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Old 07-19-2007, 09:09 PM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

Look's like another excellent RP idea, I'm in. You guys could use a fellow RP maker, =P

Name: Brendan Flair (yay, he's back)
Age: 18
Hometown: Could I change it to Lavaridge Town, thats where my famous character was born =]
Appearance: Brendan has long brown hair and tan skin. He wears a long, dark red trench coat, black fingerless gloves, and attaches his Pokeballs to the sleeves of his coat. He just now started wearing a red bandanna, something that his girlfriend gave him.
Personality: Brendan loves to battle. He is a nifty guy. He's laid back, funny, charming, and the ladies just can't resist him. He can't stop showing off his team, ever since he caught his Shiny Torchic. Oh, and he loves to hang out with new people, to join the 'crowd' =P (Other RP's Brendan/Brandon has appeared in: A New Pokemon Journey: Hoenn, A New Pokemon Journey: A New Region and New Adventures, Pokemon Elite Squad (dead)

Number of Pokemon: 6
Party: (No legendaries)
Pokemon 1- Shiny Blaziken
Pokemon 2- Charizard
Pokemon 3- Flygon
Pokemon 4- Dragonite
Pokemon 5- Camerupt
Pokemon 6- Ninetales

History: Brendan grew up in Lavaridge Town, his mother the famous gym leader, Flannery, is the reason he loves Fire Pokemon so much. His father, Bruno, the Elite Four member, taught him how to battle with not only strength, but pride and courage as well. Both people are also the reason he created the Pokemon Elite Squad, a crack team of elite trainers with excellent teams, each team consisting of one to two different types, which was recently shut down. Brendan also prefers Dragon types, in fact, this is part of his Pokemon Elite Squad team.

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Old 07-19-2007, 09:59 PM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

Name: Eraizaa Nojezii (I still like that name)
Age: 17
Hometown: Indigo City
Personality: He's quite together and free spirited sometimes. However, with his 5 completely different Pokemon, he has to act tough and wise at times. He can be smart for many things and naive for other, all depending on the situation. He likes making new thing and being a strategist, along with art and working with his Pokemon. It usually depends ont he situation, but he's friendly and optimistic above his other characteristics. He's both a trainer and a coordinator since his Smeargle know that they can do more than paint.
I made a trainer card, I hope that's okay:
(ignore the badges)
Smeargle's names and the color of the tip of their tails: Emily(red), Laurance(Light blue), Dorothea(yellow), Charles(Orange), Wilma(Purple) [you can't have 5 Smeargle and have them all be named Smeargle, now can you?]

History: Eraizaa grew on with his wierd family that just liked to lay back and relax. They were rich and nice, but lacked etiquete and appreciation for arts. Being a Teenager, that actually made Eraizaa gained a strong interest in arts and things that have twist to them. He quickly favorited Smeargle and got himself a few. He spent most of his time with them. He got help from his big family to get his Smeargle to sketch moves that worked together and soon after, he left on his journey.
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Old 07-19-2007, 11:55 PM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

May I give it a shot?

Name: Gyanara Salamanece (Gyan)
Age: Fourteen
Hometown: Saffron City (Kanto) {Hope you dont' mind}
Appearance: Gyan is a tall, skinny boy with shoulder-length white hair and brilliant violet eyes. He wears a tight and well-worn dark green hoodie over a black tutle neck and leather gloves. His jeans are very thick, about six inches to be exact, and are the only thing in good condition. He had just bought them upon his arrival to the region. His shoes are black skateshoes and he wears a choker made of a single, skinny length of black rope, almost like shoe string.

Personality: Gyan is usually calm and cool headed, but has the temper of an enraged Primape. He his very untrusting, and wary of everyone he meets. Gyan often avoids eye contact and direct conversations with people. Gyan's only true friends are his Pokémon, whom he has gathered since he set out from Kanto at the age of ten. He is very healthy and athletic despite his appearance. He doesn't play sports, however.

