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Old 07-16-2007, 06:51 AM
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Default Marvel:young blood

This is my first rp so if theres anything ineed to change just tell me

Rules:No spamming
Only a bit of swearing not hardcore
Follow the form
No outragus powers
max of 5 people(first ones to sign up)
Have fun

Ex form(mine)
Real name:Chase
Hero Name:Realitor (Re-al-i-tor)
Powers:Can control some reality but not free will(people) and has not discovered all powers yet.Most of his powers are to move and munipulate anything and can go into diffrent dimensions
Age:(has to be a young age when you first discover your powers)14
Apperance(looks):Spiky blond hair,Baggy blue jeans, baggy sweater,fit(muscular)5,7, 160 lbs(all muscle)
History:(how your carecter got the powers)well my guy was born with the powers just he didnt know how to control them so he did not know he was using them when strange things happend.
other:some times he cannot control his powers and it ends up hurting people

The story: Your are a young superhero/supervillian when you first discover your powers (we will go on from there)

Plot: For the past twenty five years there has been one safe place. The Monroe Institute of Technology for Kids, a school in the heart of a little town called Mongro ville. While most people on the outside see it as an exclusive magnet school, it is actually a safe place for young superheroes to come and learn about their magnificent abilities and how to use them properly, be it for good or for evil.

You are one of 5 young heroes/villains like that who has been attending the Monroe Institute for several months. However, that has just changed. The head professor, Dr. Monroe, was found dead in his office a few nights ago. All of the students, including you, have been sent home, the school shut down. You, along with five friends from the school, must work together, hero and villain, to find the Dr.'s killer and save the school, your only clue being a T-shaped mark on his chest
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Old 07-16-2007, 08:09 AM
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Default Re: Marvel:young blood

Originally Posted by jman123 View Post
This is my first rp so if theres anything ineed to change just tell me
YES! Finally, some new Newbie meat around here. I thought we wouldn't get another good Newbie for a long time to come, all we've had is n00bs. Alright, I think this is an easy one. First of all, you need a plot. Now, with a title like that I'm sure you've got some interesting ideas brewing in your head about where you want this to go, but we, as Roleplayers need to know what that is. Usually, no, always, when you make an RP you need to put, as the first part of it except for if you have any important notes like the one I just quoted, about two or three paragraphs (at your current apparent skill level, when you start to get higher up to the point where you've really started drawing in attention from guys like me, you want about four or five) which describes the backstory behind the RP, how it starts, and what the RPer's role is in the Roleplay. Next, about the sign up, it's a bit lacking, no offense. First of all, any good sign up sheet needs to have the following things. Appearance, Personality, and History. When you have one like this, then yes, Powers should also be in there. You also need the basics, Name, Age, and Gender. In the end your sign-up sheet should look a little something like this.

Real Name:
Hero Name: (seriously, who's going to name their kid Realitor?)
Gender: (*insert optional joke at having to explain here*)
History: (you can make this optional if you like)
Other: (For just in case)

Next, about your sign up specifically, you need to beef it up a little. You're setting a bad example with a sign up like that. I'll use the template I just made and show you what a proper Sign-up should look like.

Real Name: Cole Reiken
Hero Name: The Shadow
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Powers: Able to reformat body structure into pure shadow and meld with other shadows. Can also charge shadow energy through his body an at his enemies.
Appearance: Cole is a tall kid for his age, a little over five feet, and weighing in at around 100 lb. He's not what you'd call athletic, and has a lanky appearance to him. He has jet black hair that he usually keeps cut short, with natural spikiness to it, and has reading glasses as well for his dark brown eyes, though only when he's reading something. As a kid he ordinarily wears a black hoodie over his black shirt and regular blue jeans, as well as a silver cross necklace. When he's out doing his hero thing, his body and skin are black ll over, and his clothes are swapped out in exchange for a special black suit which can meld into the shadows with him.
Personality: Cole is a somewhat twisted personality. Ordinarily he's just an average nerd who prefers to sit alone at home and play video games as opposed to going out and socializing. However, that changes when he hears someone in need of help, and he quickly turns to his alter ego, in both senses of the word. His alter ego as The Shadow, and the second personality inside of him, the insane Shadow who is the source of his powers. The Shadow fights for god and righteousness, but does it in a very bizarre way, taking pleasure in killing the bad guys, serving his role as more of an anti-hero as opposed to a hero.
History: I'm not going to do this for this character due to time constraints, but as you can imagine, this should be even longer than appearance or personality, roughly twice the size.
Other: Suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Now, you see how that's much more interesting to read then what you did? And now, fo my final piece of advice. Read the rules. On the front page of the Roleplay section, there should be some stickied threads, find the one that says "READ FIRST", and take a quick look through it. After you're finished, re-read it. It took me a couple of reads to get all of the rules down flat. And lastly, if you're a little confused about all of ^that, just go look around the forum and join some RPs that others made before making your own.
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Old 07-16-2007, 04:50 PM
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Default Re: Marvel:young blood

thanks alot that was really helpful
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Old 07-20-2007, 09:40 AM
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Default Re: Marvel:young blood

Real Name: David Parker
Hero Name: Inferno
Age: 14
Gender: male
Powers: the ability to generate and manipulate fire (in the form of fireballs, flames, heat, etc.)

Appearance: David stands at average height, with a lean, toned build. Tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. If he is not in his baseball or football uniform, he is usually in khaki shorts and a fitted t-shirt. When Inferno is fully engaged, DP's hair becomes fully engulfed in flames and his eyes turn fiery red.

Personality: David is a confident jock, who does fairly well in school. He is a flirt with the ladies, but only the most attractive ones. He doesn't give nerds the time of day. He's a show off, and likes to be the center of attention. He's the epitome of a guy's guy at the age of 14.

Other: As a star athlete at the Institute, DP is well liked within the "popular crowd"
and infamous among the teachers. He butts heads with the "nerds and dorks" of the school, and doesn't hesitate to make fun of anyone who he sees as deserving. Also, you may have noticed he does not have a "superhero" outfit, because he doesn't see the use in fighting crime. He doesn't feel like it's his place, or worth his trouble. He wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up.

(does this fit within the storyline? Any of it can change. I know the power may be somewhat... default, but just give me the benefit of the doubt that this character won't be boring.)
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Old 07-21-2007, 01:29 AM
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Default Re: Marvel:young blood

look for the sing up in role play sign ups

comeon ppl sign up
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