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Old 07-16-2007, 08:42 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Isaac watched the passengers flood off the ferry. He didn't want to get caught up in a crowd of excited coordinators, so he waited until everyone else had gotten off the ship before getting off himself. A tour guide was waving her hand at the coordinators, trying to grab their attention. As soon as everyone was listening to her, she led the group of coordinators to the hotel they were staying at. Isaac followed everyone else, and found himself in front of what appeared to be an old hotel. They were led inside into the lobby which looked modern compared to the exterior of the hotel. The tour guide then led the coordinators into a cafe.

There was another woman at the front of the cafe, and she greeted the coordinators. "Welcome, welcome!" she said, "Thank you all for coming out here! Now, I have some information about the contest. The first round will be a contest appeal, being held in 3 days, enought time for you and your partner to get acquainted and come up with an appeal. After that will be a contest battle, later followed by another appeal. The dates are currently tentative for the contest battle and beyond, and will be revealed at the close of the first contest appeal."

She walked away into the lobby, revealing the list of partners. Isaac tried to see over the rest of the crowd, and managed to spot his name. Apparently, he was paired which someone named Amelia Reiken. Isaac sat down in a nearby bench. This was enough information for now. After the crowd settled down, he would find his partner.
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Old 07-16-2007, 10:56 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Reeah winced when she heard her name. She hadn't noticed it at first, but, now that she thought about it, they'd put Reeah down as her name, rather than Jenny. Someone would be getting chewed out for that one.

The girl that had said her name walked over, following a Bellosom that had apparently found her. She almost seemed like a stereotypical girly-girl, with tan skin, blonde hair, and mostly pink clothing, but the way she walked seemed to say otherwise. Reeah would definitely have to watch this one. She ignored the Pokemon and forced a believable smile. She had to smooth this over somehow.

"Dunno exactly how it happened," she said as she stood, hoping to sound as innocent as she looked, "but they got my name wrong. No clue where 'Reeah' came from. Anyway, my name is Jenny. And you are... Laura, right? My partner?"

Kit watched the Bellosom closing, faking mild interest. She wasn't going to be caught unawares, that was for sure. Only her slowly swaying tail revealed her uneasiness. The grass Pokemon seemed harmless enough, but its trainer practically gave off a negative vibe...

(I won't really chew someone out about the name. ^^ Reeah would, though.)

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Old 07-17-2007, 01:51 AM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

OOC: This will be an occassionally small post.
"Yep..." Laura said. Then Vile popped out of his pokeball.

'Vilepume!" he said eagerly.
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Old 07-17-2007, 05:31 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

OOC: Kittengirl, I've warned you once, and I'll warn you again. Your posts need to be lengthened. Two sentences is hardly an RP post. You now have two more strikes, then you are out.

BIC: "Yeah...I'm Josiah..." someone said, and turned to Joseph. Joseph tried not to flinch as he saw his partner's lip piercing. I'm really going to need to get used to that, he thought to himself, but he remained smiling.

"I'm Joseph, and I guess we are going to be partners for this contest," he said, trying not to stare at his lip. Joseph watched as Josiah looked him up and down, studying him. Inside her Pokeball, Suki squirmed. Why hadn't he let her out yet. Shaking the Pokeball, she succesfully knocked it out of Joseph's belt, and it fell onto the floor. The Pokeball got knocked open, and Suki was in the cafe.

"Sukaa?" she asked, looking up at Joseph. Seeing that he was wiht someone else, she looked at them. She flinched, but looked back at Joseph. "Sukaaa!" she told him, nudging his leg.

"Suki! How did you- Never mind," he said,, sighing. Turning back to Josiah, he spoke again. "Hey, I heard there was a Seal shop somewhere in town. Want to drop by later and see if we can get some Seals?"

OOC: Yes Deathspector, Joseph and Suki have problems with your character's lip. xD
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Old 07-18-2007, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Oh great. Another one. Reeah wanted desperately to scowl, but that wasn't what 'Jenna' would do. Kit was mildly surprised by the Vileplume's sudden appearance, but didn't show it. Still, she watched them both.