Number of Pokemon:
Pokemon 1- Charmeleon; Male; starter and strongest
Pokemon 2- Flygon; Male
Pokemon 3- Alakazam; Male
Pokemon 4- Pidgot; Female
Pokemon 5- Kabutops; Male
Pokemon 6- Grovyle; Male
"A Dream is Pointless if the Dreamer Refuses to Follow It"

Pokémon Wins: 215
Pokémon Loses: 63
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Old 07-20-2007, 12:03 AM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

Name: Michael Orisukai
Age: 13
Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair that looks like it's never been combed(cuz it hasn't). Hazel eyes and Light Skin, a white collared vest with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. A pair of baggy faded jeans, and a pair of black and white shoes.
Personality: Michael is somewhat of a clown, who always trips over a shoelace. But underneath is goofiness, he's determined to be the best trainer in every region. He is also quite brave, and is great at making friends. He never leaves anywhere without Squirt, and he'll have a huge mental breakdown if he does.
Number of Pokemon: 1 and an Egg
Party: (No legendaries)
Pokemon 1- Squirtle-Male-Squirt
Pokemon 2- Egg

VPP #1: Izzy the Floatzel
Started at: 32
Hatch: Completed
Floatzel: Completed
Done: 332
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Old 07-20-2007, 04:05 AM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

Name: Zeon Tayrei
Age: 18
Hometown: She thought that she was originally from the Kanto region but she found out that she was actually born in the Farra region in Indigo City. She went over there to discover what was there, not knowing that she would meet some new people, and

Appearance: Her wavy brown hair flows down to her waist. Though it might seem black, in the light you will realize that it's a dark brown. Her bangs though are a lighter brown with a few streaks of blond. Her jeans are ripped near the knees with a black belt that has a silver water drop. Her black tank top has a design of white butterflies with silver flowers going in a diagonal way. Though in cold weather, she would wear her regular clothes under an aqua colored coat and pants. When there is a blizzard or harsh snowy weather, she would do the same thing except under a snowsuit of the same color.

Personality: She is kind and gentle with pokemon, so people assume that she is one of the most easiest to approach, but she could easily be confused by words and would sometimes lose her temper. She could also be clueless at times but most of the time, she's the cheerful and optimistic Zeon that everyone knows or will know. Though however clueless Zeon can be, she knows her stuff at battling. Once she puts her mind into it, there's no stopping her from achieving her goal.

Number of Pokemon: 6
Pokemon 1- Jolteon
Pokemon 2- Froslass
Pokemon 3- Dewgong
Pokemon 4- Gabite
Pokemon 5- Exeggutor
Pokemon 6- Vulpix
Coral the Corsola

Hatch: 1592
Done: 1878
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Old 07-20-2007, 09:01 AM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

Reserve me.
Name: Saru Tyrnra
Age: 15
Hometown: Ice Falls
Appearance: Saru has deep-blue hair and midnight blue eyes. She wears denim jeans, a deep blue tank top and star-silver gloves. She wears a deep purple jacket, blue socks and white sneakers.
Personality: Saru can be mean and annoying. She is very hyper-active, and determened. She hates to lose, and doesn't show very much respect for others. She hates it when people call her a showoff, which she isn't. She is bonded with her pokemon, and will never let them go out of her reach.
Number of Pokemon: 3
Party: (No legendaries)
Pokemon 1- Pikachu/Female/Sparky
Pokemon 2- Vulpix/Female/Flare
Pokemon 3- Eevee/Female/Shiny/Silver
Pokemon 4-
Pokemon 5-
Pokemon 6-
あたまの はなかざりの かおりには リラックスさせる こうかが ある。ていれを なまけると かれてし まう。

The aroma from the flower decoration on it's head has a relaxing effect. It will wither if it is not cared for.

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Old 07-20-2007, 02:44 PM
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Default Re: Days of Eternal Snow

All acccepted. Sign-Ups -CLOSED-
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