ft to the floor where there was a steep hill waiting for them, they crashed to the floor and rolled down the hill where they eventually stopped not a metre away from the road. They steadily picked themselves up and walked down the road.

After a few hours of walking they eventually stopped in what seemed to be the middle of no-where to sit down and eat when they realized they had no food with them so they rested instead. Shortly after a small blue haired girl skipped past them with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, what's up" James asked feeling concered

The girl stopped and walked over to the two "I,,,I,,,I'm scared" she said burtsting to tears "My pokemon is hurt and the nearest pokemon center is miles away"

"It's ok." Marcus said "What happened?"

"I'm not sure, i was walking through the forest when my Plusle...Oh my god you have a Minum" She said pointing to the Minum perched on james' head

"You were walking in the forest when your Plusle..." Marcus said waiting for her to finish off the sentabce

"When it got attacked by a gang of wild pokemon" she said crying again

"Well you can come along with us i supose" James said standing up.

"Why are you going that way?" She asked "Thats the way to Team Magma's hide out"

"Because i want to" james said thinking whether or not that was the place where the proffessor would be.

They walked not far when they were stopped by a thug, not working for any one just a thug who wanted to steal pokemon.

"Stop and give me your pokemon" He demanded after seeing the Minum and Mime Jr.

James laughed and walked past him with Marcus trying his hardest to not let him see the girl

"I said stop!" he shouted even louder "Come on a two on one battle winner take all...And i mean all" said the thug feeling confident

"You know where kind of in a hurry so if you could just shut up it would be a great help" Marcus said getting annoyed

"Come on out Zangoose use double team to block them off" The thug called out as two dozen Zangoose appeared

"Looks like were going to have to shut him up ourselves" James huffed. "Minum use spark"

"Mime Jr. use a psycic attack" Marcus shouted from behind.

The two attacks merged together, split and were directed at all of the Zangoose that could be seen. One after another the fake Zangooses were hit untill it left one.

"Now!! Slash attack" The thug shouted with veins popping out of his head

"Dodge" Marcus and James said at the same time and the attack missed both pokemon

"Try a thundershock" James said getting irritated

"Use mimic" Marcus said as two thundershocks went flying at Zangoose,

They were both a direct hit. Zangoose was paralyzed when yet another thunder shock appeared from behind them both and finished off the Zangoose. They turned around to see the blue haired girl standing with anger and the worn out Plusle trying its hardest to remain standing. They brushjed their way passed the thug and continued walking.

"So what is your name anyway?" Marcus asked realizing they didnt know it

"Oh i'm Emily but my friends call me emz" she said sounding happy for the first time

"Cool im James and this is Marcus" James said introducing themselves.

After walking a few more yards they fell down a hole dug by team magma to catch tresspassers. A shadow appeared over them as they saw...

Cant write no more finger hurt really bad, though there may be another addition later- again
Name: James Friend Code: 3051 5910 2673 VVP:
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