"Anyway, we need to work on combonations, right?" Reeah said, sounding excited. "What all Pokemon do you have? I have Kit here and a Dragonair." Reeah wasn't about to say anything about Vipe. He was the last Pokemon she'd enter in a contest.

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Old 07-18-2007, 10:02 AM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Josh looked at his partner; the two of them were almost completely different.

Joseph was dressed, as would the normal child of the day; worn out, somewhat torn jeans, and a simple tee-shirt with no inscriptions. Around his neck was a necklace with a silver wing pendant. Josh smiled at Joseph, hoping he seemed welcoming. The last thing they wanted was a riff between the two of them. As he did this, Josh noticed that Joseph's eyes darted to his lip more often than normal. It was then that Josh realised that he was the only one around here who had body piercings; well, there was nothing wrong with that.

Suddenly, a poké-ball at Joseph's belt began to shake, and out popped a purple and brown Stunky. It was smaller than most, but it had very few changes; odd patches of colour here and there were highlighted, but apart from that, Josh noticed nothing out of the ordinary. He looked away, respectfully, as Joseph and his Stunky conversed. From what he heard, Josh discerned that the Stunky's name was Suki.

Joseph then turned to Josh. "Hey, I heard there was a Seal shop somewhere in town. Want to drop by later and see if we can get some Seals?"

Josh decided it was best to be friendly at first until they had built a strong relationship. "Sure, why not. But after that we should really get down to practicing if we want to do well." He paused, before saying, "I don't mean to prevent us from having fun, but just that we should leave some time tonight for a bit of practice."
OOC: Yes, Canis, I did notice Joseph's not too chuffed with Josh's lip piercing. Also...what's a "Seal"...I mean, I know the animal, and I know the Pokémon, but I have a feeling this is something else... :P


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Old 07-18-2007, 04:00 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

We had them come in by the truckloads. I’d say hundreds of coordinators were rushing in, and we were performing the checks on all their Pokémon. Meanwhile, we had the query up, and we were keeping track of what Pokémon we’d be getting out of this lunacy. While several Cipher grunts were on security, I stood close to the desk in my casual civilian clothing.

I was paired with someone by the name of Linzee Maraqwee. I didn’t know who Linzee was, but she was probably the unluckiest person here. The three Pokémon I had were definitely not for contests, they were battlers. Heck, I never took these things seriously, I just enjoyed wrecking the heck out of people when it came down to it.

Whipped out the PDA to kill time, while Linzee was looking around. With the uplink, I saw the massive list of Pokémon that were ripe for the steal, and the thought of how many of them would be turned into Shadow Pokémon was quite appealing. After all, I highly doubted anyone here actually knew someone who was partly responsible for the technology that gave birth to XD001 Shadow Lugia was here with them.

Already, some people were up. I wasn’t even interested in the beginning contests like some of these other people were. The “ohh’s” and “ah’s” got annoying enough to the point where I whipped out my iPod and listened to some Fall Out Boy. I still didn’t see Linzee anywhere, and if I didn’t find her before the names were called, we’d both probably get disqualified. Sorry, but I wasn’t about to degrade myself to putting a “Hello, my name is KANE” sticker tag on my chest. I had to do that once and it made me angry enough to want to punch a Pichu.

I got texted on my phone, and Freddy, another Cipher grunt working on surveillance by concessions was getting pretty bored himself as I realized from his messages. We weren’t here for watching appeals, we were here to spark the next generation of Shadow Pokémon, whether these people liked it or not.

“u there?”
“yep. bored yet?”
“tell me about it”

I laughed. Meanwhile, I looked up, and still, another contest was going, and Linzee was no where. Usually, most people brought up pretty Pokémon to appeal to the judges. The thought of it made me laugh. I’m sure a Donphan, Staraptor, and a Salamence by the names of Slugger, Anarchy, and Shrike were not even close to what they were expecting.

