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Old 06-22-2007, 07:24 AM
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Default Zircon [WAR/One Shot/PG-13]

Yesiree, another one-shoteh by yours truly. xP If you're wondering who Chaos Havoc is, just imagine a wolf standing on its hind legs, the size of a adult male tiger with black fur, seven spikes on his head (all tipped red) and red eyes and pearly fangs. Yeah, that'd be the general picture. =P Enjoy.

+ Zircon +

The first day Chaos met Mewtwo, he was eating a chocolate marshmallow pie, a specialty of the diner he had formed quite a sentimental attachment to. Therefore, finding Chaos Havoc at any given time was quite a simple task any fool who desired a share in Chaos’ power; as long as they knew the general location of the diner, they would always be able to track him down without fail. However, this was not something the omnipotent god preferred. When he ate, especially when it was chocolate marshmallow pie, he preferred solitude as direly as he did a cup of hot chocolate with gratuitous amounts of whipped cream. It was a fundamental desire to eat something so decadent in his own company, to fully enjoy the freshly made chocolate- light chocolate, as per usual, and the thick, sticky flavor of warm marshmallows. But it wasn’t the obvious tastes that drew him, but rather the subtleties of the chocolate, the gradual inlaying of milky smooth flavoring and cinnamon.

So he had eventually learned where to sit to avoid attention. The diner was well lit, a warm atmosphere that encouraged quite a crowd. Havoc found that sitting in the furthest booth; just around the corner from the door was ideal for avoiding confrontation. It allowed the god a good view of the door, but didn’t draw obvious attention to himself since he wasn’t anywhere near a window.

Had Mewtwo not been so physically conspicuous and obviously distressed, Chaos would not have noticed him at all. The legendary - a child, really - was thin and pale in his outfit of lavender white. His stomach and tail were a disgusting purple in color, and his paws were thin and knobby. Chaos had expected a grander appearance from the genetic pokemon. The wolf usually did not care for the well-being of others, didn’t care about those in desperate need. However, he was intrigued in a way, to know what kind of Pokemon would dare wonder in the middle of a less than tolerable army. The legendary was asking to be killed just by looking so horrible.

Havoc climbed from his seat and walked over to the clone at the same time he turned and began to walk towards the door. It was either his frazzled state or a general apathy towards paying immediate attention to his surroundings, but he walked right into the god, so hard that they both nearly toppled. However, Chaos was faster than that, and he grabbed the legendary's arms to steady him.

“I’m terribly sor-” the clone began to say, but whatever apology he had on his lips died when his gaze fell on the god. “Chaos Havoc!” he croaked, looking simultaneously relieved and utterly humiliated.

Havoc wasn’t partial to bringing anyone over to his table, but he supposed he could make this exception. He led the clone back with him, arm wrapped around the lanky frame. He could feel that the legendary was trembling, a deep shiver that had nothing to do with cold. Mewtwo was terrified, excited, filled with adrenaline that must be absolutely intense. A high created by the body, and Chaos can instantly tell that whatever had scared or excited this child, it had been quite intense.

However, the jerky movements of the clone’s arms weren’t reminiscent of adrenaline. It seemed almost unnatural.

Mewtwo slid into the seat Havoc had been in, obviously too wrapped up in his own thoughts to realize as much. But he tolerated the slip, and sat opposite of the Pokemon, dragging the pie over to his new seat.

"I’ve been looking for you," said the clone in a fast, breathy tone. There was no force behind that voice, and Havoc initially believed that the clone was too excited to speak in a normal time. However, as the legendary continued, he realized that this was just how the Pokemon naturally spoke. “I don’t know how much time I have to explain.”

Chaos dipped his spoon into the pie, gathering the whipped cream. “What’s your name, boy?” he asked abruptly, causing the clone to stare at him. The legendary’s eyes, Havoc realized, were large and an absolute brilliant shade of blue, unlike that disgusting shade of violet. It was almost unnatural, a blue befitting of zircon. They were almost hypnotic, so extraordinarily striking that the other obvious flaws of the legendary seemed wholly lessened.