“what u doin?”
“nothin. Linzee ain’t here.”
“lol, she’s gonna miss her contest.”
“like i care.”

But in truth, I wanted her to come. Either way, I was going to win out on this. Either she never came and I laughed at her missing her opportunity at this thing, or she did come, and I had the chance to screw up every single appeal she hopelessly tried to pull off.

Man, I loved this team.

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Old 07-18-2007, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Almost immediately after Amelia got off the boat, she and all the other coordinators were rushed to an ancient looking hotel. The inside was surprisingly... new. It was almost as if the old thing was some sort of gimick. Oh well, what could you do. As soon as they were inside and had the safety of walls, Amelia let Starlight back out of her pokeball, and picked her up. Starlight once again squirmed, but there were too many big feet to squash her. Amelia and co. were ushered over to a list of partners. That was the one thing Amelia didn't like. Having to work with another human. She only hoped that her partner had nice pokemon. She quickly looked through the list, and then stoodd, waiting. The crowd slowly dispersed, and it became apparent that she couldn't wait for him, since he was waiting for her.
"I'm looing for Isaac, Isaac Garamond! Is Isaac Garamond here?

OOC: Time for a true coorinator to shine! Spector, Seals are in the new season of pokemon, and the new games. They're basically stickers that you can put on your pokeball. When the pokemon comes out, the seal activates, and there are some really cool special effects, like fire, smoke, etc. I actually love them. My Kriketune used to have these cool Note Seals.
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Old 07-18-2007, 11:14 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

“Uh…Ty?” Well this was distressing. If she showed up to a partner contest with no partner the judges really would disqualify her. This Ty fellow was either simply unresponsive at best or completely absent at worst. Suddenly getting fidgety, Addison began rapidly shifting her weight between each foot. “Come on…”

Her eyes darted around the room, looking for other coordinators seemingly without partners. She spotted one person. A boy. He looked much older and had a cellphone in his hand. Well, that was probably why he couldn’t reply to her when she had called his name. He was calling home to let his mother know he was alright! Good ol’ Ty. What a nice boy he was.

Stepping forward, however, she saw that Ty was inceed not a boy. At least not anymore. He looked much older than her, which made him intimidating. Older coordinators were usually the most experienced, which also meant they were a thousand times more skilled than Addison herself was. At least they were partners, though, so that was good or her. Tentatively, she resumed her approach and shakily tapped him on his shoulder.

“Um, hi,” she muttered. “I, uh…that is. I think we’re…you know. Partners.” Punctuating this with a silent point at the partner list, she managed to find enough confidence to at least look at his face. Eye contact was way too daunting of an aspect for Addison to consider right now.

OOC: For the record, in case it was unclear, she’s approaching Kane.
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Old 07-19-2007, 06:36 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

Linzee glanced around the room once more, frstration in her eyes. Almost everyone else had their partners, now, and she was left alone. Where the fudge was Kane? She noticed Addison heading towards an older guy with a cell phone, and almost ruled him out. Then, on second thought, perhaps he wasn't this girl's partner. Linzee walked over to the side of the room, Absol at her side.

"Kane?" She called out again, "You around here?" Her eyes glanced over the people remaining, and then she shook her head, her hair settling out of her face. "Come on, we don't have all day!" She added, getting extremely irritated.

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Old 07-19-2007, 06:54 PM
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Default Re: The Alto Mare Super Contest

The crowd was thinning out. I'll find this Amelia now, Isaac thought. He began to get up and look for his partner, but suddenly stopped. "I'm looing for Isaac, Isaac Garamonde! Is Isaac Garamonde here?" a voice called. Looks like I don't have to look for her, he thought. Isaac turned towards the voice, and spotted a girl dressed in blue calling his name. He began to walk towards her, and through closer inspection, found that she was at least a few years younger than he was.

"I'm Isaac Garamonde," Isaac said to her. "I take it you must be Amelia Reiken?" The girl was holding a Happiny. It was most likely a newly hatched one, for it was rather small and was squirming in her arms. He hoped that the it had at least some experience in Pokemon Contests.
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