“I- I don’t… have a name,” he said, before adding a hasty “Sir.” It was apparent that he had been isolated from the legendary hierarchy for some time. Chaos was briefly puzzled; if this Mewtwo was a legendary -and it was obvious he was- then why didn’t he act like one? “I guess you can just call me Mewtwo, like everyone else… I’ve been looking for you…sir.”

“Just like everyone else?” Chaos asked, raising an eyebrow, “Did anything happen within the legendaries? And why are you looking for me?”

The clone’s pale eyes shifted around the room, a tick that could have only possibly been formed over years of paranoia. The god could see the faintest sheen of sweat on the legendary’s brow, could see the fingers twitching restively.

“Well, as you very well know, I’m the clone of Mew. A by-product,” the clone said. Havoc didn’t speak, just waited for the trembling clone to continue. The pie was finished in the meantime, and he gathered the last crumbs on the back of the spoon, licking them away.

“A few years ago, I had this strange dream that included someone looking just like you: a monstrous wolf, with a whit-tipped tufted tail and blood-tipped spikes at the back of the head and red stripes at the sides of your arms. Shining, ivory claws that could be unsheathed…but the most noticeable were those red eyes -those piercing crimson blood-red eyes…”

Chaos smirked. “Go on,” he said, helping himself to another dish - Chocolate fondue.

“Then in the morning, I was summoned to the Legendary Council by Mew herself. During the council, I was accused of killing Ho-Oh, who was assassinated last night, because I was the only one without an alibi."

“And then?” the god asked, savoring the taste of chocolate-dipped strawberries crammed full in his mouth.

“I was held. Jailed, in human terms. But somehow, Rukario helped me to escape. Ever since, I have been wandering, running away from the others. They are still convinced that I was the assassin.”

Gulping down the mouthful of strawberries, Havoc turned towards the twitching legendary, who continued on, “Later on, I was caught and then put in front of Mew. She said she had forgiven me, and gave me a place to stay – a laboratory. Turns out she was condemning me to Hell.”

The wolf couldn’t help but whistle out in admiration at that point, making the clone jump up in surprise. He had never expected the feline to be this cruel.

“The humans there conducted strange experiments on me. They planted many strange chips into my body, and then immediately sent me to a difficult battle. Battles against huge swarms of savage Pokemon, all gone mad. I could have been able to defeat them instantly, but then…”

“Then what?” the wolfish Pokemon asked.

“I realized that I couldn’t control my powers. They suddenly went haywire, and I blacked out. When I came to, I realized that I was suspended in a tube, just like so long ago. I reached out for my powers, but realized that I could not access it. I only realized later on it because I had a collar around my neck that suppressed my powers. After what seemed like eternity, I finally was freed… but at a price… Rukario… he was killed… while trying to break me out…”

Chaos couldn’t really feel any pity for the clone. After all, its hard to feel pity when you’re supposed to be a god. However, he was rather surprised at how cold-hearted his feline nemesis was –she was supposed to be the all-loving ‘pure feline’ after all.

“Also, when I was escaping from the laboratory, I noticed that many other pokemon were being experimented: Furrets, Taillows, Raticates… all kinds of species. But there was a very distinct similarity between all of us…”

The clone hesitated.

“What?” prodded the god gently, but firmly enough to make it more than clear than he wasn’t going to let the subject go.

“The eyes,” said Mewtwo quietly, wrapping his arms around his lanky torso. The snow was speckling on his long, pale eyelashes. “They turn blue. Not just any color of blue… An iridescent blue.”

The wolf remained silent for a moment before asking again, “So, what has happened since then?”

“I’ve been a wanderer, running away from the others everyday… until I heard a tale about a wolf named Chaos able to grant life-giving power… it took me months to learn where you were, sir… so…” the clone trailed off, unsure of what he was going to say.

“You wish to share my power?” finished Havoc. The clone quickly nodded in response, but soon flinched and lapsed into immediate silence as the wolf paid his bill when the waiter –a Mr. Mime- came. Chaos pretended not to notice the fear, though, and got up from the table. He didn’t speak, didn’t order, but his hand flicked slightly, gesturing for the clone to follow him. Mewtwo did so quickly, nearly tripping in his haste.

The weather outside was freezing, but Chaos didn’t notice the change in temperature. It was already dark, and the winter wind was gusting through the city. Even the legendary seemed impervious to the fluttering snow, despite his state of dress, and that in itself made the wolf determine the truth. They walked in silence, the god smiling and the clone still trembling. The avenue was mostly deserted at this time of night, with only a few civilians walking about. When they got into the housing district, there was no one in sight, nothing but the empty, lonely glow of streetlamps.

“How much longer do you have?”

Mewtwo started, hands grasping his lavender tail nervously. “I… I’m not sure,” he said, shivering. “Weeks, days…maybe even seconds. The chips implanted in my body have already caused it to begin rotting. The shuddering… you must have noticed.” The clone paused, his hands convulsing slightly. “I’m dying.”

The wolf paused in step, turning to look behind in. Nothing on the street, not a single stir of life. He had known the truth, of course; the legendary smelled of rot and death, something hidden deeply beneath the ordinary stench of blood and sweat.

“Follow me,” the wolf said abruptly. At Mewtwo’s perplexed look, he smiled. “We’ll have to discuss this in full detail.” At those words, the clone’s eyes were lit up once again. Both walked out to the outskirts of town, where only the bravest dared to tread on those wild lands. A small, broken down wooden shack stood there. The detestable stench of rotting wood hung in the air as they entered it. Inside, Chaos managed to grab out two chairs out of nowhere, startling Mewtwo. The wolf gestured for the clone to sit, who did so.

“I can grant you power,” started Havoc, “but in return, you must give up something very important to you in return.”

Mewtwo nodded, iridescent eyes silently pleading to the god. Chaos smirked, and then immediately stood up. “Stand over there,” he said, pointing towards a corner in the shack. The legendary did so. Silence hung in the chilly wind for a moment as both looked at each other. Mewtwo then began to move slowly back in fear as the wolf’s eyes began to glow a mysterious, eerie red.

“In return for my power…” Chaos stated, as tendrils of shadow begun to rise out of nowhere and wrap them selves around the clone’s moving joints, “you must give me your freedom… and your humanity.”

No, Mewtwo thought in horror, it can’t be! Let me go!

“I can’t let you free, Mewtwo…” the wolf whispered, the corners of his lips stretching into a maniacal smile. Before he could do anything else, the feline was violently thrown to the opposite wall. With a loud slam, Mewtwo fell in a heap upon the cold ground, sawdust raining from the rotten roof. Havoc smirked as he padded forward silently, a twisted grin forming as the clone barely managed to get himself up and started to charge up a Shadow Ball attack. Chaos grinned in amusement, and Mewtwo unconsciously whipped his tail in front, contiuning to stand its ground. But with a snort of amusement and a mere flick of the wolf's tail, Mewtwo found himself crashing on the walls yet again. As Mewtwo struggled to get back up, the wolf let loose his shadows once again, the tendrils snaking up to bind the feline clone in his place. The clone struggled against the bonds, but to no avail.

“Ah… you push yourself too hard, my child,” the wolf remarked icily, his voice as cold as death itself, “why don’t you just accept your destiny, forsaken one.”

At the words ‘forsaken one’, the feline stopped struggling all at once, eyes burning with hatred as Mewtwo turned to stare at the wolf, all manner of realization clicking in his brain. “So all that you did… killing him and placing me as the murderer… then convincing my friend that I was innocent, only to see him die… and finally spreading tales about your so-called greatness… they were nothing but lies?!” it questioned, eyes filled with both hatred and despair by now. The wolf smirked once again in amusement. The answer immediately clicked within the feline.

“Monster,” he spat towards the beast, “You’re nothing but a sick, twisted monster.”

The wolf grinned viciously towards the feline once again. “Monster?” he echoed, amusement heard clearly within that tone. “I suppose that was meant to be an insult – but I have been a monster for quite sometime now; and it's your turn now, Mewtwo.” He spoke, saying the fallen legendary's name for the first time. The shadow tendrils wrapped themselves around the clone’s torso and tightened until his bones cracked audibly.

“Bastard,” growled the legendary as another mouthful of crimson red liquid flew out from its mouth, splattering onto the floor. The smell of blood drifted towards the wolf’s nose, its appetizing scent making the hound send yet another manical grin towards the feline, who flinched again, but was soon gritting his teeth in pain as the tendrils tightened even further when the demonic eyes of the wolf glowed an eerie red. “You do know that you agreed to this yourself, Mewtwo,” the beast whispered wickedly to the feline.

Mewtwo only grunted out in pain as blood started to seep through his skin and splattered in uneven drops onto the wooden floor, the dark crimson shining in contrast to the old, worn out wood of the shack. A short rain of sawdust fell upon the two again as the feeble supports of the place began creaking loudly. Far too loudly.

The wolf took two steps towards the fallen legendary, the tip of its monstrous paw tilting the feline’s neck up. A smirk crossed the demon’s lips as it felt the latter’s pulse quickening as its fingers brushed gently against the Mewtwo’s delicate throat like butterfly wings.

“After all,” he purred in the velvety darkness of its voice, “you did say I was a dog, and is it not a servant’s duty to please its master in,” it whispered huskily as its other paw came up to brush away the blood trickling from the feline’s mouth.


The demon brought its head close and licked off the crimson liquid on his face.


It then dipped its head and let its furry ear brush against his, grinning as he saw a shiver passing through Mewtwo’s body.


The wolf then finally turned and pressed its lips against the clone and breathed a final word.


Mewtwo clenched his teeth tight as the clone tried to trash with the shadow tendrils once again. The wolf flashed a Cheshire grin in amusement towards the legendary when it saw his futile actions. The resounding crack of bones was even more audible now as Mewtwo grunted in the pain he now experienced throughout his entire body. The demon slowly pulled the paw away and sensuously licked the droplets of blood away from the tip of his finger in front of the feline.

“I swear, Havoc, you won’t get away with this…” the clone said in between pained breaths and tightly clenched teeth, knowing full well of the future. “She will hunt you down.”

“Her?” echoed the wolfen demon addressed as Chaos Havoc with an insane grin, “Oh no, not at all… I don’t think so; not when she’s going to be stopped personally.

“What… do you… mean?”

The wolf rose into the air, tendrils of shadow surrounding him. A triumphant grin flashed upon his twisted face. “Oh, you’ll know sooner or later, young one,” he said, “You could say we have all the time in the world…” he trailed off as a sinister chuckle escaped his lips, slowly transforming into a howl of laughter so cold and animalistic that the very house seemed to shake from it.

As the laughter continued to ring through the frosty winter night, the clone screamed as an unbearable wave of pain entered his body all of a sudden before everything just suddenly stopped. He fell down, realizing that the shadow tendrils had released him and disappeared. He also noticed that the wolf was gone.

I’m not gone, a voice said mockingly in his head, I’m with you now. And we're going to do this together, little kitty.

The clone tried his best to push away the darkness, but it was no use; it was too late.

I’ve failed you, mother… Mewtwo thought, before he finally let the darkness control him for all eternity.

Knightblazer - Graphic Arts Judge for PE2K WAR VI, 2007

We're all trapped in a maze of relationships; life goes on with or without you.
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